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Jenny Dooley - Virginia Evans


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Jenny Dooley - Virginia Evans

Express Publishing

* Old frien~, new frien~

1 - the sentences and complete the words.

You can put a lamp on it.

You listen to music with it.
b ~Q~ i. J!~ t Q1L.L~

Two people can sleep in them.

We turn it on when it's very hot.
b __ _
c _________ _

We put clothes in it.

You wipe your feet on it.
o m- -

* ,unscramble the words. Then use them to

complete the sentences. * Read and choose the correct answer.

1 A: Is that a new computer game?

B: @ Yes! Cool, huh?
lecdoaer stciruan
b) Yes! Don't worry.

2 A: Hi! I'm Sieve.

B: a) That's fantastic!
b) Nice to meet you .

I 3 A: Please be careful with my new computer!

Pgntoini vsehlse B: a) I can fix it.
b) No problem.

1 I'm helping my friend decorate her room today. 4 A: Are you Brian ' s siste r?
2 I've only got three s B: a) Cool. huh?
in my living b) Nice 0 m eet you.
S A: Are you Mono's
3 At the moment, Mum is putting
up the B:
c a) That's fan osTic!
in my room.
b) Thats .
4 Sam's got lots of P
on his walls of 6 k. Da ou
his favourite football team. e IN M P3 player?
B: a) es cool,
S We're p our flat t hese days. b) es. ngh.


':; party time' *

en I .I


questions. Then look at the picture and answer them.

1 Ryan/mop the floor 4 Betty /make bed

Is Ryon mopping the floor?
No, he isn't. He is cooking dinner.
2 Sally/cook dinner 5 Sue/water the plants

3 Helen/do the washing-up

and complete the dialogue. Use the and complete the note. Use the
phrases below. present continuous.
Hi Mum!
How about Why don't you come Are you free
I 1) am having (have) a few friends over for dinner
tonight. Don't worry; we'll take care of everything! I
A: Hi, Brenda! 1) Are you free on Friday? 2) (cook) roast chicken with
B: Why? potatoes! All my friends 3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
A: I'm going shopping with my sister. 2) _ _ __ (help) me. Anna 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (do)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with us? the washing-up. Claire 5) (do)
B: Sure! What time shall we meet? the vacuuming and Sally 6) (mop)
A: 3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ the floor. I almost forgot! I 7) _ _ _ _ _ _ __
five o'clock at my house? (not/make) dessert, so could you please bring some ice
B: Cool! See you then. cream on your way home from work? Thanks!

A: OK. Bye! Mandy



and match. Then write the free-time ~ Listen and tick

.. '
(I) A, B or C.
under the correct picture.

1 read a the Net

2 surf b a sleepover

3 down load c magazines
4 play d with friends
5 hang out e sports

6 send f comics

7 collect g musIc
8 goto h text messages
1 Anna is going to
A Italy. D
B Egypt. D
C Ireland. 0
2 How are they travelling?
read magazines
A by boat D
B by plane D
, fl ~ l," C by car D
3 Anna is leaving

A next Thursday. D
B at the weekend. D
C next Friday. D
4 They are staying at
A Philip's house. D
B John's house. D
C a hotel. D

Module 1
Time for fU1\' .

Writing (An em ail introducing yourself to a

the first paragraph of an email from When writing an email to a friend, we use informal
style, short forms and everyday expressions.
Isabel to her pen-friend, Amy. Why is Isabel
writing the email?
ind and circle examples of: short forms
(e.g. I'm), everyday expressions (e.g. I'm
crazy about) and sentences without a
subject (e.g. Take care!) in the email.
Dear Amy,
, Hi! My name's Isabel. I'm eleven years old and
nk about your typical everyday activities.
I' m from Madrid, Spain. I'd like to be your new pen-
Then complete the table below.
friend because I'd love to learn about the UK and
p ractise my English.
I'm often quite busy with my school, but in my Name & age
free time, I love hanging out with my friends and
surfing the Net. I'm also crazy about downloading
Where you live
music! Are you?
I'm also a big fan of fantasy video games. My
Reason for
favourite video game is Harry Potter and the Order
of the Phoenix. The storyline is great! You explore
dark corridors and secret rooms and practise Free-time
m aking spells! It's really exciting! activities
What about you? Where do you live? What do
Favourite video
you do in your free time? Do you enjoy playing
video games?
Can't wait to hear from you! Please write soon!
Isabel Now use your notes and the plan below to
write an email to your English pen-friend
introducing yourself. Use the email in Ex. 1
as a model.

Paragraph 1
read the whole email and complete introduce yourself (name, age, country you are
the table with what Isabel likes. from, etc), reason for writing

Paragraph 2
free-time activities
1 hanging out with her friends
Paragraph 3
2 describe your favourite video game (name, storyline,
4 Paragraph 4
ask your pen-friend a few questions (free-time
activities, favourite video games, etc)

- .Grammar
*" Foeus

Grammar (Present Continuous) * put the verbs in brackets into the present
I'm playing.
Affirmative He's/She's/ It's playing.
We're/You 're/They're playing.

Hi Paul.
I'm not playing.
Negative He/She/It isn't playing. How are things? I 1) 'm sitting (sit) in the garden
We/You/They aren't playing. and I 2) (write) emails to
all m y friends on m y new laptop. It' s great. Mum
Am I playing?
and Dad 3) (decorate)
Yes. I am. / No. I'm not.
the kitc hen. so they are very busy. My sister is in
Is he/she/ it playing?
Interrogative/ Yes. he/ she/ it is. her room and she 4) (listen)
Short answers No. he/ she/it isn't. t o music on her MP3 player. James, my little
Are we/you /they playing? brother. 5) (play)
Yes . we/you/they are. computer games on his computer.
No. we/yau/they aren't. Our dog . Mars. 6) _ _ __ __
(chose) th e neighbour' s cat at the
Use moment. Poor Kitty! How about you?
We use the present continuous for: What 7) _ __ __
actions thot are happening now, while we are _ _ __ (you/do)?
speaking. Let me know .
She 's watching TV now.
actions happening around the time of speaking. Tom
We are decorafing o ur room this week.
fixed arrangements in the near future.
He is going to the cinema tonight.

questions. Then read

Spelling the email in Ex. 1 and answer them.
Most verbs take -ing.
talk - talking. work - working 1 Whe re / Tom/sit?
Where's Tom sitting?
Verbs ending in -e drop the -e and add -ing .
make - making. bake - baking He's sitting in the garden.

Verbs ending in a stressed vowel between two 2 To m /write/letters?

consonants double fhe consonant and add -ing .
swim - swimming. sit - sitting
No. _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ __
Verbs ending in -I double the -I and add -lng.
cancel - cancelling 3 What/his m um and dad/ do?
Verbs ending in -ie drop the -ie and add -y + -lng .
fie - lying

4 Tom 's/Iittle brother/listen to music?

Note: Stative verbs do not appear in a continuous form.
These include: like. love. hate. wont. know. remember. No. _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _
forget. understand. think. believe. etc.
'" J 5 What / Mars/chase?

* Read and complete.

1 A: Where are you going (you/ go)? 4 A: _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ (Paul/help) you?

B: To the shops. Do you want to come with me? B: Actually.
(he/mop) the floor right now.
2 A: What (he/ make)?
B: Toast. Would you like some? 5 A: When (you/ leave)
for your holiday?
3 A: Why (you/ move) house?
B: On Monday moming.
B: To be near my school.

Grammar (Present simple)

/ "I
I eat. r Do I eat? Do we/you/they eat?
Affirmative He/She/ It eats. Yes, I do. I No, I don't. Yes, we/you/ they do.
We/You/They eat. Interrogative / No, we/you/they don't .
Does he/she/It eat?
Short answers Yes, he/she/it does.
tdon't eat. No , he/she/it doesn't.
Negative He/She/It doesn't eat.
We/You!They don't eat.

We use the present simple for:
dally routines or habits. She wakes up at 7:30. (dally routine). He drinks a lot of water. (habit)
permanent s1otas. He works In a hotel.

, Spelling 3rd-per$On singular 'I

Most verbs take -s In 111e 3rd-person singular. Verbs ending In c onsonant + -y , drop the -y and take
I live - she lives, I talk - he talks -ies.
I cry - she cries
Verbs ending in -ss, -sh , -Ch , -x and -0 , take -es in the
third-person singular. Verbs ending In vo wel + -y take -5 only.
I miss - she misses, I finish - she finishes, I watch - she I say - she says
watches, I mix - she m ixes, I go - she goes

Adverbs of frequenc y are usually used with the present

simple to show how often something happens.
She always walks to school.
Adverbs of frequency are p laced before the main verb,
' Some adverbs of frequency are:
always ( 100%)
usually (75%)
often (50%)
sometimes (25%)
never (0%) "
but after the verb to be.
They usually go to the park.
We sometimes go to the cInema on Fridays.
He Is always fate for SChool.
'- ./

* comPlete the quesHons in the present simple.

1 A: Does Tim go to your school? 4 A: When school?

B: Yes, Tim goes to my school. B: Dlana finishes school at half past three.

2 A: as a doctor? 5 A: Where your bikes?

B: No, Kelly works a s a nurse. B: We ride our bikes in the park .

3 A: When ?
B: The shops open at eight oclock.

, 1
* Grammar Foeus

Make sentences.
1 on/up/Sue/gets/always/early /Mondays. 4 music .jsometimes/ do loads/ Amy
Sue always gets up early on Mondays.
2 never /Brad/reads/magazines. 5 often/Paul/in/N /wcrtc hes/ afternoon.jthe

3 late/Steve/always/school./is/for 6 to/usually /They / sc hool./ walk

Grammar (Present Simple vs Present the sentences about Natalie and

Continuous) Vanessa and choose the correct answer.

r~ Prase'n'"simPle , I. . ".~.r.e~.~~c.~~t~~ous ._ I)
I permanent states and
! facts
Iactions hap~ening at or.
i around the time of speaking I I
l i
i I Ted works in an office. IDad is reading a newspaper 'l: I
l it snows in winter. Iat the moment. I I
Ihabits/routines Itemporary situations II
I I' watch N every I She is painting her house. I I
I I. afternoon. I.. . . ~ I

morning/afternoon, etc, in the morning/afternoon/

evening, etc.
! I
I Time expressions used with the present continuous: I
l now, at the moment, these days, at present today, I
\ tonight, etc.

Complete the sentences. Use present 1 Natalie and Vanessa _______ their weekends
simple or present continuous. together.
Hi, this is Helen . spend B do C prefer
Hi, it's Jack. What time 2) _ _ _ _ __ 2 They usually ____ out with their friends from
1) are we meeting (you/like) action school.
(we/meet) tomorrow? films? There's a good A play B hang C take
Let me know. one on at the Odeon
3 This weekend , they are _ _ _ a theme party.
A having B going C coming
4 They often the e after school, but today
they're preparing for he p arty,
A surfing B s rfs C surf

Hi, this is Sue, 5 They are ___ ext essa ges to all their friends.
Hi, it's Peter. I'm at the \, 4) - - - - - - - - - - - - - A sending B download ing C collecting
park with Paula. We , (your brother/play)
3) _ _ _ _ _ __ computer games?
(have) a picnic. I've got one.

and choose the correct sentence. the text and choose the correct
answer (A, B or C).
1 a We sometimes read magazines together.
b We are sometimes reading magazines

2 a My friend visits me today. by Cindy Tay/or
b My friend is visiting me today.

