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Garza Independence High School

1600 Chicon Street, Austin, TX 78702

Leila Cadag, Facilitator 512-414-8648

May 4 , 2017

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

One of the most gratifying moments of my teaching career is having Deborah Kubwayo as a
student. Deborah completed English 3B in my class and she is now taking Advanced Placement English
Literature and Composition. Since her first day in class, I knew there was something elusive about
Deborah. Quiet and reserved, her outward serenity disguised a keen intellect, delightful wit, and
outstanding character. A dedicated student with stellar track record for academic performance, Deborah is
the student most teachers dream of teaching.

Deborah is a natural communicator with an outstanding command of the English language. Her
diction is impeccable; her writing style distinct, original, and creative. Deborahs written composition,
both prose and poetry and in a variety of genres, shows superior craftsmanship and is probably one of the
best I have read from a student. An avid and critical reader, Deborah is able to articulate her opinions
about works of literature intelligently and confidently. One the books she has read this year that resonated
with her is the collected works of O. Henry in which she explored O.Henrys use of irony to write social
commentaries on the issues of his time, demonstrating not only meticulous reading and but also in-depth
and original analysis of the topic. I am amazed that her dedication to writing has honed her craft to the
point where she is able to write about complex issues and produce intelligent and articulate compositions
almost effortlessly.

I have known very few students who possess as much passion for excellence as Deborah; no matter
how challenging or daunting the task, Deborah is unfazed because she works with a sense of purpose.
Deborah is genuinely talented, fiercely independent, and admirable in her mission to create a better life
for herself and others. Resolute in her desire to explore and respond to global issues and study the human
condition to help alleviate its suffering, she founded ABANA in her sophomore year with three of her
peers. ABANAs mission is to connect with youth globally and to provide basic necessities and tools for
education essential for a sustainable future. ABANA has since launched a peace drive and fundraiser to
collect school supplies for students and orphans in Rwanda affected by the 1994 Genocide and the
HIV/AIDS epidemic that followed. Deborah has also been an active member of New York Citys YMCA
Global Teens, a community service organization promoting positive values among global youth.
Deborah has gone with Global Teens to Seattle, Washington, and to Seoul, South Korea to bring young
people together to help empower and engage them to active citizenry. In her senior year in high school,
she makes excellent grades while working as a student assistant at the University of Texas in Austin,
continuing her global outreach through ABANA and YMCA, and pursuing admission to college.
I immensely enjoy teaching Deborah because she has produced many of the most powerful
written work that I have read from a student. A hard worker who is always graceful even under intense
pressure, Deborah has the intellectual fortitude, maturity, and responsibility necessary for the rigorous
demands of any field of work or study that she chooses. She hopes to pursue a degree in Environmental
Science and someday work for a non-profit organization. I am certain that Deborah will continue her
triumphs as she forges ahead on the path of her calling. It is for these reasons that I give Deborah my
absolute highest recommendation. If you are seeking a superior candidate with an outstanding work ethic
and a commendable scholastic record, then Deborah Kubwayo is an excellent choice. I encourage you to
look favorably upon her application and to grant her the opportunity to become an asset to your institution
as she develops her potential in leadership and community service.

Sincerely yours,