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Gomez 1

Luis Gomez

Professor Lawson

English 113B

12 April 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Brown, Eric, Raagen Price, and Yurii Horten. "Portrayal of Minorities in The Film, Media And

Entrainment Industries." Stanford, 1 June 1999. Web. 12 Apr. 2017.

The source that is provided is from Stanford. The source talks about race and social in the

media. Some mainstream media may just want to portray people on purpose just so that

they can win money. This source is credible because it was written by three different

scholars who focus on the issue of race and the portrayal of people in the media. This

source is credible because they use evidence by comparing the real-world with films to

give an example of how the films portray people. This source is relevant to my essay

because it connects to the topic that I will write about. Im going to write about films

portraying people of color (or people from multi-different cultural background) and by

using this source it will back up my evidence. The source will be useful because the

authors says, Television,inthepasttwodecades,hasmademajorgainsinterms

ofcastingdiversityandtheportrayalofminoritiesindifferingroles. I found this

source by using Googles search engine.

Grimes, William. "Jaime Escalante, Inspiration for a Movie, Dies at 79." The New York Times.

The New York Times, 31 Mar. 2010. Web. 15 Apr. 2017.

Gomez 2

The article says that the movie Jaime Escalante shows the audience that the people who

grew from the Barrio (hood) are trying to excel in their academics. I found the article

by using Googles search engine and then I used the New York Times. This article will be

relevant to my research because this can show that movies also show how the people in

poverty live. This article will help me claim the other point of view.

Lumenick, Lou. "Why Birth of a Nation Is Still the Most Racist Movie Ever." New York Post.

07 Feb. 2015. Web. 15 Apr. 2017.

The typed article discusses how the movie Birth of a Nation is a racist movie and it

talks about how black people were portrayed by white actors not representing the real

people. I found this source by using googles search engine under the news subcategory.

This source is credible because it is written by the city writers. I will use this source to

talk about how white actors represented black people in a racist and I will apply it to how

the media still does it in the modern times.

Robb, David. "Study: Latinos Mostly Ignored Or Stereotyped In English-

Language Films & TV." Deadline. Penske Media Corporation, 20 June

2014. Web. 17 Apr. 2017.

The source talks about how latinos are portrayed in movies way much

worse than the past times. I found the source under googles news

subcategory. This source is credible because it is published by a daily

news online outline which is the Deadline outlet. This source will be

useful for my paper because I will write about how Latinos are

portrayed in the media by using Latinos to be white.

Gomez 3

Gulman, Jon, Lindsay Reiss, and Liat Zudkawich. "Latino Portrayals in The

Media."Latino Markets and Media Advertising. University of Michigan,

14 Dec. 2007. Web. 17 Apr. 2017.

The source talks about how the media portrays. I used google scholar

and browsed several pages to find my source. My source is credible

because it was written by three scholarly students from the University

of Michigan. This topic will help support my essay because my essay

does talk about how the media portrays the Latino people negatively.

Goyette, Tori. "White Power: An Analysis of Racial Tensions in." Fresh Ink:

Essays From Boston College's First-Year Writing Seminar. Boston

College, Web. 17 Apr. 2017.

The source talks about the movie Crash which reflect the world

issues about race and class. I found the source by using google search

engine. This source is written by 1 scholarly writing from the Boston

college. This source will be my argument and counterargument at the

same because it will support my essay by explain how race is still an

issue in movie and in the world because of the movies.