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Republic of the Philippines


College of Nursing and Health Sciences


General objectives:

At the end of 1hour and 5 minutes of drawing therapy, the participants will be able
to express thought and feelings about themselves creatively and be able to increase
social interaction.

Specific objectives:

1. Participants will follow instructions.

2. Participants will be able to draw a picture.
3. Participants will write something about the picture he drew.
4. Participants will show confidence in presenting drawing.


1. To increase self-esteem of the participants.

2. To reduce negative symptoms such as lack of motivation, lack of drive, and
lack of communication.
3. Reduce social and emotional withdrawal of the participants.

Rules and regulation

1. The willing participants are expected to participate in the activity.

2. Participants should listen and be quiet during the activity.
3. All materials must be returned to the student nurses after the activity.
4. Student nurses and participants are expected to respect each other.
5. Participants are encouraged to approach the student nurses for any
assistance in connection with the activity.

Materials needed

1. Crayons (assorted colours)

2. Long bond papers

Target participants

Schizophrenia patients

Date and Time

May , 2016

Methods/ Procedure

1. Student nurses explain the activity.

2. Student nurses introduce the rules and regulation with the participants.
3. Gather all the materials needed and counting of the materials.
4. Distribution of the materials to the participants.
5. Upon distribution, the student nurses explain what to be done.
a) In the long bond paper, each participant is encouraged to draw
something they really want.
b) At the lower right corner/ back of the bond paper they will right
something about the drawing they drew.
c) Those who have difficulty in following the instructions will be
assisted by the student nurses.
6. Before the activity ends, those participants who are willing to share their
drawing are given about 1-2 minutes to talk about their drawing.
7. Before the activities end, the participants are instructed to give the materials
back and then counted.
8. At the end of the activity, recognitions will be given to the participants.

Time Frame

8:00-8:05(5 minutes) - the student nurse will introduce the activity to the

8:05-8:10(5 minutes) student nurses give the rules and regulation of the

8:10-8:13(3 minutes) counting and distribution of materials.

8:13-8:18(5 minutes) instruction given to the participants.

8:18-8:40(22 minutes) allotted time for drawing.

8:40-9:00(20 minutes) allotted time for sharing.

9:00-9:03(3 minutes) gathering of the used materials and recounting.

9:03-9:05(2 minutes) closing remarks and recognitions for the participant

cooperation and participation.

Evaluation Method

Ask the participants what they felt towards the activity before and after
participating in drawing activity.