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Oman Rail The Oman rail network will accelerate the already rapid

economic growth development and prosperity in the

The Future in Transport Systems Sultanate. It will provide a safe, efficient, competitive,
economic and environmentally sustainable alternative
and help cater for the expected increases in both
freight and passenger traffic demands. The network
will integrate the current advanced transportation and
Be A First communication networks and services and will place
Oman as the regions gateway.
Join the TRAIN Oman rail company seeks candidates for the jobs listed
below. Applications are open to both Omanis and non
Omanis. Preference will be given to Omani wherever
they meet the criteria. Jobs profile can be viewed at

No. Code Position Education Required Years of Experience

Min: 5 yrs of railway
1 OR_OA01 Operations Advisor Bachelors degree in engineering
2 OR_LA02 Legal Advisor Masters or Bachelors in law Min: 10 - 15 yrs
3 OR_ES03 Executive Secretary/Personal Assistant Bachelors in Office managemenent Min: 6 yrs experience
4 OMR_PM04 Project Manager Bachelors or Masters in Engineering Min: 10 - 20 yrs
5 OR_SE07 Bridges/Tunnels/Structural Engineer Bachelors or Masters in Civil Min: 10 - 20 yrs
6 OR_RAE08 Railway Track Alignment Engineer Bachelors or Masters in Civil Min: 10 - 20 yrs
7 OR_RSE09 Rolling Stock Engineer Bachelors or Masters in Civil Min: 10 - 20 yrs
8 OR_TE10 Railway Signalling / Telecommunication Engineer Bachelors or Masters in Civil Min: 10 - 20 yrs
9 OR_RE11 RAMS Engineer Bachelors in Engineering Min: 5 yrs

10 OR_ICV17 ICV Manager Bachelors in Marketing/Finance/ Economics. Min:10 yrs

11 OR_CA19 Commercial Advisor Bachelors in Business Administration/Finance/ Industrial Management. Min: 8 yrs
12 OR_BP20 Business Planner Bachelors in Related Filed Min: 8 yrs
13 OR_MS21 Marketing Specialist Bachelors in Related Filed Min: 8 yrs
14 OR_TS28 Training specialist Bachelors in Related Field. Min: 10 yrs
15 OR_HSE33 HSE Manager Bachelors or Masters Min: 10 yrs

Interested candidates possessing required qualification and experience kindly send your CV to For more details please login to
with the job code mentioned in the subject line. Deadline is 21 November 2013