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Less Content
Specific Objective Learning Activity Resources Assessment
on Descriptor
Sustainability Checklist: Students
YouTube: Carbon Footprints
YouTube video as an introduction.
Recall sustainability once they have
Read The Last Tree by Peter Carnavas
ACHASSK0 keywords and facts from com/watch? completed the task
to class. Students to complete the
1 88ACHASS immersion of resources. v=fKWQuU0sHPw did they participate
Sustainability brainstorm on Padlets on
K090 Calculate individual Carbon Book: The Last Tree in padlet, was their
their iPad and then take the quiz to
Footprint. in the City by Peter participation
figure out their Carbon Footprint
Carnavas relevant?
Class iPads
Collect the
Independent iPad activity reading of worksheets for
Student iPads
List the recycling resources recycling facts then the Recycling test. marking. Have the
ACHASSK0 Our School
located within the school Students in pairs or small groups walk students applied the
2 88ACHASS Recycling
and assess the efficiency around the school to complete the knowledge they
K090 worksheets printed
of the schools recycling. worksheet; worksheet is an individual gained in the lesson
sheet, not done as a group. to answer the short
Explore how natural Doug the Darter - A local waterbirds School bus Once arrived back at
resources are used and dice with death. Core Program: how school (on bus if

Students Permission
ACHASSK0 managed in sustainable natural resources are used and running late) peer
88ACHASS and non-sustainable ways managed in sustainable and non- review. 2 stars (facts
H4 First Aid &
K090 and identify some of the sustainable ways. Self-guided 'ECO Medical list I learnt) and a wish
natural resources produced Tour' with group leaders: identification Parent helpers (what I would like to
by the environment. of resources in the environment change).
Peer review:
Students will learn about renewable
students will
and non-renewable resources, they will
Identify and sort renewable compare worksheets
ACHASSK0 then be split into groups and be finding Student iPads
and non-renewable on renewable/ non-
4 88ACHASS and sorting renewable and non- Discovering Natural
resources around the renewable
K090 renewable resources. Students will then Resources sheet
school. resources. Sheets
play an online categorising game on
will be collected and
marked by teacher.
Read The Tomorrow Book by Jackie
Teacher observation
Investigate and write 3 French to class. Students will identify
The Tomorrow Book Rubric outlining how
goals related to and brainstorm sustainable changes
ACHASSK0 by Jackie French well the students
sustainability and draw an that were made in the story. Students
5 88ACHASS Student iPads have written their 3
image on what they will investigate and create 3
K090 My Sustainable Living sustainable goals.
believe sustainable living sustainable living goals and draw an
Goals sheet 3,2,1 Exit Slip -
looks like. image of what they believe sustainable
living looks like.