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Science and Technology

-Students will look at how

Connection focus: Analysing and comparing change over time, employing basic
technology has changed over time
processes of historical inquiry, observing and comparing factors of daily life in past
and the impact it has had on daily
and present, comparing the impact of changing technology over time.
-Students will compare the Students will be engaged in:
changes to methods of -Brainstorming their own family history and family connections.
communication by writing and -Observing and comparing changes to written communication over time.
comparing letters and emails. -Observing and recording changes to a garden during the unit using a journal.
-Students will create a simple robot -Analysing and recording the passage of time. PDHPE
using a toy. Planned
-Discussing and comparing changesAssessment:
to daily life.
-Students will use modern day -Responding to changes -Analysis of and
in music student brainstorming
styles of dance. as
diagnostic assessment.
technology such as iPads and -Creating an old style toy.
-Students will observe and compare the
ScratchJr to take photographs and -Using various forms of-Analysis & Evaluation
technology to engageofwithstudent letters
daily lives of people from the past to
record changes to a garden over the course and crafted toys.
the present.
of the unit. -Analysis & Evaluation of student
-Use a range of sources including
photos and journals from the past to
-Observation of student engagement
inquire about change over time.
with dance.
-Compare their own family structures to
-Observation and analysis of
those from the past.
engagement with technology.
-Observe and discuss the impact
-Analysis of student records for the
Creative Arts garden and their timelines.
changing technology has had on daily
-Students will explore and compare lives.
-Student reflection on changing daily life
changing styles of dance. -Pose questions and beginning inquiry
- Engaging and responding to changing
-Students will craft an olden style toy and into why things have changed and how.
styles of music.
compare to modern toys. -Utilise methods of recording change
-Students will engage with and respond to and he sequence of time.
changing styles of music over time. -Students will engage with different
styles of dance and the various
movements and locomotor skills
-In discussion of changing daily lives,
students will discuss how diet and
general health may have changed over
-Students will discuss how technology
may have improved physical health
and wellbeing.