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Corporate, Brochure


SANAD is a n Ara bic word sig n~fy~nQ1 a binding contract protecting the rigihts of consentl ng parties. It al so mea ns su pport, hel PI etd, a nd col lectlvity ..

Ou r busl ness stratec les a re built a rou nd thls powerfu II word. Ou r vision ~s to be a leadl ng provider of ~Insura nee services backed by exceptiona I service, A. portion or ou r tara I profits gen,erat,ed are sha red with ou r pel icy hold i ng cl lents at the end or each policy ye.ar..

For all the reason 5.J therefore.we chcse the name of ou r operating entity as SANAD Cooperative I n sura nee a nd IRe~ n su ra nee.


The recognized leadinq and trusted insurance partner of choice ..


To honor au r prom lses a nd provide exceptlone II service by better u ndersta nd i ng au r customers."


.. II nteQ1rity

.' Teamwork

.. Professiona II

It Customer-connected

•. Continuous improvement


SAINAD has evolved sinc-e it started operating ~n the last quarter of200a. Now; with a year\~ndef our Ibelit~,and .21 much Ilarger cHent base and a wider product rangei the responsibility we shoulder has prompted lJS to sdidi1l)r our 5tlategy wirth a revised and dearer vision - to be the re(ogni~ed leadIng and trusted insurance' partner of choice.

As pant ofthi5 new strategic evolLJtionl we 'loA/iii fuell our growth over the com~ng years by strivlngtro continuously ~mprove and to proVildee'xcep-

tlonal service by better undlerstandng our customers. .

SAINAD w~1I cominue to focus on deHverlngi ~nnovativ,e products and effident service. Ths wWI become our tr:ademark to which we are committed as a team, and whose expertise has kept pace with the glCMlth spirit of SAINAD. Our success has earned us the priv11l@ge of attracting more industry professionalls wanthg to become part of tile SANIAD success story. AdditionalllYl with expansion pl'ans on the drawing table for SANAD branches to open ln every major eJrty in Saud~ Arabia, our d~ents are sure to see feell and enjoy the diifference in S.ANAD~s customer care prov~ded

through a suite oto.stome-conrected eMerc~ses.

At the outset we had promised that our product offerings wm encompass a wide spectrum. We have raised the bar. This year, SANAD will be roliling out a host of products and services that meet the demand of a corrpetlnve market Our team Is responding to the needs of our customers with custorruzed solutions addressing the unique and exacUng requirements of each of our dents

On beha~f of the SANIAD family of people who proudy serve you, I want to thank you for entlrust~n91 us wIth your business and granting us the priviileged opportun~ty to serve you As a~ways, our doors are ccenfor your business whilst our hearts and minds are eaoer

to re~@~ve your feedback and suggestions ..


SAN AD Cooper d tive I nsur d nee a 11d Rei nsu ranee J.5.(

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SANAD del Ivers qua! lty f na ncial protection by way of otfen ng a broad ra nge or i nsu ranee products that respond to both reta~ I and com mercia II con su rners. con s~sti ngma i n I;; of the fol ~owl ng:

• Hea lith [I nsurance

• Property II nsurance

• Casua Ity lnsu ranee

• GenenllJllAcciident lnsu ranee

• [Engliineeringl lnsu ra nee

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c hensi I Th- I" .'rj f.

• ,,: ••• ,. J ," " •• ,J ,'- ,J ·.·"·;il . - .. : .. ",. .'. "', -.," .' ." '". ",

_~)mpre. _emslve _ll5UraIII1H:,e,. I~S po ICy prOVI, es cover lor motor

own damag e ,a nd its eccessories ClgJa i n st 105S or da mag e ca used to the i nsu red vehic le, wh et he r private ca rs or com me rd a I

vehk les, accidents Ily and un intent lona Ily by the policyho I der or 'the driver of the v@hicle"

~ Pro petty da mage {except t h ose own eo by the insured 0 r the d river at the time of a cdd e nt or pro petty that has, been

entru sted to the ~ n SlJred 0 r ls in his custody or control).

• Th ird IlPa r~y I n:s,ura nee:: Th i s ~ n su ra n ce po~~(y ts co m pu l-sory by Law a 5 5 n P u lated 'j n t he (nope rdJt~e' ~ n su ra nee Compa n les Law. I'~ provides in's u ra n ce for a rn au nts that t he owner of the, m oto r vehk Ie may be leqa I ~y I i a bl e for in respect of:

-, Deat h of or bod i Iy in lu ry 1[0 any person 1 ndud ~ng a II passen gers ~ n the vemc les {except the in s u red. h i-s SPOUl5't: Dr the drive r}"


a- ..


• 'G rou P' IM,ediic,a ~ I nsu ranee SANADj prompted by derna nd for rnedlca I ~ nsu ra nee coveraqe, has desloned progra m s to meet the spedfic req urernents of a wide ra nge of hea lth insurance seekers.

• Small Group e-rnedica ~ II nsura nee: Th is CCH l-com pllant prog ram caters to the needs of expatriates whether srna [[[ groups and/or those holding ~ndiv~dual sponsorships. The 21[[[[ e-transactlon functlonallty allows for optimum [level of service.

