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Manager on Duty Checklist

MOD’s Name: Date:

Occupancy %: Rooms Sold: Total Pax

Expected Occupancy% Next Day:

Checklist point Room # Remarks Room # Remarks
Main door / entrance
Door bell
Door hinges / door stopper
Room lock
Double lock
Fire exit plan
Do not disturb sign
Light working
Wooden skirting
Wardrobe /dressing area
Coat hangers
Laundry lists
Laundry bag and basket
Water glasses
Tea coffee making facilities
Bed / mattress / headboard
Bed linen
Bedspread / bed-skirting
Art work / wall picture
Air conditioning effective
Fcu unit noisy
Service directory
T.v. cabinet
Television / Cd player
Bedside lamps / shades
Mineral water
Scribbling pad
Pencil/Pen with Logo
Ashtrays and match box
Coffee table
Sofa / loose cushions
Writing table
Writing table lamp / shade

Checklist point Room # Remarks Room # Remarks
Candle Holder

room service clearance and lighting Page 2 of 5 Filled by – .Waste paper basket / liner Balcony Balcony railing Balcony wooden table Balcony shutter / curtains Drainage Furniture / cushions covers Bathroom Shampoo / bath gel /Lotion / conditioner Amenities Tray Tissue box / tissue Bathroom tumblers / coaster Sanitary bags Shower cap Environmental Tent cards Toilet rolls Toilet roll holder Hair dryer Hand towels Face towels Bath towels Bath mats Bathrobe Mirror Clean shower curtains Walls Floor Drainage General Polish on paint Polish on mirrors / glass Dusting Placement of furniture Cracks Dampness Ceiling Walls Leakages Remarks and Observations Complete rounds of all room corridors to check for cleanliness.

Dishwasher machine. Cold Rooms Status Page 3 of 5 Filled by – . Back Kitchen Cleanliness 5. Entertainment and maintenance. OBSERVATIONS: INTERACTION WITH GUESTS F & B SERVICE: Check for service flow. KITCHEN: 1. Check for pending guest requests and complaints 3.- 3. 5.- 1. - OBSERVATIONS. Check and ensure that all positions are manned 4. Lobby Lights and cleanliness. Receiving Area Cleanliness 6. Overall cleanliness. lighting. Festa 2. 6.OBSERVATIONS FRONT OFFICE: 1. Bell desk is clean and welcome drink station. arrivals and departures 2. Ensure that the Lobby and Fountain Lounge piped Music is on and at the right volume. - 2. Kahawa 4. Rooftop Randevous 3.- 4. Banquet functions: If any. Check arrivals of next day for complete reservation . Room Service 5. Dishwashing and pot washing area. overall cleanliness. Check lobby guest cloak room 7.

All offices locked and lights and AC switched off 3. Laundry locked.OBSERVATIONS: BACK OFFICES: Later in the night 1. Deck-beds in place. No soiled towel.- 2. 5.- 6. Staff Canteen food quality & cleanliness (dinner - 4. Check the Jacuzzi at near the pool. OBSERVATIONS.- 5. Staff late night snack service. OBSERVATIONS: GARDENS: Check all gardens for cleanliness.- 3. Water Pressure Page 4 of 5 Filled by – . Minimum lighting level in all corridors. Staff lockers (gents / ladies) - 6. - 2. Tables and chairs in place. All lights to be focused on trees / bushes of coral reef. Check for the Following Utilities: 1. - OBSERVATIONS: POOLSIDE: Both pool areas 1. 3.- 4. Gas area clean and free of accidents prone objects – 2. Building lights on. Check Desalination Plant that it is working well. Pool lights on (check all light).

4. Reconfirm Generator fuel levels with R&M ADDITIONAL OVERALL OBSERVATIONS SURPRISE CHECKS Page 5 of 5 Filled by – .

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