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Steps to Connect BODS and SAP:

Go to the below directory in the Dataservices Application Server.

D:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data


(We require the below files to get connected to SAP ECC and view the metadata of SAP ECC from SAP

copy K900086.R63(co-file) and paste in D:\usr\sap\trans\cofiles

Copy R900086.R63(data-file) in the same directory and paste in D:\usr\sap\trans\data

Logon to SAP ECC :
Go to transaction STMS.

Press F5 or click on Truck icon under Transport management system.

Under Queue, double click on our system name. for example EH4.
Go to Extras in the toolbar>other requests>Add.

You will see a popup window as Add Transport Request to Import Queue.

Press F4.

You will see popup window with a single tab Restrictions, under this tab you should notice our co-file

Click on Tick mark

Click Yes.

Select Queue tab then select Start Import at upper left corner or simply press Ctrl+F9.
Enter target client 800, and select radio button Immediate.

Click on continue(Tick) mark.

Observe tick mark under St(status)

Goto /nSE37.

Press F4.

Press Enter.

Click on Test/Execute or press F8.

Again click F8.

Click on (Save)Continue or press Enter.

You will notice a screen Test Function Module: Result Screen.

In BODS Environment
Logon to BODS and login to Designer

Creation of SAP Application Datastore

Go to Designer and create new Data store .

You will see Create New Data Store window.

there, fill the following details:

Data Store Name: SAP_DS (some meaning full name)

Data Store Type: SAP Applications

Application Server: XXXXX (ECC app server details, we should get from

User name: XXXXX (we should get from basis/customer)

Password: XXXX (we should get from basis/customer)

Click on Advanced>> tab and fill the following details.

ABAP Execution option: Generate and execute (this detail depends upon the box
which we are using)

Client No:800

System No:15

Data Transfer method: Shared Directory

Working directory on SAP server: D:\usr\sap\<XXXXX>\work\BODS Data (we

should get from basis/customer)

Application path to the shared directory: D:\usr\sap\<XXXXX>\work\BODS

Data (we should get from basis/customer)

Click Apply.

Click Ok

Note that the Data store (SAP_DS) name in Local object library, under datastores.

We have successfully established connection between BODS and SAP ECC and now we can get SAP
table data.