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[INCH-POUND) A-A39331 28 September 1999 SUPERSEDING MIL-W-23680E, 18 October 1989 COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION STUD WELDING SYSTEMS, INTEGRAL POWER SOURCE AND CONTROL UNIT, MANUAL, ‘The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this ‘commercial tem description for all federal agencies. 1, SCOPE. This commercial item description (CID) covers electric sre and capacitor discharge stud welding systems with integral direct current power source, controller, and stud gun The stud welding systems are intended for manual welding use in operations that require the rapid, reliable, and economic attachment of stud fasteacrs or bolts to a plate or pane. 2, CLASSIFICATION. The stud welling systems shall be of the following types and sizes. The type and size to be furnished shal be as specified (see 7.2(t)}. ‘Type I- Capacitor discharge (CD) Size | - 12 gauge through I/d.inch Size 2 - 12 gauge through 5/16-inch Size 3 - 1/S-inch through 3/8-inch Type Ml - Electric are Size 4 - 10 gauge through 1/2-ineh, Size 5 - 10 gauge through S/8-inch Size 6+ 10 gauge through 3/4-inch Size 7 - 10 gouge through 7/8-inch Size 8 -5/16-ineh through I-inch Size 9 10 gauge through 1-1/4inch ‘Beneficial comments, recommendations, additions, deletions, clarifications, etc. and any other data which may improve this document should be sent to: Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR), ATTN: DSCR-VBD, 8000 Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, VA_73297-5610. AMSC NIA FSC 3431 ‘DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 3, SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS 3.1 Genera} requirements. ‘The system shall be new and one of the manufacturer's current models capable of operation in accordance with the requirements herein. All pars subject to wear, trealcage, or distortion shall be accessible for adjustments, replacement, and repair. 3.2 Components. The sted welding shall include, as a minimum, the following components: 3.2.1 Power soures and controller (PSC) Type L stud welder. The PSC for type I stud welding systems shall contain the capacitor tank and controls for power owoff, capacitance range, and charging voltage, The PSC shall possess jacks forthe attachment of welding cables, The systems shall be intial contact, drawn tr, or intial gap systems as specified (see 7.2(c)). The PSC shall automatically discharge after the power switch is placed in the "off" position and shall have a protective device to prevent the ‘capacitor voltage fiom being appli to the stud gun until the gun is properly seated on the workpiece. Type HL, stud welder. The Il stud welding systems shall operate on the ‘standard electric drawa are principle. The PSC shall contain the transformer-rectfier and controls for power owoff, welding current, and timing. The PSC shall possess connectors for the attachment of welding cables. When specified (sec 7.2(4)), the systems shall be-capable of reverse polarity welding. 3.22 Stud welding eup. The stud welding gun shall be coxstfucted of nonconductive, high- impact material and shall be capable of withstanding the rigorous handiing normally encountered in construction environments. The gun shall be of the pistol type with a finger-actuated switch that initiates the welding process. 3.22.1 Stud welding gua adjustements, Type | and type Il stud welding guns shall be equipped with adjustable support legs and stud chucks as specified (see 7.2(¢)) to accommodate desired Sud lengths and diameters. Type If systems shall be equipped with stad gun feet and arc shield ferrule grips as specified (see 7.2(6)- Dualegunsystem. When specified (sec 7.2(g)), type Il stud welders shall have a dual-gun system. 43.2.3 Welding cables. ‘The stud welder shall possess a welding eable assembly to provide a ‘means for conducting welding current and transmitting control signals from the welding gun to ‘the controller. A means shall be provided to securely clamp the ground lead(s) to ‘the workpiece. ‘Cable lengths shall be provided as specified (see 7.2(h)). 3.24 Inert gas shielding equipment. [frequired, the type LI stud welding system shall be equipped with gas shielding accessories as specified (see 7.2(i). 3.25 Pomabiliy. Type I stud weking systems shal be manually portable. Type If systems shall be manually portable, or the base shall be equipped with wheels or with lifting eye(s) as specified (sce 7.2Q)). 3.2.6 Electrical system, The electrical system shall conform to the American National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection Association (ANSUINFPA) 79, "Machinery, Industrial, Electrical Standard For". Unless otherwise specified (see 7.2(k), type Il stud welding systems stall operete trom a dual 230/460-vok, 3-phase, 60-hertz eircuit and shall be wired for the voltage. Type I systems shall operate from a 120-volt, single-phase, 60-hertz circuit. Type IL electrical systems shall provide current output regulation and thermal overload protection as speritied (See 7.2(0). 3.2.7 Optional accessories. Optional accessories shall be furnished as specified (see 7.2(m)), 3.3 Performance. Unless otherwise specified (see 7.2(n)), the stud welding system shall meet the performance requirements in sections 3,2.1 and 3.2.2 when (ested in accordance with sections 5.3 through 5.3.3 herein. 331 Vi inspection. For the type I process, the fillt formed at the base of the stud shall appear fall and even. The weld shall not forma large crater with excessive meial expulsion or possess a very shiny appearance. For the type II process, the fillet shall appear fill, even, and shiny all around the stud. The filet shall not possess 2 very shiny, low profile extending beyond the outside of the ferrule, nor shall it possess a small, uneven, or dull pearance with fingers of ‘metal extending through the vents ofthe ferrule 33.2 Weld strength. A perpendicular force with sufficient magnitude to bend the stud shall not cause failure or cracking in the welé. Failure ean oceur in the stud or the workpiece. 3.4 Machine d weight. Ifrequized, the maximum dimensions (length, width, and height) and machine weight shall not exceed the restrictions specified (7.2(0)).. 3.5 Safety and health requirements. The machine shall be designed and manufactured in ‘accordance with ANSI/National Electricel Manufacturers Association (ANSI/NEMA) EWI, “Welding, Electric Arc, Power Sources", and ANSI/American Welding Society (ANSUAWS) C5.4, *Stud Welding, Recommended Practices For". The manufacturer shall ensure that the stud welding system and all equipment and accessories supplied with the system shall be in compliance with ANSVAWS 749.1, "Safety In Welding And Cutting", and Occupational Safety and Health ‘Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR PART 1910, "Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry", Ifa conflict arises between the ANSI and OSHA standards, the OSHA standards shall apply. Covers, guards, or other safety devices shall be provided for all parts of the system that present safety hazards. The manufacturer shall ensure that the system is intended for ‘manual use. type I] system having a power source with en open circuit voltage that is notin ‘aveordance with NEMA EWI section 5.3.1 shall not be provided as a manual system. Should this Situation occur, it shall be cause for rejection of the system. a