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Ê    `enzodiazepine Exact mechanisms of ͻ Management of 5mg TIV OD H› ͻ Contraindicated with  Drowsiness >Obtain history of
diazepam  Anxiolytic action not anxiety disorders or hypersensitivity to  ÷atigue patient͛s underlying
 Antiepileptic understood; acts for short-term relief benzodiazepines;  Ataxia condition before

 Apo-  › eletal muscle mainly at the limbic of symptoms of psychoses, acute narrow-  Nausea therapy, and reassess
Diazepam (CAN), relaxant (centrally system and reticular anxiety angle glaucoma, shoc ,  Hypotension regularly thereafter.
Diastat, Diazemuls acting) formation; may act ͻ Acute alcohol coma, acute alcoholic  Rash
(CAN), Diazepam in spinal cord and at withdrawal; may be intoxication; pregnancy  rinary >Periodically monitor
Intensol, Valium, supraspinal sites to useful in and lactating mother. incontinence liver, idney and
Vivol (CAN) produce s eletal symptomatic relief of hematopoietic
muscle relaxation; acute agitation, function studies in
potentiates the tremor, delirium patient receiving
effects of GA`A, an tremens, hallucinosis repeated or
inhibitory ͻ Adjunct for relief of prolonged therapy.
neurotransmitter; reflex s eletal muscle
anxiolytic effects spasm due to local >Loo for adverse
occur at doses well pathology reactions and drug
below those ͻTreatment of interactions.
necessary to cause tetanus
sedation, ataxia; has ͻ Adjunct in status >Assess patient͛s and
little effect on epilepticus and family͛s nowledge of
cortical function. severe recurrent drug therapy.
convulsive seizures,
adjunct in convulsive
ͻ Relief of anxiety
and tension