3 a I'm never spending too much time on the Saturday is my favourite day 1) the
Net. week. I always 2) up late and have a big
b I never spend too much time on the Net. breakfast 3) I'm very hungry! After that, I
surf the Net. I sometimes tidy my room.
4 a Is Paul digging in the garden now? In the afternoon, I often help my mum make
b Does Paul dig in the garden now? lunch. 4) , I eat with my family. After lunch,
I usually go to the park and hang 5) with
5 a Do you want to come to my party?
my friends. We always ride our bikes, but
b Are you wanting to come to my party?
sometimes we play football, too.
In the evening, I almost 6) stay at
Grammar (-ing form) home! I usually go to a friend's house and watch
MUM 21N t "'" 1,:: iI!'!'iWi4NA2. " ~ :, i . : .. k .li .' I1 H - = Jl# _ _ "PQii,"_1fJ&t'.l!R& ! ~:::! R"
DVDs. Sometimes we go to the cinema. If the
We use the -ing form after verbs which express \ weather 7) bad, we usually download
preferences such as love, like, enjoy, hate, can't ~ music from t he Internet or play computer games.
stand, don't mind, crazy about. I I'm crazy 8) video games! I really love
She loves eating chocolate. 9) them in my free time. I always stay up
I don 't mind reading comics. late 10) Saturdays. Before I go to bed, I
He hates cooking. usually listen to music or read a magazine.
" "_ _ _ _ _ _ ~ ~;g. !~. J!llWltfl, !!. X!'_Ji1><t\f!1!?:'::t!;m:al~ i;lll*w w i>JiW;m~i\&(/ Saturdays are great! I

Complete the sentences using the -ing

form of the verbs below.
'_.,- -,
listen C at

1 of B to
B go C get
2 A do
1 I don't like the washing-up. B because C if
3 A but
B There C That
2 Janet is crazy about 4 A Then
B out C up
video games. 5 A in
B never C sometimes
3 Brian hates to classical music. 6 A often
B are C being
4 I quite like the Net. It's fun! 7 A is
B about C of
8 A for
C playing

5 Billy can't stand comiCS, B plays
9 A play ,. ..,
He thinks they're boring.
B In C at ,
. 10 A on

> >: '

, '
, '
'. --.
--- _. <
' - 1;'~ -, -
.. --,'


Vocabulary and match. (5 marks)

Look and match. (5 marks)
o collect --........ a the Net
1 go to b with friends
2 download c text messages

3 surf d musIc

4 send e comics
o d 5 hang out f a sleepover
r---I --'-5--'

rite sentences. (1 0 marks)

2 o never/Bill/magazines'/reads
Bill never reads magazines.
1 always/Do/go/bed/to/you/early?

2 school./late/Cindy /often/forlis

3 in/ drinks/ always/Jim/the/milk/morning .

a chest of drawers d mat
b bedside table e MP3 player 4 usually /on/don't/We/football/play /Saturday.
c air conditioner f bunk beds
5 goes/theatre./Frank/the/to/sometimes

Read and complete the sentences. (5 marks)

Read and underline. (10 marks)

vacuuming hangs collect
dust sleepover
o Harry does/is doing his homework now.
1 Sophie looks/is looking for a new house these
o I like cooking, but I don't like doing the vacuuming.
2 Do you do/Are you doing a nything tomorrow?
1 Jane always text messages to
3 Steve flies/is flying to Ro m e next week.
her friends.
2 Do you help your parents _ _ _ _ _ _ the 4 I can't stand play/playing computer games.
furniture? 5 Sue talks/is talking on the phone at the moment.
3 When I want to have fun, I usually go to a 6 Do you like collect/ collecting coins?
7 What do you do/ are you doing tonight?
4 Greg often _ _ _ _ _ out with his friends in 8 Listen! Dad sings[ &S singing.
his free time. 9 How often do you go/ae you going to the theatre?
5 I don't _ _ _ _ comics, but I enjoy reading 10 Mark is wanting/ wants 0 b e a doctor.

Module 1
- - --
Communication Reading & Writing
Read and choose. (15 marks) the email and answer the questions with yes or
no. (10 marks)
o A: Don 't break my new MP3
Dear Andrew,
B: ~ Don't worry! Hi! How are things with you? My name's Mario. I'm twelve years
b) Cool, huh?
old and I'm from Rome, Italy. I'd like to be your new pen-friend
1 A: Hi! I' m Darren. because I'd love to learn about the UK and practise my English.
B: a) That's right. I'm usually very busy, but in my free time, I love playing sports
b) Nice to meet you. and hanging out with my friends. I'm also crazy about collecting
comics! Are you?
2 A: Are you free on Saturday?
I'm also a big fan of fantasy video games. My favourite video
B: a) I' d love to.
game is Super Mario Galaxy. The storyline is great! You travel
b) No. Why?
across all the planets in the galaxy to save Princess Peach! It's
3 A: How often do you surf the Net? really exciting!
B: a) Hardly ever. What about you? Where do you live? What do you do in your
b) Tuesday afternoon . - free time? Do you enjoy playing video games?
4 A: How do you spend your Can't wait to hear from you! Take care!
weekends? Yours,
B: a) I' m quiet. Mario
b) I play sports.

5 A: I love swimming, What about o Mario is from the UK. no

you? 1 Mario wants to practise his English.
B: a) Yes, I do. 2 Mario doesn 't like playing sports.
b) I don't really like water. 3 Mario hates collecting comics.
4 Mario never plays video games.
5 Princess Peach is a character in
Super Mario Galaxy.
Listen and complete.
Tom's notes below. Then, use his notes to write
(20 marks)
an email to a pen-friend. (20 marks)
.0 Who is the party for?


1 When is the party? Name & age: Tom, twelve years old

Where you live: Berlin , Germany

2 What time is the party?
Reasons for writing: learn about the UK, practise English

3 Where does Sandy live? Free-time activities: surf the Net, play sports, read magazines
At Mill Street. Favourite video game: Spyro the Dragon - you travel to
4 What's the theme of the party? different worlds to collect gems and eggs to save dragons
It's a theme party.
... "-

. ,.:'. ,-,; . ..'.
. -., .
.. -'

look at the pictures and complete the crossword puzzle.

2 3

\.. .I

:::,' "';. " ".

--- .

.. .

- "-
., --.

. - .~

.. ''' "",'
~ . .:.

-,;:; - ;~; ,

:~" ~:":!

Complete the sentences. Use words from and complete the sentences with the
Ex. 1. following phrases.
1 Calvin Klein is a famous fashion designer. A lot of GoodideaJ So am I. I'm not so sure.
people wear his clothes.
2 My dad works as a It sounds like fun. Let me show you.
He's an expert at designing websites.
1 A: Why don't we play football in the park?
3 Can you take my dog, Max to the _ _ _ _ ?
B: Good idea! I'm so bored!
Max's not feeling very well.
2 A: Virtual Reality is cool!
4 John loves dogs. He needs some extra money.
B: Yeah! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
He's thinking of working as a _ _ _ _ __
I 3 A: He 's got an exciting job!
I 5 Paula takes brilliant pictures. She wants to be a
I' B: Well , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
famous one day.
6 Don't go to that clothes shop to buy anything. 4 A: I'm so bored!
The there is very rude. B:
5 A: How can I play this game?
B: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Module 2
-- - -.- ,~--~- ------ ---
for 311 -'.,.-

nd ten adjectives that describe personality.

/"- 1 -.....,-
~---+----+----r----r---~---+----+----r----r---~---+----+---~----r---~--~ .
T K N D x G H c v RE E A T I
~---r--~----~---+----+----r--~----~---+----+---~--~----~---+----+-~ .
N N G S o c A B L E E R S E

T E A c H E R L o D L o v N G

R E L A B L E L B R A v E A B
H o N E S T R P R A c T c A L
e e

and match.

1 I' m patient. A She makes her own clothes.

2 Sara is very creative. B She' s got a lot of friends .
3 Patrick is honest. C I don't get angry easily.
4 My dad is hard-working. D He never tells lies.
S I' m brave. E I'm not scared easily.
6 Sue is sociable. F He works seven days a week.

se adjectives from Ex. 1 to complete the nderline the correct answer,

sentences in any way you like.
1 Henry is very bad with/at Maths.
1 A teacher needs to be kind and patient. 2 Sally is interested in/for music.
2 A fashion designer __________________ 3 I'm really bored at/with staying at home at the
3 A shop assistant _ ___________________ weekends.
4 I'm very fond for/of dogs and I would love to be
4 A vet _ ____________________________
a dog walker.
5 A photographer _____________________ .
S Stan is bored at/with playing video games all
6 A computer programmer _ _____________ the time .
6 You are really good at/with making your own
7 A dog walker _ ____________________ c lothes!
8 A pilot ___________________________ .

Module 2
.. the move

d and complete the sentences. Then, Read the questions and match them to the
write the secret phrase. answers.

1 We went on a school trip by c 0 a c h .

1 Where did you go a It only took us
A last weekend? an hour.
2 How did you get b We had dinner.
2 In the past, the only way to cross the Atlantic
there? c We went by
was by s
D 3 How long did it car.
take you? d We went to a
3 Sandy was riding her b
E 4 What did you do new
when it started to rain.
there? restaurant.

4 The best way to cross London is by

U -;0---------- What was each person doing? Listen
B and write a letter.
5 The first t _ _ -;;;- in history used to have horses!
6 Mr Smith is a florist. He uses his v _ _ to deliver
flowers. H

7 London is famous for its red d --=- _ _ _ _

buses. G
8 When my dad was a teenager, he used to ride 1 Mr Adams c 2 Jane
as _ _ _ -=- _ _

The secret phrase is ...


means of transport do you take from ... 3 Anna & Tim 4 Grandma
1 a bus stop? bus
2 an airport?
3 a station?
4 a port?

Choose the correct preposition.

on off
1 get a motorbike 3 get a train
into out of

2 go by taxi 4 go by foot
on on

Module 2
Writing (A short story about a travelling
M~ke ~our story more interesting, Use a variety of
d the first paragraph of the story. Where ?dJectlves & adverbs, use linkers (and, but, etc) to join
does it take place? Ideas.

_ __ , _
An unforgettable trip
....'.'n . '. ,.... ..- -- , - ~ ... '" . --

__ i?X mma Burto!!,

Circle all the adjectives, adverbs and linkers
last month I went t .o Scotl1:!!:.1 d to visit my big in the story in Ex. 1.
h there which takes about -- - sentences, as in the example.
h ~~Yil. , but I didn.'t mind as

I was warm and comfortable inside the coach. 1 Last Sunday/Alex/be/excited about going to
- the beach
we. s.~l2.p~
for something to
Last Sunday Alex was excited about going to
eat at a_mqtorw ~ caf. I. h.,,!.d som.e. hQ.t tea and a
the beach.
--=== _ _-" _ __
sandwich and then went back to the coach. As thew'", _ ... _ "_ -- - - - - -
2 Alex/ride his bike/and/listen to music
roach wa~d r..ivJr1 g a w.,y , I sJ:lddenlY.Lealised I was on _
e wrong on.eJ I S.!lOuted to th.e dr[yer to. s~op and
3 suddenly/a bear/appear
1iold him I.. w ~_ o~_~ e .\:y ron co~:.:.:h;....
' __ .. _ , ' -
The 1<0 the moJan :ytay. c.afe".As we_ 4 Alex/stop/and/get off/his bike
ther.e, the coach ~o Scotlan~. w just about to _
leav~ L.uckily, I managed to ca~ch it in time before it - 5 bear/get scared/but/not go away
drove ,away'. A few., hO.,hlr? later I ~rrived in Scotland . .J . : -

1io1d m brother wha12.. ~al2 ened _and he laughed ,a lot. 6 Alex/give/the bear/a sandwich

7 bear/eat/his sandwich/and then/go away

the story again and put the events in
the order they happened. 8 Alex/go/to the beach/and tell/his friends
A I took the coach to go and visit my about it
brother in Scotland, 1
. B I told my brother what happened and
he laughed a lot. the sentences in Ex. 5 and your own
e Halfway to Scotland we stopped at a ideas and answer the questions below.
motorway cafe .
Paragraph 1
0 The driver took me back to the
When did the story happen? Where?
motorway cafe.
Who is the story about?
E I had some hot tea and a sandwich.
What was the weather like?
F I got on the wrong coach.
G I managed to catch the right coach Paragraph 2
to Scotland. What happened on Alex's way to the beach?

the headings below to the Paragraph 3

paragraphs in the story. What happened at the end of the story?
How did Alex feel?
I"-a-'I""""-'I the end of the story/feelings
Ib 1 1 set the scene (when, who , where, what, etc) use the answers from Ex. 6 and write
Ic l ithe events of the story Alex's story.

