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I appreciate your response but apparently I am not making my self clear.

This is not a court matter that I should be required to deal with.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Hon. John Gerretsen has a responsibility to monitor
compliance with the Tenant Protection Act, 1997

I have applied to Dave Grech, the Coordinator of Investigations and Enforcement who was
charged with that mandate by the Minister but he has refused to deal with the issues for ridiculous
reason incoherent to the evidence which you would know if you have read the evidence I sent

The Minister refuses to review the evidence on the grounds he trusts Dave Grech.

Inherently we trust everyone until there is reason not to and I have provided very good reason
which you should know and the question is why is there no one in government with the integrity
and wherewithal to find out why the Minister and the Attorney General of Ontario who are
responsible to deal with these issues have not.

I should not be required to make a federal case out this having done my part of the law.
What good are laws if they are not enforced?
Just the moral people obey them and they are left to slaughter by the wolves.

The bottom line is they have no logical ethical reason to do this and if you were to remain
attentive to the evidence you will see the obvious conspiracy against the people whom they are
hired to provide services for.

Only persons who are in on the conspiracy will refuse to see the evidence how it is and only the
government personnel have the wherewithal to correct the situation to be consistent with the
Constitution which has given them the privilege to do for the benefit of every individual according
to the Charter.



I have been scammed and I have no doubt I will never see my money again but I have proven by
the evidence that the establishment does not have a modus of operandi in place to deter such
occurrences leaving the people believing they are guaranteed protection under their Charter
rights when in fact they are not which they don’t realize until they have become a victim that there
is no one there to help.

The present system encourages immorality which the evidence irrefutably proves for the immoral
soon discover where we are vulnerable and attack with all force.

This is not about my personal financial losses but the reforming of the system to be consistent
with the Constitution so as to be able to demonstrate diligence to the guarantee of the Charter.

I reiterate you people have the wherewithal to deal with these issues and are financed by the
people in trust that you have it all under control;

You people know full well the likelihood of an individual to take on the challenge is futile not
having the wherewithal for they have other fields of endeavor with little knowledge of the system
and without the finances to present a successful challenge and that is just how it is.

That of course is how all the corruption and the conspiracy is allowed to persist.
The RCMP scandal is just an example of the reality that persists in the whole legal system as my
evidence demonstrates and provides the reason why.

I am providing the evidence for members of the legal system to analyze and correct the obvious

To see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle

To not see what is right is pathetically detrimental to the people you purport to serve.

Please reconsider

Frank Gallagher

From: Steininger, Joleen: SEN [mailto:STEINJ@SEN.PARL.GC.CA]

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 3:30 PM
Subject: Email to Senator Jaffer

Dear Mr. Gallagher,

Senator Jaffer thanks you for your email and offers her apologies for
not responding sooner.

Court proceedings are understandably frustrating and can take quite a

while. Unfortunately Senator Jaffer cannot assist you with court
matters. She wishes you all the best and a speedy decision.


Joleen Steininger
Executive Assistant to
The Honourable Senator Mobina Jaffer
Telephone: 604.876.5999
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