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2. What is the main idea of the

second paragraph?
I. Choose the correct answers a. Dickens continued school
by crossing a, b, c, d or e! b. Dickens was jailed in a
Please, do fairly! Believe in prison
your own ability! c. Dickens left school to work
d. Dickens was very rich
The following text is for questions e. Dickens got formal
number 1 to 5 education
3. Which of the following is true
Charles Dickens (1812- about Dickens?
1870) was an English writer of a. He was an English novels
novels who combined great writing writer
with the ability to write popular b. He was 70 years old when
stories full of interesting characters, he died
such as Scrooge, Fagin and the c. He got a formal education
Artful Dodger. d. He was not popular writer
e. He was from rich family
Born in Portsmouth, 4. What type of recount the text
Dickens left school to work in a above?
factory when his father was jailed a. Personal recount text
in a debtors prison. Despite his b. Private recount text
lack of formal education, he edited c. Formal recount text
a weekly journal for 20 years, wrote d. Factual recount text
15 novels, five novellas, hundreds e. Form recount text
of short stories. 5. What tense do we usually see in
the text above?
His many books were a. Simple Present Tense
mostly about life in Victorian b. Simple Past Tense
England and often describe the c. Present Perfect
harsh conditions in which poor d. Modals
people lived. His early novels e. Past Future
included Pickwick Papers and 6. Sissy : Nice to know you
Oliver Twist. And his later books Laila!
included David Copperfield, A Tale Laila : .
of Two Cities and Great a. Im not good
Expectation. b. Im very good
1. What is the text about? c. Thanks
a. The history of English novel d. Nice to know you, too.
writers e. See you!
b. The biography of Charles 7. The expression to ask someone
Dickens address is
c. The influence of Dickenss a. What is your hobby?
novel b. Who is your friend?
d. The history of novel c. How is your life?
e. The popular novels of d. How is your day?
Charles Dickens e. Where do you live?
8. How are you? It is the
expression to ask someones .
a. Hobby water in the rain forest surrounding the
b. Life
c. Condition
d. Name
e. Life goal Hearing the sound of falling
9. Two days ago, I (forget) to water made me peace and relaxes. It
bring my dictionary.
a. Forgotten was also excellent drowning out
b. Forging background sound. Playing with the
c. Forgot
d. Was forgotten water made me feel so happy.
e. Had forgotten
10. I (do not) cheat in English test, Finally, the time was over. It was
time for us to go home. It was an
a. Does not
b. Was not unforgettable moment.
c. Did not
d. Is not 11. What is the purpose of the text?
e. Were not a. To describe about Waterfall
b. To inform about Ungaran
The following text is for questions
c. To explain how to trip to
number 11 to 15
Holiday in Semirang Waterfall d. To inform or retell the
experience of Holiday in
I and my best friend, Sari,
visited Semirang Waterfall in Ungaran.
e. To promote the Semirang
It was the first time for me to visit the
waterfall. 12. What is the main idea in
paragraph 2?
When we arrived at the hill, I a. The hills situation
felt so fresh and very calm. I could b. The Ungarans distance
c. The arrival of the writer
enjoy the scene. The air was so pure and d. The scene of the hills
all I could see only green and green. e. The waterfalls beauty
13. When we arrived at the hill
In Ungaran, we took a little bit this paragraph is called?
a. Orientation
trekking to find Semirang Waterfall. It
b. Reorientation
was too bad for me because the distance c. Complication
d. Events
to see the waterfall was too far.
e. Resolution
14. After, first, then, next
After taking so far distance, we are called?
found Semirang Waterfall. What a a. Propositions
b. Subjunctives
beautiful waterfall. We enjoyed the nice c. Pronouns
d. Time c. Tourist
connectives/conjunction d. Employee
e. Imperatives e. Writer
15. Hearing the sound of falling 17. John comes from the city of
water made me peace and a. London
relax (paragraph 5). The b. New York
underlined word can we c. Edinburgh
changed with d. Rangers
a. Tired d. Rush e. Manchester
b. Calm e. Hurry 18. John comes from
c. Fresh a. UK d. Ireland
b. Spain e. USA
The following dialogue is for number c. Scotland
16 to 20 19. Where does Tika come from?
a. West Java
Tika : Excuse me, Sir. May I sit
b. Central Java
down here? c. South Sumatra
d. North Sumatra
John : Of course, please! Are you a e. East Java
20. May I introduce myself. It is
local tourist? the example of expression.
Tika : Yes, Sir. I come from medan, a. Greeting d. Introducing
b. Inviting e. Parting
North Sumatra. And you? c. Accepting
21. The lamp is..the table.
John : Im a foreign tourist. a. In d. front
b. Or e. at
Tika : What country do you come
c. On
from? Are you Spain? 22. Riani lives..26, Rosewood
John : No, I come from New York, a. At d. behind
b. In e. in front of
United State of America. c. On
Tika : May I introduce myself? Im 23. England has not won the world
cup in football . 1966.
Tika. a. Since d. in
b. For e. ago
John : My name is John Miller. How c. Between
24. Ill meet you.the morning.
do you do, Tika? a. In d. for
Tika : How do you do, John? Im b. On e. near
c. At
very glad to meet you 25. On Saturday night, I usually
stay home .. 08.00 p.m
John : So I am. The Indonesian are a. At d. for
very friendly. b. On e. near
c. In
16. Who is Tika? Tika is
a. Student
b. Researcher
II. Read the text bellow and was not an excellent student
then answer the following academically, she was good
questions! in personality, caring nature,
and cheerful those helped
Lady Diana was born her through it.
in 1961 as the third daughter
of Edward John Spencer and
his wife Ruth Burke Roche.
Diana grew up in a very
privileged family that had a
long history of close ties Questions:
with the royal family. When
Dianas paternal grandfather 1. What do you call the
passed away in 1975, so type of recount text
Dianas father became the 8th above? Hove do you
Earl of Spencer and Diana know? Give an
gained the title of Lady. explanation!
In 1969, Dianas 2. Why Diana had an
parents divorced. And both emotional scar?
of them remarried. The 3. How Diana gets the title
divorce left an emotional of Lady?
scar on Diana. 4. When Dianas paternal
Diana attended school grandfather died?
at West Health in Kent and 5. Diana was not an
spent a short time a excellent academically,
finishing school in but she was good in?
Switzerland. Although she