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Skills Application Assignment #1 (Learning About Your Library)


Name _____________________________
Kassi Brummett
Teacher _____________________________
Mr. White
Period _____________________________

@ Your New College Library

California Lutheran University
Name of college you are planning to attend ________________________________________________________
What are the operating hours of the library? _______________________________________________________

What is the name of the librarys catalog program? __________________________________________________

World Cat

Can students access this library catalog off campus? How?

Through signing into the student e-mail and going onto the website.
How long can students check out books? __________________________________________________________
6 weeks

Connect to wireless printer

How do students print and copy in the library? ______________________________________________________

Can students check their library account information online? ___________________________________________


Does the library have an inter-library loan program? What is the name of this service?
Yes. ILL

Name 2 databases or journal indexes the library offers to their students.
1) ______________________________________________
2) ______________________________________________
Does the library offer a library instruction class? _____________________________________________________

Does the library have an online tutorial? If so, what is the URL for this tutorial? ____________________________

Name a workshop that the library offers __________________________________________________________

Writing workshop

Does the library offer librarian assistance online? ____________________________________________________


Name one of the librarians and include his/her email address or phone number.

Lala Badal M.A.Ed.

Name: _________________________ Email: _____________________________________________

Does the library have a course and/or textbook reserve program? ________________

Describe any social media or technology the library provides: mobile apps, a QR code, Facebook, Twitter.
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
___ _____________________________________________________________________________________
Name 3 special resources the library offers that have not been listed above.
1) __________________________________________________________________________________
Study rooms with reservations

2) __________________________________________________________________________________
Math help

3) Black Board resources


Print out a map of the school. Highlight where the library is located. If there is more than 1 library, highlight all of the
libraries. Better yet, use Awesome Screencast to mark the library. (Or place a map of the library on your Weebly
website - assignment #3). Just be sure to write on this sheet to let me know where I can find your map.

Santa Susana High School Library Media Center Mrs. Forbes. Library Media Specialist