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06-10 February 2013

Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, India

DAY Special

Two India to enhance

defence preparedness SUPPLEMENT
Boeing Defense Broadens
From the publishers of India Horizon

w w w. s h o w d a i ly s . c o m International Aerospace
Will Aerospace sector become
Indias Sunshine industry?

Grand take off for Aero India 2013 Inside

production is still
ongoing: Keskar

Left to Right: Naina Lal Kidwai, R. K. Mathur, Jitendra Singh, Ajit Singh, A. K. Antony, Jagadish Shettar, N. A. K. Browne, Shashi
Kant Sharma, V. K. Saraswat

Aero India 2013, the ninth edition of the premier foot print of Aero India-2013 was testified to by the HAL leads Indias
Asian air show, had a spectacular take off on the fact that more than 650 aerospace and defence aerospace
bright morning of Feb.6 at the sprawling Yelahanka companies from India and abroad are taking part charge
Air Force Station in the august presence of the in this popular aerospace and defence expo in this
Indian Defence Minister A. K. Antony. The expanding part of the world. The Continued on page 04

Development of
naval tejas gathers
he naval version of Indias home grown fighter aircraft Tejas is safe landing by reducing weight in the event of an emergency
now being readied for the next phase of its flight testing involving immediately after launch from a carrier. Landing gear for Tejas

the crucial ski jump trials at the shore based test facility set up naval has been adequately strengthened to withstand increased
at Hans air station of the Indian Navy in Goa. The first LCA Tejas Naval landing loads in carrier operations. All system equipment of the
Prototype NPI had its maiden flight on April 12, 2012. The ski jump trial fighter are fully well qualified to withstand arrested landing shock.
is crucial for establishing the carrier compatibility of the deck based Phase Two of the LCA Tejas Naval envisages the development of
fighter. Realising the carrier compatibility is a major challenge for any two single seat fighters with a new higher thrust engine and further
naval aircraft. Significantly, aircraft gets airborne over a Ski-jump in design optimisation. As such, LCA Navy MK2 would undergo weight
about 200m and lands in 90m using an arrester hook engaging an reduction through a re-designed landing gear and associated
arrester wire on the ship. structure and increased internal fuel as critical driving factors
Derived from the air force version of Tejas, it is a longitudinally in its design. The LCA Navy Mark 2 will have enhanced mission
unstable fly by wire aircraft, making it an agile war machine. The performance and better maintainability. The key features of LCA
flight control system of LCA navy is being augmented with Leading Navy Mark 2 would include redesigned lighter landing gear and
Edge Vortex Controller (LEVCON) aiding reduction in approach arrester hook system and reduced droop to improve aerodynamic
speed for carrier landing. Auto throttle function incorporated in performance. It will also feature a fuel dump system. This multi
LCA naval fighter reduces pilot payload by maintaining the constant role deck based fighter would be equipped for air-to-air, air-to-sea
angle of attack during the critical phase of flareless carrier landing. and air-to-ground roles.
Fuel dump system is an additional feature in LCA navy to enable Radhakrishna Rao

1 07-february-2013 Day two

Boeing is proud of its longstanding partnership

with India. A partnership India can depend upon

to meet its developing requirements, from

surveillance, strike and mobility platforms to

C4ISR, unmanned systems and support services.

The most advanced systems and technologies

providing the greatest value for India. Thats a

partnership of endless possibilities.
Dassault Falcon: The Art of the Business Jet
hen it comes to business jets, than in it, said Rosanvallon. In the last
Dassault Falcon has an impressive year, the BRIC countries, including India,
range which has caught the have comprised more than 50% of the
imagination of customers worldwide, business. We have been present in India
including in India. The aircraft in its stable for a number of years and whats new for us
include the next generation Falcon 7X, in Asia is that until 3 years ago China was
Falcon 900LX, Falcon 2000 LXS, Falcon behind India and Brazil but in 2011 for the
2000LX and Falcon 2000S. Show Daily first time China emerged as our overall top
speaks to Jean G. Rosanvallon, President & market, Rosanvallon said.
CEO at Dassault Falcon, on his companys In 2011, entrepreneurs in China bought
success story. close to 20 of Dassaults business jets.
Dassault is the only group in the world Rosanvallon pointed out that the Chinese,
today that designs, manufactures, sells and who want to have the biggest on offer,
services both combat aircraft and business picked up Falcon 7Xs in over 50% of these
jets (the Rafale, Falcon, and nEUROn family purchases.
of jets). Its current production line includes Worldwide, the company delivered
a full line of Falcon business jets, the 63 aircraft in 2011 and said it would soon
Rafale fighter jet, and the nEUROn UCAV confirm having done a little over that in
(Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle). 2012. Jean G Rosanvallon
In recent years, exports have averaged We have also announced a new
73% of the groups sales and Falcon aircraft project which is confidential as far as the
alone have accounted for a bulk of these specification is concerned. The codename that delivers more Falcon qualities, more
sales. The Falcon part of Dassault Aviation for this venture is SMS and most probably innovations and more benefits to corporate
has been more than 70 % of the business. well make a detailed announcement this flight than ever before.
In the last 12 years, Dassault, in spite of year. The first flight of the aircraft will be A completely new aircraft needed a
the economic downturn, has been able at the end of next year and certification completely new engineering process. The
to continue to invest in new products and will be in the second half of 2016, said Falcon 7X engineering team used Dassault
continue to be very healthy from a financial Rosanvallon. Systemes powerful PLM solutions to create
standpoint to prepare for the future, said According to him, Dassault Falcon a virtual design representing every feature
Jean G. Rosanvallon, President & CEO at has the capacity to manufacture over 70 on the 7X, from the smallest component
Dassault Falcon. aircraft a year right now and if necessary, to the complete, finished aircraft while
The company has assembly and in the long term will be able to build up to optimizing future operating performance
production plants in France and the US, 100 planes a year. The company has major and maintenance requirements.
service facilities on multiple continents and partners and currently works with Pratt and Theres little doubt that this aircraft will
a robust work force. Whitney for the engine and Honeywell is its evoke more interest in India. We presently
Dassault has a lot of tradition and one main partner for the cockpit which is a very have 20 large cabin aircraft in India and
of them is that many people in the company advanced cockpit called the EASy. In the more coming. Because of the downturn,
have spent their careers there. Rosanvallon next couple of months a new version of this the last three to four years has not been as
himself done an MBA in France followed cockpit is to be introduced. good. But based on everything we see we
by military service after which 37 years The major factors in developing newer are confident the market will recover well
ago he began his career at Dassault and models for customers are increased range and we see a lot of potential for discussions
has been there ever since with most of his and cabin space and size. We started with with Indian entrepreneurs here at Aero
work centering on the Falcon, which has the Falcon 20 and now were at the 7X. The India, remarked Rosanvallon. .
transformed into a giant over the years in Falcon 20 first versions had a range of 1200 According to him, there are more planes
the business jet arena. nautical miles and now the latest model on order for India which will be delivered in
We have about 2000 Falcons operating is close to 6,000. Over this period, the 2013 and 2014. The cost entry level in the
worldwide and the centre of gravity of the cabin size has also grown threefold, said Falcon family is the Falcon 2000S and thats
fleet is still in the US with about half of Rosanvallon. priced between $ 26-27 million. Then our

them there. But for the last seven years we The 7X was the first business jet in the Falcon 2000LXS, which we just announced,
have sold about 70% of our planes outside world to have a digital flight system. When is over $30 million and the Falcon 7X is just
the US and 2005 was the first year when designing the new 7X, the company said over $50 million, said Rosanvallon.
we sold more airplanes outside the US it had created a vision for the future, one Amitabh Joshi

Falcon 7X
Falcon 2000LXS Interior

3 07-february-2013 Day two

spectacular inaugural ceremony was preceded by the impressive expanded to accommodate 17-million passengers per annum. By

display of the heli-borne operations of Indias home grown, multi 2020, Karnataka plans to link all its districts through air transport.
role, multi mission, 5.5-tonne class Advanced Light Helicopter The excellent eco system for defence and aerospace sector that
(ALH) Dhruv. Two ALHs successfully demonstrated the breathtaking Karnataka has spawned stands to benefit from Bangalores vibrant
exercise of dropping commandos into the enemy territory followed IT and software services industry. Further, an exclusive Karnataka
by their safe return. In his inaugural address Indian Defence aerospace policy has been put in place to provide all round boost to
Minister A. K. Antony pointed out to the expanding scope and reach the growth of the aerospace sector in the state. He also said that
of Aero India over the years both in terms of infrastructure and it has been the endeavour of his government to position Karnatka
growing participation. Specifically, he expressed his happiness over as an ideal destination for investment in aerospace and defence
the growing participation of the domestic industries in this event, sectors.
which, he said, augurs well for the Indian aerospace and defence Indian Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh in his address described
sector. Stating that India is one of the fastest growing aerospace Aero India-2013 as the platform for encasing the best in global
markets in the world, Antony drove home the point that Aero India- aerospace and defence enterprise. Moreover, this event will help
2013 will provide a versatile and robust platform for discussions on unlock business opportunities for all participants from a variety of
joint ventures, co development and collaborations and exchange of angles in addition to exchanging of ideas and concepts for mutual
ideas and concepts. He said Indian aerospace market holds a lot of benefit. The participation of 50 countries in the expo and display
opportunities for the global industrial entities. of around 50 civilian and military aircraft bears testimony to the
Coming to the theme of self reliance, Antony urged the state importance of the show, noted Singh. He felt that sky is the limit for
owned Defence Research and Development Organiation (DRDO) the growth of aerospace sector in the country.
to acquire the expertise in latest technologies to reduce Indian He stressed the point that India is the fastest growing civil
dependence on defence and aerospace imports. He described the aviation market. The air passenger traffic in the country is growing
public sector defence enterprise, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited at 15% per annum. India is also set to become one of the top five
(HAL) as an integrated aerospace organization playing a big role domestic air travel markets in the world in the near future, noted
in the growth of the Indian aerospace sector .He expressed his Singh. However, he said that there are immense challenges in
happiness over many private sector Indian companies entering so far as upgrading the infrastructure for airports is concerned.
the aerospace sector. Interestingly, he was optimistic about many Opening up of the airport construction sector to private-public
more Indian companies joining the aerospace stream in the years participation, privatization of New Delhi and Mumbai airports,
ahead. Public Private Participation (PPP), joint ventures, licensed setting up of green-field international airports at Bangalore and
production, technology transfer should all be harnessed to make Hyderabad point out to the efforts being made to upgrade airport
India self reliant in the areas of defence and aerospace, observed infrastructure in the country. The expansion of the airport facilities
Antony. In this context, Antony said the latest Defence Production in the country has acted as a force multiplier for the employment
Policy has all the ingredients to support the creation of a full- sector in the country. He also noted that another big time plan is to
fledged ecosystem to sustain self reliant production base. provide air connectivity to remote areas of the country .To ensure
Against this backdrop, Aero India 2013 will provide tremendous the safety and comfort of air passengers in the country, the state
opportunities for foreign participating companies not only to tap owned Airports Authority of India (AAI) has initiated a number of
the Indian market but also to make use of the Indian resources for steps. The most prominent among them is the geo augmented
outsourcing their needs. He also stated that this hugely popular satellite based air traffic navigation system called Gagan. Being
aerospace and defence expo could pave the way for exploiting jointly implemented by AAI in association with ISRO, Gagan will
the marketing opportunities in the region .He extended his warm help make air travel safer and more efficient. Gagan is expected to
welcome to all the participants at the show. become operational by July this year.
He thanked the Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar The elite gathering at the inaugural ceremony had a really
for his unstinted support in making the event a grand success. exciting time watching the dazzling and dare devil flying displays
Declaring Aero India-2013 open, he said the next edition of the expo of iron birds .To begin with, the breathtaking manoeuvres Tiger
will be held at the same location in Bangalore between Feb.18 and Moth, the second world war vintage aircraft and one of the
22. Antony also released the manual of the aerospace policy brought oldest aircraft of the IAF, left the audience stunned. Similarly, the
out by the Karnataka state government to promote aerospace and awesome prowess of Indias homegrown fourth generation fighter
aviation industry in the state in a big way. aircraft Tejas LCA provided an insight into Indias growing clout in
On the other hand, Shettar in his address thanked Antony for aeronautical engineering. The sharp dives and sudden leaps as well
continued support to the plan of holding the Aero India show in as the stunning maneuvers Tejas had the audience holding their
Bangalore. He said that for the Indian aerospace industry, Karnataka breath for a short while. Colourful and breathtaking aerobatics
holds many advantages. On its part, the state government, said performed by Red Bull sponsored flying team from Czech Republc
Shettar, too has taken major initiative in the area of civil aviation by enthralled the audience. The Red Bulls operated by the Sarang
actively promoting the growth of airport infrastructure in the country. team of the Indian Air Force(IAF). The Rustom-1 Medium Altitude
To this end, it has envisaged the route of Public-Private Partnership Long Endurance (MALE) UAV designed and developed by the state
(PPP), said Shettar. Under PPP mode, five airports in the state are owned Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
under various stages of development. Bangalore international also made a flying demonstration at the venue. At the end of the
airport was countrys first green-field airport to be developed under day the impression was that India is reaching for skies, literally.
PPP mode The Bangalore International airport at Devanahalli, Radhkrishna Rao
which, at present can accommodate 12-million passengers, is being

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4 07-february-2013 Day two


Every day, V-22 Ospreys are making a critical difference around the globeexecuting combat, search and
rescue, humanitarian, MEDEVAC and special operations missions in a fraction of the time of conventional
rotorcraft. The tiltrotors unique blend of helicopter and turboprop performance is making it the
platform of choice where speed, long range and survivability make all the difference.

Lets go Amphibian
hinMaywa, the only Japanese company at the
show, is displaying the mock up of its US-2
STOL Search and Rescue Amphibian aircraft at
their booth. With the opening of its Delhi office last
year the manufacturer has vigorously pushed the
sales of the aircraft to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)
and the Indian Navy, said Kanji Ishimaru, Director,
Member of the Board and General Manager, Aircraft
Division, ShinMaya Industries Ltd.
Simultaneously the company has also actively
looked for offset partners as per the MoDs guidelines
to fulfill 30% of offsets carried out in India. Currently
they have narrowed down three companies for the
same but a detailed process of adding infrastructure
and training would be required for the same added

MissonCare the app way

The Indian Navy has issued a Request for
Information (RFI) for 9 aircraft which is still pending.
The Japanese manufacturers face competition from

Russia, Canada and Germany. The configuration for olls-Royce, a company synonymous with engines gives
the Indian Navy is similar to that of the Japanese primary focus to offering services that range from repair and
Maritime Self- overhaul activity to providing specialist line maintenance; from
Defense Force to carry out search and rescue operational alerts through engine health monitoring data to keeping
operations. Our aircraft is best in class as compared complete technical records history, from managing a customers
to the competition and that is the reason why it is vendors to making sure customers have sufficient spare engine
more expensive, added Ishimaru. support.
Currently the Japan Maritime Self- Defense Force With such a large installed base and a wide variety of customers,
operates 7 aircraft in their fleet and apart from India, there is a huge scope of growth in the military aftermarket business.
Brunei and Indonesia have shown interest in the Military operators are adapting to a challenging and changing
Amphibian aircraft. environment, with cost pressure on budgets and deployment costs,
The company has taken full advantage of their requiring innovative solutions to which Rolls-Royce has developed
sophisticated technical know-how acquired through MissionCare, services offered for defence aerospace customers.
development of flying boats and in developing MissionCare utilises a collaborative approach with customers to
and manufacturing components for overseas jointly develop solutions based around customer values. By sharing
manufacturers of civil aircraft. Presently seven experience and perspective, the team is able to construct a solution
aircraft are operating in Japan, which will need a which is optimised against its requirements. To ensure that the
new aircraft every two years. benefits of working together are maximised, the team approach
The plane is manufactured in Kobe and apart from continues during the period of the MissionCare service provision.
the engine, which is a Rolls-Royce, and propulsion, Tom Turner, Vice President, Defence Services, India, added, We
which is by Messrs Dowty, all components are built have worked out how to deliver value to the customers and helped
in Japan. The plant has the capacity to produce four build and developed these apps to educate people. India today is at
aircraft a year. The company itself was established in the brink of technological progress. Equipment has become more
1920, known then as the Kawanishi Aircraft Company. sophisticated alongwith the maintenance procedures. We have a
It stopped production after WW II and restarted as state of the art operation support centres in Bristol and Indianapolis,
ShinMaywa in 1946. which are 24x7 call centres along with a facility that houses 600
Bhavya Desai engineers. These centres co-ordinate support for defence customers
worldwide by integrating data that enables support teams to predict
likely operational issues and make decisions quickly to maintain
aircraft operations or deal with technical problems.
Part of our commitment to armed forces is visibility and
transparency, where with the use of this system the end user is
updated about the health of the engine. In case it is in maintenance,
they are aware of its progress. The same technology helps us to
monitor the health of the engine in our commercial engines segment,
which means that as the problem occurs, we have a solution along
with the spares from the store. Such an approach combined with
the effort of the customer, innovative, tailored solutions and expert
integration provides significant customer benefits.
This is the first time that Rolls-Royce is showcasing the
enhanced customer oriented iPad-based services technology on
Kanji Ishimaru
Indian soil along with the Adour Mk871 engine, which powers
Indias latest hawk Advanced jet trainer (AJT) and the CTS800
helicopter engine.