Ava i la ble poll ieres allow 'for custom lzatlon of coverage at the K~ngdolm's best medical faol ities as well[ as cash re~m bu rsernent for ca re received a broad.

• 'Group Term P'rotecit;iion II nsusa nee: This insura nee prosides protection and security for corporate staff in case of death. tota and part~a[dsabilnies, related nled~cal expenses and unemployment


SRnAD ...... _ ......


• Property AIIIIR:isik IPollky' ,(PAR) II nsurance: Th is policy is suitable for 121 rge, commercia I and in dust ria II risks. All r~ sk po I icy provides youwith a broader (overage than F~re ! nsu ranee & AI ~~ed pen Is poll icy. Th isin su ra nee pol icy covers accidental loss or da mlage to you rl nsu red property.

• F~re &. ,AlIlied Perills ~n:SUlr.ance~ This product insures property such as: Bu i Ild~ng s & contents (resldentlal, commercia Lind ustrlal) against thefollowlno the perils of Firer ~~'ghtn~ngl and AIII~ed P,er~lls.

.. F~r€!' & UglhlIning I nsurance: Til is pol ~cy covers rnatenal damaqe of the i nsured property resu Iling frornf re and Ug htl ng peri lis. However, ~t specinca Illy excl udes any consequential loss.

• Household II nsurance: Th is policy i nsu res you r residential bund~nQ1 ano its contents a nd covers tile loss of property due to Fi re, Lig htninq, Burg ~ary or Housebreakl nq, Storm, T ern pest Flood and Explosion and the like.

• Busilne's.s I nterruptlon II n SU ranee: This pol icy covers loss of net profit on account of i nterru ption of busi ness, consequent upon materiel da mage to property due to 'n re or a ny otherlnsured per~1 under the standa rd f rein re and ai lied perils or a ~~ risks policy. This insurance includes (over for increased cost of working foillowing the 10551 2lIS weill as the stand ing cha rges of the buslness,

~~n~~ 1 ...... _ ...... 1


• Pulbllilc Uabmty lnsura nee: This polky I nsu res accldenta I bodi Ily

i nj ury to ,a third party caused by the Insured in the course of business and acddenta I ~055 of or accidental damage to property owned by third parties caused by the lnsured

• Pulblliic & Products lLiabilliity II nsu ranc;e: Prod uct l.ia bility policy

i ndem nines the insu red aga~ nst IleglJ I nalbi~ ~ty to pay compensation a rising out of any defect in the products rna nufactured by the policy holder a nd covered under the pol icy.

• Worklmlen:>s Compensation lnsurance: This polky i nsu res the

If a bill ity of the Em player under the law towards h is employee-s personal ~ njury by accident or' occUlpat~onal disease tn the cou rse of the employment in the ~ nsured-s busl ness,

.Wbrlkmen's Compensation & Elmlpllo'"y,erls Uabiillilty IlnsUirance:

Employees Liability policy insures the legal I~abmty of the employer towards employees for personal injury by accident or disease that may occur du ri ng a nd in the course of employment with the i nsu red.

• M,ediical Mallplfacth:.e lnsurance: This Poll Icy provides cover for daims against medical professionals comrnittinq mall practice. It offers protection to those protessionals wllo may become ~iarble to pay com pensatlon against any human error while provldi ng the~r servkes to patients due to unintentional error, omission, or negilligence.

~I....__ ...... I


• M.ar~ne Ca 1'910 Open Cover I nsurance.Any good that Is loaded onto a ny type of veh idle for the pu rpose of bei ng transported from one pol ntto another ts ~ nsu red under ca rgo ~ nsu ra nee polky ..

• Specific CarglQ Mia rine ~ nsurance: Th is Poll icyis desioned for the 511 i prnerrts of good s by Vessels or by Ai r for on Ily one lou rney a nd the cover expi res upon t he arrival of the goods to the destination as mentioned in the Pol icy.

• Mariine Iii Willi ~ nsuranoe: Th is insura nee provides cornprebensve cover on all types ofvessels lke Oil Tankers, Dry Cargo Carriers, llvestock Carrters, F~shing Vessellsj and Pleasu re Yachts etc ..

• lin la nd Transh Insurance: This i rrsu ranee covers Loss or

da mage to the subject-matter insured caused by or resu lti ng from Fi re, Crash or Overtu rn i ng col I tslon and Droppi ng out-derailment ra!.1 way gauges camaqes,

~[.....__ ...... I


• Persona I Accident: Iinsu ranee: This pol icy covers accidenta I death or ,d~sabl ernent to tile Assu red withi n the Geog raphkal l.lrnlts that are specfied in the policy schedule,

• Trav,e~ ~nsUiranc,e: This polky Is unlquely designed for individual or 9roup business travellers by ofFer~ng coverage for business-relevant concerns including Trip Cancelillation, identify Thett Protection Bagga9E? and Busi ness effects.

