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1. A system consists of 2 pulleys connected by a belt.

The diameter of one of the

pulley is 13inches and the diameter of the other pulley is 2 feet. The rate of
revolution of the smaller pulley is 60rpm. Find the linear velocity and angular
velocity of the large pulley in ft/sec and rad/sec.
2. Anna wants to determine the height of a condominium. From her current
location, she found out that the angle of elevation from her positon to the top of
the structure is 55degrees. She measures again the angle of elevation 50meters
farther from her current position and finds it to be 36degrees. Both positions are
due east of the town. What is the height of the condominium?
3. The angle of elevation of a point C from a point B is 2942; the angle of
elevation of C from another point A 31.2m directly below B is 5923. How hig is
C from the horizontal line through A?
a. 47.1 m
b. 52.3 m
c. 35.1 m
d. 66.9 m
4. A at a certain point on the ground, the tower at the top of a 20-m high building
subtends an angle of 45. At another point on the ground 25m closer the
building, the tower subtends an angle of 45. Find the height of the tower.
a. 124.75
b. 7.45 m
c. 154.32 m
d. 101.85 m
5. Solve for x; x = (1 tan2 a) / (1 + tan2 a)
a. Cos a
b. Sin 2a
c. Cos 2a
d. Sin a
6. The sides of a right triangle are in arithmetic progression whose common
difference is 6cm. Its area is:
a. 216 cm2
b. 270 cm2
c. 360 cm2
d. 144 cm2
7. Find the middle-sized angle in the triangle whose sides are 350, 210 and 320.
a. 64.1
b. 59.2
c. 61.4
d. None in the list
8. Given the trigonometric function: 2y=3cos(2x + 1) + 2. Find the amplitude,
maximum value of Y and frequency.
a. Amp = 2, max = 2.5, Frequency = 2
b. Amp = 3, max =1.5, Frequency = 1
c. Amp = 3, max =2.5, Frequency = 2
d. Amp = 2.5, max = 3.5, Frequency = 4
9. A triangular piece of land has vertices A, B, and C and is surveyed producing the
following data. A = 30, C = 50 and AC = 13m. What should be the length of
side AB?
a. 10.11 m
b. 20.22 m
c. 30.33 m
d. 40.44 m
10.If x + y = 90. Then (sin x tan x)/(siny tan y) is equal to:
a. Tan x
b. Cos x
c. Cot x
d. Sin x
11.The equation 2sin X + 2cos X -1 = sqrt 3 is:
a. An identity
b. A parametric equation
c. A conditional equation
d. A quadratic equation
12.The area of the triangle whose angles are 61932 , 341446, and 843542
is 680.6 units^2.The length of longest side is:
a. 35.53 unit
b. 54.32 unit
c. 52.43 unit
d. 62.54 unit
13.An airplane leaves an aircraft carrier and flies South at 350mph. The carrier
travels S 30 E at 25mph. If the wireless communication range of the airplane is
700 miles, when will it lose contact with the carrier?
a. After 4.36 hours
b. After 5.57 hours
c. After 2.13 hours
d. After 4.54 hours
14.In a speherical triangle ABC, A = 11619, B= 5530, and C = 8037. What is
the value of side a.
a. 115.57
b. 113.21
c. 119.64
d. 115.65
15.Find the exact solutions to the equation for the interval 0 <= x <= 2pi.

2(sin x)(tan x) + tan x 2sin x -1 =0

16.Find the distance in nautical miles between Manila and San Francisco. Manila is
located at 1436 N latitude and 12105 E longitude. San Francisco is situated at
3748 N latitude and 12224 W longitude.
a. 7856.2 nautical miles
b. 5895.2 nautical miles
c. 6326.2 nautical miles
d. 6046.2 nautical miles
17.If the time is 8:00 a.m. GMT, what is the time in the Philippines, which is located
at 120 East longitude.
a. 6:00p.m
b. 4:00 a.m
c. 4:00 p.m
d. 6:00 a.m
18.Car A and Car B leave the same house at the same time. The course between
them is 120. If the car A travels 20miles per hour and car B travels 37miles per
hour, how far apart are the two ships after 1.7 hours?
a. 89.28 miles
b. 85.25 miles
c. 74.24 miles
d. 96.73 miles
19.If sin 3A = cos15B, find csc ( A + 5B)
a. 0
b. 1.414
c. 0.5
d. 2