6 07-february-2013 Day two

production is still
ongoing: Keskar
The focus of the world shifted on the Dreamliner in
recent times, not for the right reasons may be and the
technical issues with the battery resulted in grounding
of all the 50 operating aircraft across the world. Dr.
Dinesh Keskar, Senior VP of Sales and President
of Boeing Aircraft Trading spoke to Bhavya Desai
clearing the air surrounding the situation. Dinesh Keskar

he industry woke up to the news on date. We think this will allow us to catch a decision on that would be taken only after
17th January 2013 that the Federal up to our schedule and keep the timeline the NTSB woudve finished its review of the
Aviation Administration (FAA) and of delivering the aircraft in 2013,he added. aircraft.
The National Transportation Safety Board Closer to home Keskar is in regular The battery issue that the aircraft
(NTSB) in the US were grounding the touch with Air India who operates six is facing has been manufactured by a
Dreamliner pending investigations for its Dreamliners that have also been grounded Japanese company GS Yuasa Corp, which
technical snags. Predictably the other by the DGCA currently. Clearing the air have had visits from NTSB including
regulatory boards of individual countries about the recent media flur about Air India the charger manufacturer Securaplane
soon followed and all the 50 operating putting up their fleet of Dreamliners on Technologies in Arizona with plans for
aircraft around the globe were grounded. sale, Keskar laughs it off saying that it is testing the charger, wiring and circuit board
Although there was no clarity about the sale-lease back programme that every from the Boston plane.
the exact status of what happened to the airliner goes through across the globe. While Dreamliner was a project that was
batteries Boeing is working very closely with Majority of the airliners across the globe conceived as an outsourcing model Keskar
the authorities to find out the root cause of sell their aircraft after acquisition and lease states that it is an aircraft that provides
the problem, said Keskar. Not in a position them back for a number of years. So there 18% less fuel burn as compared to the
to comment on the investigation Keskar should be no confusion about the sale of other aircraft on same routes, which is the
mentioned that Boeing is committed to the these aircraft and also the fact that for Air primary what makes it so popular amongst
Dreamliner programme and is certain that India their Dreamliners are the cornerstone the operating airliners.
it will be the aircraft of the future. Currently of the turnaround plans. As the industry speculates about
the manufacturer is awaiting the eight Indias Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh the situation, leading airliners have
update by NTSB and the FAA to comply with recently expressed that Air India would already expressed their confidence in the
its directive in order to get reauthorisation expect compensation for the losses it was Dreamliner. For instance United Airlines
of the 787. The whole world is waiting incurring from grounding its 787 fleet. But in a press conference recently expressed
for us to find a fix to the issue so that the confidence in the aircraft, even Etihad
Dreamliner can fly again and thats what Airways, which has ordered 41 aircraft
are focus is today. stated that with a company like Boeing
Boeing was scheduled to deliver 60 there wasnt much to worry about.
aircraft in 2013 but hasnt delivered any At the time of filing this story news came
since January 17th of this year. However in that the NTSB was considering granting
Keskar informs that the company hasnt permission to Boeing for resuming flight-
stopped its production line for the aircraft. testing in order to investigate the battery
We continue to build the aircraft and problem. Dr. Keskar will be providing
we will apply the fix into the existing 50 additional details on the Dreamliner in a
operating aircraft that are grounded and press conference today at the show.
the ones in the production line on a later

8 07-february-2013 Day two

Advanced E-2D Hawkeye: Update

While there are several technologies on display by Northrop Grumman at the show, undoubtedly the E-2D Advanced
Hawkeye aircraft is the most talked about. We spoke to Tom Trudell, Captain USN (retd), Manager International
Business Development, E-2/C-2 IPT, Northrop Grumman about its recent updates and the current phase of talks
with the Indian Navy.

Another development that has been carried out recently is the

Wet Outer Wing panel which includes adding additional fuel to
the wing, increasing the operational flight time to eight hours as
opposed to the unrefueled capacity of six hours. We have finished
the conceptual development to find out if it is feasible and now we
are awaiting a launch customer for this technology to help fund and
finish its development, said Trudell. The wet outer wing can be
retrofitted to the aircraft with minor modifications to the wing, but
essentially it is a straightforward process.
Naturally the biggest USP that the E-2D platform offers is its
advanced radar technology, which combines three radar modes
which include the advanced AEW surveillance (AAS) mode,
enhanced sector scan (ESS) mode and the enhanced tracking sector
(ETS) mode merging the traditional mechanically scanned antenna
with steerable electronic scanning to maximise the benefits of two
Tom Trudell
To date, Northrop Grumman has delivered nine E-2D Advanced

he US Navy finished its six months operational evaluation of Hawkeye aircraft to the U.S. Navy. The programme completed Initial
the squadron in October last year. We are still waiting for the Operational Test and Evaluation in 2012 and Initial Operational
formal operational report to come out but the indication is Capability in the U.S. Navy fleet is on schedule for 2015. The
that it will be favourable and we are awaiting the approval for full manufacturer will deliver two more aircraft in 2013 whereas a total
rate production which come imminently, said Trudell. of 11 aircraft will be delivered by 2015 taking the total number of
Northrop is still in talks with the Indian Navy after its request aircraft delivered to 20 (including the nine already delivered). The
for information (RFI) in May 2010 for four carrier-based aircraft. total requirement of the US Navy is for 75 aircraft to replace all 75
But talks are currently pending depending on the Indian Navys USN E-2C aircraft operating currently.
decision for the configuration of its second aircraft carrier. Apart from the US Navy the other international customers that
While the process to move from low initial rate of production Northrop has had discussions with for its latest platform include
to full production is on going, Northrop is also making continuous India, UAE and Malaysia as part of the FMS sales approval by the
development to this platform. One of the recent developments US Government. An E-2D Advanced Hawkeye crew workstation
to the platform include in-flight refueling capability, which will and flyable cockpit simulator is on display at the exhibit stand
be incorporated into the future production aircraft, said Trudell. to demonstrate the benefits of the E-2D for military and civil
We have already tanked behind F-18s and C-130s and the basic applications.
feasibility and development has already been completed he added. Bhavya Desai

Unmanned aerial systems by UTC

Aerospace Systems make their India debut
wo new Unmanned Aerial Systems benefits such as enhanced safety, improved
(UAS) developed by UTC Aerospace comfort, increased precision and extended
Systems make their debut at Aero situational awareness.
India 2013. The Vireo and Optio UAS are On display at the UTC Aerospace
applicable to a wide variety of markets Systems booth in hall B are the DB-110 situational awareness, enabling them to
and offer low-cost, effective and flexible real-time, digital, tactical reconnaissance fly far more safely and effectively - even
surveillance from a variety of sensors solution that provides long-range, dual- in areas where GPS is not available, and a
including electro optical and infra-red. band EO/IR imaging sensor and fixed and range of micro electro-mechanical systems
These systems deliver actionable data to mobile intelligence exploitation systems, (MEMS)-based inertial measurement units
law enforcement, government agencies, the Intelligence Exploitation System (IES) (IMU) and integrated inertial navigation/GPS
agriculture producers and first responders. in wide use with both NATO and other systems. The SK3000 civilian passenger
With key positions on nearly every aircraft countries, the TERPROM digital terrain seat - the newest in the UTC Aerospace
flying today, UTC Aerospace Systems are system, a software-based system that Systems range of helicopter seats and a
exhibiting a range of products, in hall B, booth successfully blends and interprets the miniature version of the WINSLOW ultra-
4.8 at Aero India. Products on display span inputs of a diverse array of sensors to lightweight life raft are also on display at
military and civil markets and offer critical provide the aircraft pilot and crew with full their booth.

10 07-february-2013 Day two

I fly Sikorsky.

the mission is
never the same.

I fly a Sikorsky BLACK HAWK helicopter for

multiple missions. Its dependable and durable,
and I have complete confidence in its proven
performance. Sikorsky not only sets the stan-
dard for rotorcraft excellence and safety, they
exceed it. Its evident in everything from the
reliable performance of my BLACK HAWK to
the way they support me in the field. Theres
simply no better helicopter for any requirement,
whether its utility, combat search and rescue, or
firefighting. The way I see it, not every pilot gets
to fly in a helicopter this good. But they should.

CASSIDIAN presents first

products designed in
India at Aero India

he engineers at Cassidian Engineering
Center in Bengaluru have designed
Cassidians first defence technologies
Made in India. This achievement marks
a new milestone in Cassidians strategy
to increase its industrial presence in the
country. Indian engineers at the Center
have developed a High Accuracy Air
Pressure Measurement System (HAAPMS)
and a Structurally Integrated Antenna (SIA). AMPL
HAAPMS is a critical on-board sensor management team
providing pilots with highly accurate altitude at their booth,
Aero India 2013
SIA is integrated into the structure
of military aircraft, reducing drag and
enhancing stealth. Cassidian is now
marketing these products through its
Astra Microwave receives top
SME award at A&D Awards 2013
extensive global sales channels and is
displaying them for the first time at Aero
India at their stand at the EADS pavilion,
outside Hall C, OD-6.

Congratulating the engineers on stra Microwave Products Limited Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR), Aslesha and
their achievement, Cassidian India CEO, (AMPL) received an award for being Rajendra radars, etc.
Dr. Peter Gutsmiedl said, Our first two the top Indian SME at the Aerospace Founded in 1991 with headquarters
products Made in India for world-wide & Defence Awards 2013 held in Bengaluru in Hyderabad, India, AMPL are designers
use demonstrate the innovative defence recently. Astra received this award for their and manufacturers of RF/Microwave
engineering capabilities we have established remarkable ability to compete in tough components and Sub-Systems and
in Bengaluru. This center supports our export markets with their international associated digital electronics. A company
global technology initiatives and gives quality products, and also for the double- promoted by Microwave Engineering
Cassidian a competitive advantage in India. digit growth they achieved last year. M. V. Professionals and focusing on RF and
It allows us to customize global products Reddy, Senior General Manager Marketing Microwave Electronics business since its
to local requirements, especially in areas was elated to have received the award on inception, AMPL provides services that
such as UAVs, Radar Solutions and Security behalf of his company. include design, development, fabrication
Systems. Started by B. Malla Reddy, the company and testing of R.F. and Microwave
The facility in Bengaluru is part of has over the years excelled in the focused components and sub-systems. AMPLs
Cassidians global engineering organisation and critical area of Radio frequency product range includes radar sub-systems,
and conceived as a center of excellence and Microwave systems for radars, EW, electronic warfare sub-systems, space
- a single source supplier of certain Missiles, telemetry, space electronics, sub-systems, telemetry sub-systems,
technologies. Inaugurated in 2011, the telecom and meteorology. These areas missile sub-systems, satcom terminals,
Cassidian Engineering Center is the first might seem small scale in nature but are monolithic microwave integrated circuits
defence oriented facility owned by a foreign mission critical applications. Mr. Reddy and (MMICs) and micro electromechanical
company in India. Currently, around 60 his team of board members were able to systems (MEMS), and telecommunication
Indian engineers are employed there. Most establish a top class business organization products.
were trained at Cassidians R&D facilities in in a span of just 20 years and established One of the highlights of AMPL is its
Europe. benchmarks for innovations and excellence ISRO certified facility. Indias first fully
Cassidian India works according to in the aerospace and defense industry in home grown microwave earth observation
global best practices in India. It was small scale sector. satellite RISAT-1 carried a range of TR
recently awarded the widely recognized AMPL is currently working on a wide modules and other sub-systems supplied
aerospace industry quality certification variety of important projects such as by the company. Further, components and
EN/AS 9100. the Airborne Early Warning and Control modules from AMPL are being used in the
(AEW&C) programme of the Defence GSAT series of satellites from ISRO, lined
Research and Development Organisation up for launch in the coming years.
(DRDO), various ground and air based AMPL has been gearing itself to
radar programs for Indian Armed forces, systematically improve its design and
Sub-systems for Akash and Astra Missiles development capability and is now moving
and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) forward to work on the various offset
like Nishant and Rustom. The company is opportunities available. The company
involved in developing Electronic Warfare sees itself working on cutting edge
(EW) systems for various Naval platforms technologies in the future and being
and over the years has been associated able to work on Built-to-Spec and Built-
with many important projects like Battle to-Print domains with equal leverage in
Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR), Central terms of technology.

12 07-february-2013 Day two

C-17 Brings Unmatched Strategic

Airlift Capability to India

ndias strategic and tactical airlift the aircraft and returning it to service. and is completely self-sufficient, with
capabilities will be considerably Only the C-17 can carry large combat patient litters including oxygen and
strengthened once the Indian Air Force equipment and troops or humanitarian medical equipment to support aeromedical
(IAF) takes delivery of 10 C-17 Globemaster aid over long distances and deliver them evacuations.
III aircraft it ordered in 2011. Indias first directly to short, unimproved airfields Ground vehicles and large transport
C-17 will now enter a U.S. Air Force flight anywhere in the world. It can land combat- helicopters are vital to the distribution
test programme at Edwards Air Force Base ready troops on semi-prepared runways or of relief supplies. Not only can both be
in Palmdale, California. Boeing is on track airdrop them directly where needed. transported on the C-17, its large cargo
to deliver four more C-17s to the IAF this The C-17 can offload cargo from the air box also allows for minimal disassembly/
year and five in 2014. when its too dangerous to land or when an loading and unloading/reassembly time.
Boeing began production of Indias airfield is not available. It can airdrop 60,000 The large fuel capacity of the C-17 then
C-17s in 2012 at the companys final pounds of equipment and supplies on a single allows it to download fuel to the ground
assembly facility in Long Beach, California. platform or a total of 110,000 pounds on vehicles and helicopters.
In July 2012, a key milestone in aircraft multiple platforms right into a disaster site. Significant modifications have been
assembly was achieved when the C-17s Equipped with an externally blown flap made since the C-17 was first rolled
four major sections the forward, center system that allows a steep low-speed final out. From the addition of an extended
and aft fuselages and wing assembly were approach for routine short-field landings, range fuel tank and upgraded software to
integrated in a major joint ceremony. the C-17 can take off and land on a 3,000- improvements to the Aerial Delivery System
The C-17s ability to transport large foot runway. Even on narrow runways, the and communications architecture, the C-17
payloads across vast ranges, land on short, C-17 can manoeuvre using a three-point is constantly being upgraded to meet the
austere runways, and operate in extremely star turn and its backing capability. This worlds changing environment. The aircraft
hot and cold climates makes it ideal for ability to back up allows it to operate on is equipped with Defensive Systems, an
India. And as the only airlifter that possesses narrow taxiways and on congested ramps. Electronic Flight Control System and a
true tactical and strategic capabilities, the The C-17 is the only tactical aircraft Formation Flight System.
C-17 also offers rapid response capability capable of performing all airlift missions, Boeing will support Indias C-17 fleet
for relief missions anywhere in the world. including brigade airdrops and aeromedical through the C-17 Globemaster III Integrated
India will join a group of C-17 fleet evacuations. Its maximum payload capacity Sustainment Partnership (GISP), a proven
operators that have experienced virtually is 164,900 pounds, and its maximum gross multinational Performance-Based Logistics
every operational scenario. With a takeoff weight is 585,000 pounds. With its (PBL) programme. The GISP virtual fleet
worldwide logistics departure reliability full payload and an initial cruise altitude arrangement ensures mission readiness by
rate of 90%, the C-17 aircraft is ready to go of 28,000 feet, the C-17 has an unrefueled providing all C-17 customers - with varied
anytime, anywhere. range of approximately 2,400 nautical fleet sizes - access to an extensive support
One of the C-17s most impressive miles. The C-17 is also designed to airdrop network for worldwide parts availability
capabilities is that it can land where other 102 paratroopers and equipment. and economies of scale when purchasing
large airlifters are unable to operate - on a The C-17 requires a crew of only three materials.
runway as short as 3,000 feet or an unpaved a pilot, co-pilot and loadmaster reducing GISP provides support services such
airfield with no infrastructure. Once on the personnel requirements, risk exposure as forecasting, purchasing and material
ground, the C-17 is extremely agile and and long-term operating costs. Cargo is management for the C-17 and all C-17-
requires minimal support. Unlike other loaded onto the C-17 through a large aft unique support. This PBL programme,
large transport aircraft, it can turn around door that accommodates military vehicles which started in 1998 with 42 aircraft, now
and park without assistance and does not and palletised cargo. The C-17 can carry a covers the worldwide fleet. It provides lower
have to kneel down for offloading. This full array of wheeled vehicles in two side- costs through economies of scale from
saves considerable time when offloading by-side rows in its cargo compartment supporting the entire global fleet.

14 07-february-2013 Day two

integration with
IAI-LAHAV's integrated modular
package optimized for your naval
helicopter missions

In-house development of key naval mission systems

Proven experience integrating helicopter systems and
meeting the most demanding operational requirements
"Cost-effective" tailored packages

Israel Pavilion, Hall A
system and special flight test instrumentation

P-8I: Performing to Plan

is conducted at Boeing Field.

In August 2011, Boeing completed final
assembly of the first P-8I aircraft and began
fabrication of the second. The P-8I completed
a successful first flight on September 28,
2011 and began the programs official flight
test program on July 7, 2012. Boeings second
P-8I aircraft completed its first flight July 12,
2012; the third P-8I first flew November 29,
In 2010, Boeings team began to receive
the first indigenous deliveries, started
testing software, completed the programs
final design review and in December began
fabricating the first planes fuselage. The
milestones allowed Boeing to successfully
transition from designing to building Indias
new long-range maritime reconnaissance
and anti-submarine aircraft. Boeing was
awarded a $3.89 billion contract for the
system development and demonstration
(SDD) phase of the P-8A Poseidon for the U.S.
Navy on June 14, 2004. SDD activities include
Leland Wight developing and integrating all the necessary
software and onboard mission systems and
developing training systems. Boeing has
built eight P-8A test planes and the USN

-8I Program Manager Leland Wight customer for the P-8. The induction of P-8I has surpassed 2,800 flight-test hours in the
briefed the media on Boeings and Harpoon missiles in Indias fleet will aircraft.
performance on the P-8I long-range significantly enhance the countrys maritime The P-8A is being developed by a
maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine surveillance, anti-submarine warfare. Boeing-led industry team that consists of
warfare aircraft program on the opening day Wight said that the flight test programme CFM International, Northrop Grumman,
of Aero India. The P-8I, designed specifically of the aircraft went very well. As part of Raytheon, GE Aviation, BAE Systems and
for the Indian Navy, is the next generation in the test programme, the test aircraft has Spirit AeroSystems. The initial SDD contract
maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, flown 175 flights with 500 flight hours as of included building five test vehicles: three
and will provide maritime security for India. yesterday. Some of the stores were unique to flight test aircraft (T1, T2 and T3), one full-
What were trying to do is sell a product the Indian Navy so we required testing them. scale static test airframe and one full-scale
as well as a service. I think weve done a There were 29 store separation events and all fatigue test airframe (S1 and S2). The contract
good job of regularly communicating and went well, he said. included an option for two additional test
embracing the Indian Navys needs, said
Wight is the Boeing P-8 India program
manager and is responsible for all P-8I
development, design, production and support
activities. Prior to his current assignment,
Wight was the P-8A Poseidon systems
engineering integrated product team leader
and the engineering focal for the P-8I
negotiation team. In support of the P-8I
program Wight was in charge of negotiating
with the Indian Navy and Indias contract
negotiating committee on a technical
baseline, as well as P-8I contract terms and Boeing is using a first-in-industry vehicles (T4 and T5), which has since been
conditions. production process and its existing Next- exercised. One additional flight test aircraft
The P-8I is a variant of the P-8A Poseidon Generation 737 production system to (T6) also was added to the contract.
that Boeing is developing for the U.S. Navy. efficiently design and build the P-8I for The U.S. Navy plans to purchase 117
This military derivative of the Next-Generation India as well as the P-8A Poseidon for the P-8As to replace its fleet of P-3C aircraft. In
737-800 combines superior performance and U.S. Navy. Both aircraft share the same 737 January 2011, Boeing received a $1.6 billion
reliability with an advanced mission system assembly line. The P-8s 737-800 fuselage contract for low-rate initial production (LRIP)
that ensures maximum interoperability in the is built in Wichita, Kansas. and then sent to of the first six aircraft, spares, logistics and
future battle space. Boeings final assembly facility in Renton training devices; in November 2011, Boeing
Boeing signed a contract on January 1, where all aircraft structural features unique received a $1.7 billion LRIP award for seven
2009, to deliver eight aircraft to the Indian to the P-8I are incorporated in sequence additional P-8As. In September 2012, Boeing
Navy. Boeing will deliver the first P-8I in 2013 during fabrication and assembly. Aircraft received a $1.9 billion contract for 11 aircraft,
and the remaining seven by 2015. An option quality and performance acceptance flight bringing the total to 24. P-8A initial operational
for four additional aircraft was included in the testing takes place at Renton Field and final capability is slated for 2013.
original contract. India is the first international installation and checkout of the mission Amitabh Joshi

16 07-february-2013 Day two

ro Indi
tim e at display: lution
1s tdoo lete so
t r
ou comp nse
s fe
A FAEL r Air De
R fo


Multi-layered integrated air and

missile defense.The complete system of
systems designed to meet any challenge.

