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Human Resource Management has played a vital role both in the public and private

sectors. We can say that people, together with their knowledge and skills are the most important

aspects affecting the productivity of an organization. Hence, it has come the researchers interest

to understand the different factors affecting job satisfaction among the employees, which we

consider a precondition for increasing productivity, responsiveness, quality, and customer


The aim of this study is to identify the significant effect of the factors affecting job

satisfaction of the HR employees of the Human Resource Management and Development Office

of the Iloilo Provincial Capitol, as well as also ranking these factors according to its impact and

to know their overall satisfaction towards their job. The theoretical framework used in the study

is Lockes Range of Affect Theory which includes concepts such as job satisfaction itself,

perception, nature of work, rewards and other people, and organizational context. The empirical

part of the study and the survey were created according to the mentioned concepts. The survey

contained questions about the independent variables used in the conceptual framework which are

personal profile, perception, work environment, and rewards and incentives. Furthermore, a

population of 15 respondents answered the said self-administered questionnaire.

The study showed that only rewards and incentives significantly influenced employee job

satisfaction in the HRMDO as after conducting t-test and Pearson r correlation which resulted to

a strong positive correlation of (.60<|r|<.79); P<0.05. However, other factors such as personal

profile, perception, and work environment did not significantly influence their job satisfaction.

Hence, we specifically recommended that the Iloilo Provincial Government would increase its
focus on the employees rewards and incentives, as it would significantly affect their job