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Writing a Letter Based on a Given Stimuli

I. Learning Objective

Write a letter based on a given stimuli.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Writing a Letter Based on Stimuli

B. References: PELC Writing 8
English for All Times, Language 5 pp. 216-256
EFAT 5 Reading pp. 103-105
C. Materials: model letter, charts

Value Focus: Thoughtfulness

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities


Ask: What do you usually do when you receive a letter? Do you respond
right away? Why should we always answer immediately letters sent to us?

Unlocking of Difficulties

Context Clues

Present these two words in sentences to get their meanings.

Stimulus something that rouses or incites to activity

Trigger a stimulus that initiates

B. Development of the Lesson


Read the model letter to pupils.

Oas, Albay
March 10, 2009
Dear Debie Lyn,

Congratulations for winning the Best Investigatory Project

Award for fifth graders. I know you are intelligent and your brain is
activated when it comes to Science. Really dear, you take after your
Ill give you a prize when I go there in Marikina for your moms
birthday in December this year.
Extend my regards to your mom, dad, and sisters.

Your loving Aunt,


Analysis and Discussion

Ask: What triggered Aunt Lily to write Debie Lyn a letter?

The news that Debie Lyn, her niece, won the Best in Investigatory
Project triggered her to write a letter.

Values Integration

Debie Lyn responded immediately to the letter of Aunt Lily. Is she right in
doing so? Why?

Ans: Yes, because it was in her immediate reply that she showed
appreciation for the concern of her aunt.


Observe correct mechanics in writing a letter.

Indent the first sentence of the paragraph.
Put the correct punctuation marks in the different parts of the letter.

C. Post Activities


Say: Go back to the letter of Aunt Lily to Debie Lyn. Respond to her
MES, Sta. Elena
Sta. Elena
Marikina City
March 20, 2007
Dear Tita Lily,

Thank you very much for your letter. I heartily appreciate it and
its Gods purpose that I won that award.
Your great support in my studies is like a diamond that lasts a
lifetime. That is more than an award to me.
We are very excited to see you soon. Keep my regards to my
aunties and uncles, grandpa and grandma and cousins.

Very truly yours,

Debie Lyn


Pair-Group Writing

Have each pair of pupils combine their efforts in writing a letter based on

Triggers/Topics to choose from:

school contest
field trip
cultural show

IV. Evaluation

Write a letter based on this stimulus.

You are invited to join the Science Contest on Aug. , 2007 at Barangka Elem.
School, Marikina City.

V. Assignment

Write a letter to your teacher expressing your desire to join the Journalism Club