Module 2
Grammar Foeus
Grammar (Past Simple) the phrases below in the past
simple to complete the sentences.
Regular Verbs

Affirmative go to the cinema take a taxi

I/You/He/She/lt/We/You/They stayed ,
I go shopping visit grandparents
I/You did not (didn't) stay,
Negative He/She/It did not (didn't) stay,
We/you/They did not (didn't) stay,

Interrogative / Did I!you/he/she/it/we/you/they stay?

Yes, I/you/he/she/it/we/you/they did,
Short answers No, l/you/he/she/it/we/you/they didn't.

The past simple affirmative of regular verbs is formed by Julie and Alice went to Fiona
adding -ed to the verb,
the cinema last night,
I dance - I danced, I cook - I cooked
to work yesterday,

Spelling Rules
Verbs ending in -e take only -d,
I I arrive - I arrived, I like - I liked
Verbs ending in a consonant + -y drop the -y and take -ied,
I study - I studied
Verbs ending in a vowel + -y keep the -y and take -ed,
g I I play - I played
Alan Jenny ______
double the last consonant and take -ed,
I stop - I stopped
last weekend. on Saturday morning,
Verbs ending in -I double the -I and take -ed,
I travel - I travelled
questions using the past simple.
. . , .. 'F'
" .- ,,' '..,
Then, answer them.
1 when/you/go/to the cinema
Irregular Verbs I When did you go to the cinema?
I Irregular verbs do not form the past simple by adding -ed, I went to the cinema two weeks ago.
He went, - Did he go? - He didn't go, 2 you/surf the Net/yesterday
(See list of irregular verbs at the back of the book,)

Use 3 where/your parents/go on holiday/last year

The past simple is used to talk about actions which took
place at a particular time in the past,
We visiJed her last week, (When? Last week,)
4 when/you/meet with your friends

Time expressions used with the past simple: yesterday, last

i week/monthjyear, two days/weeks/monthsjyears ago, in
2008, etc, 5 you/have a good time/last weekend

Module 2
Grammar (Past Continuous)
. $ it 1
1!0!d. ."!lNJI Et iU 14:14 I I le; r '; 1"" I! m'III!l!l!;I i"' . t : "

I was talking .
We use the past continuous for:
Affirmative You were talking .
He/She/It was talking . an action that was in progress at a stated time in the
We!You/They were talking .
Phil and Andy were playing video games last night.
------------ ----
I was not (wasn't) talking . a past action which was in progress when another
You were not (weren't) talking . action interrupted it. We use the past continuous for the
Negative action in progress (longer action) and the past simple
He/She/It was not (wasn 't) talking .
We/You/They were not (weren't) talking . for the action which interrupted it (shorter action).
I was watching TV when the telephone rang.
Was I talking? two or more actions which were happening at the
Yes , I was . / No, I wasn't . same time in the past (simultaneous actions).
Tina was reading while I was cooking dinner.
Were you talking ?
Yes , you were . / No , you weren't .
Interrogative /
Short answers Was he/she/it talking ? \ , when, as, all day/ night/ morning , all day yesterday, etc. ..
Yes , he/she/it was .
No, he/she/it wasn't .
, -_ _ _ ._~'"_. ______
! _ _
_ _ __

Were we/you/they talking?
Yes , we/you/they were .
I ... when/while/as + past continuous (longer action)
\ ... when + past simple (shorter action)
No, we/you/they weren't .
.r_,_,_ _ _ _, _._'___ ,Qj" _111_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _
,.,;. ._ _
______ /#'_11W_ _ _~'C,_ _ _ _, _ _ _
,_ _ 1""~_ _. , . . . . ,

were they doing at six o'clock yesterday afternoon? Write the questions. Then, look at the
pictures and answer them.
videa games ride a bike take photos listen to music eat ice cream play tennis

1 Paul & Andy

1 Paul & Andy /read a book

Were Paul and Andy reading a book?
No, they weren't. They were playing video games.
2 Claire/have an English lesson

3 Jane/swim

4 Janet/do/her homework

5 Anna/fix the car

6 Greg and Pat/ride horses


Module 2
'- ~


* Grammar Foeu5
.. .'l'

Grammar (Used to) Grammar (Past Simple vs Past Continuous)

r - - - - - - - - - -_. - -
l!You/ He/ She/ lt/ We!You/They ( Past Simple

Affirmative used to live in the UK.

i We use the past simple fo r:
an action which happened at a stated time in the
-----_.. _._- - - -
I/You/ He/ She/ lt/We!you/ They
Negative didn't use to live in the UK. He went to the beach last week. (When? Last week.)

---- - - - - - -
Did l/you/ he/ she/it/ we/you /
actions which happened immediately one after
the other in the past.
they use to live in the UK? She woke up, got dressed and went to school.
Interrogative / Yes , l/you/ he/ she/ it/ we/you /
Short answers they did . Past Continuous
NO, I/you/ he/she/ it/ we/you/ We use the past continuous for:
they didn't. an action which was in progress at a stated time in
the past.
At nine o 'clock last night, Ben was watching TV. (We
We use used to to talk about: do not know when Ben started or finished watching
past habits I N,)
She used to eat bananas. (She doesn 't any more ,) I two or more actions that were happening at the
things that were true but are not true any more. same time in the past. (simultaneous actions)
Mum was cooking while Dad was talking on the
m otorbike ~ow ,) .., _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~-'/
"- ~_. _~_- _ ."'"'
, _ '_ _, _ _'_l!' _ __ '_ _ _-_1"
. ,_. " . /

and complete the text about Susan

using used to or didn't use to. at the picture and put the verbs into
the past continuous.

Susan is eleven years

old. Things were very
different five years
ago. She 1) used to
be (be) a pupil at
primary school, but
now she goes to
secondary school.
Susan 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (walk)
to school then, but now she rides her bike. She
3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (play) with dolls, but This is a picture of my family on holiday last
week. The sun 1) was shining (shine) and we
now she surfs the Net. She 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
2) (have) a fantastic
(hate) apples, but now she eats them every day. When time. My grandfather 3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Susan was six, she 5) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ (sail) the boat. He 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
(notllike) Maths, but now she loves it! (wear) a pirate's hat! We 5) _ _ _ _ _ _ __
(look) at the sea. There was a dolphin there. It
6) (swim) near our boat!
There was another boat near ours. The people on
board took this picture.

Module 2
''''''.' '

Smith family were preparing for a trip Grammar (Adverbs of manner)

,r.' r

W ,..- \ ,lb..... iJ!i1isl . ~==%_.ll_' _ ="='J.=,""""_='==~~=_ _

to London yesterday morning at ten
f We use adverbs of manner to describe how something "\
o'clock. Use the words to make sentences I happens or how it is done. I
about what each person was doing. is Anna played the piano beautifully. ! ~
~ s
1 Mr Smith/not pack the suitcases/check his emails I Form I
Mr Smith wasn't packing the suitcases. He was I ?' We usually form an adverb of manner by adding -Iy ~
checking his emails. I
to the adjective. nice - nicely I

2 M rs Smith/not sleep/do the ironing

I Adjectives ending in -le drop the -e and take -V. I
I terrible - terribly I
i !
~ Adjectives ending in consonant + -y drop the -y and ~
I take -ily. easy - easily I
3 Grandma and Grandpa/not clean the house/ I
Adjectives ending in -I take -Iy. careful- carefully I
w ater the plants I Some adverbs have a totally different form or the I
~ same form as the adjective: good - well, fast - fast, !
\ hard - hard, early - early, late - late. J

'~'q It .~= . I~mm ' w. 111 BILD '" HI a ...; : 't1iZi AA j . . re=-.' F : 1.3'/
4 John/not make sandwiches/listen to music
the sentences below. Put a tick (wf) if
it's correct. If a sentence is wrong, correct it.
1 Sandy is a terrible singer.
2 Cindy is always carefully when
Circle the mistake (A or B). Then, correct it.
she takes a test. careful
3 Jack is a careful driver.
1 I was playing computer games 4 Ben can speak French very good.
5 Katy is badly at Maths.
w hen it was starting to rain. started

2 Diane played in the garden while Read the
A sentences
Frank was watching TV. about
Patrick and
3 Phil was taking pictures while we choose the
A correct
walked on the road. answer.

4 Harry wrote an email when the 1 Patrick camping with his father last weekend.
A A goes B was gOing

phone suddenly rang. 2 They got there car.
A by B with C in
5 At 2 pm yesterday afternoon , 3 It them just over two hours to get there.
A got B took C travelled
Sam was studying while Julie 4 Patrick use to like camping, but he loves it now.
A didn 't B wasn't C isn 't
cooked .
B 5 They a great time last weekend .
A have B were having Chad

Module 2

essment 2


and write. (l0 marks)

o scooter 2 4
1 3 S

Read and match. (5 marks) Grammar

0 lion a walker Choose a verb from the box below and put
1 computer b tamer it into the past simple or the past continuous
tense. (15 marks)
2 fashion c assistant
3 wildlife d programmer watch wait see
4 shop e designer go ride visit
S dog f photographer
0 Last week, we went to London on a school trip.
5 1 I was walking to school when I
a puppy under a tree.
and complete the sentences.
2 As Billy _________ ,hls bike, he hit a rock
(10 marks)
and fell down.
3 Brlan _____________ Spain In 2008.
trouble sociable cure
creative passion honest 4 I for the bus while Tlm was talking
on his mobile.
o Rlta Is very creative because she makes her S We _ _ _ _ _ a DVD when the phone rang.
own clothes. 1 1 15 1

1 Andrea has a strong _____________

for Maths. She wants to be a Maths teacher. Circle the correct answer. (1 0 marks)
2 If you have any doing your
o Harry not used to /<aidn't use t>send emails.
Science homework, ask me to help you.
1 Be carefully / careful when you cross the street.
3 Dlane loves hanging out with her friends. She's
2 Jenny used to play / played with dolls when she
very friendly and
was a little girl.
4 Tom is very ------------,

3 Dad has a lot of hardly / hard work to do at the
he never lies.
S Scientists from around the world are looking for
4 Brenda sings very good / well!
a ________________ for cancer.
S Katie used / use to hate carrots, but now she
loves them.
1 1
10 1

Module 2
-- -- -- ------------------ -
Communication Reading & Writing
Read and complete the sentences. Read the beginning and the end of the story.
(5 marks) Answer the questions. (10 marks)

Yes, it was great!
We went by coach. \

We went to York.
No, we didn't.
A trip to the zoo
We walked around and had lunch. by Sue Jones
It took us two hours. Last Saturday, my parents decided to take me and my
o A: Where did you go last weekend? . brother Tom to the zoo. It was a very hot day, so we
B: We went to York. . opened the car windows as we were driving along.
..,../" .... a"""-,, ,,' .
' .-- ~ . --- ""
,-' ."""
-. 'Il" ..,. ,
.4 ;.. . ,." r#'C: ''" ~ rf. , . ,, 4.\ .. !'jo 'P'
Ai ;

A: How did you get there?

