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Marisol Garcia

English 301-57
April 16, 2017
Group 1
Editorial Peer Review for Mason Goeddel

Rhetorical Awareness
When reading your editorial paper I was able to read smoothly with no
confusing. I really appreciated the explanations to certain words that
are used in the media industry such as tokenism. Given the
explanations when using words like that makes it seem that you
conceder your readers understanding to your paper. In my perspective
I believe you wrote your paper in a LA or NY times readers level.
Another thing I really enjoyed reading your paper, it really got me
thinking about your topic on diversity shown on our screens.

Ethical Research
Your paper had well placed quotations and paraphrases however, you
didnt seem to place any references at the end of those sentences.
Another, when using images to support and demonstrate your sources
you happen to leave out the reference site to which you found the
image. In spite of leaving out the reference site at the end of the
sentences and below the images you have the minimum requirement
of sources cited at the end of the paper. Lastly, I think you used a well
variety of sources to explain your point of the argument and didnt just
stick to one to back up your paper.

While reading your paper I found your evidence to be valid and
credible. You used well-known sources that many can take into
account. I also liked that you didnt over use a lot of sources when
writing your paper. You placed evidence well however, I didnt see you
placing any citing at the end of the sentence which Im not sure if
thats fine just leaving it like that.

I think your paper is well organized. When reading the introduction I
knew off the bat what your paper was going to be about and the way
you organized your sentences had me already wanting to read more.
The headings were well used; it gave me a total understanding of what
the following paragraph was going to be about. Overall, the way you
arranged your claims, evidence and arranged your paragraphs made it
easy and fun to read.
The language you used in your paper was consistent to a LA or NY
times form. For instance, when reading your paper you used effective
words with your argument and did not use low level writing nor to high
level English. Another thing, In your paper you varied in vocabulary
which is great because it didnt make the paper repetitive.

Lastly, when reading your paper the designed used was great. When
reading your paper I liked how you placed the images near the section
in a paragraph to demonstrate what you were trying to explain in
writing. However, I didnt see any citation source underneath the
images you used, maybe you can add the sources under the image to
see where you found them.