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In House Policies of the Upland City Council “The City of Upland is committed to serving our community and improving the quality of life while celebrating our heritage and diversity.” * Become knowledgeable about City operations and services so that as Council e members can effectively evaluate the answers. Weigh both sides of the issues and deal with facts not hearsay. ‘+ Ifa City Council person has a grievance with another council member, they must discuss it with that person. Ifthe matter is unresolved, go to the city manager and \C- that council person and the manager can speak together with them, Under no circumstances should a council member go to an the general public and discuss personal matters or conflicts between council members. A '* The City Manager is in charge of all staff. If there is an issue or question of staff, the «) City Council will go to the manager and the manager will contact the staff member. ‘+ Follow the chain of command when it comes to obtaining things and information needed to perform duties. Start with the City Manager to obtain information from staff or ask the city manager ifyou need to meet with the attorney. ‘No council member should send phone calls, emails, or texts to other members or JE the city manager excessively. Respect for everyone's personal life is important. * Social Media is a great way to communicate meetings and tell about council meetings, final decisions of council, events, etc, but, if a vote has been made by the council, a councilmember should support the decision of the whole council whether they Agree om it or not on Social Media and at any public meetings. Monitor your posts carefully. '* The City Council should represent the city in a positive and effective manner in 0 € public forums. * Only the mayor with a majority vote of the council can call for “Town Hall Meetings.” If a councilmember wishes to meet with constituents, call it a “Coffee” or another name so that the citizens are not confused about the opinion you are espousing. + Itis advisable to have several people over see any informational or newspaper articles that a ed. The City Manager should be aware of your article and