B: ---------------------------- Suddenly/we/hear/a strange sound
2 A: How long did it take to get there?
Dad/stop/the car/and/we all/get out of the car
B: ____________________________ We/notice/a cardboard box on the side of the road
Mum/open/the box/and/we/see/four cute kittens
3 A: What did you do there?
B: ---------------------------- inside
We/turn/the car around/and/go back to the house
A: Did you have a good time? l, .,., -"", I ,. " , ....~ J ( I
_. ...... t ; .....
"Si Z_'''''
L $ ic.-~~#L XiP

B: ----------------------------
5 A: Did you go shopping?
B: ---------------------------- We kept the kittens and soon they grew big and strong.
They are very cute and very playful. We didn't go to the
zoo that day, but now we have our own little zoo at
Listen and match the people to o Who is the story about?
the (15 marks) Sue and her family
1 When did the story take place?

People Activities
2 Where did they decide to go?

o Diane @] a studying
3 What was the weather like?

1 Brenda D b play a video

4 Did they keep the kittens?
2 Tony D 5 What are they like?
c play basketball
3 Larry D
d go to cinema

e play football
use the notes and write the second
paragraph. (20 marks)

JTotal) )100)

Module 2
_ .- ---------------

* A
.... __ .. '* fall at the mall

Complete the crossword puzzle. What's the secret word?

sui t

The secret word is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

at the pictures and describe what the Over to you: Answer the questions.
people are weari
1 What are you wearing today?

2 What is your teacher wearing today?

3 What is your best friend wearing today?

Read and fill in the phrases.

let's try them on as hungry as a wolf

Charles glad to help much faster than me

1 Anna is wearing a top, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
1 A: Let's go out for dinner.
2 Charles B: OK. I' m as hungry as a wolf.
2 A: Look at these trendy jeans!
3 Harry B: Yeah ,
3 A: How can we ever thank you?
4 Mary B: Don 't mention it. We are

5 Lia 4 A: Quick! Run after him!

B: I can't. He's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Module 3

Nothin to wear..,

Look and write the patterns. Then match.

Use the words below to complete the
flowery plain
checked striped
trash fashion sweet wrappers

trendy ribbons

recycled colourful

1 I made a great trash fashion dress with some

newspapers and old CDs!
2 Fiona's new skirt is red, yellow, blue and green.
It's very
3 Ralph always looks _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Everything he wears is the latest fashion.
4 This box of sweets is empty! There are just some
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , but no sweets!
5 My mum buys paper
bags because she doesn't like wasting paper.
6 Donna's little girl usually wears pink _ _ __
in her hair. She looks so cute!

Complete the sentences with the correct


';.1\)~ /\ ~ tJ i." ""..f"

A .... ~ If--.
v... -
:+ '-"1V 1t':'S.
... _,
Donna: Excuse me, 1) ?
a checked dress
~= ~ Shop Assistant: The changing rooms are over there
_ __ _ _ __ shorts
=:::::= a _ _ __ _ _ _ skirt "'" by the window.
=== a _ _ _ _ _ sweater - Donna: Thank you.

.--:-= --_ a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ vest
~ Shop Assistant: Well, 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?
~t Donna: Hmm, not quite. 3) _ _ _ __
~ Shop Assistant: 4) ?
~~ Donna: Large.
Im" the opposite. ,,1Shop Assistant: OK. Try this one. It's a bit bigger.

filIa l suit '* a casual suit " .,,, \m\\~\\~\~ ~~

- _ . jeans '* b._ _ _ _ _ jeans t! AB does it fit x
", where can I try on this dress
cr fashioned shoes '* t- - - - - shoes ~ elt's a bit too short
-~ rt skirt '* 1_ _ _ _ _ skirt J D What size are you

IJ r'> ~

Module 3
- ,. Court
Ul.. the crossword puzzle. I

2 p


5 ( l'

rearrange the letters in the shaded h of the food items from Ex. 2 can you
squares to find the missing word. boil, peel, bake, chop and fry?

I'm having for dinner, Peel: orange,

nd and circle 12 food items. Chop:
L M P 0 T A T 0 V U
~) Listen and complete.
W A R T S K N U 0 T
N B R S 0 N I 0 N L E
e Pizza

c M I L K M P 0 I K R
C H 0 C 0 L A T E L Y Ingredients
A S B Y C H E E S E T 1 pizza 1) crust
P E L E T T U C E A C 3 handfuls of 2)
P T V N U N M P I E K 1 handful of 3)
L P Y B N R A D F H G 2 handfuls of tomatoes
sliced 4)
E L 0 S T R W R U I S

Module 3
---- - ---- ------ ---- ---- --

Food ideas .:,.,. . . . .


Writing (A restaurant review) the review again. Which adjectives

Read the restaurant review. Find words describe:
which mean:
decor staff food prices
ecoration = decor
2 ./orkers at the restaurant = - - - - - - -
ery good = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
" ntastic = -------------------

by Donna Bedford Useful language for reviews

.. . is a(n) (Chinese/Italian, etc) restaurant in ...
La Casa Buena is a Spanish restaurant The dec or is (simple/relaxed/welcoming, etc)
-_ - ondon. The decor is very simple and The decoration and furniture around the restaurant
e comi ng. The restaurant staff ore very focus on (Italy/China, etc)
. e diy, polite and cheerful. The food is".
I would definitely recommend ,..
2 The food is absolutely amazing! The menu
.:. ried and there are a lot of different choices.
;5(: lor items include soups, salads, pasta, meat
nk of your favourite restaurant and
=-; 'sh dishes. Make sure you leave enough
make notes under the following headings.
_~ for the delicious Spanish desserts! La Cas a
=_e. a is not an expensive restaurant. The prices
=~:> very reasonable. For example, a meal for
- costs only 40 euros.
3 I would definitely recommend La Casa
=_e a. The food is excellent and the atmosphere
.: ery relaxing. Visit La Cas a Buena for a taste
=: pain in London! food/prices

ow use your notes to write a restaurant

review for your school magazine.

Paragraph 1
read the review again and match the location decor staff
to the headings. Paragraph 2
describe the food and prices
"oodj prices Paragraph 3
ationj d ecor jstaff give your recommendation

Module 3
"Grammar Foeus

.....! (Comparatives
& Superlatives)
? W
Compare the sentences. Use the
comparative form.
The comparative
We use the comparative to compare two people, things,
animals, places, etc, We usually use than after comparative
forms, We can also use much before comparative adjectives
to give emphasis,
Tina is shorter than Ann,
London is more expensive than Athens,
This box is much bigger than that one,

The superlative
We use the superlative to compare one person, thing,
animal or place with two or more people, things, animals or
places in the same group or place,
Bob is tal/, Andv is tal/er than Bob. Greg is the tal/est of 01/,
1 London is bigger than (big) Liverpool,
Short small smaller (than) the smallest (sunny) Moscow,
adjectives thin thinner (than) the thinnest 3 A bracelet is
-y (expensive) a belt,
happy happier (than) the happiest
adjectives 4 A helicopter is (fast) a car,
Longer more careful the most S The Nile is
adjectives (than) careful
I good better (than) the best 6
(long) the Thames,
The weather in summer is
bad worse (than) the worst (hot) in winter,
little less (than) the least
forms 7 Trainers are
many more (than) the most
much more (than) the most
(comfortable) than boots,
8 Jenny is (short) I am,

the comparative and superlative forms of Complete the sentences. Use the
the following adjectives. superlative form.

Adjective Comparative Superlative 1 The Nile is the longest (long) river in the
big bigger the biggest
2 Mount Everest is
long (tall) mountain in the world.
beautiful 3 George is _ _ _ _ _ _ (good) pupil
small in our class.
, 4 A plane is _ _ _ _ _ _ (safe) me.ans
of transport.
good S Winter is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ (bad)
bad season for me,
, 6 Lisbon in Portugal is one of _ _---,._ __
_ _ _ _ _ _ (old) cities in the world.

Module 3
-- ----_._--- - - - - - - ---- ,
Complete the questions. Then, in pairs, Grammar (As ... as/too/enough)
d ecide on the best answer. J#'" ....--~-.-. ..,

We use (not) as + adjective + as to indicate that two

or more people/things/places/etc, are (not) similar.
M y trousers are not as expensive as yours.

w much does the most expensive (expensive) Too + adjective has a negative meaning and shows
that something is present in a greater amount than
"t cost? needed.
7,000 B 70,000 C 700,000 This coffee is too hot for me to drink. (I can 't drink it.)
ich sea animal makes Enough comes after adverbs or adjectives but
loud) noise? before nouns. It has a positive meaning and shows
blue whale B seal C shark " that there is as much of something as is wanted or
=-_lIW much does _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (large) ,. This exercise is easy enough to do.
n weigh? There is enough sugar in my tea, I don 't need any
kg B 100 kg C 1,000 kg
, 1: '

, ich is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (dangerous) .::

"in al in t he world?
plete the sentences. Use os ... os and
ippo B elephant C mosquito
the adjectives in brackets.
-- is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (cold) place ';
lOur house isn't as big as (big) Jenny's.
the world?
...... ctic B Siberia C Antarctica 2 Finland is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (cold) Norway.
car, .', ere IS

(tall) building .. 3 Warsaw isn't

e world? (interesting) Krak6w.
Dubai B in Toronto
0 4 A dress is
Kuala Lumpur
(expensive) a suit.
nter. 0

IS (big) city in the world?

- okyo 5 Alex isn 't (tall) Mike.
B Mexico City ,., '

ew York
am .
:ere IS (hot) place in the world? ~.

00 Rewrite the sentences, as in the example.

Sahara Desert B Kalahari Desert ...'
1 The suit is too expensive.
)eath Valley
The suit isn't cheap enough.

the 2
The trainers aren't big enough.

3 The dress is too long.

4 The sweater is too thick,

The suit isn't formal enough.

6 The cardigan is too old fashioned.

check your answers with your teacher.

Module 3
.',.Grammar Foeus

Grammar (Countable/Uncountable nouns & quantifiers)

. _ - - - - -...
w ____ ..
_,_ ",_,_:7'_,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
, ... =_"".__ ~._, ______ ~~~_~_. _____ '-..~

Countable nouns are nouns which we can count. How many and how much are used in questions. We use
They have both singular and plural forms. how many with countable nouns in the plural and how
one book - two books much with uncountable nouns.
one apple - two apples How many oranges have you got?
How much yoghurt do you need?
Uncountable nouns are nouns which we cannot count.
some flour (NOT: flour, IVI{} flour, etc.) A few is used with countable nouns in the plural. A few
means not many, but enough.
A lot of/Lots of is used in affirmative sentences with either
I've got a few eggs. I can make a cake, (There are
countable nouns in the plural or uncountable nouns.
enough eggs to make a cake.)
He has got a lot of books,
There is a Jot of sugar in this cake. A little is used with uncountable nouns. A little means
not much, but enough.
We use many with countable nouns in the plural and
There is a little juice in the carton. You can have
much with uncountable nouns in negative and
some. (There is enough juice to drink.)
interrogative sentences.
Have you got many COs?
I I haven 't got many friends.
Is there much cheese left?
I don 't drink much milk.

the words in the correct category. Complete ,the short dialogues as in the
apple doughnut tomato 1 A: Come with us

mayonnaise cheese egg to the cinema!
milk biscuit mustard (I've got
ketchup spaghetti strawberry homework)
B: I can't. I've
got a lot of
Countable I

2 A: Can you pay

Uncountable for my dinner?
CI've got
money on me)
B: Yes, of course.

3 A: Do you like your job?

;5 %
(I meet people)
j ; ., ; e'
B: Oh yes.

