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Our Ref: LA/181/39

11th May 2017

NBS Television
3rd Floor Media Plaza
Plot 78 Kiira Road
P. 0. Box 7613

Reference is date to the above subject.
Further reference is made to a Television program entitled "NBS EXTRA: ONE
ON ONE WITH TAMALE MIRUNDI" which was aired on NBS Television on
Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 9am.

NBS Television shall recall that on 3Qth November 2015, 5th October 2016,
lOth October 2016 and 14th March 2017 the Commission cautioned and fined
NBS for similar breaches of minimum broadcasting standards.

The Uganda Communications Commission is appalled, concerned and takes
strong exception to the conduct and language used by the guest hosted
Mr. Tamale Murundi during the said NBS EXTRA program of Tuesday 9th May

As NBS Television is very well aware, Section 29 of the Uganda
Communications Act 2013, provides for the duties of a broadcasting licensee
and Producer. This Section provides specifically that the holder of a license or a
Producer of a broadcasting station or disseminating apparatus shall ensure
that what is broadcast is not contrary to public morality.

A review of the content of the subject broadcast by the Commission reveals that
the actions and words used by TAMALE MIRUNDI during the above mentioned
programme were contrary to public morality and aimed at promoting a culture
of violence or ethnical prejudice which is directly contrary to the Minimum
Broadcasting Standards as spelt out in Section 31 and Schedule 4 of the Act.

In light of this serious and repeated breach and in accordance with Section 41
of the Uganda Communications Act 2013, the Commission hereby issues to
NBS Television a written notice of sixty (60) days for suspension of television
broadcasting license . .

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Ref: LA/ 181/39

11th May 2017

NBS Television

Please be advised that should the Commission not receive any representations
to this notice of suspension of license within this period, the Commission shall
proceed to suspend the Television Broadcasting License of NBS Television
without further notice.
Please be warned further that NBS must immediately desist from broadcasting
any programs that are in breach of minimum broadcasting standards as
enshrined in the Act.

Godfrey Mutabazi

cc Minister for Information Communications Technology & National Guidance
cc Minister for Ethics
cc National Association of Broadcasters