SSW JSC(10)2nd Minutes 10/09 – 10/14

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DRAFT Minutes of a meeting of Joint Safety Committee held on Wednesday 09 June 2010 at Friars Bridge Court present: Andy Pitt Jan Chaudhry Ian Johnston Andrew Welsby Christian Roth Andrew Edwards Keith Usher Barbara Davenport Martin Dye Graham Morris Pete Skelly Rickey Goodman Iain Anderson John Walsh Andy Haddon Managing Director (chairman) Operations Director Customer Service Director Human Resources Director Engineering Director Legislation and Standards Manager Head of Operational Standards Head of Employee Wellbeing Company Council Representative (ASLE&F) District Organiser (ASLE&F) Regional Organiser (RMT) Company Council Representative (RMT) Divisional Secretary (TSSA) Health and Safety Representative (TSSA) HQ Safety (secretary)

Apologies for absence were received from: Bill Read Drivers Health and Safety Representative (RMT) Brian Cook Head of Safety and Environment Item JSC 10/09 The Chairman welcomed Committee members. The Committee noted the minutes of the last meeting held on 10 March 2010 and approved them with no amendments.

JSC 10/10

The Committee reviewed the items on the actions tracking log. Any actions carried forward have been recorded on the log, which is appended to these minutes. The Legislation and Standards Manager gave a presentation to Committee members on South West Trains’ and Island Line’s safety performance for Periods 12 and 13 2009/10, and 01 2010/11. 11.01 Performance Indicators The Legislation and Standards Manager reported on the current position against the KPI targets. Overall this remains quite positive.

JSC 10/11

JSC2010(2nd Meeting – 09 June 2010)

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SSW JSC(10)2nd Minutes 10/09 – 10/14



Exceptional Events There had been only one significant event during the three periods when a train had hit a car on Waterloo AHB level crossing (between Wokingham and Bracknell) on 6 March. The car driver had deliberately placed their vehicle in the path of the train and was killed by the impact. Passengers were detrained and removed from the site by buses. The driver was badly shaken by the incident and was initially treated on the scene by attending paramedics.


SPADs The Legislation and Standards Manager advised the Committee on the best performance for a considerable time, with only 15 SPADs up to the end of period 13. The Head of Operational Standards gave a brief overview on the circumstances surrounding the SPAD on GPL signal BE5204 in Andover Yard on 21 April.


Station overruns The Committee noted that whilst the number of station overruns had not worsened, they were still below the current MAA targets. The Legislation & Standards Manager informed the Committee that the leaf fall peak (between periods 07 and 10 2009) had been higher than the national average.


Door Opening Irregularities The Committee noted the positive trend in performance as a result of continuing actions by the Guards function to address the key issues.


Physical Assaults/Threats and Abuse The Committee noted the variable figures in relation to both physical assaults and threats & abuse. Of particular concern were the violent assaults on a guard at Ash Vale on 11 April (20 days lost from duty), a gateline assistant at Waterloo on 5 April (1 day lost from duty) and an unprovoked threat with a broken bottle made by a member of the public on two revenue protection staff at Bournemouth during period 01/2010. Committee members requested that feedback be provided at the next meeting on how these incidents were being pursued. The Customer Service Director stated he would follow up with the Head of Security & Crime Prevention.

POST MEETING NOTE The Head of Security & Crime Prevention will deliver a presentation at the next meeting scheduled for 22 September 2010. (continued…)

JSC2010(2nd Meeting – 09 June 2010)

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SSW JSC(10)2nd Minutes 10/09 – 10/14



Drugs and alcohol screening The Committee noted that there had been one positive ‘for cause’ screening for drugs or alcohol during Period 13.


Environment The Legislation & Standards Manager updated the committee on the recycling initiatives being pursued with waste recycling contractors, specifically in relation to waste generated at stations. The Legislation & Standards Manager informed the committee that our energy consumption figures were performing to target. Normalisation of current figures had indicated a 13% improvement.

JSC 10/12

The Committee noted that there were no CIRAS issues to report. No further issues relating to the delivery and distribution of the journal at Waterloo were raised.

JSC 10/13

The Legislation and Standards Manager presented a further update on the Safety Culture Survey to the Committee. The results had more or less mirrored the industry sector mean following the benchmarking exercise. The highest score was attained in relation to Training, with the lowest scores in Management Commitment, followed by Employee Involvement and Organisational Learning. The Legislation and Standards Manager informed the Committee that the headline results will be published on Switch On. Action plans will be implemented for the areas in which we had performed poorly, such as management commitment. These will be combined with the action plans developed for the ‘Tell Us’ survey results.

JSC 10/14

The date of the next meeting of Joint Safety Committee is Wednesday 22 September 2010 and will be held in the Beaulieu Room, Friars Bridge Court starting at 10:00 (please note the start time of this meeting). Please advise the Legislation and Standards Manager of any items for inclusion on the agenda for this meeting by 5pm on Tuesday 7 September, including any supporting papers.

JSC2010(2nd Meeting – 09 June 2010)

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