4 A: Can I help you?

(I've got bags to carry home)
B: Yes, please.

Module 3

the correct item.

!here are a lot of/much people outside the theatre. 5 There is a few/a little salad for you.
ere many/much cheese in the fridge? 6 I haven't got much/many time.
e haven't got many/much onions. 7 There are a few/a little students in the class.
ere are a few /a little potatoes in the bag. 8 Have you got much/many money on you?

much or many. Then answer the questions about yourself.

. w much milk do you drink every day? 4 How _ _ _ _ sugar do you take in your tea?

_ _ _ _ _ homework do you have on 5 How _______ vegetables do you eat

ndays? every day?

_ _ _ _ apples did you eat last week? 6 How _ _ _ _ _ books do you read a year?

the words in the correct order.

Grllled Nutella 8< Banana Sandwlch

2 slices of bread
some Nutelia
1 banana

1 some butter/put/on each/First,fbread ./slice of
First, put some butter on each slice of bread.

2 some Nutella/Next,feach slice/on/bread./of/put

3 the banana ./slice/After that,

4 put/Then,/the banana/the bread./on

5 together/Finally ,/the slices/grill. /put/and

Module 3

or essment 3

ber the pictures.
(5 marks)

o sweater

1 belt

2 bracelet
3 cardigan

4 suit
S tracksuit

Circle the odd one out. (8 marks)

0 bake: cake ( mustarCD bread pie
1 peel: onions apples oranges tuna
2 boil: egg potatoes milk chips
3 fry: chicken pie fish eggs
4 chop: mayonnaise carrots onions tomatoes 8

Grammar Communication
line the correct word. (la marks) and choose. (12 marks)

o Why do you want so many/much eggs? o A: What size are you?

1 There's a lot of/many lettuce in the fridge, B: a) It's a bigger size.
2 Has she got much/many food in the house? @> Medium.
3 There are only a few /a little carrots left.
4 I only need a little/a few more sugar for my tea, 1 A: How much is this belt?
S How many/much money have you got? B: a) It's a deal.
r- I
1 ---'0 b) It's twenty euros,

Complete the sentences with as ... as, too,

enough and the words in brackets. 2 A: Could you pass me
(15 marks) the sugar, please?
B: a) Yes, of course.
o Jane's old cardigan is too small for her, (small) Here you are ,
1 My jeans are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ yours.
b) No, thanks, Only
(expensive) some tea.
2 Frank's scarf isn 't _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (long)
3 This skirt doesn 't quite fit me, It's _ _ _ __
3 A: What do you think
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (tight)
of this tie?
4 Lyn's belt is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Tina's. (trendy)
B: a) It's too formal.
STony's suit isn't for the
b) It's ten euros.
wedding. (formal)

Usten and put a tick (.I) under the correct answer. (15 marks)

ere are Larry and Kelly going for dinner? 2 How far is the restaurant?

-,l.. AI
'S Pes to fOkm 4km fkm

much did Peter pay for the steak? 3 Which food does Kim like?

.--- . , . I

o BD cD AD BD c
1 15 1

eading &Writing at the notes below and write a

restaurant review. (20 marks)
and choose A, B or C . (15 marks)

6JoI'~ The Green Dragon

Paragraph 1
by Cory Anderson
Location: London
is an Italian restaurant in Liverpool. The decor is very
Decor: simple & welcoming
w elcoming. The restaurant staff are very friendly,
Staff: friendly & cheerful
chee rful.
Paragraph 2
Sod is a bsolutely wonderful! The menu has got a lot of
Food: varied menu to choose from
cho ices, like soups, salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes.
not expensive, meal for two costs 40
'" sure yo u leave enough room for the delicious Italian
M ama Mia is not an expensive restaurant. A meal for Paragraph 3
- .... cos about 35 euros. I would definitely recommend The Green
deBnitely recommend Mama Mia. The food is excellent and Dragon.
sphere is very relaxing. Visit Mama Mia for a taste of Italy in
- I!
The Green Dragon is a new Chinese
Mama Mia is in Liverpool. restaurant in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Right B Wrong C Doesn't Say
The food is absolutely fantastic! _ _ __
e restaurant has got Italian decor.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn't Say
I would definitely recommend _ _ __
2 ere are many different desserts.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn't Say
3 All meals cost 35 euros.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn't Say
' . 1
20 1

15 ~lL
r "
1 Total 1
100 1

1 1

Module 3
. ,' ,* *

h the activities to the pictures.

1 0 baseball [![] bungee jumping

~ hang-gliding 6
3 ice hockey 7 skiing
@IJ badminton [![] judo

ut the sports above in the correct column. Read and match. There is one
go play do
bungee jumping a Well , I'm a bit scared,

b See! I told you!

c Yeah! Don 't worry!
d Wish me luck!
Correct the sentences using the words below.

boring relaxing scary dangerous Allce: Are you sure this is a good idea?
1 It was relaxing when Henry crashed
into the wall. scary I've heard bungee jumping is
2 Walking in the countryside can be great. I' m excited,
very dangerous, 2)
3 Bungee jumping sounds like fun , but
Allce: Are you ready?
it can be relaxing,
4 The football match was really boring,
Bill: Yes! Here we go!
Our team was amazing! Allce: Wow! Bungee jumping is so
5 The golf competition was so exciting exciting!
that I quickly fell asleep, Bill: 3)

Module 4
Have you evert ':--

8 A: Mike has bruised his eye!

B: a) Oh no! I hope he's alright!
b) Yeah, great!

Fill in: find out, got, pitch, arranged, hope,

1 Can you find out if George is at home?
2 The Make-a-Wish foundation brings _ _ __
to thousands sick children.
3 I've _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for us to meet Mr Hills
at five 0' clock.
4 You need a lot of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to do
5 Mark _ _ _ _ _ _ _ his wish and he spent
the day swimming with the dolphins.
6 Everyone started cheering when the team
walked on the football

Module <1
's saying what? Look, read and write ~ Listen and choose the correct picture.
the right numbers.
1 Which sport is Kate going to do this weekend!

2 Which sport is John doing today?

A I've burnt my finger!
B I've broken my leg!
C I've hit my head!
D I've twisted my ankle!
E I've bruised my eye! AD B D cD
F I've hurt my back!
3 What has Mark tried?

4 4 What is Monica going to do at the weekend?

Circle the odd one out.

1 Break your nose - <6:ea~ - leg

2 Twist your eye - ankle - wrist
3 Bruise your tongue - eye - leg
4 Hit your head - leg - tongue

Module <1
Stars in your

. 'n9 (An email to a pen-friend about an accident)

ad the email and answer the questions. ,:~

- - ma t

IHow are you? Hope you had a nice weekend. You won't believe what happened to me!
_--' I w ent to a sleepover last Saturday. All of my friends were there and we had a lot of fun. Bu

at happened? We were all dancing in the living room when I fell over a chair and twisted my
::. 1 ave never twisted my ankle before! I still can't believe I hurt myself while I was dancing! My
__ :.-: r ook a picture of me, too. I'm sending it to you. Don't llook silly?
_---l Anyway, that's all my news. I'd better go now. Talk soon!

-:: - w riting the email? To whom? 2 Why is she writing the email?

the email again and choose the right the sentences below and write 0
(opening remark) or C (closing remark).

1 Haven't heard from you lately. 0

2 Hey, how's it going?
3 I can't wait to see you and tell you
all my news!
4 Write and tell me what you 've been
up to lately.
5 Hope to hear from you soon.
Until then , take care!

ow read the plan below and write an

email to a pen-friend about an accident
you've had.

Paragraph 1
the email. Match the paragraphs to Opening remarks
eadings. Paragraph 2
_ :: "'e i g remarks Say what happened & give details
- g re marks Paragraph 3
Closing remarks

Module 4
--- --------------------------------------------0

Grammar (Present Perfect) Complete the short dialogues.

Form : subject + have + past participle

not finish be lose not eat go
I/We/ You/They've played ,

Affirmative He/She/It's played, 1 A: Let's watch the football match on TV,

B: No, thanks, I haven't finished my homework,
I/We/ You / They haven't played , 2 A: You your sandwich
He/She/ It hasn't played ,
B: No, It's got tomato in it and I hate tomatoe~
Have I/we/you/they played? 3 A: Is Paula there?
Yes, I/we/you/they have, B: Yes, she is, She _______________ here a
Interrogative / No, I/ we/you /they haven't , ,
Short answers Has he/ she/ it played?
Yes , he/she/it has, 4 A: I can't see Derek, Where is he?
No, he/she/it hasn't , B: He to the supermarke1
5 A: I myba~
We use the present perfect:
B: Oh no! Was your new mobile phone in there
I for actions that started in the past and continue up
s to the present,
I Tina has worked as a nurse for ten years, i
Complete the questions. Then, answer
I for actions that happened in the past and the exact
i time is not important, I them about yourself.
I He has visited Canada five times, (When? We don't i
'- kno~.) ,.. . '" .J 1 Have you ever won (win) a competition at school
Yes, I have.
the past participles of the verbs below. 2 your parents ever (climb) I

1 be 7 visit
2 eat 8 sing
3 hurt 9 do 3 your dad ever (meet) I

4 play 10 cut famous person?

5 dance - 11 take -
6 break - 12 try
4 you ever (try) judo?

Choose the correct answer.

1 Sue ________________ eaten breakfast yet,
A have B haven't hasn't
2 ________ you ever played baseball?
A Has B Have CAre
3 I've never _____________ on television,
A appeared B appear C appearing
4 Jack has _______ his phone three times today,
A drop B dropped C drops
5 We have Rome two times,
A visited B visit C visiting


Grammar (have been/have gone) Underline the correct item.

~~e has gone to the supermarket. (She went to the

: oermarket and is still there.)
:::~ ehas been to the supermarket. (She went to the
: ::>e rmarket and returned. She is at home now.)

1 He has played football for/since he was

I in the gaps with have/ has gone or eight years old.
ave/ has been. 2 He is the first Portuguese player that has
ever/never played for Manchester United .
....... Is Tony here?
3: 0, he has gone to the bank. 3 He has already/yet become very famous .
-- _____ you ever _ _ _ _ to 4 He has been a professional football
_ond on? player since/for many years.
5: 0, I haven't. 5 He has already/yet won many awards.
-- ~......- " ere 's Cindy? 6 He has ever/never played for Greece.
3- :~e _ _ _ ___ to Lyn 's house. She'll 7 Has he already/ever won the FIFA World
::::9 b ack in an hour. Player of the Year award? Yes, he won it
- - ~ you like Venice? in 2008.
~ es, I love it! I _ _ _ _ _ there
--88 times.

~:::1nm a r (Time Expressions)

1 I , . 7 ,

SF t g. Ut

__ -= -:;5 just sent on em oil.

_ - .=. -::::5 already finished. Has she finished already? i
--.- =.
- eaten it yet?" "No, I haven 't eaten it yet. " I
-- --
..:::. ,
,. ed here for nine years. (for 0 period of
-:: =::::::'"' sick since Monday. (a point in time)
-. _ ~e -rs tim e I've ever been hong-gliding!
-~: ::;~ ever played ice hockey? ,
: ~ er od 0 c or.

,Grammar Foeus

at the pictures and make sentences with just and yet, as in the example.

1 buy ice creams/eat them 3 go shopping/go home

They've just bought ice
creams. They haven't
eaten them yet.