SPYDER: Protects against attack aircraft, combat helicopters,

Missile Firing Unit Missile Firing Unit UAS, UCAVs and stand-off weapons
DAVIDS SLING: Defends against medium/long range
rockets, short range ballistic and cruise missiles
IRON DOME: Counters short range artillery rockets


Missile Firing Unit Missile Firing Unit grated C4i Air & Missile
Defence System

F-35 Programme Makes Strides

espite denials from government accomplished 396 flights and 2,443 test F-35B STOVL, nearly one year ahead of
departments, intrigue continues points. The F-35C flew 239 flights and tallied schedule. The first two international F-35s
over whether India is seriously 2,247 test points. The Mission Systems test were delivered to the United Kingdom.
interested in Lockheeds F-35 Joint Strike aircraft accomplished 241 flights and 2,056 The first three operational F-35B STOVL
Fighter. Washington had last year indicated test points. The F-35B also executed 102 fighters delivered in November marked the
that it was willing to share data about the vertical landings. beginning of tactical operational training at
aircraft but that no US offer had been put The cumulative 2012 milestones Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz.
forth for the aircraft. were achieved through a combination Furthermore, Norway procured its
Meanwhile, the Lockheed Martin F-35 of planned test flights and test points, first F-35 commencing the largest public
Lightning II Programme completed 30 along with test flights and test points procurement project in its history. The
aircraft deliveries and achieved significant added throughout the year. The flight event was marked by Minister of Defence
advances in flight test highlighting a year of test programme is now more than one Espen Barth Eide authorizing the order for
continued progress for 2012. third complete in aggregate with the Air the first F-35A for the Norwegian Armed
The 30 F-35 deliveries in 2012 included Forces F-35A variant leading the way Forces.
11 Conventional Takeoff and Landing with 43 percent complete. Luke AFB was selected for F-35A U.S.
(CTOLs), 18 Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing We are completing our third year of and international pilot training. The base
(STOVL) variants, and one Carrier Variant on-plan system development performance will receive 72 aircraft for three fighter
(CV). Two of the STOVLs were the programs since the F-35 Program Executive Office squadrons.
first two international jets, which were completed its Technical Baseline Review Major flight test accomplishments
delivered to the United Kingdom. All but in 2010, said Orlando Carvalho, Lockheed included the first aerial weapons release
the carrier variant, known as CF-5, were Martin F-35 programme executive vice for the CTOL and STOVL; the F-35A reached
production aircraft delivered to various president and general manager. We fully maximum high-angle-of-attack milestone
bases for operational purposes. CF-5 was expect this to continue in 2013 as we begin in four flights; the first night flight and night
built for flight testing and delivered to the flight test of the Block 2B mission system refueling missions were accomplished
System Development and Demonstration software which will ultimately provide the and both the CTOL and STOVL completed
(SDD) program. The 30 aircraft delivered in initial war-fighting capability the Marines air-start testing.
2012 is more than double of the 13 aircraft need for their initial operational capability. The F-35 program also surpassed 5,000
delivered in 2011. This successful system development flight hours. The F-35 Lightning II is a 5th
The 2012 flight test plan called for 988 progress, a maturing production line and Generation fighter, combining advanced
flights and 8,458 test points by Dec. 31. further operational base stand up are all stealth with fighter speed and agility, fully
For the year, the SDD program flew 1,167 strong indicators of the F-35 programs fused sensor information, network-enabled
flights and tallied 9,319 test points. The positive trajectory. operations and advanced sustainment.
F-35A Flight Science test aircraft flew 291 In 2012 major milestones were witnessed. Lockheed Martin is developing the F-35 with
flights and accomplished 2,573 test points. The U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta its principal industrial partners, Northrop
The F-35B Flight Science test aircraft announced the end of probation for the Grumman and BAE Systems.

18 07-february-2013 Day two

New MiGs for the Indian Navy

Sergei Korotkov, CEO, MIG Corp.

iG belongs to a small number
of the world-famous brands in
military aviation. During more
than seven decades of its operation, MiG
Corp has developed 450 projects of combat
a/c, out of which 170 had been implemented specialists, who participated in the flying scheduled for 2013.
up to a demonstration model phase, while tests, all the ships systems, connected As noted by the MiGs boss, one of the
94 had been brought to a series production with flying control, had demonstrated MiG Corps main business priorities is the
phase. Only Russian aviation industries outstanding performances. Mr. Sergei on-going up-gradation of classic MiG-29s
had produced around 45 000 a/c of the Korotkov, the MiG Corp CEO, says: into modern multi-functional fighters.
MiG brand, including 11 000 MiGs, which We have got the confidence: a fighters Nowadays a number of such programs
had been exported to over 40 countries component of the Indian naval aviation are being implemented, while the most
worldwide. would be battleworthy and efficient. technologically advanced is being considered
For a few past years MiG Corp. has The MiGs boss is certain in his opinion. by experts the MiG-29UPG modernization
brought to markets several new aircraft He had not only been available on the program, which was developed as per the
and increases steadily volumes of their Vikramaditya during the flights of crucial IAFs requirements. The first six had been
manufacturing. importance, but had performed a few up-graded in Russia and at the end of 2012
In the short-term perspective, a base of flights himself on MiG-29KUB double- their shipment to India were started.
production line of the MiG Corp will mainly seated fighter. The main part of MiG-29s will be
include a range unified family fighters:
MiG-29K/KUB, MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35. In
comparison with their predecessors, these
multi-role a/c feature modern avionics,
new armaments, an increased combat
load and operational distance. Plus to
these characteristics, their service life is
increased considerably.
In December 2012 the MiG Corporation
shipped to the Indian Navy four MiG-29K/
KUB multi-role ship-born fighters. By that
were launched the current supplies under
the second contract of 2010. The previous
deliveries of 16 MiG-29K/KUB had been
implemented during 2009 2011 as per the
contract of 2004.
So, by now the INs aviation arm Mr. Korotkov stresses that flying tests modernized in India, where the MiG
operates 20 MiG-29K/KUB fighters, while by had been performed in near to combat Corp in the tie up with IAF and local
the mid of the current decade its number conditions. Precisely, takeoffs and landings aviation industries have set up necessary
will increase up to 45. The fighters will were made during a day and a night, with manufacturing base.
operate as a part of aviation groups both a combat load up to 4.5 tons, with full fuel Mr. Sergei Korotkov says: We are
on the board of Vikramaditya aircraft filling and external tanks. At the same time, all ready to extend and strengthen our
carrier, which is being nowadays developed the fighters were equipped with all variants collaboration both with the Indian MoD
and tested in Russia, and boards of aircraft of modern weapon systems, air-to surface and Indian hi-tech industries. It may be
carriers of Indian origin. supersonic missiles including. mentioned here that the whole issue of Indo-
The aircrafts and the Vikramadityas The Russian Navy are also keen to arm Russian military-technical cooperation was
aviation systems performances had their flagship Admiral Kuznetsov a/c launched half century back precisely by the
been thoroughly tested during July carrier with this state-of-the-art fighter. MiGs supplies. Nowadays, this cooperation
September, 2012 at the Barents Sea, on According to the contract between the Corp has been up-graded towards joined R&D
the Russias Nord. and the Russian Navy, signed up in 2012, and manufacturing of the most advanced
As noted by Indian and Russian the latter will get 24 a/c with first deliveries arms systems.

20 07-february-2013 Day two

A plAne And A pArtnership powered by
capability and commitment
The C-130J Super Hercules is more than the aircraft that redefines air capability. It is a symbol of
commitment and partnership. Configured and equipped to meet Indias needs, the C-130J is a proven
performer that has achieved every development milestone on time and on budget.
The C-130J Super Hercules. A platform for long-term partnership.
BrahMos enters new phase

with air-launch version

fitted on the Su-30MKI combat aircraft of
the Indian Air Force (IAF).
The Sukhoi 30 has proved high value with
deep strike capabilities, high precision and
power. Both together will be the most potent
weapon to defeat any external aggression.
An agreement was signed between
BrahMos Aerospace, Russian
Rosoboronexport and Sukhoi Design
Bureau for developing the air-launched
version of the missile and synergy is being
created between the IAF, Sukhoi Design

he Indian Russian Joint Venture Bureau, HAL and other industry players to
BrahMos Aerospace is exhibiting start a production line for BrahMos. Dr. Pillai
BrahMos air-launched version besides is confident that the first operation flight test
the land and naval variants of BRAHMOS from Sukhoi 30 will be in December 2013.
which have been inducted in the Indian Army BrahMos missiles integrated on the
and Navy. Su-30s will help the IAF achieve the
Says Dr. A Sivathanu Pillai, capability to deliver a deadly blow to enemy
Distinguished Scientist and Chief formations from stand-off ranges of around
Executive Officer and Managing Director, 300 km without getting close to them.
BrahMos Aerospace, who was conferred Under the leadership of Dr. Pillai, the
the Padma Bhushan for distinguished Indian Russian Joint Venture Company
service of high order on Republic Day last BrahMos Aerospace, formed by the
month, said after inducting the BrahMos in amalgamation of Defence Research and
the Army and Navy, the time is come for Development Organisation (DRDO) and
the realisation for the air-launched version Russias Mashinostroyenia Company, has
of the 290-km-range BrahMos supersonic taken phenomenal steps since it was first Dr. A Sivathanu Pillai
cruise missile system, which would be established in 1998.

BEML to set up a new

Of Micro and Mini Air Vehicles
aerospace facility in Bangalore
he role of an air vehicle that can constantly and
continually provide first hand intelligence information

he state owned public sector enterprise, Bharat Earth Movers has become all the more pronounced in the context
Limited (BEML), which has already entered the aerospace rapidly changing contours of modern day warfare. As such, an
sector from its current product configuration of mining and increasing thrust is being laid on fixed wing micro and mini
construction, is planning to set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing air vehicles to meet the stringent battle field conditions. The
facility on a 25-acre plot at the aerospace park being promoted by development of micro and mini UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles)
the Karnataka Government near to the Bangalore International is a challenging and complex task covering a wide ranging
Airport at Devanahalli. According to spokesman of BEML, this facility technological disciplines. Against this backdrop, the Bangalore
is being set up with a view to take up the production of bigger air based Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) in
worthy components and aircraft structural assemblies. This facility, association with National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) has
capable of meeting the Indian and global aircraft manufacturing developed three all composite aerodynamically efficient and
requirements, will have a sheet metal shop and a machine shop fully autonomous fixed wing micro air vehicles namely Black
along with heat treatment, surface treatment and paint facility. Kite, Golden Hawk and Pushpak. On the other hand, while ADE
The aerospace manufacturing division of BEML is now operational has developed Imperial Eagle mini air vehicle while NAL has
in Mysore. BEML is supporting the aerospace operations by developed Sky Bird mini air vehicle. The development of these
supplying ground support equipment such as aircraft towing tractor, fixed wing micro air vehicles has resulted in the realisation
multipurpose weapon loader and crash fire tender. The aerospace of a range of technologies including light weight airframe
manufacturing facility of BEML has scaled up its activities through design and fabrication, computational fluid dynamics for low
manufacture and supply of a wide variety of jigs, fixtures, ground Reynolds number flows, experimental studies using wind
support and test equipment. As it is, BEML launched its aerospace tunnels, development of auto pilot as well as portable ground
vertical in its technology division during the year 2007 to exploit the control station and real time image processing.
potentials of the e-engineering services in the aerospace domain. Radhakrishna Rao
Radhakrishna Rao

22 07-february-2013 Day two

Ramenskoye Avionics for Future Helicopters

Mi-28 cockpit

amenskoye Design Company (RDC) is been involved in the following R&D projects: integration, intellectual computer
one of the world leaders for avionics AC for the future multipurpose shipborne application and modern complex
development and integration. helicopter complex; technologies implementation.
RDC aboard complexes (AC) has been intellectual AC development; The AC design has been going in
successfully applied for Russian military AC development for the future high-speed accordance with DO-178B and DO-254
and commercial helicopters, including all helicopter; requirements for future certification
types of Mil and Kamov families for Russia AC development for unmanned according to AP MAC, EASA, FAA.
and abroad. helicopters; RDC has been offering various AC
In the recent years RDC successfully testing control integrated system configuration as well as deep or partial
developed highly efficient ACs for Mi-28N, upgrade of the existing avionics. The RDC
advantages include complex technical
solution with pre-and after flight support
integrated logistics as well as personnel

LINS-100RS MFI-10-7

Ka-52, Mi-24, Ka-31, Mi-28M, Ka-52K, 2, Gurieva str., Ramenskoye,

Mi-26T2, Ka-28M, Ka-29M to meet the most development for helicopter complex and its Moscow region, RF, 140103
modern customers demand for combat main parts; Tel: +7-495-556-2393 , 992-5691
operations as well as personnel training. The RDC has been following the most +7-49646-339-32
Within the Russian State Helicopter modern world trends of the combat Fax: +7-49646-319-72 , 300-72
Industry Innovation program the RDC has helicopter design, including network E-mail:

24 07-february-2013 Day two

Armed with cutting edge defense helicopter technology.
All weather capable, unrivalled in harshest environment, combat proven.
Ready for special operations from most remote areas or warships.
EC725 - Deploy the best.


Thinking without limits

Aerospace Ecosystem to

Bring in New Capabilities

In an exclusive interview with the Show Daily, Aravind Melligeri,
Chairman and co founder of QuEST Global projects the role of SEZ
in pushing the growth of the Indian aerospace sector.

Aravind Melligeria
Congrats on bagging the prestigious to Belgaum into a total aerospace
Aerospace and Defence awards 2013. ecosystem designed to meet the diverse Who are your major global customers?
On this occasion, how do you feel about needs of global customers at one How wide is your footprint over the
the QuEST Global SEZ Pvt. Ltd getting location? Indian aerospace and defence market?
recognised as the emerging company of Company has been walking down the path UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS), Eaton
the year? of strategically bringing in supply chain Aerospace, Magellan Aerospace, SAAB,
We thank the jury for the recognition. integration through partnerships in one SABCA, Airbus and Honeywell. We work
Company started doing the groundwork campus to build an in-country aerospace with HAL and we are supporting our
to establish an ecosystem in 2007. We capabilities and capacity. Today at SEZ customers on offset requirements.
have started seeing some fruits of those we can see capabilities of, aerostructures
activities now. There is lot more yet to be machining, aero systems manufacturing, Do you expect to stand benefited
done. sheet metal, aerostructures assemblies, substantially from the defence Offsets?
special processes, and forging. We Details please.
We are working with some of our customers
to provide offsets to meet the requirements
laid out by Minisstry Of Defence for their

What are the special features of your SEZ

at Hattargi? What made you to set up this
SEZ at a remote rural location of North
QuEST Global SEZ is not developed/
managed as a real estate company but
developed as a company which is looking to
build manufacturing ecosystem for highly
engineered products such as aerospace.
We chose rural Karnataka so that we can
develop and nurture the required talent
with long term view and expecting to retain
the resources to grow with the ecosystem.

What steps have you initiated to become

a major player in the global aerospace
market which is highly price sensitive?
Another reason for us to choose the rural
location is for ability to maintain the cost
competitiveness over longer period due to
lower inflation which we see in rural areas
Looking ahead, what future do you continue to bring in more capabilities in compared to Metros.
envisage for the QuEST Global aerospace the SEZ. We have some global customers
focussed SEZ? Do you think SEZs can leveraging one of the capabilities and Do you think the Indian private sector will
play a crucial role in giving a major boost others leveraging multiple capabilities overtake the state run Indian aerospace
to the Indian aerospace sector for long based on their products. enterprise and serve as a major catalyst
dominated by the state owned player? for the growth of the Indian aerospace
Our journey in SEZ is going to be measured You had recently signed an MOU with the sector in the years ahead?
in decades not in years. We believe in a Swedish defence and aerospace company I do not expect to see any private sector
healthy in-country aerospace ecosystem Saab for a joint venture (JV)? What are company overtake public sector company
leveraging capabilities of public and private the objectives of this JV? in the coming decade.
sectors working together as part of an The JV named as Aerostructures
ecosystem. Assemblies India (AAI) is setup with the Do you plan to go in for Initial Public
goal of carrying out large Aerostructures Offering in the near future? If Yes details
How are you going to transform Assemblies by leveraging the detail parts please.
your aerospace SEZ at Hattargi near procured from the ecosystem and outside. No plans at this point in time.

26 07-february-2013 Day two

Our growing defense partnership is
one of our greatest success stories,
leveraging the best innovative efforts of
our governments, people, and industries
into closer cooperation on regional and
global security challenges, as well as the Nancy Powell inaugurates U.S. Pavilion
economic advancement for the people of
both our countries. U.S. Ambassador to capabilities, she said. programmee execution, the complexity of
India Nancy Powell said after inaugurating As you know, our defense relationship executing offset obligations, and obstacles
the U.S. Pavilion at the Aero India. has continued at a strong pace. C-17, to transfer of technology. We are working
The collaboration between our two C-130J, and P8I procurements are now with the Government of India and the
countries in the defense marketplace is being executed. In fact, the Indian Air private sector in both India and the US to
evident here today. The US companies Force (IAF) recently received its first reduce obstacles, overcome challenges,
participating at this show have Boeing C-17 strategic airlifter for flight and foster development of the defence
demonstrated a commitment to partner testing. And in 2011, the first C-130Js and aerospace sectors to the benefit of
with India on its goal of modernising proved vital to the Government of both nations.
and upgrading its defense aerospace Indias all-weather humanitarian relief Your presence at Aero India 2013, and
requirements during the the cooperation and relationships that will
Sikkim earthquake. flow from your participation here puts us
Of course, the most firmly on the path to achieving our mutual
important and enduring goals. For that, and all you will achieve
aspect to our growing during your time here, I congratulate
relationship with India is you, she added.
our people-to-people ties Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Honeywell,
for which we have all of Esterline, Bell, GE Aviation, Sikorsky
you here today and many and American Aerospace Industries
others to thank. The U.S. Association; and other U.S. companies
Government understands have set up pavilions as a part of the Aero
the challenges industry India show. Several U.S. military aircraft
faces with the pace of will be participating in static and flying
contract negotiations and displays.

