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Formal Lesson Plan Template

Name: Bruno Loya Pima Course:

Subject: Folklorico Topic: Production Grade Level: 9-12

Duration of Lesson: 53min
Components Description of Plan
1 Content Standard: DA.9-12.1.P.5 Students demonstrate projection while performing dance skills
DA.9-12.1.P.6 Students demonstrate the ability to remember extended movement sequences
Choose ONE standard. Be
sure to write out the entire
standard, not just the number.
2 Learning Objective: Students will be able to articulate a sequence of movements by performing
Choose ONE objective the following dances in with an emphasis on posture and projection:
that leads toward
mastery of the standard
Must be specific, Adelita
measurable, and La Cucaracha
realistic. Jesusita en Chihuahua
Must have at least two
parts: learning and # of
behavior mins
3 Anticipatory Set: Students will come in, dress out, and begin independently stretching.
Sometimes called a Teacher will lead warm ups
"hook" to grab the Students will participate in Think Pair Share activity on audience engagement
student's attention
Focuses student Teacher will ask students about methods for engaging an audience through the
attention on the use of projection
objective and the
purpose of the lesson
Activates prior
Requires ACTIVE
ALL learners
4 Teaching-Input: Teacher will recap strategies for audience engagement and provide notes to
Using effective and varied students prior to performing dances
strategies, the teacher
provides information for
students to gain the concept,
strategy, or skill.
5 We are at the "We do together" stage of the gradual release model. Students will
Teaching-Modeling: be expected to articulate movement sequences with a focus on projection and
Demonstrate and show
examples of what students
are expected to do (how to
solve the problem, answer the
question, do the activity etc.).
6 Check for Thumbs up/down check for understanding
Understanding: Visual assessment based on student performance
Various strategies that
are ongoing throughout
the entire lesson.
Enables teacher to
determine whether ALL
students have "gotten it."
7 Guided Practice: Students will perform their pieces once after Think Pair Share without teacher input.
Formal Lesson Plan Template

An opportunity for each

student to demonstrate new
learning by working through Teacher will then recap expectations for student audience engagement strategies
an activity or exercise with the
teachers guidance.
8 Closure: Students will write down one technique they would like to focus on developing toward our upcoming
Actions or statements march production
made by teachers AND
students that summarize
lesson objectives.
Essential for helping
students integrate ideas,
make sense out of what
has just been taught,
and to improve their
chances of retention and
Must be done BEFORE
Independent Practice
9 Independent Practice:
AFTER proper closure, it is
important to provide time for
additional practice. It may be
group or individual work in
class or it might be
10 Assessment:
The formative and/or Formative assessment during audition process
summative assessments that
are aligned with the objective.
11 Differentiation: Verbal communicated objective and directions for class
How you will reach diverse Written communication of objective
learners by varying the: Prompting students to respond to questions related to expectations
12 21st Century Learning: Students will collaborate with peers to identify audience engagement strategies in
Includes technology as well Think pair share activity.
as the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking,
Creativity, Collaboration, and
13 List of Materials, Handouts and other Supplemental Documents:

Skirts, folklorico shoes, pen/pencil, paper, laptop music, sound system