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Information Skills

Dossier related to Specialised resources Accounting and Finance

1. Databases

This is a selective guide to sources of economic and business information resources. Please, do
not forget to file this guide for the future

Economic and Business Information should be:

especially, business
Up-to date

Reliable Accurate

Allow to
Statistical Data
with data

All these databases are licensed, so remember to be logged in Campus Global an go there
trough library

Our starting point:

Library Guides

Guide in Economy

Guide in Business1

Other way to get to databases:

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Subject: Economic &Business

All the economic databases

1. Databases

1.1 Abi/Inform

Subject coverage


Economic conditions

Corporate strategies
Management theory

Management techniques

Business trends

Competitive landscape and product information




Full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals

Advanced Search

More search options ( Name of companies, codes)2

Filter by formats and types

NAICS: North American Industry Classification System
You can build Boolean searches by Add a row


Peer-review articles
Report about Inditex. ( Search by Company)
Search theses with both subjects: Trade liberalization and GATT 3
Build a Boolean search about your topic that give you only conference proceedings

1.2. Business Source Complete

Articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and trade publications, as well as current company

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Thesaurus: Controlled vocabulary

Search in advanced search:

In the field AUTHOR, how many documents appear searching by Yellen, Janet

Search in Author Profiles

More>Author Profiles

Find the position of Janet Yellen

Search document considered as Grey Literature about Taxes

In Company Information, you can filter and search for companies

Search companies in Spain with this information:

-More than 1000 employees

-1,000,001 to 5,000,000 of revenue


Change language in: Personalizar> Opciones>Idioma

Search business by several criteria

You can search by classification of activities

Find business in Euro Area. How many?

Select FIAT from the list

-Search for its financial data

-Its customers and competitors

-Check the Peer report

-Report of evolution of stock market

Now search for Volkswagen

-Search for Financial Forecasts

1.4. Country Reports

Economic Reports about Countries

Select a Country

Search for economic forecasts for any country

Long term outlook

Predictions of Growth of real GDP