Embraer showcasing its full portfolio

standard for business aircraft.
To support the operations of the growing
number Embraer executive jet customers
and operators in the country, Embraer

E mbraer promoting its full portfolio of

Commercial Aviation, Executive Aviation
and Defense and Security products and
Phenom 10, the long-range Legacy 650 and
the ultra-large Lineage 1000.
Embraer has a strong presence in the
Executive Jets has named Indamer Pvt
Ltd. And Air Works Engineering Pvt Ltd as
authorised service providers in the country
services in the show. Indian market and counts the national for all operators of Embraer Executive Jets
The portfolio includes the leading family of government, private organisations and aircraft.
commercial jets up to 120 seats in the global individuals as customers and operators. The Five of Embraers Legacy jets are also
market (E170, E175, E190 and E195), the country is home to more than a third of the used by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Border
most modern and complete product line of companys executive jets in the region with at Security Force (BSF) for the transportation
business jets, from the entry level Phenom 100 least one type each of the Phenom, Legacy of VIPS and foreign dignitaries. In addition,
to the ultra-range Lineage 1000, and a broad and Lineage jets in service today. Embraer Defense and Security has
range of integrated solutions for defence and Embraer Executive Jets is the only collaborated with Indias Defense Research &
security that combine a high technological business jet manufacturer to produce a full Development Organisation (DRDO) to create
level and operational efficiency at competitive range of aircraft solutions and its aircraft three bespoke EMB145 jet platforms for use as
acquisition and operating costs. have received more than a dozen international Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)
Three of the Embraer Executive Jet design and innovation awards from top luxury aircraft, two of which were delivered last
aircraft are on static display: the entry-level and aviation publication for setting a new year.

28 07-february-2013 Day two

India is our major

foreign partner
- Mr. Oleg Demchenko, President, IRKUT Corp
as it was stipulated in the contract for requirements of our different customers
the year 2012. The deliveries are being from aviation business, like charters,
Oleg Demchenko President, IRKUT Corp.
executed under the contract on supply of low-costers and premium class companies.
55 a/c, which was signed up at the end of It should be noted that at India
IRKUT Corp is well-known in India 2011. Yak-130 has become the first combat Aviation2012 in Hyderabad this March,
mainly due to the successful Su-30MKI trainer in the world, which is all set for a IRKUT Corp. presented the MC-21s
Program. What is the present stage of this full-scale training of pilots of fighters of full-scale mock-up for Indian aviation
Program? 4++ and 5 generations. Precisely for companies and we had got a great deal of
Since long India has been and will be our this reason, the Russian AF has started interests here
major foreign partner. I am rather confident its acquisition, because the RAF launched
in this regard. Our collaboration has got a replacing of its fighters arm in mass. At which stage, is the Project at the
complex character. We do place a great deal of importance moment, and when do you plan to enter
IRKUT Corp. in a team-up with to the Yak-130 Project in expansion of our the market?
Rosoboronexport State Corp. has been exports geography and nowadays we are Right now we are finalizing the development
supplying Su-30MKI fighters to the IAF in talks on the trainers supplies with a of design documentation of our leader
since long now. United Aircraft Corporation number of countries. In order to widen model, which is 180-seated MC-21-300
and IRKUT, as its integral part, promote a our markets, we work on increasing of airliner and have just started an assembling
number of joint projects with Indian defence the trainers combat performances. It will of the a/cs first components on the Irkutsk
industries, who have been progressing get the round-the-clock opto-electronic Aviation Plants facilities.
recently in a big way. system and, a bit later, an on-board radar. By now we have managed to form up
As far as the Su-30MKI Program is the order book, which is quite sufficient
concerned, undoubtedly it will keep its Nowadays IRKUT promotes its MC-21 air for this stage of the Program. It contains
further development. Just on the eve of liner rather actively. Could you, kindly, over 250 orders, out of which 185 are the
2013, during the official visit to India of Mr. give us more details on the project? firm ones plus options to them. To be
Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, I would not say that we are on an active noted, the MC-21s first operators will be
was signed up a contract on supply to India stage of its promotion. We do place our companies of Aeroflot Group, the Russian
of 42 Su-30MKI in knockdown kits for their main emphasis on the MC-21 Projects national carrier. The MC-21s maiden flight
assembling on the HALs facilities. On its development and at the same time we do is scheduled for 2015, while its entering into
part, IRKUT Corp. has already started its prepare ourselves for its series production. service in 2017.
implementation. The MC-21 family a/c are short-range and
Rosoboronexport, IRKUT and Sukhoi middle-range airliners of a new generation, Who are major participants of the Program?
Corp. keep to discuss with our Indian which, as predicted by aviation experts, Even at the initial stage we decided to invite
partners a theme of further up-gradation will surpass in the efficiencys criteria all to the Project some leading Russian and
of Su-30MKI a/c, what will make the existing narrow-body a/c and their new foreign companies. Among our numerous
fighters outstanding performances even modifications partners, Id like to mention first of all
better. As it is being practiced nowadays in In comparison with existing air-liners, Pratt&Whitney Corp., the air engines
manufacturing, all works will be made in which dominate on the present day market, manufacturer, who will be supplying its
close collaboration with the leading Indian MC-21 a/c provide more than 20% reduction PW1400G air engine and Zodiac Comp.,
defence industries. In the team-up with in fuel consumption. the French producer of a/c systems and
HAL. Corp. we do prepare ourselves for Our experts believe that passengers will interiors.
overhauling of the IAFs Su-30MKIs, which become more and more comforts-prone Id like to outline that IRKUT is all ready
were shipped to India in the first batches. in coming days. For this reason, comforts to collaborate within the MC-21 Program
It should be noted, that for IRKUT the inside the MC-21 narrow-body air-liner with Indian manufacturers as well, keeping
Su-30 Program is not totally Indias specific. will be similar to wide-body ones. Inside in mind our joint expertise in development
In 2012 we delivered to the Russian AF first the Project we envisage a great level of such complex and successful military
two Su-30SM fighters out of 60, ordered by the components flexibility in order to meet Program like Su-30MKI.
the Russian Air Force.

It was in news that IRKUT started

deliveries of Yak-130 trainers to the
Russian AF. What are the main features of
this aircraft?
Yak-130, the state-of-the-art combat
trainer had been exported by IRKUT Corp.
since 2011. In December 2012 IRKUT Corp.
shipped to the Russian AF fifteen Yak-130s

30 07-february-2013 Day two

Rosoboronexport for strong positive impetus to

the relations in the military-technical sphere

t Aero India 2013, a Rosoboronexport industry, including training aids and the region, particularly with India. With
delegation presented the latest airborne weapons. its vast experience in this sphere, Russia
export models of Russian aviation Russian planes and helicopters have will showcase a wide range of reliable
and air defence equipment and discuss proven to be worthy in the Asia-Pacific systems capable of providing assured
the promising areas in military-technical region. The fact that Indias Republic Day protection for military installations,
cooperation between Russia and India and Parade 2012 started with a flyover by administrative and political centers,
other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. the newest Mi-17V-5 military transport and infrastructure components in India
Aero India will give a new impetus helicopters, which were given the honour the Antey-2500 ADMS, Tor-M2E and
to strong positive military-technical of carrying the National Flag and the Buk-M2E SAM systems, as well as the
cooperation between Russia and India and Army, Navy and Air Force flags, was a Pantsir-S1 SPAAAGM system and Igla-S
other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. clear evidence of Indias strong confidence MANPADS.`
Here, Rosoboronexport will present the in Russian aviation equipment. Rosoboronexport Deputy Director
Yak-130 combat trainer, Il-78MK-90 Building an anti-aircraft and missile General Viktor Komardin heading the joint
tanker, the newest Il-76MD-90A military defence system, without which it is Rostec and Rosoboronexport delegation
transport aircraft, Be-200 multipurpose impossible to talk about the reliable noted that in cooperation with India
amphibian, Mi-35M, Mi-26T2, Ka-31 and security of any state, is very promising Rosoboronexport came over, de facto,
Ka-226T helicopters, as well as many for the development of a military- from traditional sales pattern to joint
other new samples of the Russian aircraft technical dialogue with the countries in development of the latest equipment.


he Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the - into feasible applications in the real world, not only generating
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have signed a knowledge and know-how but also providing critical manpower
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to establish the Air needed for research in ATM. It will help our efforts to build up
Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI), Singapores and nurture intellectual and human capital for ATM R&D in
first institute dedicated to research and development (R&D) in Singapore and beyond. With a vibrant ATM R&D community in
air traffic management (ATM). Over the next five years, CAAS Singapore, we will be able to retain a strong research talent pool
will provide S$50 million to fund ATM R&D activities undertaken in the long run.
by the ATMRI, as well as ATM experts for the research projects, The CAAS-NTU collaboration will see synergy in CAAS domain
while NTU will provide in-kind contributions of S$22 million, knowledge in ATM, and NTUs research capabilities and talent. The
including research manpower and facilities. The ATMRI is a key ATMRI will undertake research projects that seek to create air
element of CAAS larger effort to build Singapore as a Centre of traffic capacity and enhance efficiency of flight operations, starting
Excellence for ATM. Through the conduct of high quality ATM with the areas of:
R&D of world class standard, the ATMRI will develop innovative Air-Ground Traffic Management: Improve runway throughput
solutions to catalyse ATM. through more efficient management of air traffic and airspace
The S$50 million is drawn from the S$200 million Centre of around the airport.
Excellence for ATM Programme Fund that was Established in Weather Forecast and Information Management: Enable
September 2012 to provide seed funding for the establishment of advance planning of air traffic flows by minimising weather-induced
research institutes and thinktanks and the conduct of R&D in ATM disruptions to flight operations.
in Singapore. Aircraft Separation Management: Optimise aircraft-to-aircraft
The ATMRI will also contribute to progress towards seamless separation to boost runway throughput by using better prediction
ATM in the region, in the face of robust air traffic growth, said Yap and modelling tools.
Ong Heng, Director-General, CAAS. Human Performance: Enhance human-machine interface
Professor Freddy Boey, Provost of NTU, said, NTU has to reduce human errors arising from increased automation, and
established globally recognised strengths in engineering and optimise workflow efficiency.
science and is well placed to lead in this area of ATM Research. The ATMRI will also collaborate with international entities with
Our School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), interests and expertise in ATM. This will facilitate knowledge and
which will be championing this initiative, is one of the largest expertise transfer to contribute to jump-starting ATM research
mechanical engineering schools in the world, with globally efforts in Singapore. Partnerships with such foreign entities will
recognised expertise in design, advanced manufacturing, also inject global perspectives to the work undertaken by the
robotics, aerodynamics, human factors engineering and Institute and ensure that the concepts and solutions developed
operational research. Professor Boey continued, Through here are aligned and harmonised with international developments.
the new Institute, NTU will be able to translate more of our The ATMRI will have an office and laboratory of over 1,000 square
fundamental research - what we call yet-to-be applied research metres of space at NTU.

32 07-february-2013 Day two

Yakutia Airlines First to Operate
Bombardier Q400 Aircraft in Russia
regional airline service to one of the largest
territories in the world, said Mr. Arcamone.
The powerful, yet fuel-efficient Q400
turboprop was selected for Yakutias
operations because of its high speed, which
will allow us to cover long sectors; its
ability to operate on unpaved runways; and
importantly its capability in the difficult
conditions that northeast Russia presents,
including high winds and extreme cold in
the winter, noted Ivan Prostit, General
Director of Yakutia Airlines. We expect

akutia Airlines, a domestic passenger to be awarded type approval for operation that the combination of passenger comfort
carrier based in the northeast region in Russia and the Commonwealth of and low operating cost offered by the
of Russia, will fly three Q400 aircraft, Independent States (CIS). Q400 aircraft will allow us to optimise our
with the first one having arrived recently at This marks a wonderful achievement regional operations.
Yakutsk Airport. and milestone for the Q400 aircraft Powered by two new-generation, 5,071-
Yakutia Airlines new status as a programme. Were proud to welcome shaft horsepower (shp) PW150A engines,
Q400 aircraft operator follows the type yet another new operator to the family - and capable of flying at a speed of up to
approval that was awarded in June 2012 Yakutia Airlines as the first Russian-based 360 knots (667 km/h), the Q400 aircraft can
by the Interstate Aviation Committee operator, said Mike Arcamone, President, quickly climb to turbulence-free altitudes,
(IAC) - commonly known by its Russian Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. The and can also provide fast access to the
acronym, MAK. The Q400 aircraft is the Q400 aircraft is tailor-made for Yakutia remote airports of the Siberian region of
largest Western-built turboprop aircraft Airlines diverse route network that provides the Russian Federation.
Indian PSU, CONTROP recently launched

an extended I-Level Intermediate

Maintenance Level (IML) Laboratory to
ensure local maintenance and optimal
operation of CONTROP equipment in India.
This new FOX-1400 TI Camera has a
1400mm lens with x35 Continuous Optical
Zoom lens. This provides exceptionally long
range target acquisition and observation,
with unmatched superiority in the world of
night vision! The new FOX 1400 has already
been supplied as part of the SPIDER LR
system to several modern customers as
part of a long range observation system for
coastal protection and surveillance.
The FOX family of thermal imaging
cameras includes FOX 250, FOX 450,
FOX-600, FOX 720 and FOX-1400 - all
including the Continuous Optical Zoom
Lens which has a tremendous advantage
over the traditional thermal imagers with
incremental zoom capabilities. The FOX
continuous zoom feature provides a smooth

CONTROPs FOX Family of Unique transition between the various fields of view
and ensures eye contact with the target

Thermal Imaging Cameras

through the entire zoom magnifications as
well as during video tracking. The improved
Image Processing algorithms, including
a unique Local Automatic Gain Control

ONTROP has launched the FOX (Automatic Gain Control) and advanced (LAGC), enables a high quality image even
1200mm and the FOX 1400mm image processing. when there is a hot spot in the picture
Thermal Imaging (TI) Cameras for In addition, CONTROP provides (an explosion, fire, etc). Furthermore,
very long operational ranges. These new Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras with the FOX cameras can be integrated with
products join the FOX Family of Cooled unique Continuous Optical Zoom Lens and other systems through their standard
Thermal Imaging Cameras ranging in miniaturiSation. In this range, CONTROP communication protocol. The FOX Thermal
size from 250mm focal length through offers Fixed Field of View (FOV), Dual FOV Imaging Camera is available with or without
1400mm focal length all of which are and/or Continuous Optical Zoom FOV, with an enclosure, so that the camera can be
well known worldwide due to their unique a variety of focal lengths such as 60mm, used for higher assembly level systems, by
Continuous Optical Zoom Lens as well as 120mm and 180mm. installation in the Customers payload or
other unique features such as Local AGC Through an agreement with a major operated as a stand-alone system.


applications in Aerospace
I ndia based Genser Aerospace and France
based MAINtag signed an Agreement
to work together in the field of RFID
focused in aerospace centric RFID;Genser
brings its insight onIndia Centric global
aerospace activities and its strengths
in the areas of Engineering Services,
Manufacturing Services and In-Service-
Support Services. We are convinced,
applications in aerospace. together, that we can offer
The aim of the cooperation is to create useful, cost-effective and quality
awareness of the extensive and beneficial packages of services to both
applications of RFID in aviation/aerospace; airlines and manufacturers.
together meet market demands with Christophe DISSAUX,
standard Flyable RFID products of MAINtag Executive Vice President Sales &
and customised application development Marketing,who signed the MoU
and integration services of Genser; Identify on behalf of MAINtag, said that
and develop new applications together after the selection of MAINtag
for global requirements ; work-share and RFID solutions by more than 45
resource-share for optimisation of project OEMs and A/C manufacturers
specific costs and risks and support and their company presence
selective manufacturing of RFID products in EMEA and the Americas, he
in India for cost competitiveness. sees a footprint in India under
Arunakar Mishra, CEO of Genser a comprehensive MoU with
Aerospace said, We are delighted to be Genser, a key milestone for
partnering with MAINtag, a company growth for MAINtag.

34 07-february-2013 Day two

At Saab, we see an India with limitless potential.
Our presence will support India in the creation of
a powerful, self-sufficient defence industry.


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CAEs Dynamic Synthetic Environment helps

answer question where did that bridge go?

efence customers with an appetite for that can be added on to the existing but didnt leave behind a useful or lasting
state-of-the-art training solutions capabilities of Common Database (CDB) impact on operations within the scenario,
are faced with much smaller users. explained Graham. The Dynamic Synthetic
budgets as a result of fiscal austerity and We recognised quite early in the Environment now allows run-time
the changing face of military operations, development process that it was pretty changes in the database, which are then
which require them to do more with less simple to make event-dependent changes independently written back to storage.
wherever possible. The inevitable result of to terrain features in the database on a Effectively, this means that commanders
this is an increasing demand on the supplier network server, but not quite so simple to and troops involved in a simulation now
community to provide better, more results- make those changes effective in real time have an additional level of complexity to
oriented and above all more cost-effective without advance preparation and without deal with one that increases the fog
solutions for training soldiers, airmen and human intervention, says David Graham, of war effects and adds realism to the
sailors for the type of operations they are CAEs Director of Technology Application. decision-making processes that are a
likely to face in the future. Changes in terrain that result from major component of the readiness and
The problem is exacerbated by the fact events within the simulated scenario have preparation objectives.
that simulation is now such a crucial and always been difficult for providers to cater Is this truly a useful capability? Is it one
integral part of many training solutions. In for in real time. CAEs solution makes it that customers will be prepared to pay
some markets, up to 50% of training now possible for scenario designers to provide for? Although it is early days yet, Graham
takes place in simulated or synthetic trainees with a truly dynamic environment, believes the answer is a resounding yes.
environments. Though India is not to in which those effects become apparent This is the kind of technology required
this level in the use of simulation, Indias and, more importantly, exercise a to truly make a virtual environment that
defence forces are planning to increase subsequent effect on the unfolding of the realistically simulates the real world, says
synthetic training. One of the methods scenario as they actually happen. An air Graham.
of providing the type of broad spectrum strike on a bridge, for example, may deprive In order to deliver capability, however,
enhancement increasingly required, as far the commander of the exfiltrate stage of DSE needs to be not only dynamic
as simulation is concerned, is to provide the river crossing on which his plan had providing real time changes to the database;
a more realistic environment for training depended, likely requiring a rapid shift to but also persistent ensuring the impact
to take place in a virtual environment in alternative tactical transport. of changes in the environment continue
which the willing suspension of disbelief The development of a dynamic synthetic through the period of the simulation and
is no longer necessary for trainees to environment has been primarily in beyond; based on open data model and
gain maximum benefit from an advanced response to an unmet requirement, format standards rather than proprietary
simulation. says Graham. It started life as simply solutions; and, perhaps most importantly,
CAE has leveraged its experience in dynamic terrain but we believe DSE is a scalable so that it is able to cater for large,
modelling and simulation, and in domains better and more appropriate description, federated networks.
other than that of flight training, for which it given the broad approach to the synthetic Graham believes DSE does just this. If
has a justifiable global reputation, to address environment it involves. dynamic is all you need, simply buy a video
this requirement in the development of what Graham believes that DSE does this game. But if you need dynamics coupled
it calls a Dynamic Synthetic Environment, in a wholly new manner or at least in a with persistence, openness and scalability
or DSE. What that translates to, in effect, is manner that allows a wholly new approach for joint and multi-national training and
enhanced realism, a higher fidelity virtual to integrated training, mission rehearsal mission rehearsal, then DSE is a leading
environment and more effective training, and decision support. technology in the field right now.
mission rehearsal and decision-making. Weapons effects, falling trees, CAE is demonstrating its Dynamic
The CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment ruined buildings all of these were done Synthetic Environment at it booth (Hall C,
is a suite of tools and simulation software previously as special effects in the visual, 1-6) during Aero India 2013.

