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Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

We are leaving the European Union –
but on what terms?
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‘Hard Brexit’ or ‘Soft Brexit’ ? A new trading arrangement with
the European Union or the door slammed shut on one of our
most important partners - with disastrous results!

This election offers a choice between “Brexit at any cost” and
a sensible settlement which obeys the Referendum result,
establishes a new relationship with Europe and maximises
opportunities for trade with the rest of the world.

But it won’t be easy and the government is being dis-honest in
its upbeat claims of post-Brexit prosperity for all. It knows
this - which is why it called this election now, before rising
inflation, consumer debt, and stalled wages bite deep into the
pockets of ordinary people. Optimism will turn to anger at a
government that so mislead its people.

Expect more of the same but double the pain
The NHS is on its knees, our education services in chaos, our prisons
falling apart, the welfare state in retreat. Not content with this, our
government is using Brexit and this election as a cover to push
through its own dogmatic agenda of more cuts and privatisation, to
do away with employment rights and environmental protection, to
renege on addressing climate change and the transition to a low
carbon economy. The cost to all of us could be immense.

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Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

It doesn’t have to be like this!
Whether Liberal Democrat, Labour, Green or Mebyon Kernow, all
the parties in Cornwall have bolder, more imaginative and
progressive policies.

All share a common commitment to:

 Restore a fully funded health and social care
 Reduce inequality,
 Protect the environment
 Promote a green, low carbon economy and create real jobs
at a fair wage.
 Reform our voting system and introduce Proportional

Cuts and privatisation are all the Conservatives know. There
is nothing new in what they have to say.

Vote for a different future! Vote

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progressive candidate to vote for in your constituency

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