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FOUNDATION WoMeN fer wouten September 23, 2009 Houshang Ahmadi Alavi Foundation 500 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10110 Dear De. Ahmadi: ‘thank you very much for your support. have been able to start up a small business dealing in selling tomatoes and nuts. This has enabled me to support my family. You have helped to realize my dreams. ‘These are the words of Julienne, young woman who graduated from Women for Women Intemational yea Jong training program in Rwanda earlier ths year This summer, [aveled to aries in Hossa, Kosovo and rsa, And like Tulienne, thousands of er women who have experienced tragedy and overcome unbelievable hardship now work rigorously to embod our vision: access vo Anovtedge and expression of voice, plus acess 10 and control of economic resources, leads lasing change for women. ‘am always inspired bythe strength and courage ofeach woman I met, the strength tha allows her fo triumph over the most raumati of circumstances to build bere life. I wanted to share Jalienne’s words with yu, and | ‘wanted to take this opportunity to update you onthe temendous impact your suppor is making on the women We Inthe las 16 yeas, Women for Women Intemational (WEWD) has transformed the lives of nearly 200,000 socially excluded women survivors of war, benefiting moe tan {milion Tail and community members in the process. Over the mext three Years, we are poised to improve the livelihoods of half nnlion more men, women and children by directly serving 103,000 additonal women in our programs. WOW is dedicated to providing the tools and networks necessary for women to continue ther personal and economic ‘gow. We have found that the longer impact of our work is {in gving Women the tools to not only improve their own ives, but also to participate in development of & | peaceful, more sable society at large. Women should not only patcipate inthe mieo-eeonoms, where hey ean Jmprove the lives ofthe families, bu also inthe macroreconomy’and national poiieal and civil processes, ‘where they’can eoirbute othe stabilization and growth of thet counties. We learned that to sucessflly pancipate st this national lve, women must have knowledge, acess, and contol oT key resources ~ education, and, saving, capital and credit Access to Knowedge WOW sights education program equips women wit the knowledge and skills required to access the ‘opportunities available to them, such a acquiring control overland or running for lca office. Our holistic rogram incorporates sessions on health, education, legal rights, basic finances and iteraey- Our raining ‘curriculum focuses on thee hey areas: eeaing awareness onthe importance of women's ights and roles in ‘Society promoting behavior change by increasing women's confidence, competences, and sills: and enabling action by helping women renegotiate their rights nthe fami, community, andthe marketplace Letter from Women for Women International Requesting Funding for Humanitarian Project (page 1 of 2) 50 Zim near Graduates are equipped to ransiion to self-sufficiency and active citizenship fora ripple effect of community change, 61% of panicipans from Bostia, Kosovo and Nigeria believe women have the ability to make changes in society ~a neatly 200% inerease over enrollment, Globally, graduates report higher rights awareness (65%); se confidence and decision-making abilities (52%): and community involvement (34°). In Rwanda, 15% of graduates are elected leaders at the village level Access to Economic Resources Through Women for Women International's vocational skills programs, women have access to market-based skills raining job placement services and business startup resourees. In urban areas, women are linked with employers or participate in non-agricultural activites, sueh as tilesmaking and tailoring. that provide links to local and national markets. Our rural flagship Commercial Integrated Farming initiative (CIF) equips women with training inorganic farming techniques, links them to markets, and gives them access to and control o land. ‘Women produce 60 to 80 percent of the food in most developing countries, but own less than 2 pereet of led land. In Sudan, 80 percent of CIFT participants are ontrack to extn double the individual GDP for their country aller only 6 months, and can now negotiate contzol of land Private-puble partnerships are critical to women's ability to connecting women to national and iterational ‘markets that provide demand for their goods and help them contribute to peace in their country. In Afghanistan, |WAWI partners with SAFI Apparel Company to provide hundreds