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December 23, 2007

Major James Simiana

National Defence Public Affairs Office – Atlantic
Halifax, NS

In response to your e-mail of December 19 2007 attached the enemy of the people of Canada
has taken over the government and you feel this is outside the focus of your office!!!.

It’s no surprise to me but the people will be interested to know I am sure.

I suggest you refocus. Expand your thinking capabilities.

No government authority is going to be granted authority by the conspirators to eradicate them

from the people’s government and you must be able to think.

They don’t wear uniforms so you have to be able to determine who the enemy is by other means.
They are the ones who are ransacking the people

You will find a copy of this on my web site along with the rest of the evidence.

You have been advised of possible escalation of the issues relative to the well being of the
Canadian people who pay your wages and buy your toys.

It is my civil duty to advise you of the serious nature of the issues and it your duty to be cognizant
of the facts before you get bullshit from the enemy and start firing on your own people.

I am quite aware you people are of the belief you needn’t keep up on politics but this is not
politics, it is a conspiracy by the government personnel against the people as the evidence
irrefutably shows.

I have informed the other political parties with the documents published on my web site and
their indifference to the well being of the moral majority has been documented and evidenced by
their failure to respond implicating them in the conspiracy.

It is incomprehensible that the Armed Forces are not concerned about the people of Canada.

Who is “thee” in Oh Canada. We stand on guard for thee? Believe it or not Canada is the people
who elect and finance the representatives to run the government for us

15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the
equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in
particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour,
religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

31. Nothing in this Charter extends the legislative powers of any body or authority.

32. (1) This Charter applies (a) to the Parliament and government of Canada
in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all
matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and (b) to the
legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the
authority of the legislature of each province.

You people are out messing with the politics of other countries by order of a
tyrannical government which has infiltrated Canada because of you ignorance of
what is going on at home.

It is a sham you had to be informed of the government conspiracy that has occurred
while you stand on guard for Canada but now you have been duly informed and

Refusal to review the evidence or failure to comprehend the government is a

conspiracy will not be well received by the people and in fact it is quite frightening to
realize we have been financing our armed forces to serve the despots for their
personal gain.

I adamantly request you review the evidence to be cognizant to the facts so when
the government conspirators order you to fire on your families and friends you may
have second thoughts.

People with guns should be required to have a certain amount of intelligence.

See attachment

“How to Dismantle a Government Conspiracy”

Frank Gallagher


I will continue to keep you apprised of what is going on under your noses
and documenting and publishing the fact.

You are accountable to the people and will have an opportunity to account
for your irresponsible attitude and incompetence to protect the people from
alien forces who do not respect our Constitution.

If I were in a position of authority you would be stripped of your command

and held to answer to the people for treasonable offences.

Schools out, they are not toys you have and it’s time for the war games to stop.
The corruption and conspiracy is not limited to Canada for it runs rampant throughout the world to
the humongous detriment of the moral majority who, believe it or not, really want peace.

The government personnel are in it for their own personal gains who do not give a damn about
the people except for what the people can do for them as you are well aware as you are fighting
for them and their affluent friends financed by us.
Read the evidence and be informed.
Perhaps you have not grasped the seriousness of the issues.

That is very scary

I am quite aware you could roll a tank over here or send a combat unit to take me out but it is time
for you to focus on the enemy and if every other Armed Force of the world would do likewise we
would finally have that elusive world peace.

Don’t worry about your pensions, the moral majority would be far better off if we retired all you
people of the upper command before you finish us all off.

From: NDPAO Atlantic []

Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 12:45 PM
Subject: RE: Your recent emails

Dear Mr. Gallagher;

As the subjects of your recent flurry of emails are outside the focus of our office, this is to kindly
request that you stop sending our office – and any of our sister offices within the DND/CF across
the country as well – any further emails. We are not in a position to respond to what you have to
say. Thank you.

Major James Simiana

National Defence Public Affairs Office – Atlantic
Halifax, NS

From: Frank Gallagher []

Sent: 17 décembre 2007 09:26
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ciec-;;; ndpao-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; copelandj@scc-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Date Correction

December 17 2007

The RCMP Commissioner’s Report is due sometime this week

With Christmas due to arrive on schedule it would be nice if the report did too consistent with the
law and God.

It is Jesus’ birthday after all and it would be a great gift for him as well as the moral majority.