2 arrive at the airport/get on 4 wash the vegetables/makE

the plane the salad

Grammar (Reflexive pronouns) plete the sentences with the correct

, --------------~ verb tenses and reflexive pronouns.
( Form "
~ ------------
myself himself itself yourselves I 1 Be careful with that knife or you/cut
~ Be careful with that knife or you'll cut yourself.
\. yourself herself ourselves themselves
2 You have to do it/because I don't have any
free time
I. Use
We use reflexive/emphatic pronouns:
- to emphasise the noun or pronoun of a sentence. 3 I/burn/while I was cooking
I They usually come after the noun or pronoun they
emphasise or at the end of the sentence.
4 Do you like the T-shirt I/design
Angie made this cake herself. (She made it, not
someone else.) ------------------------------------ .
5 It was a great ride and I/ enjoy/very much
'\ with verbs such as burn, cut, enjoy, hurt, etc .
. I really enjoyed myself at the party.

I in the gaps with the right reflexive


1 I made myself a pizza and ate it for dinner.

2 I hope you enjoy while you are
in London.
3 She hurt _ _ _ _ _ _ _ while trying to carry
a heavy box.
4 We painted the room
5 Don't worry. I' ll do it _ __ _ _ _ _ __
6 He cut _ _ _ _ when he was opening a tin.

I ModuJe4
Grammar Present Perfect vs Past Simple Underline the correct item.
toth . . " ...!!U,,:",. ~~ ' T:"';~~~ ' I;;:;;W;:: 1 '.o " .. '$ ' ,' . 1'- - ' 1 Q

- Simple '\ 1 Tina has never/ever tried hang-gliding before.

- post simple is used for: 1 2 Has Tina just/yet finished her homework?
action that happened at a stated time in the past. i

- went to the cinema yesterday. (When? Yesterday.) ~ 3 Sam has lived in this flat for/since 2000.
action that started and finished in the past. ~e 4 I got back an hour ago/yet.
worked there for two years. ~

.. iii Po I NO .... I, 5 What did you do since/last night?

erbs used with the past simple: ago, yesterday, ' 6 I haven 't talked to John for/since ages.
eek/month/ Monday, etc.

Pertect i 12 Read the sentences

present perfect is used for: ~
action that happened at an unstated time in the I about Susan and choose
the correct answer.
'-D has bought a house. (We don 't know when.) i
action that started in the past and continued up ~,
present. i
e have worked here for eight years. J
,M". ".....
- ---------- ---=-."
__ .".t~TJ;f1%%pm' \:;;-tf,t;..-=r:; _~"''i 4 f . " ,-._

the exchanges with the verbs in

present perfect or the past simple.
. Has Diana ever tried (Diana/ever/try) snails
Yes, she _ _ _ _ __ (eat) some in France
in 2008. 1 Susan swimming in her free time.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (not/have) chocolate A is loving loves C loving
for ages! 2 Look! She has won a medal.
Rea lly? I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (make) a A just B yet C since
chocolate cake last night. Do you want
3 She _ _ _ a swimming competition since
2007 .
. Kelly _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (be) to the theatre A wasn 't swimming B hasn 't won
twic e this week. C didn 't win
She 's lucky. I _ _ _ _ _ _ (not/watch)
4 Last year she couldn 't swim because she
a p lay for years!
_ _ _ herleg.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ (you/play) cricket? A has broken B break
B: Yes. I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (be) in our school C broke
eam last year.
5 She was talking to reporters when I _ __
A:. Oh no ! Frank _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (break) this photo.
your glasses. A have taken B took
B: Don't worry. I _ _ __ _ _ (buy) a new C was taking
p air yesterday.

- '. .- '>--'


Vocabulary ake sentences. (5 marks)

read and choose. (10 marks)
o Johnny/not finish/his homework/yet
'. Johnny hasn't finished his homework yet.

1 you/ever/ride/a horse

2 Donna/never/visit /Wales

o a inton 1 a hang-gliding 3 Patty/just/make/lunch

cricket b

4 Bob/live here/for/ten years

5 She/be a teacher/since 2000

2 a gymnastics 3 a gymnastics
b b baseball Grammar
and circle. (la marks)

o Fred has hurt I Churt his back last week.

1 Anna has cut I cut herself while she was makin
, 2 Dad isn't here. He's been I gone to the
4 a skiing 5 a bungee jumping supermarket.
b ice hockey b gymnastics 3 Ben has bought I bought a car in 2008.
4 Sue has been I gone to Madrid. She cam
back yesterday.
5 When has she called I did she call you?
and match. (la marks)

o hurt ___....... a my head

1 bruise b my ankle Complete the sentences with the correct '.
2 break c my back reflexive pronoun. (5 marks)
3 burn d my leg
o Alan made himself a sandwich.
4 twist e my finger
1 I hurt _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ while I was skiing .
5 hit f an eye
2 Did they enjoy at the cinema?
1 1
10 1 3 Billy burned in the kitchen yesterday.
4 I can't believe you made the cake _ _ _ _ I
5 We organised the school play _ _ _ _ _ _ .

---- -- - - ------------- ----------------- - - -------
Communication Reading & Writing
and fill in. (15 marks) and choose A, 8 or C. (15 marks)

i .

! I hope she's alright! No, I haven't, Hi , Tony,
How's it gOing? Hope you had a nice weekend. I'm
Count me in! Yeah, Don't worry!
w riting to tell you what happened at my bi rthday party.
My birthday party was last Saturday. All of my friends
-' le you ever tried judo? came over and we had a great time. But guess what
No, I havent. happened? My dog ra n in a nd knocked over my bi rthday
-' cake! As I was try ing to catch the cake I bruised my eye on
you sure this is a good idea?
the corner of the table! Then I fell on my cake! My sister

took a picture of me, too - I look so silly with cake
you like to play baseball? al l over my head, but I really enjoyed it.
I can 't w ait to see you and tell you all about it
"\" has hurt her back? and show you the picture!
See you soon,

o Why is Ryan writing to Tony?

to tell him about what happened at his
and complete the missing birthday party
. (15 marks) B to tell him about his sister's birthday party
C to ask him to come to his birthday party
1 What happened to Ryan?
A He hit his head,
B He knocked over his cake,
C He bruised his eye,
me 0) Henry
2 Who tried to catch the cake?
ARyan B Ryan's sister C Ryan's friend
1) ________________
3 How did Ryan feel about the party?
2) _________________ A tired B silly C happy

3) ________________
k at the notes below and write an email
4)~ ______________ to a pen-friend about an accident you've
had. (20 marks)
5) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
19, last weekend:
a? played ice hockey with friends
]y, fell on the ice - broke my leg
Mum took me to hospital
- met my favourite singer - got an autograph

1 Total 1
100 1

Module 40


Savin the whale!


k at the pictures and complete the crossword puzzle.

2 3



Complete the projects with the words in the boxes.

longer eat family tall

quickly insects tail

Armadillos live in the United States. They are very Chimpanzees, or chimps for short, live in Africc
They belong to the same 5) as
1) small , quiet animals. They are about 75
gorillas and humans. Chimpanzees can be
centimetres long including their 2) _ _ _ _ _ !
up to 1.7 metres 6) _ _ _ _ _ __
They've got short legs, but they can move quite and weigh as much as 70 kilos. Their
3) ! They've got arms are 7) than
sharp claws and are excellent their legs because they use them to
diggers! Their favourite food climb trees. Chimpanzees
is 4) ! 8) just about everything,
but their favourite food is fruit!

and choose the correct answer.

1 A: Listen to the whales! They're communicating 3 A: The whales are Singing!

to each other, B: a) That's wonderful!
I B: ~ That's amazing! b) They are big!
b) Good idea!
4 A: My dog isn 't feeling well.
2 A: Look! The whale's stuck! B: a) You should take it to the vet.
B: a) Poor thing! b) It' s a dog!
b) It is grey,

about animal~

the pictures.

./hich animal is it? Read and write. ble the words.

- ~
animal has got white fur. polar bear 1 TT HE E T E -E T H
-- s animal has got fins and 2 LT I A
:-arp teeth .
-- s animal has got 0 shell. 3 RFU
- a nimal has got sharp 4 LSE H L -
_ aws and teeth. It's got
:: ong toil, too.
- - is a nimal has got wings. 6 N FI -
- s g ot sharp claws, too .

Module 5
, and sea

and match.

1 valley

2 volcano __

3 cliff

4 waterfall __

5 cave

6 island
7 beach

use the words above to 11 in the correct word which shows how you feel.
complete the sentences.
1 Ted was annoyed with his neighbour for being rude.
1 I love lying on the beach in the
2 Gina was very f _ _ _ _ _ _ when she saw the mouse
3 Are you i in trying hang-gliding
2 Mt. Vesuvius is a famous _ _ __
in Italy. 4 I felt very e when I passed all my exams

3 That's the Steve

5 She's too e to ask Mike to help
and Cory jumped off when they with her homework.
went bungee jumping. 6 We were s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to see Andy at Jane's
last night.
4 Niagara Falls is a famous _ _ __
in Canada.
I 5 We took photos of the beautiful .) Listen and circle.
green _ _ _ _ _ _ _ between
the hills.

6 At night, we saw hundreds of bats

that flew out of the _ _ _ _ __ Let's Plant a Tree!
to look for insects. Date : 1) 15th 15th May
7 James went on holiday to an exotic Place: Castle Valley 2) Park I Car
_ _ _ _ _ in the South Pacific. Time: 3) 10:30 I 9:30 a.m.
What to bring : hat, a pair of 4) gloves / jeans

For more information see: Mr 5) Baker / Taker in Room 3A

__ ~'--_._. ________
. ~--'-~. __. _..
.~~ _-.- _ _ __

Writing (A blog entry about a landmark in Choose the best title for the blog posting.
your country)

at the text and circle the correct a What to visit in my county

answer. b An important place to see
c And the most famous landmark is .,'
'. at kind of text 2 What is it about?
~ . ?
- . a) a girl named
a) an email Rachel Find words/expressions in the text which
b) a blog entry b) a landmark mean:
1 Hello, everyone! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
2 fantastic _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 I have to stop writing now,
4 And you, readers? ________ __ _

September 3rd Use the notes and the plan below to post
~~'. guys! I have just come back from an amazing your comment on Rachel's blog. Use the
- Iiday! Let me tell you about a really cool landmark blog entry in Ex. 1 as a model.
"-ited - Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. .'
~. nehenge is a mysterious ancient stone circle
- r"s over 4,000 years old. Many historians believe
Name &
The Sagrada Familia in
Barcelona, Spain
~ct[ it took about 30 million hours of hard work to i
-.:ild it, but no one really knows why they built it. I
r huge church with 18
'-au can walk around the stones and take pictures. towers
~- cm can buy souvenirs at the gift shop and then
they began building it in I
- 'e a coffee at the Stonehenge Cafe. Why it's 1882 & it's still
.-ell. better go now! What about you, bloggers? famous: incomplete
~a t famous landmark is there in your country?
when it's finished, about
13,000 people can sit

spend hours walking

around the church - lots
of statues & pictures
Things to
go up the many stairs to
do and see:
enter the museum
take a lift to the top of
the church

b log posting will have a catchy title that will

e reader's attention and make them continue
_...... g .
-- --
Grammar Foeus

Grammar (Can - Could) Geniuses! What could these people do?

, - ------, Match and write.

We use can to:

express ability in the present. She can play the
ask for permission. Can I use your phone?
give permission. You can go to the cinema tonight.
make a request. Can you close the door, please?
make a suggestion. We can watch a film if you like.
I ofter something. Can I get you anything to drink?

We use could to :
talk about past ability. When I was five I could swim.
- ---- - -
ite sentences as in the example.
Marie Curie
1 She can surf the Net now, but she couldn't surf
the Net when was six.

surtthe Net
- now./ age: 6 X

play the violin/five
read Russian &
ride a bike sing & dance/three
now./ age: 7 X
Vanessa Mae

1 Shirley Temple could sing and dance when sh

3 was three.

now./ age: 3 X
Grammar (Should/Shouldn 't) Grammar (May)
~ ____________==__ __ ='~-=_"_~_UN_~=


,. ~--. _ _ .