Sagem creates Indian subsidiary,

Sagem Services India Private Ltd
S agem (Safran) has created Sagem
Services India Private Ltd., a
wholly-owned subsidiary that will be
The creation of Sagem Services India
marks a major step forward in Sagems
development in this country. Working
major Indian civil and military aircraft
programmes, Sagem works closely with
Indian industry to supply avionics and
headquartered in New Delhi. closely with its customers, Sagem will be navigation systems for both new aircraft
Primarily focused on maintenance, able to enhance its role in the development and modernisation programmes.
Sagem Services India will provide of Indias aerospace industry, and form Sagems new subsidiary will draw
customer support for all Sagem avionics, new partnerships in all of its business on the resources of its parent company,
optronics and inertial navigation systems sectors. Safran, which already has some 2,100
and equipment in service in India. Already a contributor to several employees in India.

36 07-february-2013 Day two

BAE Systems developing Next Generation

Agreement: Airbus Training Capabilities for the Indian Hawk
and ENAC join forces
AE Systems announced the extension It will provide enhanced fast jet training on

irbus and ENAC (National of the Teaming Agreement with Elbit to the Hawk Mark 132 allowing additional skills
School for Civil Aviation) develop next generation Indian Hawk to be taught to pilots smoothing the transition
signed a partnership airborne simulation capabilities. to front line fast jet Squadrons. The Hawk Mark
agreement to strengthen, develop They will jointly develop leading edge 132 VTS will revolutionise the IAF pilot training
and secure their long-term airborne simulation technologies as a response system and make India a world leader in fast jet
relationship. This agreement to the Indian Air Force (IAF) Virtual Training training.
covers various areas of System (VTS) requirement. The requirement Michael Christie, BAE Systems Senior Vice
cooperation, and particularly with was first outlined in a Request For Information President for India said, India is an incredibly
regards to teaching and academic issued in 2009 and the companies have now important market to us and one we are
life. It will also ensure that both extended the teaming agreement in readiness committed to for the long term. Its an exciting
parties agree on the training for a formal request from the IAF. This combined time for Hawk in India with the aircraft continuing
content to ensure it matches effort will build upon both companies extensive to be successfully built and delivered by HAL.
the strategic skills sought by the experience in the airborne simulation field and Extending the agreement with Elbit paves the
aeronautical sector. In addition it incorporate synthetic radar, electronic warfare, way for BAE Systems to introduce enhanced
will look at the dissemination of countermeasures and weapons into the Hawk capabilities to the Hawk Mark 132 aircraft and
privileged internship offers, regular Mark 132 mission system architecture. make training for the Indian pilots even better.
participation in conferences, not to
mention support and development
of alternating work/study schemes
for aeronautical engineers.
Furthermore, all ENAC
students will have the possibility of
Villa Air introduces the ATR 72-600 in the Maldives
discovering Airbus at every stage and address the sustained growth of the Maldivian
of their training through site visits travel market.
or by taking part in professional Qasim Ibrahim, Chairman of the Villa Group,
forums or school-enterprise days. underlined the importance of offering new
Lastly, the agreement includes standard of comfort to passengers as well as the
information and awareness- outstanding inter-island capabilities of the new
raising initiatives concerning ATR 72-600. We are delighted to upgrade our fleet
diversity and disabilities, to with the most modern 70-seat regional aircraft
encourage and promote social renowned for its environment friendliness. We
and cultural diversity and inspire want to associate our growth to the preservation
in particular young women to take of the environment in the Maldives.
up a career in the aeronautical Todd Freeman, SVP and Manager, Regional

industry sector. It is essential that aldivian carrier Villa Air, commercially Aircraft, of GECAS, stated, We are now introducing
we should attract, develop and known as FlyMe, is about to become the ATR 72-600 aircraft in our lease portfolio
promote the best talents if we are the very first operator of an ATR -600 and we are pleased by the strong attractiveness
to support our technological and series aircraft in the archipelago. The airline will of this aircraft among regional airlines all over
commercial development, stay at start operating an ATR 72-600 which has been the world. With its low operating costs and its
the cutting edge of innovation and delivered to the US-based lessor GECAS (GE modern passenger comfort standards, the ATR
maintain our level of excellence. Capital Aviation Services Limited), the commercial 72-600 is becoming increasingly popular. Our ATR
This partnership will make it aircraft leasing and financing company of GE, who 72-600 commitments will allow us to offer even
possible to strengthen further is leasing the aircraft to Villa Air. The aircraft, after more comprehensive product offerings to our
the close ties that already exist arriving in the Maldives, will perform its inaugural customers and help them to succeed in the years
between Airbus and ENAC, flight between Mal and Maamigili, the main hub to come.
declared Marc Jouenne, Head of Villa Air in early February. Filippo Bagnato, Chief Executive Officer of ATR,
of HR, Airbus in France. This This new generation ATR 72-600 will allow Villa declared, We are pleased that the advantages of
agreement is the outcome of the Air to expand the airlines fleet and boost service to the -600 aircraft, starting from the outstanding
far-reaching relations that have cities destinations it already flies to: from Maldives comfort standards, are now available for
existed for many years between capital Mal to airports in Maamigili, Gan and passengers in the Maldives. He added: The Villa
ENAC and Airbus. It will allow Dharavandhoo. Villa Air already operates a fleet Group of companies has a strong commitment to
us to coordinate our common of 2 ATR 42-500s aircraft deployed on domestic the environment and this is exemplified by their
actions better on the international routes in the islands. The ATR 72-600 is equipped choice of the most Green aircraft available
level, improve the effectiveness of with a new full-glass cockpit and is configured in today. Its an exciting new chapter for ATR today,
ENACs development initiatives a highly comfortable 66-seat layout. The modern which underscores the strong confidence that
regarding Airbus activities and Armonia cabin features extra legroom, new seat Villa Air has in ATR, and underlines the Maldivian
take the societal aspects better trim and shapes and wider overhead luggage markets growth potential. Finally, GECAS has
into account, added Marc Houalla, compartments. In addition to the performance an outstanding track record of placing airplanes
ENACs Director and signatory of advantages and enhanced comfort, this aircraft with airline customers around the world. We are
this agreement. will bring additional capacity to meet the needs pleased they continue to expand their portfolio of
of Maldives rapidly strengthening travel demand ATR aircraft.

38 07-february-2013 Day two

UK Defence companies
seek partnership
opportunities during Show
The benefits of a strong partnership is the
key message from the United Kingdom as
the British Minister or Defence Equipment
Support and Technology leads a large UK
delegation to Aero India 2013.
In addition, close to 40 UK companies,
many involved in some of the most cutting
edge technology in the defence , aviation
and security sectors, are also visiting the
exhibition to showcase their capabilities
and are intent on forging long-lasting
industrial partnership and joint ventures
with Indian companies.
The UK Minister for Defence Equipment,

Boeing committed to Indias

support and Technology, Philip Dunne is
accompanied by Ian Felton, Deputy High
Commissioner in Bangalore, Richard
Paniguian Head of UK Trade & Investments

growing aerospace industry Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI

DSO), Air-Vice Marshal Nigel Maddox,
Senior Military Adviser UKTI DSO, and Alan
Malpas Regional Director for India, the

oeing today underscored the We continue to see strong growth in Middle East and Africa.
strength of its commitment to Indias commercial aviation market and Mr. Philip Dunne said, I am delighted
expand its partnerships in India to look forward to meeting that demand, to have the opportunity to make my
become the aerospace company of choice said Dinesh Keskar, senior vice president first Ministerial visit to India to lead a
in this important market. of Asia Pacific and India Sales, Boeing strong delegation to Aero India. This is
Company executives at the Aero Commercial Airplanes. Our complete a very important air show which gives
India 2013 trade show in Bengaluru family of airplanes will help Indian airlines UK and Indian companies a chance
further emphasised that local presence, provide reliable, comfortable passenger to explore opportunities for industrial
collaboration and integration are key to service and fuel-efficient operations. partnerships which can underpin our
Boeings success in India, and that the Boeing is on track to deliver three P-8I relationship going forward and be a
company is uniquely positioned to offer long-range maritime reconnaissance recipe for increased success. The theme
Indian customers the best in technology, and anti-submarine aircraft to the Indian for my visit is the India/UK Partnership;
capability and support. Navy in 2013 and the remaining five by a partnership between our technology-
We are investing in collaborations 2015. The Indian Air Force will receive five rich defence industries; a partnership
and partnerships with Indian industry C-17 Globemaster III airlifters in 2013 and between our modern and professional
and academia to jointly harness the five in 2014. air forces; and a partnership between
full potential of India and Boeing, said Boeing has proposed its AH-64 our world class defence scientists. We
Boeing India President Prat Kumar. This Apache to become the Indian Air Forces are keen to enhance and strengthen our
winning relationship will provide a fantastic next attack helicopter, and submitted its relationships in both the defence and
opportunity to build a strong future for H-47 Chinook for the heavy-lift helicopter security sectors.
Indias aerospace industry. India is also an competition. Ian Felton, added, British companies
important customer, and we are here to Boeing offers a broad portfolio of in the aerospace industry, large and small,
remain responsive to our commercial and products and services that could meet are continuing to develop their business
defense customers requirements. We are Indias future requirements, including across India and their representation
definitely here for the long term. vertical lift, support and training, at Aero India covers a wide spectrum of
The induction of Boeing P-8I and unmanned systems and network-centric capabilities and global experience. This is
C-17 aircraft and Harpoon missiles in operations. Boeing is also positioning not a one-way street and I hope we will see
Indias fleet will significantly enhance for growth in the aircraft services and even more business develop as a result of
the countrys maritime surveillance, support market. this important international event.
anti-submarine warfare and airlift In 2009, Boeing opened the Boeing Richard Paniguian, Head of UKTI DSO,
capabilities, said Dennis Swanson, Research & Technology Center in said, The UK has a significant range of
vice president, International Business Bengaluru the third such facility outside world class products across the air, land,
Development, Boeing Defense, Space & the US to advance aerospace innovation. maritime and security sectors and we are
Security. Boeing is focused on delivering A Boeing Analysis & Experimentation keen to identify opportunities in India in
its commitments to Indias Ministry of Centre in Bengaluru provides defense these sectors, whilst encouraging UK and
Defence, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force experimentation and decision support Indian companies to develop and sustain
and looks forward to a closer partnership services to the Indian armed forces. long term industrial partnerships.
in 2013 and beyond.

40 07-february-2013 Day two

A joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Balmer-Lawrie & Co. Ltd. and NYCO S.A. France
Fax : + 91-11-23357671,23731226, e-mail:, web:
Rafael displays complete Air

and Missile Defense Systems

mong its advanced Air defense Defense system providing a complete
systems, Rafael is displaying a solution ensuring tactical overmatch
Integrated Air and Missile Defense against a broad spectrum of air and missile
Systems, Precision Guidance Kits, Electro threats. The solution is based on a multi-
Optic and Communication Systems and layered concept that has been designed
Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided Missile to provide optimum protection against all
Systems. current and future airborne threats, says
A core requirement in an aerial campaign Ehud (Udi Cohen), Business Development &
is the ability to detect, recognise, identify Marketing Manager, Air & Missile Defense
and perform target navigation. Rafael has Systems.
developed Litening, an advanced electro- The layered concept consists of two
optical Pod, in use by more than 20 air forces separate double-tiered systems that cope
around the world, mounted on a variety of effectively with two different types of threats.
kinds of fighter aircraft. There are more These separate systems are modular, yet Spyder -MR for medium range threats.
than 1,300 such pods, says Shlomo Levy, provide maximum interoperability and The Spyder systems are designed to
RecceLite & Litening Marketing Manager. connectivity. protect against attack aircraft, combat
Targets can be struck with precision-guided As mentioned above, Rafael has helicopters, bombers, UAVs and UCAVs
weapons on a single pass, dramatically developed Iron Dome, the only system and stand-off weapons. They also provide
enchancing combat effectiveness while today capable of effectively intercepting excellent protection of valuable assets, as
reducing collateral damage. Rafael short range rockets. Developed in record- well as first-class defense for forces located
has also developed Reccelite, for day/ time of two and a half years, Iron Dome is in the combat area.
night reconnaissance real-time imagery already battle-proven and has intercepted One of Rafaels most recent
collection and data transfer via data link over 500 rockets that have been launched developments in the area of air defense is
communications for manned and unmanned at strategic sites and populated areas in MIC4AD - is an advanced, unified, integrated
aerial vehicles. Reccelite is combat-proven Southern Israel since April 2011, including C4I system that commands and controls the
and in operation worldwide. during operation Pillar of Defense in operation of both air and missile defense,
In the air-to-ground domain, Rafael November 2012, in which Iron Dome including air-superiority missions. MIC4AD
offers SPICE, a precise air-to-ground intercepted 421 rockets that were fired at provides a total solution for multi-system,
missile with a navigation kit and scene- southern and central Israel, with success multi-layer and multi-range air and missile
matching capabilities to overcome GPS rates of over 80%. defense, traditionally operated as separate
jamming, turning a standard bomb into The other double-tiered solution offered commands, says Meir Ben Shaya, C41
a smart, precise system. The SPICE, by Rafael is the Spyder family of air defense S.M.E. & Business Development Manager,
stand-off, autonomous, air-to-ground systems. The Spyder-SR is a slant-launched Air & Missile Defense Systems. Anything
weapon system hits and destroys targets SHORAD system and the Spyder-MR is a threat in the atmosphere is taken care of ,
with pinpoint accuracy and at high attack vertically launched medium range system. he adds.
volumes. Spice is in service with the Israeli RAD-SOS provides a comprehensive Highly automated, easy-to-use and with
Air Force and under contract with several air and missile defense solution. All advanced interactive displays, MIC4AD is
international customers. Spice comes in systems enable full interoperability as a true force-multiplier. Enabling unified
two variants Spice 1000 and Spice 2000 for well as integration capability with other command and fire control of multiple air and
1000 lbs and 2000 lbs warheads, says Igal components (missiles, C4I, radars and missile defense systems, MIC4AD delivers
Shirion, Business Development & Program more). multi-mission, multi-layer and multi-range
manager. The Spyder family includes two versions, C4I capabilities that ensure end-to-end air
Israel owes its security to Rafaels Air SPYDER-SR for short range threats and and missile protection.

Javelin demonstrates extended range capability in recent tests

he Raytheon and Lockheed Martin reliable, solid performance as a close- gunner in combat.
Javelin Joint Venture demonstrated combat weapon system well beyond the Most vehicle requirements are for a
the ability of the Javelin missile current maximum range requirement missile that can engage a target at 4,000-
to engage targets beyond its current of 2,500 meters, said Duane Gooden, plus meters, said Barry James, Javelin
maximum range requirements during a Javelin Joint Venture president and Joint Venture vice president and Javelin
series of tests at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. Raytheon Javelin programme director. programme director in Lockheed Martins
During the U.S. Army tests, the Javelin There were two direct hits on the threat Missiles and Fire Control business. The
system acquired and engaged targets up representative target at the extended results of these tests indicate the fire-
to 4,750 meters. range. Demonstrating Javelins extended and-forget Javelin missile can potentially
These tests prove that, under range performance will further enhance be used in both vehicle and dismounted
favourable conditions, Javelin can have survivability of the dismounted Javelin roles.

42 07-february-2013 Day two

Electromagnetic Design Frameworks
and Measurement Systems

Antenna Design Framework
ADF is a fully configurable system for design of antennas as
well as for evaluation of the interactions of the e.m. fields
generated by the antennas with the spacecraft.
It is a worldwide extensively used software especially for full
wave analysis of large and very large arrays with no limitations
of array size, in a fraction of time period as compared to other
contemporary software tools.

Measurement Systems
Obtain the same FAR FIELD measurement system results
through NEAR FIELD measurement with further advantages!
The Near Field Measurement System permits the generation
of 2D & 3D far field images from near field measurements of the
target under test and RCS measurement. The advantages w.r.t.
the classic far-field measurement include: suitable for both
indoor & outdoor installation; cost effective & transportable
solution w.r.t. outdoor application; sensitive & accurate com-
pared to traditional compact ranges; etc.

VIRtual Aircraft Design Framework
VIRAF is a system that assists the user through all the main steps of the electromagnetic design process
of new generation aerial platforms consisting of RCS and Infrared prediction tools.
VIRAF enhances the stealth capability of the Aircraft & Helicopter from the design stage itself. It provides
the superior survivability capability in a hostile environment. It strongly reduces the time taken to actually
bring the Aircraft to air from drawing board.

Electromagnetic Multi-code INtegrated Design
framework for aircrafts
E-MIND is a modular framework aimed to integrate antennas already designed on an aerial platform,
minimizing interference and supplying the necessary support to design-optimization in the highly complex
electromagnetic environment of aircrafts. EMIND is the only tool in the market providing an integrated
environment to perform system level performance evaluation, EMI assessment & its reduction, antenna
siting optimization and communication link quality verification.

