Minutes of Learning Partnership Steering Group Meeting Tuesday 15th September 2009, 11.00 – 14.


Present at Meeting:Mark Manwaring, Lead Union Learning Rep. Chairman SWT (MM) Tony Shipley, Learning & Development Consultant SWT (TS) Shaun Seymour, Company Council Rep, ASLEF (SS) Clive Chown, Lead Union Learning Rep, ASLEF (CC) Peter Connolly, Lead Union Learning Rep, TSSA (PC) John Walsh, CC Rep, TSSA (JW) Alan Martin, Island Line Union Learning Rep, (AM) Iain Anderson, Full Time Office, TSSA (IA) Rickey Goodman, Company Council Rep RMT(RG) Marc Sellis, Head of Training and Development Manager, SWT (MS) Sue Bugden, Business Excellence Assistant SWT (SB) Secretary Apologies Andy Lester, Union Learning Rep, ASLEF (AL) Mel Taylor, Learning Organiser, TSSA (MT) Emma Ramsey, Learning Project Worker, ASLEF(ER)

Item 1 Minutes of Previous Meeting 2 Facilities

Discussion The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as being a true represenation. Further issues to be discussed later in meeting. TS reported that IT is looking at available computer for Woking. Work request raised with IT. Each Lead Union Learning Rep to provide a list of computer users to TS to set up logins and access. Learners unable to access certain internet sites that would be applicable to learning, SS to provide a list of sites need access to. MS to invite Dave Brougham to next meeting to discuss issues surrounding learning access. Learners having difficulties at learning centres accessing the desktop for Word, Excel etc. TS to get set up on computers certain sites with generic logins. Also put poster up to display certain computer only access to desktop and not internet.

Action(s) No Action required

TS to continue chasing up computer for Woking LULR to produce list of computer users SS to provide list of sites need access for learning. MS to invite Dave Brougham to next meeting TS set up generic logins for access at Open Learning sites for desktop access. TS to get poster specify no access to internet for certain computers.

Item Discussion 3 The procedure for request for release for Release for courses required by ULRs is specified in The URLs/Learne Learning Agreement Section 7.2 rs “The relevant Trade Union should give SWT at least 21 days written notice requesting release when a ULR is proposing to commence a relevant training course. Upon request the Union will supply SWT with the details of the course programme indicating the contents of the course. In all cases release will be subject to SWT business requirements.” Discussion followed covering what process to go forward so that it reduces the number of cancellation of attendees at short notice. It was decided that MS discuss with Steve Bunce and June Pengally (Employee Relations), the process of: Union Rep to request release through Lead Union Rep who then requests from Employee Relations (June Pengally, Steve Bunce), they inform line managers and response as soon as possible. 4 Comms/ Statistics TS reviewed OL Stats TS reported footfall is down, however Learning Mentor appointments are picking up. SS requested further breakdown of other classification is breakdown of language.

Action(s) MS to discuss release process with Employee Relations

Request made for periods annotations changed from “period” to actual dates. 5 Learning Events/ Initiatives


TS to look at feasibility of obtaining further data and will make alterations to spreadsheet. No action required

Three future events are being proposed: 1. Salisbury, 2. Basingstoke before the end of October 2009, suggested courses for half term week discussions of art courses, so children can interact as well. Learning survey sent out at other events have formed feedback for the future events and what items were popular etc. Advertisement to be agreed. TS has arranged for Open Learning Centre to be used by Guildford College to teach Skills for Life course, provisional book 27-28th October 2009, this could alter due to half term dates. Once days confirmed book URL to attend if possible. PC to get a copy of CD Rom Skills for Life from Guildford to test working on IT Systems in advance.

PC to get of a copy of CD Rom Skills for Life from Guildford to test working on IT Systems in advance.

Item 6 NVQ

Discussion NVQ Passing ceremony is to take place on 28th September 2009 at Centre Stage Basingstoke, MS to provide buffet. Andrew Welsby to attend. Consider inviting manager from retail departments. Various publications pictures provided. to be advised and

Action(s) Consider manager invitees

Trial period for NVQ Team leaders Level 2 and NVQ Level 3 Management only available to selected individuals at this time, but this could widened in future depending on the trail outcome and could be considered to be opened up at a later date to all employees who meet the criteria. Drivers NVQ to be discussed outside of the forum with MS at a later date.

7 Learning Agreement

Renegotiation of the learning Agreement was requested with Employee Relations within the next three months, looking at issues including Skills for Life, release dates and agreement terms etc. TS advised that any re-negotiation of the Learning Agreement would have to go through Employee Relations through the formal route.

Union action.



8 Any Other Business

TS highlighted Learning Agreement Section 4 “The Learning Partnership Steering Committee will comprise of:  Representatives of South West Trains who will appoint at least one senior member of its management team so that the committee is able to take effective decisions Representatives of the trade unions comprising one nominated company council representative for each of the trade union partners, each supported by one nominated representative (the nominated representative will normally be an appointed Lead Union Learning Representative) Others may be co-opted or invited to attend meetings as agreed by the LPSC, for example Representative for the Rail Union Learning Programme and TUC Learning Services “

Discussion on nominated member who join the meeting, it was suggested Simon Lindsay agreed project managers should join the group, as they would be the best source of information.

Discussion on the structure of meeting it was specified in the Learning Agreement. 2 Steering Group Meetings 2 Learning Group Meetings Discussion TS, to put an agenda forward for next year for each Learning Meeting to distinguish meetings. Who can join each meeting must be agreed in advance with the Chairperson. IAG course is going forward with MT heading and appears to be going smoothly. SS suggested to encourage our multi lingual staff that it might be more encouraging if posters where in the individuals first language and also information. Each LUR for each area to look at languages required and see if any one with in our staff would be whiling to help translate information. TS to discuss with Steve Denholm the possibility of banner posters for events, for the actual location of the event. Note for Diaries Learning at Work Day 20th May 2010 Adult Learning Week 15th May –21st May 2010 Diary dates LUR to forward information on language requirements in areas and any member of staff willing to help translate information. TS to try and organise banners for events.


Action(s) To be further reviewed at handover of Chair.

Next Meeting: 9th December 2009 Partnership and Steering Group Meeting 11.00-14.00 Beaulieu Rm FBC