! We use may to:

:SHeen ' UJi$lle=w~,- n i .... $idiN~.! 'r '.IJ:h~_ """""-.=
_ .' ~_ .....
We use should/shouldn't + infinitive to give advice. '\
You should see a doctor. (It is a good idea.) J express possibility.
~ /
She may buy a car. (It is possible that she will buy a j
'= c~~.)--.., """. _usa .U ' = "= .. .. _
'T ' " ' /

should or shouldn't to give advice

about taking care of dogs. ,choose and complete.

1 A: Are you going to Greece this summer?

give it enough food and
water ./ 2 A: Is there a greengrocer's near here?
give it chocolate B:
take it for a walk every 3 A: Are Sara and George coming to the party?
day ./ B:
give it a bath ./
4 A: Is she Bob's sister?
leave it by itself in a car )(
take it to the vet
regularly 5 A: Is the park near your house?
leave it alone all day B:

It may take you five minutes to get here from '-'
should give it enough food and water. I may. Or we may go to Spain.
I'm not sure. She may be his cousin.
They may come. I don't know.
I'm not sure. There may be one in Green Street.

Grammar (Must/Mustn't)
~ - 5
express obligation or duty. You must drive carefully. i

, ~
_ .7 Z' il>II \ ,. I " 7 < 01&1

.:. . :. -=---_ , can ' t sleep at

a You should drink
Complete the sentences. Use must or mustn't.
some milk before
too fat! you go to bed. 1 You must go to bed. It's late.
a ays tired. b You should revise. 2 You talk. Be quiet!
c You shouldn't surf 3 You come to school on time.
----,,----,IMy eyes really hurt. the Net all the time. be late. I can't wait for you.
4 You
-=-L--Il l've got a Maths d You shouldn 't go to 5 You walk the dog today.
test tomorrow. bed late. It's your turn.
e You should join a 6 You talk to your brother like that.
gym. It's rude.

Module 5
. :-. '

. i;:Grammar Foeus
""- '"

Grammar (Have to/Don't have to) "t's the job? Match .

We use have to to express necessity,
I have to clean the house, (It's necessary,)
1 You must be fit, A, B
We use don't/doesn't have to to express lack of
necessity, You don't have to get up early 2 You have to clean up cages,
tomorrow, (It isn 't necessary,)
3 You may work at night,
4 You don't have to wear a uniform,
ne the right words.
5 You may work any time in the day,
1 We has/have to get up early tomorrow morning. 6 You have to go to university,
2 Does he has/have to wear a uniform at school?
7 You don't have to have your
3 You don't/doesn't have to answer right now,
own office,
4 You has/have to answer all five questions,
5 What do/does they have to do at school 8 You have to work with dogs only,
A zookeeper
8 ~rian is a zookeeper. Write what Brian has B dog walker
to do or doesn't have to do every day. C vet
. Grammar (Relatives)
Relative pronouns (who, which, where, that) are used
to introduce relative clauses,
We use who/that to refer to people,
Brian is the boy who goes to my school.
We use which/that to refer to objects or animals.
She bought a flat which was bigger than the old one.
We use where to refer to places.
Cornwall is where my cousins live ,

animals ,/
10 Combine the sentences with the correct
clean their living spaces ,/ relative pronoun.
work at the weekend X
give them toys to play with ,/ 1 John is a doctor, He works at the local h
answer people's questions ,/ John is a doctor who works at the local
work outside in all kinds of weather ,/ 2 Many families live in my neighbourhood, Th"

train the animals X have got pets,

3 Julie is my friend, She 's got five cats,

1 Brian has to feed the animals every day.
2 4 Dover is a beautiful town, You can see the \/111

3 Cliffs there,
5 Tina likes sports, She likes sports she can do
the water,

-~ . ------
and complete the sentences.

1 Jaguars are the animals which/that

arie afra id of dogs.

2 Charles Osborne was the man _ _ _ __

a d the hiccups for 69 years .

""'eve r sleep.

g apore is the city _ _ _ __

--'e re is only one train station.

- e m an _ _ _ _ _ _ did the voice of Bugs

-- y was allergic to carrots.

is the country _ _ _ _ _ _ about

iIIion monkeys live.
8 Sweden is the country _ _ _ _ _ _ there is
7 Elephants are the only animals
a ski-thru McDonald's.
_ _ _ _ _ _ can't jump.

(Adjectives ending in -ed/-ing)

. -~ ending in -ing are used to describe Adjectives ending in -ed are used to describe
--~ -""--, w as interesting. (What was the film like? Sam was tired. (How did Sam feel? Tired)

the adjectives in brackets in the correct form (-ed or -ing).

, Ii e Maths; it's so boring (bore). 5 I think classical music is so (relax).

en feel (annoy) when 6 I fell down and everyone laughed at me! It was
oeople complain all the time. so (embarrass)!
w as rea lty _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (excite) when 7 I'm not (interest) in working
saw U2 in concert! with animals.
:)0 you feel _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (frighten) when 8 I'm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (surprise) she didn't
you see spiders? invite you to her party.

Module 5
.. ... ' ..

odular ent5

Vocabulary Grammar
and write. (15 marks) and choose. (16 marks)

0 A teacher be kind and patient.

0 @ must B mustn 't

1 You take your dog to the vet if it's ill.

A may B should

2 Nurses 'ro wear a unYroTm.

a -
rmad I I I 0
A have B could

3 This is the beach ___ we organised a clean-

up campaign .
A that B where

4 I swim when I was six.

A can B could
5 This is the book I bought yesterday.
I - A which B where
6 Sam _ _ _ become a zookeeper, but he 's not
sure yet.
A may B must

7 A historian is a person _ _ _ _ studies history.

A which B who

8 Dolphins are animals communicate with

each other.
A that B who
and underline the right word. the adjectives in brackets in the correct
(5 marks) form (-ed or -ing). (10 marks)

o He lives on a small island/valley off the coast of o I don 't like Art; it's so boring (bore) .
Scotland. 1 I didn 't know Greg is _ _ _ _ _ _ (interest)
1 Bats live in hills/caves. in working at the zoo.
2 Angel 's Falls is the tallest waterfall/beach in the 2 It's so (annoy) when people
world. shout.
3 Mt Fuji is an active volcano/cliff in Japan. 3 I'm so _ _ _ _ __ (embarrass)! I forgot
4 There were a lot of tourists sunbathing on the Ted's birthday today!
valley/beach . 4 This book Is really _ _ _ _ __ (excite)! I
I 5 We stood on top of the cave/cliff and looked can 't wait to finish it!
- out to sea . 5 Did you have a _ _ _ _ _ _ (relax) summer

Module I)
---- -----. ~.-. - .--

Communication Reading & Writing

Read and match. (4 marks) Read and write T (true) or F (false).
(15 marks)
I 0 Ib !The whale's stuck!
~1~::::: Let's ask Tina to join in. Danny's Blog May 5th
2 Should we take part? Hey, guys! I have just come back from an
. amazing holiday! let me tell you about a really
3 Grandpa is lonely.
cool landmark I visited the Statue of liberty, in
4 They're going to clean up the park. New York City.
The Statue of liberty is a beautiful statue that s
over 100 years old. It was a gift from the
a It's about time! peopJe of France to the United States.
b Poor thing! There is lots to do and see there. You
c Great idea! can walk all the way up to the crown
d Of course we should. and take pictures. But you have to be
e We should get him a dog. very fit, because there are 354 steps
to reach the top! There is also a
4 museum inside the statue where you
can see photographs and videos.

Well, better go now! What about you,

~ ~ Listen and tick (.I) A, B or C. (15 marks) bloggers? What famous landmark is
there in your country?

o Where is the club?

A Apple Road D o Danny is going on holiday. F
B King Street o 1 The Statue of Liberty was a gift
to the people of France.
C Bing Street D 2 Visitors can walk up to the top
1 What does the club do? of the statue.
3 There are over 300 steps inside.
A It cleans up schools. D
B It helps kids with
their homework. D at the notes below and write a blog
C It arranges clean-up
entry about the Eiffel Tower. (20 marks)
campaigns with schools. D
. .
2 To be a member you have to pay Name & ..,. the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
A 20 a year. 0
B 6 a year. 0 huge iron tower, 324 metres tall
over 1,000 stairs, 3 different levels
C 15 a year. D
3 What do new members get? take a lift to the top of the tower

A a newsletter D beautiful view of Paris

restaurants & gift shops in the
B a poster D tower
C awebsite D
1Total 1 11001



l"ml ch place are they talking about? Read and match. There is one extra picture.


My dad is taking me to this place --===-:::::::::::-J My sister and I went to this place and
1 tomorrow, We are going to see some 2 played electronic games for hours! I
statues from ancient Rome and had a great time!
ancient Greece,

~\ We went t~his place and saw

) We ' re going to go to this We went to this place and saw fish from all over the world. We
3 place tomorrow, I' m going where kings and queens used ~:::::::.....'\ even saw an orca!
to ride a roller coaster! to live in. It was amazing!

the phrases to complete the sentences. Choose the correct response.

1 A: Welcome to Future Life!

electronic games turbo train
B: ~V Wow! it's amazing!
b) I'm fine, thanks.
underwater cities school project
2 A: Would you like to join me?
B: a) What do you mean?
1 Different kinds of electronic games were very b) Yes, of course!
popular in the 1980s.
3 A: I'd like four tickets , please.

2 I doubt I'll finish my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

B: a) That's twenty euros.
b) That's right!
3 In the future, I think people will live in _ _ __
4 A: Enjoy your trip!
4 Maybe we'll get the chance to ride a B: a) Thanks!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the future. b) It's expensive.

Module 6
. : ,..

It !'T'


Choose the correct word.

If we don 't stop polluting the beach , we won't have 1)E leaB>/fresh seas!
Our city is organising a clean-up campaign to collect and
2) recycle/waste all the rubbish that people have 3) thrown away/cut
down on Pebble Beach. This is our 4) option/chance to help the planet!
Our campaign will begin on Sunday, 3 April at lOam.
If we all 5) be/get involved, we will help protect our environment and
make it cleaner.

Bring a friend!

Match the words to form phrases.

Complete the sentences.
1 throw a extinct
1 If we waste water, we won 't have enough left
in the future. 2 take b away
3 save c down
2 We should p plants and animals
4 turn d electricity
so that they won't become extinct.
5 become e off
3 If we s forests, we ' ll have
6 cut f action
cleaner air.
4 Unless we r , we will continue
four of the phrases from Ex. 3 and make
to pollute the environment.
sentences of your own.
5 We mustn't d the homes of
animals. 1
6 If we use public transport, we won't p _ _ __
our cities.

Module 6
.Have a niee ho

and write the type of holiday. Complete the dialogue with the correct
phrases. There is one you don't need.

can I help you You 're welcome

Which platform does at five o ' clock
the train Single or return

Ticket Clerk: Hello, 1) can I help you ?

'" ,- - Lorry: Yes, I'd like two tickets to Cardiff. One
1 -b e a c h 2 trekking
for an adult and one for a child, please.
holidays holidays
Ticket Clerk: Certainly. 2) ?

Lorry: Single, please.

Ticket Clerk: That's 46 altogether, please.
Lorry: Here you are. 3)

Ticket Clerk: Platform 2.

leave from?
Lorry: Thank you.
Ticket Clerk: 4)
3 - - 4 - Have a nice day.
) Listen and mark the sentences T (true)
or F (false).