• Mane;)! II nsurancer Money II nsu ra rce pol icy provides cover fo f ~ ass of money in tra nslt between the i nsu red-s prem lses and the ba nk or post office, or other spedtied p laces occa sioned by robbery, theft or any oth er fortuitous cause. The pol icy a lso cove rs loss by bu rg la ry or housebrea k~ ng wh 111 st mo neyis

Ireta ~ n ed at I nsu red-s prern ises ~ n safe(s) or srronq room ..

• lFi,delli'tyGuararril'tee II 1111 SiIJ ranee: Thls policy covers loss of money or goods belonq i ng to the i nsu red against a direct pecuniary loss sustained by reason of any act offraud/dlshonesty of employees ..

• Pr!,ate Gllass ~nsUirance: Th is policy (overs the cost of the accidents I and un i ntentiona I brea ka'QIe of gllass through any cause (except the exclusions speclfiedln the policy).

~ ... [ __ ... I


• Contractors' .AIII Risks (CAR), Iinsu ranee: Thl s pel icy insures darnaqe to any contract works i nclud ing construction pia nt and equ ~pment til lrd party property surround ~ng property etc There a re two kinds of Contractors Alii Risk policies, a nnua I' pol ides for contractors ha ndl iing many srnal If rnedlu m to la rge contracts of a silmi ~ar natu re and a single contract polky for spedtic cootracts.

.. IErectilonAll1 R~slk:s, (lEAR} I nsurance: Til lslnsura nee covers the rlsks associated wlth storaqe, assembly/erection and test~ng and com m issioninq of plla nt and machi nery, The pol icy ca n be extended to cover third party II~abmty exposures.

II Contractor's Plla nt &. Mach~nery '((PM) I nsuranc,e: Th is Pol icy i nsu res construction plla nt and mlachi nery aga iins! sudden and accide mel damages or destruction caused by externa ~ influences and ocrurrlnq within the construction site.

• Elh~(1tronic Equipment Insurance (IE,[EH: This polky lnsures darnaqe to electron k equ I pment, da mage to In su red-s inputted data and records a nd costs ~ ncu ned to retrieve a nd recover the lost data.

""Ii .IIJII SAnRD l____j


• M,achilnery Breakldown lnsurance (MBII)I~ Th ~s poll ky insures 11055 or damlClge to mach ~nery ca used by defects in casting and material, fau Ilty desiqn, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water In bo~~efsl physical explosion short' drcu it or storm.

• loss of Proflt followlnq ,Mac.h~ne:ry Breakdown (MloP) Iinsuranoe: Th~5 Policy provides cover for the actual loss of profits sustal ned as a resu It or business ~ nterruptlon caused by an accident tndernniftable under ,Machinery Brea kdown I nsu ranee.

Ii D!etelr~ora1l:ion of St,oclk I(IDOS) I!nsurance: This ,i nsurance ~s a form of corsequente.loss cover, cspcca Illy availablle for stocks contained In cold stores. Cover willi be for 1055 or damage to the rnachi nery specified in the llst Of machinery deda red. in the proposal form.

• BOii!er '& Pressure Vessell (IBPV) I nsu ranee; Thts policy is desi!g ned for boilers i nlnd ustrles a nd factories. lit provides cover for bel lers and pressu re vessels due to explosion or iimplosion. The policy also covers da mage to surrou ndi nQI propertles a nd lta b~Hth:~s for iniury to third parties or damage to third party property.

"]_1 IIJ

,sRnIAol ... __ .... 1




Whenever you need a SANAD (su ppcrt), SANAIDY (SANIAD1S Customer Service) Is here for you

Our customer contact center ta kes special ca re In looking after its clients wherever they are. SANAD has esta bfshed a speda ~ contact center working around the dock, for th IS purpose, You can (a.i~ to~1 free at any ti me to have a dialocue with ou r highly trained operators who are dedcated to makingl ~Ife slmperforyo, and be~ng your true SANIAD~n your trre of need

Add~tlonallYi appropriate consultation may be obtained online, supported by e-lnsurance appllicat~ons.

~~n~6[ ... __ ..... ]


Riyadh HQ

Tel: +966 1 292 7111 Fax: +966 ~ 292 7888

3 rd Floor; Da r,een Center, Ehssa Street

P.O. Box 274771 Riyadh 114117 Saudi Arabia

Riyad h Hea It h 1 nsu r Fl n ce Divisio n

Tel: +966 1 292 71111

Fax: +966 920 000 678

3 rd Floorl Nlat~ona I ~ nsta III rnent Co. BuUd i ng1 Sttteen Street P.O. Box 27477, Riyadh 114 -117 Saudi Arabia


Tell: +966 2 6679903 Fax: +966 .2 667 8803

2 nd Floor! Rawdah Ce nter, Rawda h Street P.O. Box 401361 Jeddah 211499 Sa udi Ara bia


Tell: +966 3331 0444 Fax: +966 3 3311 0555

1 st Floor, .Muneera Tower. F·a~sal ben Fahad Street RO. Box 32096., Khobar 31952 Saudi Ara bia


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