All designs are validated by leading engineering organizations in the world

To learn more about these

INGEGNERIA DEI SISTEMI state of the art software or to
evaluate how these
IN COLLABORATION WITH can be of immense value
to your design applications,
please contact us

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Embraer Selects Honeywell

to Provide Avionics for
E-Jets 2nd Generation
mbraer S.A. has replaced by four 13x10 inch
selected Honeywell to large landscape displays
provide its Primus Epic with advanced graphics
2 integrated avionics system capabilities. Honeywells
for the second generation of Next Generation Flight
E-Jets, which are planned Management System
to enter service in 2018. The (NGFMS), already in
decision is another important development with current
milestone in the programme
that is expected to be
flight Eurocopter brings its mission-
ready military and civil
launched later this year. Last planning, navigation and
month, Embraer selected aircraft performance
Pratt & Whitney as the engine capabilities.
Honeywell has been a
valued partner of Embraer
Honeywells Primus Epic
2 is an incredibly innovative,
highly integrated and proven
helicopters To Aero India 2013
for many years, so it is with technology that makes flying cornerstone of the world.
great confidence that we safer and more efficient. Eurocopters static The AS565 MBe is a combat
extend our relationship for Our avionics systems are display is the AS565 and utility helicopter suitable
this important programme, found inside the worlds most MBe Panther naval helicopter, for both ship-borne and shore-
said Paulo Cesar Siva, successful aircraft, including equipped with its full based operations, and also
President & CEO of Embraer Embraers existing 170/190 armament complement. This serves as a highly capable
Commercial Aviation. We E-Jet family of aircraft, said proven rotorcraft is proposed search and rescue system for
believe that the evolution of John Bolton, President of for both the Indian Navys both day and night operations.
the Honeywell Primus Epic, Air Transport & Regional planned acquisition of utility Accompanying the helicopters
including large landscape Honeywell Aerospace. We helicopters and the Indian display at Aero India will be
displays, will provide flexibility look forward to continuing Coast Guards anticipated a comprehensive armament
for continuous innovation in our partnership, and purchase of ship-based light/ suite for use in sea and ground
the flight deck, while offering pursuing additional E-Jet medium helicopters. The AS565 warfare including an anti-
a mature system and a opportunities that our unique MB Panther is a militarised submarine warfare (ASW)
smooth transition for pilots breadth of products and member of Eurocopters torpedo, ASW depth charge,
between the current and services affords us. popular Dauphin family, and gun and rocket pods, and a
future generation of E-Jets. Honeywells Primus Epic has demonstrated its abilities in 0.5-in. sniper rifle.
The Honeywell Primus system has accumulated India as one of this helicopter For naval missions,
Epic 2 integrated avionics more than nine million flight types largest civilian operators the Panther comes with a
system on the second hours to date, on the E-Jets is the countrys Pawan Hans fully-certified 4-axis digital
generation of E-Jets will be alone. Because these avionics Helicopters, with a significant Automatic Flight Control
an evolution of the existing are software based, Embraer AS365 N3 Dauphin fleet. System (AFCS) incorporating
Primus Epic system on the will be able to easily and Eurocopter has made search and rescue modes,
current generation, which effectively integrate future major investments in building which enables search patterns
will assure a high degree of communication, navigation up its product portfolio, which to be flown automatically,
pilot commonality. The five and air traffic management positions us to offer products along with automatic
8x10 inch displays will be functionalities. that meet Indias mission transitions to/from hover
requirements in bolstering and automatic hover, as well
its defence capabilities, said as the ability to adjust the
Eurocopter President & CEO helicopters position from the
Lutz Bertling. At the last Aero hoist operators joystick.
India event, we showcased Available for customer
the AS550 C3 Fennec, which flights at Aero India 2013 is an
was presented as the ideal AS350 B3e from Davangere
replacement for Indias aging Sugar the enhanced version
Cheetah and Chetak fleet. of the single-engine AS350
This time, we are bringing the B3, with exceptional lifting
combat-proven AS565 MBe capability, extended range,
Panther with a complete set of fast cruise speed and great
armament, which is in service endurance in hot climates and
in many military forces around high altitudes.

44 07-february-2013 Day two

Aero Cluster Laboratories of DRDO to boost technology

he aero cluster airworthiness certification for
laboratories of DRDO military aircraft and airborne
(Defence Research and stores in India. Bangalore based
Development Organisation), CEMILAC has been involved in
most of which are located airworthiness certification for
in Bangalore, are active in more than five decades and has
executing projects of national presence all over the country
importance in the areas of through its 14 regional centres
design and development of for military airworthiness.
combat aircraft, gas turbine Defence Avionics Research
engine, airborne early warning Establishment (DARE) is
and control system, Unmanned premier DRDO aero cluster
Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), engaged in the design and
parachutes and arrester barrier development of airborne
systems, airborne radars electronic warfare (EW) and
and Electronic Warfare (EW) avionics systems which are vital
systems and airworthiness configuration, structural recovery system, brake to the modern day battlefield.
certification of military aircraft design including composites, parachutes and controlled air Many of the combat aircraft in
and airborne systems. Here is flight controls and avionics, delivery systems. ADRDE has service with the Indian defence
a thumb nail sketch of these propulsions and systems also developed aircraft arrester forces feature EW suites and
laboratories: integration, air-borne sensor barrier system, aerostat avionics systems developed
Aeronautical Development stabilisation, aerial image systems and emergency by DARE. DARE is currently
Agency (ADA): an autonomous exploration, flight testing and floatation system. involved in the design and
institute set up under the evaluation, fly by wire flight Centre for Airborne Systems development of EW suites for
Ministry of Defence to speed control systems, cockpit display, (CABS) is a premier DRDO MIG-27 upgrade, Light Combat
up the development of Indias air weapons integration, research centre charged Aircraft (LCA) Tejas and MiG-29
fourth generation fighter pilot training simulation to with the task of developing upgrade and missile approach
aircraft Light Combat Aircraft support aircraft design and airborne surveillance systems. warning systems for helicopters
(LCA) Tejas is now handling aeronautical research. The It has a well proven track and aircraft. Gas Turbine
multiple programmes like the successful products designed record in the development of Research Establishment (GTRE)
development of LCA MK1,LCA and developed by ADE are several technologies vis-- the Bangalore based DRDO
MKII and LCA naval variant. It Lakshya pilotless target aircraft vis air-borne active array outfit is actively involved in the
is also involved in the feasibility and Nishant surveillance antennas, rugged consoles for design and development of aero
studies on Advanced Medium UAV. After having successfully airborne applications, mission gas turbine engines for military
Combat Aircraft (AMCA) and accomplished the flight trials computer, identification friend applications and its derivatives,
Unmanned Strike Aircraft. of the technology demonstrator or foe systems (IFF), tactical besides carrying out advanced
Aeronautical Development Rustom-1, ADE is actively software inclusive of multi research in the area of aero
Establishment(ADE): The pursuing the design and sensor data fusion interception gas turbine subsystems. The
major thrust of the Bangalore development of the Medium control as well as mission current programmes of GTRE
based ADE is focussed on Altitude Long Endurance communication system. Right include the development of
the design and development (MALE) UAV, Rustom-II. now, CABS is actively engaged in Kaveri gas turbine engine for
of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Aerial Delivery Research and the programme for developing LCA Tejas, its marine version
(UAV),design and development Development Establishment Airborne Early Warning and called Sagar Shakti engine
of systems for fighter jets, (ADRDE), Agra is working Control System (AEW&C) on the and small gas turbine engine
flight simulation, air weapon in the areas of design and Brazilian Embraer aircraft. for UAVs. The Kaveri engine
integration as well as flight development of parachutes for Centre for Military achieved a major milestone last
research and development. The different end uses including Airworthiness and Certification year after its successful maiden
core competence of ADE are personnel, aircrew escape, (CEMILAC) is mandated with test in Russia.
system design, aerodynamic combat free fall, cargo delivery, the responsibility of providing Radhakrishna Rao

46 07-february-2013 Day two

Russian Helicopters showcase new models
ussian Helicopters, JSC (a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom, a
part of Rostec State Corporation), and a leading global designer
and manufacturer of helicopters, is exhibiting some of its latest
models at Aero India 2013, Bangalore.
They are showcasing the new light and medium multirole
helicopters, the Ka-226T and Mi-171A2. The light multirole Ka-226T,
which features a unique coaxial rotor, currently competing in a
major Indian Air Force tender for surveillance and reconnaissance
helicopters. In December 2012, Russian Helicopters signed an
agreement in New Delhi with Indias Elcom Systems to establish a
joint venture to assemble Russian helicopters including the Ka-226T
in India.
Another addition to the companys range is the upgraded
civil medium Mi-171A2, the latest version of the Mi-8/17 series.
The Mi-171A2 combines the best performance of its legendary
predecessors with leading-edge technologies. Almost 200 Mi-8/17s
operate in India, and demand for these helicopters remains strong.
Russian Helicopters recently signed another contract for Mi-17V-5
helicopters with the Indian Air Force; the contract is expected to be (L-R): Pavel Osin, Board of Director, Russian Helicopters; H.E. Mr Alexander
M. Kadakin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian
fulfilled in 2013. Federation to the Republic of India; Alexander Fomin, first deputy director of the
At Aero India 2013, Russian Helicopters and Rosoboronexport Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation; Victor Komardin, Deputy
Director of Rosoboronexport; Dmitry Petrov, CEO, Russian Helicopters
will also showcase the Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopter. This
combat helicopter has outstanding capabilities, being able to operate sq m (including outdoor space) nearly 57% more than the previous
day and night and in all weathers, and can fly search-and-destroy edition in 2009, according to the organisers.
operations against tanks, armoured and unarmoured vehicles, as well Aero India 2013, the ninth Aero India show, will play a significant
as enemy forces on the battlefield and low-speed air targets. role in the aerospace industry and is one of the key trade shows in
At Aero India 2011, 675 companies from 29 countries and 47 Asia. Russian Helicopters is a repeat visitor to Aero India, representing
overseas delegations participated in an exhibition space of 75,000 the Russian aerospace industry in Bangalore since 2009.
Indian Aerospace and Defense Industry-

Delivering Projects on Time and With Quality

that they include in those early phases, but
until now, theyve had no way to determine
exactly how they will execute their plan.
As a result, time and budget overruns
have been far from unusual occurrences.
By providing a means to fully understand
the elements of each proposal or offer,
along with a detailed roadmap of how
each element will be delivered, Dassault
Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE platform with
the Winning Program industry solution
experience enables companies to increase
their win ratio and deliver more innovative
offerings to market without the associated
Dr. Chandan Chowdhury With exponential improvements in
Managing Director, the level of engineering detail and shared
Dassault Systemes, India
knowledge available in the conceptual design
phase, Winning Program can significantly
improve adherence to programme costs and

he Indian Aerospace & Defense (A&D) of various trade offs (techno commercial schedules. It provides a platform to optimise
market has become an attractive aspects of various alternative solutions). concept studies with more alternatives and
place for all leading global A&D Driven by aggressive targets for better more tradeoff studies, resulting in more
players. Companies which can ensure product performance, lower costs and accurate and realistic decisions. Integrated
on-time delivery of high quality products shorter development time, companies programme and change management
will be able to leverage governments in the aerospace and defense industry processes manage requirement changes
offset policy and contribute to the growth are under increasing pressure to deliver to drive consistency and reduce costs.
of Indian A&D industrys global aspirations. proposals or offers with demanding initial Ultimately, the solution enables companies
Currently, our A&D industry faces the commitments. A winning programme is one to avoid risk by delivering a high fidelity
following challenges: that is meeting all defined requirements, proposal and the confidence they can
1. How do we conceive a winning performing on budget and on schedule, succeed. In addition, it enables companies
program in A&D? and identifying and effectively managing all to capture all of the intellectual property
2. How do we deliver a project on-time potential risks. Historically, this has been created throughout the proposal phase to
and within budget? a challenge for most companies because ensure that knowledge is not maintained
3. How technology ensures design they lacked tools that could enable them only by individuals, but is captured as part
for manufacturability and design for to efficiently capture and reuse intellectual of an integrated solution for reuse on future
maintainability? property across programmes, quickly programs.
4. How do we build a robust eco-system explore alternative designs to find the best Dr. Chandan Chowdhury
for delivery of high quality A&D projects? one, and simulate the impact of decisions
5. How do we significantly reduce cycle on the programme throughout its lifecycle.
time of A&D projects (concept to final roll Winning Program enables innovative
Tata Advanced Material,
6. How do we use operational
A&D companies to effectively perform
front end business activities defining
Strongfield Technologies sign MOU
intelligence and easy to implement experts new offers and/or win new business and Tata Advanced Materials and
systems to eliminate defects in defense comprehensively execute the requisite Strongfeild Technologies entered in
manufacturing facilities? system engineering choices and associated a MOU to jointly explore the potential
7. How do we reduce life cycle costs? trade studies. Companies who are bidding business co-operation areas in various
Successful Aerospace & Defense on new work can use Winning Program segments of the Pilotless Target Aircraft
companies win new business and maintain to manage their proposal and conceptual activities as well as other aerospace
customer satisfaction by executing on design processes. Those who are internally and defence activities. Strongfield
time, within budget and delivering the right proposing a new market offering, can use it Technologies Limited intends to involve
technical solution. For an Aerospace & to manage their conceptual design process Indias Defence Industry in relation
Defense player with global aspirations, at leading to Authority to Offer the new with the offset requirements of Indian
the time of introducing a new product to commercial item. Governmental acquisition programe,
the market or while bidding in response Studies have shown that the majority of namely Pilotless Target Aircraft. STL is
to a customer request for proposal (RFP), costs throughout a programmes lifecycle willing to develop a strong relationship
delivering a winning proposal requires are determined at the earliest stages of with TAML which will contribute to better
an integrated management of complex concept and preliminary design. Many answer its worldwide requirements.
system alternatives definition and analysis companies have innovative ideas and visions

48 07-february-2013 Day two

Prime Group on Expanding Spree

rime Group is a highly diversified Skymaster Aviation Adventures Pvt Ltd.,
group of companies operating on Prime Hi-tech Engineering Ltd., Prime
an international plane, providing Harness Systems Ltd., and Planet PCI
innovative technology solutions in five Infotech Ltd. (PPIL).
business verticals: Aerospace & Defence, Broadly speaking, Prime Groups
Engineering Products, Information association with this sector spans a vast
Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & range of activities. It has its own airport
Services, and Power & Energy. It was founded in central India in addition to the sale of
in 1986 by its Chairman and Managing aircraft, ground power units, Passengers
Director Padmashri Shri Surinder Mehta, stairs, Containers, Pallet Loaders etc. In
with the clear aim of infusing the best among the area of Defence, Prime Group is active
globally available technologies that can help with FLIR for a range of Infrared Thermal
accelerate the overall economic growth of the Imagers for Sea, Air and Land application;
Vivek Saxena
core sectors of India. Since Aerospace is an with EADS for their range of emergency
important thrust area for the Group, we spoke rescue systems for submarines. Through in Intelligence gathering, Reconnaissance,
to Mr. Vivek Saxena, Group President driving its own software arm, PPIL, the Prime Border management, Law enforcement,
the aerospace and defence activities of the Group is directly associated with the stealth Geocentric Data Acquisition, Infrastructure
Group. Excerpts: design consultancy for the Indian Navy monitoring, Environmental surveillance,
Ships & Air Force UCAV. The Prime Group Security management etc.
Prime Group has certainly created a niche also supplies landing gear and engines to All in all, while we have a very vast
for itself when it comes to Aerospace, the Indian UAV programs. national and international presence, it
with its flagship company PCI Limited is our steadfast focus to look beyond
playing a stellar role with great technical What do you think is the primary reason tomorrow when it comes to delivering ideal
collaborations. How do you think PCI is for the Groups success in todays technologies that are scalable enough to
making a difference? aerospace scenario? Is it its geographic meet the growing needs of customers,
Prime Group continues to try to make impact reach or is it innovation? which has always kept the various
on the Indian Aerospace scenario. With The reason for success is indeed companies of Prime Group ahead.
our collaboration with Diamond Aircraft attributable to many synergistic factors.
Industries of Austria, PCI Limited has But the chief thrust of all corporate What are the chief activities of Prime Group
already established a leadership position action at Prime Group can be summed insofar as these relate to Aerospace ?
when it comes to the flying training segment in its philosophy of Looking Beyond Prime Group has deep association with the
in India and the Asian sub-continent. Tomorrow. All strategic diversification and Aerospace industry. Apart from distribution
Diamond Aircraft have been tremendously growth comes from innovationbe it on a and service relating to the full range of
well-accepted in the Indian market because technological or an operational level. Our Diamond aircraft and simulator solutions,
of their high fuel-efficiency, fully composite association with Diamond Aircraft is a great the Group is also into the distribution and
construction, high-end avionics, engines example. Be it the introduction of the famed service of Austro Engines. The Groups
with unique options, user-friendliness, Austro Engines that bring about drastic interests in Airport Management includes
and sleek looks. With the complete range reductions in operational costs, or the managing the Airport at Rewa, Madhya
of high-technology single engine, twin way we extended this collaboration to also Pradesh. The Group is also setting up
engine, and Jet aircraft in addition to address various surveillance and mapping a flying school for ab-initio training at
advanced aerial surveillance and flight needs through the Multi Purpose Platform Rewa. Prime Group is also into MRO
simulator solutions, we most effectively specially designed to carry multi-functional (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) operations
address the entire spectrum of needs of aerial sensor equipment such as cameras that comprises of the MRO services for
Corporate Houses, Training Schools, Point- and infrared technologies. This extended Light Aircraft including Austro, Lycoming
to-Point Air Operators, Hobbyists, and collaboration with Diamond Airborne and Rotax in the first phase and PT6 &
Adventure Seekers in addition to piloted Sensing also allowed us to cater to further others to be included later. The Group
or unmanned flying solutions to address needs of newer and highly specialised has also signed-up for the maintenance
various surveillance and mapping needs of sectors. of Dornier 228 Aircraft. Another major
the various arms of the government. Two of More specifically about our collaboration area of the Groups participation in the
Indias leading training schools are using with Diamond Airborne SensingIt allows Aerospace sector includes Softwarethat
significant numbers of these aircraft and us to address various surveillance and it does through Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.
simulator solutions to improve the flying mapping needs through the MPP specially (PPIL) and in technical collaboration with
training standards. Well over 40 aircraft designed to carry multi-functional aerial IDS (Ingegneria Dei SistemiS.p.A) of Italy.
have already taken to the Indian skies. sensor equipment. Using cameras and This allows the Group to contribute to the
infrared technologies, the multi-feature Aerospace and Defence sectors immensely.
What is the entire scope of association MPP can also be used for 3D city mapping Through PPIL, the Group also has
and through which of its entities does by simply flying over the zone. Diamond made immense contributions to various
Prime Group address the Aerospace and Aircraft are capable of long all-weather defence applications as well that have a
defence scenario? operations without re-fuelling and their far-reaching impact on Indian aerospace
At Prime Group we address the Aerospace surprisingly low fuel consumption coupled and space programmes. Prime Groups
and Defence vertical through various with their unique capability to fly on Jet A1 business interests in Aerospace also see it
business entities, each with its clear vision fuel allows the MPP to cut the surveillance associated in the design and manufacture
and mission. These are PCI Limited through costs by nearly half. This makes the MPP of Customized cable assembly, Harnesses
its Aerospace and Aviation Divisions, an ideal work-horse for agencies involved and electrical Looms for use in aerospace,