of jobs with fair wages for graduates, In Bosnia, we parier with Kate Spade ta provide jobs for 250 women kitting has, mittens and other products With the progress of WAWT's programs, governments have also recoynized the importance of women in meeting thir national economic goals, and have been engaged in donations of land and technical assistance for women entrepreneurs. In Rwanda, for example, WWI has received nearly S1 million in land and technical assistance from the government, helping to elevate women to participants in the national economy. Promoting Lasting Change After 16 years of implementing our program and engaging in dialogue withthe women we serve, we have identified a major need to provide permanent Women’s Opportunity Centers. These centers will build onthe leaning our participants receive, providing them with continued support, an add to their momentum a they reach their ull potential ‘Women's Opportunity Centers will act as a service hub for current program participants and graduates, providing them with the necessary training and support to foster their economic self-sufficiency and advance thei lon active citizenship. The Centers wll coordinate and oversee vocational pilot projects thal will tach and prepare ‘women to ereate and sustain income generation opportunities, including managing their own cooperatives and businesses as well as assisting them in linking to buyers and markets. WIWT plans to launch these Centers in each ‘ofthe eight counties in which we work ~ we broke ground on our first center in Kosovo just this month Your support allows us to wake these projets 4 reain Because of your continued generosity, Julienne and ‘thousands of ather women will able to thrive and hone ther skills in a supportive environment, Please know that you are traly making a tangle impact on the ives of women survivors ef war. On behalf of Julienne and all ofthe women we serve, thank you With deepest gratitude, oe Zainab Sabi CEO and Founder Groningen of he now Woes ‘ppory Cr Rowen Spon 109 Letter from Women for Women International Requesting Funding for Humanitarian Project (page 2 of 2) si Wruercycorps seroma Dr. Ali M. Aliabadi Alavi Foundation 500 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10110 March 25, 2008 Dear Dr. Aliabadi, On behalf of everyone here at Merey Corps, I would like to extend our very deep thanks for your generous support of the Action Center to End World Hunger. As we discussed, the Action Center represents a very visible and important undertaking for us as we raise awareness in the heart of New York City around global hunger and Poverty. Your support for this initiative is enormously appreciated, As I noted in our conversation, we will keep you updated as we move towards our opening in October. In the meantime, we would be delighted to arrange a site tour for you and Alavi board members. 1am so sorry to hear of your recent health challenges, but zm heartened to know you have bounced back. I will keep you in my thoughts. Warmest regards, Naney Lindborg, President Mercy Corps 2019 SW Fist Avenue 1730 Rhode Island Avenue HW 17 Caremont Crescent Prana, OF 97201 Suite 808 Edna 503 796 6800 fl ‘Washington, 0c 20026 Seotad, UK, EH? 44 Soa oe af 202.463.7304 tol 44131 9508244 202.463.7322 fax 440.131 5588288 far ES€ io “Ta aa 31 January 2011 Dr. Houshang Ahmadi ‘The Alavi Foundation 500 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10110 Dear Dr. Ahmadi: ‘On behalf of Action Against Hunger’s staff and beneficiaties around the world, thank you! The Alavi Foundation’s exceptional contribution of $450,000 for flood recovery in Pakistan will enable Action Against Hunger to help an additional 30,000+ at-risk individuals stil struggling to cope with the effects of this summer's unprecedented flooding. ‘We will share a more detailed update on our work in Pakistan when Andrea returns to the New York office in February. In the meantime, we would love to feature a story about this contribution in our newsletter, which is slated to appear early this spring, We will be in touch to iron out the details on this. Once again, my deepest thanks for this extraordinary gift! ‘The above door() rived no goods or serie in exchange fortis contibtion Yor generosity will be acknowledeed in oxr annual report under the name The Alavi Foundation, Plate call 212.967.7800, ext. 117 ify0u wish to remain anonymous or change your listing 247 West 37th Street, 10th Floor | New York, NY 10018 | Te: 212-967-7800 | Fax: 212-967-5480 | www. actionagainsthunger org Action Against Munger fs # SO1CIC) not-for-profit corporaticn. AK contrénaone are ax-deductible to the Fl extent ofthe ew