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Monica Saucedo

Jose Gonzalez
Maribel Osorio
Philip O'Connor

Activity: LEVEL # 1 WEEK # 11


TIME: 30 mins

EQUIPMENT: 40 bean bags, 8 cones, music, boombox

OBJECTIVES: To be able to move continuously in moderately active activities. To learn the

rules of recreational activities.

Introductory Activity: Grade 1: 1.1 Demonstrate an awareness of personal space, general space, and
boundaries while moving in different directions and at high, medium, and low levels in space.
Fitness Activity: 3.2 participate three to four times each week, for increasing periods of time, in
moderate to vigorous physical activities that increase breathing and heart rate.
Lesson Focus: 1.11 Demonstrate the overhand movement (throw) pattern.
Game: 5.6 Identify and demonstrate effective practices for working with a group without interfering
with others.

PART 1: INTRODUCTORY ACTIVITY (2-3 mins): Monica Saucedo

Activity Teaching Hints
A beanbag is used to mark each childs stable. On Remind students no bumper cars
signal students gallop around the area in and out
of the stables. On a second signal, students Also remind to be safe and not fall over even if it
return to the nearest stable. is an accident.
Repeat with skipping and jogging
Balance on one foot inside stable, then the
other foot.


Activity Teaching Hints
30 seconds aerobic activity while music is playing do as many as you can
and 30 seconds of strength and flexibility when no
music is playing. Begin with walking and end only worry about yourself

with walking and stretching.
Walk ----------------------------30 seconds dont fall, even if it is an accident
Arm circles---------------------30 seconds
Skip forward-------------------30 seconds
Push up variation--------------30 seconds
Slide-----------------------------30 seconds
Leg raise and hold-------------30 seconds
Jump like a pogo stick---------30 seconds
Crab walk-----------------------30 seconds
Jumping Jacks------------------30 seconds
Sit, spread legs, reach in the middle 30s
Sit ups ----------------------------30 seconds
Jump rope without the rope---30 seconds
Calf raises -----------------------30 seconds
Jogging----------------------------30 seconds
Inch worm-----------------------------30
Pretend to canoe-----------------30 seconds
Bicycles on the groups---------30 seconds
Skip backwards------------------30 seconds
Behind head stretch (triceps)30 seconds
Walk ------------------------------30 seconds

PART 3: LESSON FOCUS (15-20 mins): Maribel Osorio and Philip O'Connor
Activity Teaching Hints
Students practice throwing been bags against the follow through to your target
1. 5 minutes of direct instruction with teacher throw from the line
breaking down and demonstrating the
stage three throwing method. when before what
- Non-throwing side of body facing the
- make a T students get in T position
o Weight from front to rear foot
- bend the elbow
- twist and throw
o Students twist at hips and
throw ball with elbow leading
- For 5 8 minutes, students of
practice by throwing beanbags at a

wall 3 feet away. The bean bag should
bounce back and students repeatedly
throw the bag until time is up. If it
doesnt bounce back students can go
across the line to grab the bean bag.

PART 4: GAME ACTIVITY (5 mins): Monica Saucedo

Activity Teaching Hints
Clean your room no bumper cars
Two equal teams facing each other
Game will begin with by each team having bean no throwing at each other, even if it is on
bags on their side purpose
Bean bags will be set on each side
when I say go kids may only get the bean say when before what
Goal: to get the most bean bags on No changing team
opponents side
1st round will contain of 2mins
Team with less bean bags on their side
will win
After team wins have them switch sides to
where most bean bags are so they can give
the opposite team a chance
2nd round will be another 2mins