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Lesson Plan Template

Background Information-Content

Student teacher name: Shaikha ID#: Lesson Title/Reference: food in the

Mohammed Hassan Aldhuhoori H00271222 future
Grade: 11 No. of students:32 Date: Time: 45 School: Al massah high
Agvance school for girls.
Learning Outcomes Target Language
Speaking What can you see in the video?
Ss will answer the questions.

Listening Do you eat a lot of natural food?

Ss will listen to a video that talk about

Reading Do you think people will eat more

Ss will read about a passage that talks about healthily in the future?
tomorrows food.
Writing What kind of food is going to be in the
Ss will write the answers.
preservative, nutritionist, legumes, vending machine, agriculture, pressure
cooker, processed food, canned food.

Phonological features
May and might to express possibility, for example The world may go back to old
cooking methods, Families might go back to eating all their meals together

Other (eg affective domain)

The students will have the opportunity of working alone and depending on their selves
in individual activity and developing their relationship with the students while they are
working in pairs.

Rationale: (Why am I teaching this? Place in teaching sequence?)

The lesson will help the students about the possibility of something happening in the

Task(s): (What will the learners do?)

The learners will have a new lesson about tomorrows food and they are going to
read a text about food in the future and have some questions about it.
Questioning: question types (closed, open ended, informational, analytical,
evaluative etc )?
What can you see in the video?
Do you eat a lot of natural food?
Do you think people will eat more healthily in the future?
Reflection/evaluation of learning outcomes:
This lesson can help the students in reading and developing their reading skills. Also,
having a new knowledge.

Resources and Materials:
Smart board and students book.

Teachers Activity
Time/ Students Interaction
and language Why
Stage Activity Pattern

- T will show the - Ss will watch the For engaging the

Engaging students a video video. whole class students to the new
15m about restaurant that lesson and know
works in robots. the student
- T will ask the - Ss will answer background
students about the the teachers knowledge.
video. questions.

T will Ask the Ss will read the

Building students to read a text. To give the students
Knowledge text that talks about Individually a new information
5m tomorrows food. about future food.

- T will ask the Ss will read and

student to read the answer the To test the
Presentati questions and answer questions. Individually students
on them. - Ss will answer knowledge and
10m - T will ask the the questions sharing the
students to answer together. information
the questions together.

Reflection - T will ask the Ss will work and Pair To test the
10m students to discuss discuss. students
about the future food knowledge.
in pairs.