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October 21 2006

To: Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario
Queen’s Park

From: Frank Gallagher

34 Riverglen Drive
L4P 2P8

Re: Obstruction of Justice

Dear Premier Dalton McGuinty

As you are aware I have faxed you a copy of a file which I refer to as the “Black Book”
dated September 1 2006 addressed to you which addresses a number of concerns
regarding my and the people of Canada Charter Rights of the Constitution Act 1982.The
“Black Book” consists of 266 pages with a front and back cover and 3 index pages.

On September 25 I faxed you 55 pages which I had addressed to the Ombudsman dated
September 16 which were excerpts from the “BLUE BOOK”.

On September 29 2006 I faxed you another 12 pages which were addressed to Michael
Thomson of the RCMP.

I have also copied all these writings to many other levels of government, Provincial and
Federal requesting that you all deal with my concerns contained with in those writings.

To this date you have not even acknowledged receiving them and of course you have not
informed me that my concerns are under review or whatever.

On October 13 2006, October 16 2006 and October 17 I emailed Michael Bryant at his
MPP e–mail address which I received a failure to deliver message and then received the
same message when I tried his Attorney General e-mail address.

On October 20 2006 I faxed him at the Ministry of the Attorney General office all of the
October 13, 16, and 17 th documents and the attachments referred to therein.

All of the above documents requested all you people to deal with my concerns and I
should not have had to make that request considering that you all are paid by the
taxpayer’s to look after us.

These are very serious concerns and they should be your concerns if you truly care about
the people of Ontario.

Your web site led me to believe that but I now have serious doubt.
For the record I request again that you act diligently upon all my concerns beginning with
a proper investigation of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and file charges
of obstructing my Landlord rights under the Tenant Protection Act, 1997.This includes
the ORHT and the Investigation and Enforcement Unit.

There is also the matter of the Cover Up which must be looked into involving them and
the Ombudsman also has some splainin to do.

There is also the matter of dealing with the inconsistencies of the Act with the
Constitution Act.

My former tenant is guilty of filing a false and misleading information and must have his
day in court and receive due punishment and likewise regarding the Fraud as detailed in
these writings.

There are many other matters which must also be dealt with and they are clearly stated.
This includes the tenant’s act of Fraud.

There are a lot of attitude problems throughout the government and their incompetence is
another matter that must be corrected.

The whole concept of the guarantee of the Charter must be instilled into all your minds

I am sending you copies of the faxes I sent to Michael Bryant and the attachments and I
expect you and everyone in the public service to make every effort to deal with all my
concerns within all these writings.

Please correspond by e-mail.

Thank You

Frank Gallagher.