50 07-february-2013 Day two

defence and medical applications. This is for an aircraft as per given requirements and electromagnetic signal propagation
through Prime Harness Systems Pvt. Ltd., and predict its electromagnetic behaviour analysis is capable of concurrently dealing
which is a joint venture between PCI Ltd., and the stealth capability of the aircraft with design and validation problems relating
and A.A.S Hivut Ltd. of Israel. during its design process by reducing its to all phases of air operations (en-route,
RCS and IR Signatures. Another interesting landing, missed approach, departure) and
Can you share some details on the offerings and highly valuable software offered by the various tasks involved in system choices
of your software arm? How do these benefit this collaboration is the Antenna Design and performance evaluation of navaids.
the aerospace and defence segment ? Framework (ADF) which provides all Apart from the aerospace area, IDS
Planet PCI Infotech Ltd., has a technical functions required to model antennas in actually also has significant contribution
collaboration with Ingegneria Dei free-space or when mounted on spacecraft. in the Naval domain and has made major
SistemiS.p.A (IDS) of Italy. This allows Another highly advanced solution is the contribution to the field of Naval Signature
Prime Group to contribute to the Aerospace Electromagnetic Multi-code Integrated Management in India. Through its
and Defence sectors significantly e.g. for Design (E-MIND). E-MIND is a modular leadership in the Electromagnetic domain,
automation of AIS and generation of the framework aimed to integrate antennas IDS has also created several innovative
Indian AIP of Aeronautical Information already designed on an aerial platform, products like Ground Probing Radars and
System (AIS) at Airports Authority of India minimising interference, and supplying through the wall radars.
among other areas. Take Virtual Aircraft the necessary support for the avionics
Framework (VIRAF) for instance. It is a environment. Air Navigation and Airport So, what is next?
simulation environment developed by IDS to System (AIRNAS) is yet another software We are setting up manufacturing facilities
enable platform designers (civil and military that is being much talked about these to cater to the aerospace opportunities. We
aircraft, helicopter, unmanned aerial days. This multi-disciplinary integrated are in talks with several global majors on
vehicle (UAV) etc., and avionic systems design framework based on CAD/DIS this and expect the facility to be on-stream
integrators to set out a conceptual model techniques, satellite orbital positioning by end of the year.

all the way
gustaWestland is displaying a host of products at the show
which include the AW101, 12 of which are now in the process
of delivery to the Indian Air Force for government transport
duties. Other helicopters that are featured include the AW109LUH
light twin-engine military helicopter, the AW139 12-15 passenger
medium-twin engine helicopter and the naval variant of the NH90
Geoff Hoon, Managing Director, International Business,
AgustaWestland said, India is an important and growing market Rajasthan and since then sales of its civil product range have
for AgustaWestland, so at Aero India we are promoting the most taken-off with orders being placed for nearly 50 aircraft including
modern and capable rotorcraft available today, confident that we additional AW109 Power, the GrandNew light twin-engine
can build on our past success and fulfill the future requirements helicopter, the AW119Ke and the AW139 medium twin-engine
of both the Indian armed forces and commercial customers.The helicopter. The company will also certify two all new twin-engine
company intends using Aero India to help pursue their strategy to commercial helicopters, the AW189 and AW169, in 2013 and 2014
expand and develop relationships with Indian companies. respectively, which along with the in service AW139 form the new
In the military category the company is displaying the naval AgustaWestland family of helicopters covering the 4.5 to 8 tonne
variant of the NH90 to the Indian Navy for its new anti-submarine weight range.
and anti-surface warfare helicopter requirement. The helicopter In 2010 AgustaWestland signed a Joint Venture agreement with
till date has firm orders for 529 units to equip and modernise 19 Tata Sons Ltd. for the final assembly, completion and delivery of
services in 14 countries including the Armed Forces of France, AW119 commercial helicopters for the worldwide market. This
Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Norway, company, Indian Rotorcraft Ltd., will produce the aircraft in
Sweden, Greece, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Hyderabad where an all new facility is currently under construction.
Belgium. Of those 529 firm orders over 100 are for the NFH naval The 8,000 sqm. facility is being built on a 10 acre site adjacent
variant for the navies of Italy, France, Norway and The Netherlands. to the Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and includes
The Indian Navys fleet of Sea King Mk42B helicopters, used for a main assembly building, flight hangar, office accommodation
anti-submarine and anti surface warfare, is to undergo a mid-life and outside helicopter landing pads. The facility will be capable
upgrade programme. AgustaWestland, as the original equipment of producing up to 30 helicopters per year and will be able to
manufacturer, is bidding for this contract. In 2005 AgustaWestland accommodate a variety of helicopter types, including the AW101.
sold its first AW109 Power helicopter to the Government of Final assembly of aircraft is scheduled to start in early 2014.

A global leader in high-fidelity

helicopter simulators and training
Visit us at Aero India 2013, Hall C, Booth 1-6
Raytheon Can Help India Achieve

its Modernisation Goals

A Strong Relationship delivering innovative and reliable
Raytheon is proud of its decades-long relationship with India. In solutions that protect lives and
the past, the company has provided Paveway laser guided bombs critical infrastructures against Bill Blair
and the Munitions Control Unit to Indias Jaguar fighters, and Fire current and evolving threats.
Finder radar systems to Indias Army. Integrated Fighter A leader in integrated fighter capabilities,
On the commercial side, Raytheon has been providing India Raytheon offers a host of sophisticated products and capabilities
with world leading air traffic management technology for several including AESA radars, weapons, displays, electronic warfare
decades and its next generation automation system, AutoTrac. It systems, and secure airborne processing that deliver superior
is in operation at Indias three busiest hubs, Mumbai, Delhi and performance in theater.
Chennai. AutoTrac technology is also being deployed as part of the C4I Raytheon designs, develops and delivers a comprehensive
Indian military airfield modernisation programme, MAFI. portfolio of integrated and networked command, control and
Indias satellite air navigation system, Gagan, developed communications products and systems that enable warfighters to
by Raytheon in partnership with ISRO (Indian Space Research communicate reliably and share actionable intelligence.
Organisation), is on schedule to go operational this year. The Net Centric Modernisation Raytheon is working together
GPS-aided, geosynchronous augmented navigation system will with India entities to apply leading networked technologies and
provide satellite based navigation for commercial aviation over capabilities for affordable defence, security, air transportation,
Indian airspace and adjoining areas in South and South East Asia. and civil infrastructure solutions that will provide for effective
Our portfolio is broad, and it fits nicely with Indias long-term modernication.
plans for updating its defence and commercial capabilities, said
Bill Blair, President, Raytheon Asia, Raytheon International Inc. Looking ahead
India is a key emerging market for us, and we believe our advanced Raytheon will continue its efforts to team with Indian companies
technology capabilities can be tailored to support Indias unique and find ways to provide the very best solutions for Indias evolving
needs over the coming years. needs. With a broad portfolio of products and a relentless
commitment to mission assurance, Raytheon is well positioned to
A Global Company help India achieve its goals.
Raytheon is a global company, successfully working with more We are a trusted and valued partner. For more than 25 years,
than 80 countries worldwide. An expert in managing offset Raytheon has collaborated with the government of India and been a
requirements, Raytheon truly understands how to succeed in trusted and valued partner and technology supplier in many areas.
the global marketplace. Raytheon also partners effectively with Raytheon has performed well and delivered successfully on all of
countries and companies around the globe. its commitments to India during this time.
We are committed to expanding our relationship with India.
A Broad Portfolio Raytheon has recently initiated several innovative programmes
Global ISR Raytheons extensive ISR domain knowledge and with India that will continue to expand and deepen our valued
systems integration expertise provide our global customers with the partnership in the future, and will enhance our collective positioning
appropriate sensors, platforms (manned or unmanned) and ground in the global marketplace.
elements that are fully integrated into a system that is matched Finally, we offer extensive training, education and mission
precisely with the unique requirements of each customers mission. support. Raytheon is committed to enhancing its partnership
Precision Raytheon partners with governments and militaries programs to help develop Indias industrial base and train its
around the world to provide precision weapons technologies and workforce in the latest technologies and systems. Raytheon offers
integration capabilities that enable warfighters to achieve their a comprehensive array of training solutions and mission support
missions in all environments. services to India, for every product and system it provides.
Integrated Air & Missile Defence Raytheon is a proven global Raytheon has been in India for decades. We are a trusted
integrator of air and missile defense technologies and systems, partner and we will be here for the long term, added Blair.

Hawker Beechcraft Names Ted Farid Vice President of Sales for India, Asia Pacific

awker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) announced the senior vice president for International Sales and New Business
appointment of Ted Farid as vice president of sales for the Development. Prior to HBC, he held leadership positions in
Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, which includes all of North and international sales and marketing at both Bombardier Learjet and
South Asia and India. In this role, Farid oversees sales activities Cessna Aircraft Company.
in a region that is essential to the companys future success, with Farids extensive worldwide sales experience, especially in
many of the countries in the APAC region featuring some of the the APAC/Indian marketplaces, makes him an excellent choice to
worlds fastest growing economies and infrastructures. Todd lead the companys efforts in this region. He received a bachelors
Hattaway, current director of sales for HBC in India, will report degree in engineering from Northrop Institute of Technology in
to Farid. Inglewood, Calif., and is a private pilot.
Farid, who was born in New Delhi, India, joined HBC in 1996. The former vice president of the APAC region, Dan Keady,
He has served in a variety of leadership roles with the company was recently appointed to serve as Senior Vice President of the
focusing on the Indian marketplace. Most recently, he served as companys Special Missions organization.

52 07-february-2013 Day two


Narita NRT Farnborough

HAL leads Indias aerospace charge

complex in Asia with 19 production India and Directorate General of Civil

divisions and ten R&D centres having a Aviation (DGCA), India respectively; The
turnover in excess of US$ three billion with IJT, a State II trainer aircraft indigenously
one stop solutions for all the design needs designed and developed is undergoing
of aircraft and helicopters in airframes, flight test for certification; The Hawk Mk.
airframe systems, avionics, mission and 132, an Advanced Jet Trainer with tandem
combat systems using advanced design dual seats meant to provide advanced flying
tools. and weapons training; DO-228 Aircraft, a
It has also diversified into manufacture twin turboprop, high wing aircraft with
and repair/overhaul of Industrial and Marine a retractable tricycle landing gear. The
Gas Turbine engines, and manufacture of cabin in commuter transport role can
structures for aerospace vehicles. accommodate 15/19 passengers.
Some of the aircraft under production HAL has developed expertise in aircraft
include SU-30 MKI, a multi-role aircraft; upgrades with successful programmes
Tejas a single engine, light weight, highly like MiG-27M, Jaguar, Sea Harrier, HS-748
agile, multi-role supersonic fighter; LCH (Avro) and Do-228. Integration of modern
a 5.5 ton class, powered by two Shakti systems like Multi-Mode Radar, Advanced
Dr. R. K. Tyagi engines that inherits many technical Avionic Systems, Secure Communication
features of the Advanced Light Helicopter; System, Radio Altimeter, IFF equipment,

AL is showcasing its strength in The LUH, a 3 Ton Class helicopter being Mission Computer, Modern EW suite, Radio
design, development and production
through its products during Aero
India 2013 including in-house designs such
as Light Combat Helicopter, Rudra the
weaponised Advance Light Helicopter and
Intermediate Jet Trainer.
ALH- Dhruv, LCH and Rudra (Mk 4
WSI) will be on flying display. Scale Models
of Light Utility Helicopter, Hawk, Light
Combat Aircraft and Su-30 are on display
at their stand.
In addition, Pilotless Target Aircraft
(Lakshya), Shakti engine, state-of-the-
art accessories and avionics from various
Divisions of HAL are being showcased.
The other specialities of the HAL pavilion
include 3D video mapping of HTT-40,
Dornier Glass cockpit, scale models of
aerospace structures of GSLV MkII, GSLV
Mk III and PSLV.
The Rotary Wing Corner will provide
the visitors through simulation and
visual display, a helicopter view of developed indigenously by HAL; Cheetal Altimeter, Global Positioning System, are
the technologies, the capabilities and , the re-engined version of the proven carried out to enhance the capabilities
competencies built in the Company. There Cheetah helicopter; Dhruv, Advanced of the aircraft, as per user requirement.
is also a holographic projection depicting Light Helicopter (ALH) built for military Upgrade of Jaguar Darin-III and Mirage
capabilities of LCA, Hawk, LCH and LUH. as well as civil applications for which the 2000 has been taken up.
Over the years Hindustan Aeronautics helicopter is certified by Centre for Military The company achieved a sales turnover
has grown into a premier aeronautical Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), of Rs 14,204 crores in 2011-12, registering
a growth of 8.3% over the previous year (Rs
13,116 crores). HAL has 11 joint ventures.
HALs exports have seen a steady
growth over time and in 2011-12 registered
an impressive growth of 47% compared to
the previous year.
HAL also has 11 joint ventures to build
on its technical capabilities.
Responding to Indias future
requirements, HAL has conceptualized
the indigenous development of a Basic
Turboprop Trainer (HTT-40). HAL will be
a partner in Multi-role Transport Aircraft
(MTA), Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
(FGFA) and Indian Multi Role Helicopter
(IMRH) required for our defence service.

54 07-february-2013 Day two

aircraft operating in the Indian Air and Navy Forces, the majority
of Indian military air fleet. We do not want to be satisfied with what
has already been achieved and I think that on the basis of current
collaboration we could cooperate successfully at the civil market as
well, said Mikhail Pogosyan, the UAC President.
India is Russias long-term partner in military aircraft building
and it remains one of the most promising markets for UAC
production in the medium term prospective. Today India is one of
the most fast growing world economies. Its domestic transport
market will show biggest annual growth within upcoming 20 years.
The implemented full-scale programme of transport infrastructure
improvement will allow to increase the air transportation growth
pace and stimulate population mobility and air transportation too.
UAC civil aircraft sales forecast might be about 100 up to 2030 (SSJ
100 and MC-21).
Sukhoi Holding is also involved in the development of fifth
generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) on the basis of PAK-FA T-50
project in which India also has a stake.
The first preliminary design phase of the fifth generation fighter
aircraft programme has been successfully completed and work on
Mikhail Pogosyan the multi-role transport aircraft (MTA) - both Indo-Russian joint
projects - is progressing on schedule.
UAC, a state-controlled corporation, was established in 2006 to
streamline the Russian aircraft making industry.
At present, the UAC in conjunction with the Indian industry
successfully works out new programmes for the development
of an advanced multifunctional jet (PMI- FGFA) and a versatile

UAC seeks to spread

transportation plane (MTC).
Russia will also ship two Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) passenger
jets to the Mexican airline Interjet in mid-2013, United Aircraft

wings in India
Corporation (UAC) President Mikhail Pogosyan also pointed out at
a press conference on the first day of Aero India 2013.
We have commissioned two Superjet International planes for
their adaptation for the Mexican airline Interjet. We will start their
shipment in the middle of the year, he said. Interjet has contracted

nited Aircraft Corporation is showcasing its military, 30 planes of this type. The UAC also plans to bring the number of
civil, transport and amphibia aircraft at AeroIndia2013 in SSJ100s shipped to Laos to three and ship the first three planes to
Bangalore. For the first time in India the model of advanced Indonesia in 2013, he said.
frontline aircraft system (PAK FA) designed and developed by Sukhoi The plane has good prospects for being supplied to India,
will be showcased. Models of the new transport aircraft Il-76MD- Australia and Africa. Pogosyan said. The matter primarily concerns
90A and civil UAC aircraft - SSJ 100 and MC-21 will be showcased regional carriers and low-cost airlines, he said.
as well. At UAC stand A3.1 in hall A
MiG-35, Su-30MK, Be-200 and Yak-130
will also be showcased. A unique MiG-29
real vision simulator able to imitate
almost all MiG-29K/KUB flight modes
will be another outstanding exhibit
item. The simulator reproduces air
picture and bottoming surface providing
an absolute illusion of the real flight.
Along with current Su-30MK licensed
production and MiG-29 modernisation to
MiG-29UPG programmes, UAC together
with Indian aviation industry developes
new FGFA (fifth generation fighter
aircraft) MTA (multipurpose transport
aircraft) projects. Both projects are
developed on parity basis and are good
illustrations of Russia and India strategic
The above mentioned projects
presuppose the unprecendented level
off cooperation between our countries.
Only few countries can offer such close
Russia has been in cooperation
with India for almost 50 years already.
Today there are about 500 Russian
Aero India 2013:

expanding footprints of drdo

uoyed up by a string of successes variant of LCA Tejas with the armaments be inducted into services before the middle
that it has been able to notch mock ups, Rustom-1 Unmanned Aerial of this decade. Saraswat also stated that
up - during the course of 2012 Vehicle (UAV), missiles on launch vehicles Nirbhay has been designed for a high
in a number of areas involving frontier and Akashdeep Aerostat. As many as 21 degree of accuracy in terms of impact and
research and cutting edge technologies DRDO labs would be participating in the stealth.
including missiles, aeronautics, combat event to showcase their technological About the Advanced Medium Combat
vehicles and armaments, the state-owned might. Aircraft (AMCA) - a follow up to Tejas -
Defence Research and Development Indeed, as pointed out by V.K. Saraswat, featuring fifth generation technologies,
Organisation(DRDO) has unveiled an chief of DRDO, the year 2012 is remarkable Saraswat said that this advanced fighter
ambitious plan for an impressive presence for the organisation as it witnessed many aircraft being taken up for development by
at Aero India 2013 being held between success stories including the flight trials the Bengaluru based ADA will have features
Feb.6th and 10th at Air Force Station, of Agni-V long range surface to surface, like stealth and super cruise capability.
Yelahanka, Bengaluru. The major thrust nuclear capable missile and Astra, the high Currently, AMCA project is in leading phase
of DRDOs presence at this ninth edition performance, supersonic air to air missile. under which identification of technologies
of international aerospace and defence Saraswat also stressed the point that the and the type of the configuration will be
expo will be centred round the projection technology being developed for Indian UAVs arrived at. As envisaged now, AMCA is
of aerospace related research and by DRDO has attained a high degree of planned to be a single seat, twin engine
development (R&D) advancements made maturity. multi role fighter. As is the case with Tejas,
by various labs under DRDO including the Addressing the DRDO press meet/ AMCA too will have a naval variant. Further,
Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) curtain raiser on Aero India 2013 and it is planned to equip AMCA with advanced
and coordinated efforts of various R&D Aero India International Seminar 2013 at missile systems, stand off weapons and
work centres of DRDO. Bengaluru on Jan.25, Saraswat announced precision weapons. The avionics suite of
The most conspicuous highlight of that the maiden flight of the much awaited this Indian fighter aircraft would include
DRDOs participation at Aero India 2013 subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay (fearless in AESA radar.
would be the tarmac display of the fighter Sanskrit) would take place in February this About the production phase of LCA Tejas,
variant of Indias home growth fourth year. The one tonne class, six metre long Saraswat said that the Indian aeronautical
generation supersonic combat aircraft Nirbhay with an inbuilt loitering capability major HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)
Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and is expected to supplement the capability of has already made the ground work to roll
flying display of Tejas which is now winging the Indo-Russian supersonic cruise missile out the first LCA Tejas by the middle of this
its way towards the Final Operational BrahMos, the naval and land attack versions year with a plan to deliver four Tejas aircraft
Clearance (FOC).it is also planned for the of which have already been ainducted into every year from then on. Significantly, a
flying display of the Advanced Early Warning services. Like Brahmos, Nirbhay would be section of the media had sometime back
and Control (AEW&C) System developed by versatile enough to be launched from a raised doubts about the soundness of HAL
the Bengaluru based Centre for Airborne variety of platforms. As envisaged now, the assembly lines to produce an advanced
Systems (CABS). On the other hand, the all weather Nirbhay incorporating a state fighter like Tejas.
static displays would include the trainer of the art control and guidance system will About Indias home grown Kaveri engine
taken up for development by the Bangalore
based Gas Turbine Research Establishment
(GTRE) in late 1980s,Saraswat stated that
this aircraft power plant has successfully
gone through a series of trials on-board the
Russian IL-76 aircraft and it will be taken to its
logical conclusion. Though initially conceived
of as a power plant to propel Tejas, due to its
inability - at the current stage of development
- to generate sufficient level of thrust, it
is now planned to use the engine to power
UAVs being developed by DRDO. Unmanned
air systems would see the integration of
Kaveri engine for different
is also planned to demonstrate the engine
on-board an Indian origin aircraft, observed
Saraswat. Meanwhile, DRDO is planning to
co-develop the Kaveri engine in association
with a foreign engine major. The idea is to
transform Kaveri into an engine that could
power even AMCA. In the context of the delay
in the realisation of Kaveri, MK-I version of
Tejas would be powered by GE-404 engine
From L.H side Sh. NM Kavaerppa, regional PRO, DRDO (South), Sh. R Swaminathan, Programme Director while MK-II version of the fighter would be
(MM) ADA, Sh. Ravi Kumar Gupta, Director (P.I), Dr. Tamilmani, CE CEMILAC, Dr. VK Saraswat, SA to RM, DG
DRDO, Sh. PS Subramanayam, Director ADA & Sh. PS Krishnan, Director ADE propelled by GE-414 engine.

56 07-february-2013 Day two

About the airborne warning and control each of them have their own role to play. association with Aeronautical Society of
system, Saraswat noted that two of the More importantly, Saraswat noted India (ASI) would be Aerospace Products
home grown AEW&C (Airborne Early that DRDO continues to make significant Challenges in Design to Deployment. For
warning and Control (AEW&C) mounted contribution to the self reliance in the area of according to the organisers, the success of
on the Brazilian Embraer aircraft will defence. Citing the findings of the Economic any aerospace design ultimately depends
be ready this year .As a follow up to this, Analysis Wing of the Government of India, on its capable translation to production.
DRDO has taken up a Rs.60,000-million Saraswat drove home the point that the Self About 875 delegates including 25 from
AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control) Reliance Index of DRDO has gone up to 55% abroad would participate in the seminar
system project meant to supplement the from the earlier 30%.However, he debunked being held in Bengaluru between Feb.4
capabilities of AEW&C and strengthen the idea of 100% home grown products. For and 6, 2013.The plenary session of the
the military surveillance along Indias Saraswat made it clear that in a globalised seminar would be inaugurated by Raksha
international borders. Capable of flying and networked world, no country can afford Mantri A.K.Antony on Feb.5 with Phil Boyle,
longer and higher than the AEW&C, the to produce everything going into a system. President of the Royal Aeronautical Society
Indian AWACS would give better coverage Outsourcing has become the mantra of the and G.M.Rao, President of ASI as guests
- 360 degrees compared to 270 degrees modern day production and DRDO has to of honour. According to Saraswat,The
by AEW&C. The AWACS system will be be alive to this trend. Otherwise, the final seminar is aimed at providing aerospace
able to penetrate into enemy territory for products would be prohibitively costly. professionals an environment to study,
longer distances, not physically but by way At the DRDO press meet cum curtain examine and share information on
of radars and electronic warfare systems, raiser, it was also announced that that the contemporary advances on the theme.
noted Saraswat. He also revealed that many theme of the Aero India 2013 International Radhakrishna Rao
countries deploy both the systems, since Seminar being organised by DRDO in

Indias Human Space Flight

Mission Takes a Back Seat
for the accomplishment of of Understanding (MOU) with
the mission. According to K. the Bangalore based DEBEL
Radhakrishnan, Chairman, (Defence Bio engineering and
ISRO, A human space flight is a Electro-medical Laboratory),
complex mission requiring a host functioning under the state
of things such a heavy rocket, owned Defence Research and
re-entry vehicle, space capsule, Development Organisation
space suit, environmental (DRDO), for the engineering
control, a life support system of space suit, the technology
and an escape system for the of which is zealously guarded
crew. As of now, we dont have a secret of a few space faring

firm launch date for programme to launch a human nations. The space suit
Indias much talked space flight mission over the will be designed to protect
about plan for a human next five years. He also made astronauts against extremes
space flight mission, which is it clear the cost of the project in temperature compounded
awaiting final clearance from would need to be reworked by intensive solar radiation in
the Government of India, is yet in the context of the changed space during the mission.
to be announced by the Indian schedule of the programme. Indian manned flight
Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, Chairman, ISRO
Space Research Organisation ISRO has hinted at deploying the envisages sending two member

(ISRO). Originally, it was planned man rated version of the three launch vehicle development crew into a near earth orbit for
to launch the Indian manned stage, heavy lift off GSLV-MKIII programme. about a week followed by their
mission during 2016. Though rocket for the mission. But then For the manned space flight safe return to earth. Since India
ISRO had done preliminary with ISRO yet to qualify the home programme, a third launch lacks expertise in designing
ground work to identify some grown cryogenic propulsion for pad will be set up at Satish and developing a manned space
of the critical technologies the basic GSLV-MKII vehicle, Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) capsule, Russian assistance
required for the realisation the operationalisation of GSLV- in Sriharikota island on Indias will be used for building a space
of this high profile mission, MKIII has become a challenging eastern coast. On another capsule under an agreement
many aspects of this project proposition. Indeed, the failure front, ISRO in tie up with the India has entered into with
continue to pose a problem in of two GSLV (Geosynchronous Institute of Aviation Medicine Russia. Russia will also assist
terms of infrastructure and Satellite Launch Vehicle) flights (IAM), a part of the Indian Air India in the area of astronaut
industrial resources. A sum during 2010 one equipped Force (IAF), has initiated the training. Way back in 1984, Sq.
of Rs.1500- million has already with the home grown cryogenic process for the setting up of Ldr Rakesh Sharma became
been sanctioned by Government engine stage and the other an astronaut training facility the first Indian cosmonaut after
of India for pre project studies propelled by Russian supplied near to Bangalore. In yet he flew on-board the Russian
aimed at zeroing in on specific cryogenic engine stage another major initiative, ISRO Soyuz spaceship.
technological elements vital proved a setback to Indias has signed a Memorandum Radhakrishna Rao

57 07-february-2013 Day two

Embraer signs MOU with Indamer for Beechcraft King Air

Legacy 500 maintenance support Series Continues

to Lead Turboprop
E Market in India
mbraer announced that it inked a Indamer is one of the initial 17 service
Memorandum of Understanding centers that the company plans to enter into
(MoU) with Indamer Pty Ltd to provide MoUs with for product support. The move is
maintenance support for the midsize Legacy part of the companys maturity strategy to

500 aircraft, ahead of the jets expected have all product support in place worldwide awker Beechcraft Corporation is
entry into service in 2014. The aircraft which before the Legacy 500 jet enters into service displaying the flagship of its best-
is currently in the flight test stage following in 2014. selling business aircraft family
the successful maiden flight of the first The MoU extends the maintenance the Beechcraft King Air 350i at Aero
prototype on 27th November, 2012. service providers mission in India, where it India 2013.
The MoU illustrates our commitment already offers line and base maintenance for The Beechcraft King Air series has
to our customers peace of mind by the entire portfolio of Embraers Executive long led the turboprop market segment
providing the best possible customer Jets in India today, including the entry- in India. According to JETNET industry
support infrastructure for current and level Phenom 100, super-midsize Legacy data, 82% of the new turboprop business
future operations of Embraer Executive 600, long-range Legacy 650 and ultra- aircraft delivered into India from 2002-
Jets aircraft in the country, said Andr Luis large Lineage 1000. Indamer is one of two 2011, were King Air products, while 83%
Vieira de Sousa, Director Customer Support authorised service providers for Embraer of the total fleet of registered business
and Services, Asia Pacific Embraer Executive Jets in the country; the other turboprops registered in the country are
Executive Jets. By looking ahead, we will is Air Works Pty Limited which provides King Air aircraft.
ensure the efficient operation of all our maintenance support for Phenom 100 jets The reliability, durability and
business aircraft operating in the region. in the market. versatility of King Air turboprops make
them ideal for operating in the diverse
environments of this region, said
Todd Hattaway, HBC director of sales,
India. In addition, we continue to see a
growing demand for our aircraft used in
special mission applications throughout
the country.
More than 20 King Air turboprops are
currently registered to state or federal
government organisations in India the
majority providing VIP transportation for
both interstate and cross country travel.
The worldwide fleet of more than
7,000 King Air turboprops has amassed
in excess of 45 million flight hours while
operating in 115 countries around the
world. King Air products serve a variety
of missions such as traditional transport
of personnel and high-value cargo,
electronic and imagery surveillance,
air ambulance, airways calibration,
photographic mapping, training and
weather modification.
The Beechcraft King Air 350i

Sagem creates Indian subsidiary

turboprop on display at Aero India
features next generation capabilities
and efficiency, providing a responsible,
sustainable alternative for business air

agem (Safran) announced on the first closely with its customers, Sagem will be travelers. Not only is the King Air 350i
day of the show that it has created able to enhance its role in the development its segments greenest aircraft, but it
a Sagem Services India Private of Indias aerospace industry, and form new can also take more passengers farther
Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary that will partnerships in all of its business sectors. on less fuel meaning consistent
be headquartered in New Delhi in India. Sagem already works closely with the savings for its operators. This, combined
Primarily focused on maintenance, the Indian civil and military aircraft programmes with state-of-the-art design and
company will provide customer support for to supply avionics and navigation systems performance enhancements, represents
all Sagem avionics, optronics and inertial for both new aircraft and modernisation new heights of power and durability,
navigation systems and equipment in programmes. Sagems new subsidiary will while its new interior means that it has
service in India. draw on the resources of its parent company, the most comfortable and capable cabin
The creation of the new subsidiary Safran, which already has approximately ever offered in its class.
marks a major step forward in Sagems 2,100 employees in India.
development in this country. Working

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List of Exhibitors

AARJAY INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt Ltd

Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd. ANKIT FASTENERS PVT. LTD.
Accubeat Ltd. ANTONOV
ACCUTROL Apollo Aerospace Components India Pvt. Ltd.,
Acuitas Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd
ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd ASB Aerospatiale Batteries
Adi-Emt Assystem
ADR Astra Microwave Products Limited
ADS Group Ltd Astrium
AeroMag Asia ATEGO
Aeromet International PLC AUBERT & DUVAL
AEROSTAR SA Avaana Software & Services


Air Defence Concern Almaz-Antey jsc AVIAZAPCHAST pls
AIR LIQUIDE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Axis Aerospace & Technologies Ltd.
Air Works India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. AXON CABLE
Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. BE Analytic Solutions LLP
ALKAN Bell Helicopter Textron
All Metal Servives Ltd BEML LIMITED
Alloys Engineers Pvt Ltd BERETTA
Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd Beriev Aircraft Company
AMI Metals UK Ltd Bharat Dynamics Ltd

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BHARAT ELECTRONICS LIMITED Faro Business Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd

BOEING Finmeccanica
BrahMos Aerospace FIRADEC
Bralco Metals FLAG (Flemish Aerospace Group)
Breton spa Flanders Investment & Trade
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Capgemini India Pvt Ltd FORCE
Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd
Chemring Countermeasures Ltd GE Aviation
Chivaro Technologies Pvt Ltd GENSER AEROSPACE & IT PVT LTD
CI Systems Ltd GEONX
Cobham Plc German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
comint systems and solutions and private limited GIFAS
Concern AVIONICA jsc GKN Aerospace
CONNEKT Electronics Private Limited Global Components Inc
Controp Precision Technologies Govt. of Karnataka
CSM Software Private Limited LIMITED

D.Marchiori s.r.l. Hale Hamilton Valves Limited

DABI Ltd. Hartmann Elektronik GmbH
DGAQA Hindustan Aerosystem pvt ltd
Diehl Defence Holding GmbH Hindustan University
Discovery Aviation. Honeywell
Dover Ceramic and Microwave products HTMS (High Tech Metal Seals)
DRS Technologies, Inc.
Dynamatic Technologies Limited IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd
EADS IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH
eInfochips Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic
EIS Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Opportunity, Office of Trade and Investment
ELBIT SYSTEMS Ilyushin Aviation Complex
ELECTROSTAL Metallurgical Plant, JSC India Strategic
ELETTRONICA Indian Defence Review
Embraer Executive Jets Infotech Enterprises
ENGIS CORPORATION Interturbine Aviation GmbH
EniT Irkut Corporation
Enti Innovations Private Limited ISRO HQ
Esterline Ivchenko-Progress, SE
EuroAvionics GmbH J S Precision
Eurocopter Jahagirdar Aero Products
Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH JSC 558 Aircraft Repair Plant
Evonik Degussa India Pvt. Ltd.
EXXELIA SUPPLY Kallman Worldwide

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Karl Storz Endoscopy India Pvt. Ltd OPK OBORONPROM OJSC
Kineco Kaman Composites India Private Limited Ordnance Factory Board
Kingsly Instrumentation and Communication P. Ltd. Orion Advanced Systems Ltd.
KINTEX Shareholding Company
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS Paramount General Trading L.L.C
Pelican Products & Services India Pvt.Ltd
L-3 Communications Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Processware Systems (P) Ltd
Lakshmi Vacuum Heat Treaters Pvt Ltd Prodigy Technovations
Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies Production Association Ural Optical&Mechanical
LAVERSAB INDIA Plant named after Mr.E.S.Yalamov
LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd Punj Lloyd Ltd
LEKTRO Inc. Pushpak Products India Pvt Ltd
Lockheed Martin QuEST Global Inc.
LPS Bossard Pvt. Ltd.
Rada Electronic Industries Ltd.
Magellan Aerospace Radiant Coral Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Mahindra Aerostructures Pvt. Ltd. RAFAEL -ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD.
MAINI GROUP Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools Pvt Ltd
MATCON AEROSPACE Rajnish Industries Pvt Ltd
MATCON AEROSPACE PVT LIMITED Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
MAZAGON DOCK LIMITED Rapid Global Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Merlinhawk Aerospace Pvt ltd Raytheon Company
Micronel Global Engineers (P) Ltd Reutech Communications
Mikroflo Filters (P) Limited Robertson Fuel Systems
Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt Ltd Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Modern Chemical, Inc. ROSOBORONEXPORT, JSC
Motion Dynamics Pvt Ltd Rossell Techsys
Motor Sich JSC Rotary Electronics
Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG
NASMYTH GROUP Russian Aviation Company (Rusavia)
National Aerospace Laboratories Russian Technologies State Corporation
National Small Industries Corporation
Newsline Publication Pvt Ltd S.A.S. MACH AERO BRETIGNY

NEXEYA S.G.D Engineering Ltd.

Nicomatic India Electronics Pvt Ltd. SACS Aerospace GmbH & Co. KG
Noble Aerospace Private Limited Safran
Northrop Grumman Samtel Avionics and Defence Systems
SasMos HET Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Offset India Solutions Pvt Ltd. Sattva Aero Accessories & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
OPEN MIND Technologies AG Selex ES
Opgal optronic Industries Ltd. Sensonor AS
OPK OBORONPROM ojsc Servocontrols Aerospace India Private Limited

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Shephard Media US EMBASSY

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. US TECHNICIANS
SIC SAFCO Uvision Global Aero Systems Ltd.
Sirius Technologies Varman Aviation Pvt Ltd
SKL INDIA PVT LTD Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review
SKYWIN Vector Software Inc.
Snapon Tools Pvt Ltd Vibrotech Aviation
Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and VIDEOTRONIX
Industries (SIATI)
SpetsTechnoExport ZEPHYR
Star Hentzen Coatings Pvt. Ltd. ZETATEK INDUSTRIES LTD.,
STPI Group Zing Technologies
Strongfield Technologies Ltd ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS
Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company
Suma Springs Pvt Ltd
Syratron technologies Private Limited
System Controls Technology Solutions Private Limited
Systems Aids To Advertise &
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.
TATA Advanced Materials Limited
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Tata Advanced Systems Limited
Tata Elxsi Ltd.
Tata Industrial Services Ltd.
Tata Power SED
Tata Services Ltd.
Tata Steel
Tata Technologies Ltd.
Techtest Ltd
TEMEX Ceramics
TenCate Protective Fabrics
Textron Systems
The Boeing Company

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Germany GmbH

Stall No. G2.25

Tital GmbH
Titan Industries Ltd.
Titanium Industries India Pvt Ltd
Trade & Invest British columbia
Cell No. : 09821369115
Travian Flight Services Pvt Ltd
Trident Infosol Pvt Ltd
Trigyn Technologies Limited
Tritech Group Limited
TW Metals
Ultra Electronics
Ultralife Corporation
United Aircraft Corporation Also available online at:

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