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Rumford Maine 1930

After meditating on the thought of my circumstances of being unemployed and somewhat

depressed, these things weighed on my mind.

Then without notice, off to my left and a foot and a half off the ground, a being whose
stature and presence was that of the sun at noon day. Although it was a sunny day in the
winter as the freshly fallen snow had carpeted the scenery outside. I did not see him come
and I did not see him go. I could not look upon his countenance, other than to say it shone
from horizon to horizon.

“Go into yonder room and fetch writing material and

return to this spot and I shall give you wisdom”.

“I was impelled to go”. This individual knew my thoughts before I could speak them.

I went and did as I was commanded and returned with pencil and writing material
. I sat at the table and put the pencil to the paper and without knowing what to write, my
hands began to move across the paper at three times the speed I could possibly write.

The writing went down the length of the paper and I turned it over and continued to write
in this fashion until the paper was complete.

I knew this was highlight in my life, so I went over to the old buffet where a mantle clock
was placed and put my face up to the clock and noted on the paper
December 30 1932 4:30 PM

Not realizing what was on the paper; I turned the paper over and began to read.

“Thus saith the Lord thy God unto you my servant

(…..) “Ye wonder why ye do not prosper; I show unto
you a mystery; this is the cause why ye do not
“Ye have not been diligent in keeping my
commandments; for had ye been diligent in keeping
my commandments; ye would surely prosper in this

“And inasmuch as ye keep them not, ye shall be cut

off from the presence of my Spirit”.
These are my commandments unto you my servant
(…..) Ye shall testify of me and my gospel without
fear; and if ye do these things which I shall command
you; I give unto you a promise, and this is the
promise “……………………omitted…………………………….”
Take heed that ye do not procrastinate the day of My
coming, for lo, I come quickly when the children of
men expect me not.”
And thus I have spoken it; I Am Jesus Christ; your
Lord and your Redeemer, even so, Amen.
Some thirty years later…….

While meditating in thought on the matter on why was I made blind some thirty years ago
as a result of the visitation of the first individual (angel)

And after this thought another being from beyond this world, off to my left, levitating
about a foot off the ground began to speak to me (not verbally by thought to thought. He
knew my thoughts before I could speak and began to go to work on my question that had
arisen in my mind.
This was the final being (angel) who appeared to me over a thirty year timeframe.
A total of six beings (angels) appeared to me over that period of time.
Each incident bringing a new message.

“What would ye that I should do unto thee”?

“How are these things Lord”?

He began immediately to reply to my request.

“In the multiplicity of Laws instituted by God to

govern His creatures and control His creations; there
is one law that answers your question; heed it well I
shall speak it but once; this is the Law.”

“The eye of flesh shall not look upon the Deity

-except it perish or be changed and if it be changed it
shall be at times at the will and pleasure of God,
become as Urim and Thummim”. The veil shall be
opened and there shall be nothing withheld from the
understanding of that individual accordance with his
faith and requisite to his eternal progression”.
I did not see him come and I did not see him go. He
left as He came.

BLUE WHITE DIAMOND-His garment rose and fell like

aurora borealis (Linen of Light) actual woven strands
of light

1959 Old Orchard Beach Maine USA

I will add to these at a later date-not now

David H Atwater
9 April 1904-27 May 2004