5 _ _ _ holidays 6 1 There are over 33 ,000 sea animals. T

2 It's the largest aquarium in the world .

Read and choose the correct answer. 3 A tunnel takes you 48 m etres b elow
the surface.
1 A: We 've got a week off school!
B: @ Brilliant! 4 Visitors can feed the sharks.
b) It's a school day! 5 There are cafes a nd restaurants.
2 A: What are your plans?
B: a) That sounds exciting!
b) I'm going to go on a cruise.

3 A: Well, have fun!

B: a) You, too!
b) It's great fun!

4 A: I'm going to go on safari!

B: a) I'm sure I will!
b) Cool!

Module 6
A visit to LondoI\'

Writing (An email about your holiday)

Informal Style
the email and answer the questions. When writing an email to a friend, we use informal style
including short forms, e.g. I'm. We also omit pronouns,
e.g . Can 't wait to hear from you.

Hi Sandy!
11 1 1 How
are you? Guess what! I'm going to go d in the email and circle examples of
~:m a cruise with my parents! We're leaving short forms and pronouns that are omitted.
tomorrow. I can't believe it!
1 2 1 II'm really excited! I' m sure it'll be the best the following sentences in informal
holiday ever! There is a swimming pool on the style. Use short verb forms or omit the
ship, so I'm going to swim every day! My brother is subject pronouns.
going to take lots of photos with his new camera.
We're also going to stop over at an island. I'm 1 We are going to take pictures.
going to buy you a souvenir from there. Hope you We're going to take pictures.
like it. 2 We miss you a lot.

13 1 1 Better go now. Can't wait to hear from

you! 3 I am so happy.

Take care,
.Megan 4 I hope you had a nice weekend.

5 He is going to go skiing.

the plan below to write an email to

your English pen-friend about where you're
going on holiday and what you're going to
1 Where is Megan going to do there.

go on holiday? on a cruise
Paragraph 1
2 What is she going to do?
opening remarks, where/when you are going on
3 What is her brother going holiday
to do?
Paragraph 2
4 What is she going to buy? plans and intentions
Paragraph 3
and write which paragraph (1-3) closing remarks
A opening remarks
B plans and intentions

C closing remarks

Module 6
... _ -------------
. .
. ..". ... - . .

Grammar (Will/Won't) Complete the text. Use the verbs below

and will or won't.
We form the future simple with will + infinitive without
to. Will has the same form for all persons. Ibe (x3) visit live fly build have I
We will not/ won 't go on holiday.

. I believe that life in the future J) will be very

Affirmative I/You/He/She/lt/We!you/ -, different. I think we 2) on the
They'll (will) visit.
moon because there 3) any clean
l!you/ He/She/lt/We!You/They ; air left on Earth. Maybe we 4) _ _ _ _ __
will not (won't) visit.
::. -special houses on other planets, too. People
I 5) computers as small as
I WiII ljyou/he/she/it/wejyou/
they visit?
watches. I'm sure we 6) in
Interrogative/ Yes , Ijyou/he/she/it/wejyou/
they will . spaceships! Children 7) other
Short answers
No, ljyou/ he/she/it/wejyou/ 'YI'" :>t-~ to work on their school projects.

they won't .
I'm sure life 8) _ _ _ _ _ __
Use . very exciting!
We use will:
to make predictions about the future.
We will go to the moon on holiday in the future. Read, choose and complete the short
for on-the-spot decisions. dialogues. Start your sentences with I'll.
I'm hot. /'1/ open the window.
I carry it for you lend you mine
f We usually use will with the verbs hope, think , believe,
i expect, etc. come with you buy you one
~think he '1/ order a pizza tonight.
, . -'Il ,_ 1$ . , '. W . . Il n ; PI i 1 ); .1:~ ' "

drive you there make you a cup of tea.

Complete the sentences to make

1 A: I want to take this box home, but it's too heavy.
predictions about your future. Use will or
B: I'll carry it for you .
won't. "
2 A: I want an ice cream , but I haven't got any
1 I will have a car. money on me.
2 I won't be famous. B:
3 I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ very rich. 3 A: I'm thirsty.
4 become a vet.
4 A: I left my dictionary at home.

5 I live in a castle.
6 I have a big family.
5 A: I'll be late for school.
7 I live in another country. B:
8 have a big house. 6 A: I want to see the new James Bond film , but
nobody wants to come with me.

Module 6
-- - - -- - - - - -------

Answer the questions below. Use some of look and write. Use zero conditional.
the following: I think, I doubt, maybe, I'm
sure, probably, I believe.

1 What are you going to do at the weekend?

Maybe I'll go to the cinema.
2 Who will you ask if you need help with your

3 Where will you go on holiday next summer?

, .. ,.......", .......-
4 Who will you ask if you need any money? take care of sick people
catch thieves
5 When will you buy your own car?

6 Where will you be at nine o'clock tomorrow


Grammar (Zero-First Conditional)

-- look after sick animals
paint houses

1 If you are a doctor, you take care of sick people.

L--_ _ _ _ _;.-...:.. (hypotheSiS) I (result)
if + present will + bare
First conditional simple ! infiniti_
v e_ _--i
the prompts to make sentences in the
Real (present-
If he doesn 't leave now,
i future) zero conditional.
he will be late for work
i 1 be no forests/be more pollution
We use first conditional to talk about something which
If there are no forests, there is more pollution.
is possible to happen in the present or the future.
2 you/heat water/it/boil
( When the if clause comes before the main clause, we
separate the clauses with a comma.
/( I study hard, I will pass my exams. - .) .3 you add milk to coffee/it/be better for your
I will pass my exams if I study hard. . stomach

4 people/not eat/get hungry
We can use unless instead of if ... not in a conditional
clause, The verb after unless is always in the affirmative.
Unless she calls, I'll go to the cinema without her. 5 you/not water/the plants/they die
If she doesn 't call, I'll go to the cinema without her.
------_.-------- - - -
Module 6


sentences. Use the first conditional.

2 3 I don't want to . -.
1 I don't want to go We want to wear a jacket.
-. '

Let's plant

a 'tree~ - .'
visit Egypt.
to bed early.
' - - --.......


(you/catch a cold)

: (you/be tired) : (we/have cleaner air)
(we/see the Pyramids)

: If you don't go to bed

early, you'll be tired.

and complete the sentences in the Rewrite the sentences using if or unless.
poster. Use the correct form of the verbs.
1 If Sam doesn't call Mum, she will be angry.
Unless Sam calls Mum, she will be angry.
use not/pollute not/go
2 Unless I finish my project, my teacher will be ang)y.
save use not/throwaway

~ ---
3 If you don't come with me , I will be afraid.

--- 4 Unless we protect the environment, many animals

will become extinct.

I Grammar (Be going to)

I am going to leave,
Affirmative He/She/ It is going to leave.
We/you/They are going to leave.

I am not going to leave .

Negative He/She/ It is not going to leave.
1 If we have a shower, we will less water.
We/You/They are not going to
, 2 If we _ _ _ _ _ our rubbish, but recycle it, i leave.
our cities will be clean.
". Am I going to leave?
\ 3 If we travel by bus, we - - - - - - the air. r Yes , I am./No, I'm not.

I I "I If we recycled paper, we will I Interrogative /

Is, he/ she/ it going to leave?
Yes, he/she / it is.
save more trees. I j No, he/ she/ it isn't.

5 If we tum off our computers when we don't use Short answers

Are, w e/you/ they going to
them, we electricity. leave?
6 If we to the supermarket by
I Yes, we/you/they are.

No, w e/you/ they aren 't ,
; car, but walk there, we won't pollute the air. Use
L We use be going to:
to talk about our future plans and intentions. She's
going to make a cake tonight.
to make predictions based on what we can see or
believe. He 's driving too fast. He 's going to crash ,
Cl _c an see that he's driving too fast')--"~__
__ '_A"""/
are they going to do this weekend? in the correct form of be going to or will
Look, choose and write. of the verbs in brackets.

1 A: It's cold in here.

CD B: I will close (close) the window.

2 A: Where are you going?

B: I (play) football in the park.

3 A: Tina is great with animals.

B: Yes, I think _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ (become)
a vet when she grows up.
4 A: Would you like to come to the cinema with
B: Thanks, but I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (go)
ice skating with Jane.

5 A: I can't do my homework. The music is too loud.

B: I (turn) it down , then.

Grammar (Time Words)

r ,I

We do not use will/won't after: while , before , until,

as soon as, after, if and when . We use the present
simple instead .
I will go to the supermarket after I tidy m y room.
(NOT: ... after I my room. )
When can be used with the future simple if it is
used as a question word.
When will you see him?
/' m not sure when he will call. j
visit the zoo
play basketball
go shopping
go to the countryside
""-- ~------
-..... _ I
JI t

13 Choose the correct answer.

1 They are going to visit the zoo.
2 1 When you _ _ _ _ _ _ your lesson , call me.
3 A will finish B are finishing C finish
2 I'll watch the DVD after 1_ _ _ my homework.
A do B will do C am dOing

3 Let's make the cake before Mum _ _ _ __

write about your plans for the weekend. home.
A come B coming C comes
At the weekend, I'm going to
4 When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for Rome?
A will you leave B you leave I
C you are leaving

Module 6
----------------~,------------ ........


Vocabulary and choose. (5 marks)

and write. (10 marks)
o Don't away that old jacket,
throw B turn

1 We should all animals and their homes,

A recycle B protect

2 If we paper, we'll protect rainforests,

A recycle B waste

3 When you use public transport, you don 't ___

the air,
A waste B pollute

4 If we don 't cut ______ trees, forests won't

A down B away

5 People should __ water when they wash their

A cjestroy B save

I and choose the correct answer.
(5 marks)

o I' m sure Stan a famous singer one day,

will be B is C are

1 If he a job, he will make some money,

A is finding B will find C finds

2 If I late, my Mum will worry,

A am B am being C will be
o amusement park
3 Look at that motorbike! It _____ the rock!
A will hit B is going to hit C hitting
3 4 I'm hungry, I think I _ _ __ _ a sandwich,
4 A will make B am making C make
5 Sue a party next w eekend,
A is going to have
B has
C having
5 I
I I 10 I

- -~
and write if or unless. (15 marks) Reading & Writing
and complete. (15 marks)
o Unless you study, you won 't pass your exams,
1 The rainforests will disappear _ _ _ _ _ __
we don 't stop cutting down trees.
2 He ' ll call us there 's a problem . Hi Ben!
3 I' ll have the last piece of cake
you want it. How are you? Guess what! I'm going to go on
safari with my family! We're leaving next week.
4 He won 't come to the party we
give him an invitation , Can you believe it?
S I' ll come to the dentist with you I'm really excited! I' m sure it'll be the best holiday
you want me to. ever! There are so many wild
animals there, so I' m going
to take lots of pictures!
Communication We're also going to visit a
nearby village and stay
Read and choose. (15 marks) there for a week. We're
going to sleep in tree
o A: What are you going to do?
B: ~ I' m going to go camping.
b) What are your plans? Got to go now. Can't
wait to hear from you!
1 A: What will life be like in the future?
B: a) We'll live on other planets. Take care ,
b) We ' ll be there on Thursday. Brian

2 A: I' m going on safari!

B: a) That sounds exciting! o Brian is going to go on safari .
b) It' s in Africa. 1 Brian is going with his _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 A: Well, have fun! 2 He 's going to take a lot of _ _ _ _ _ __
B: a) It's fun! 3 They are going to visit a _ _ __ _ _ _ _ .
b) You , too!

Look at the notes below and write an email

to a friend about your holiday. (20 marks)
' ) listen and match the people to the
holidays. (15 marks)

People Holidays Place:

beach holiday with family

0 Tina C A camping
1 Harry B beach
swim all day
2 Anna C safari
lie on the beach
3 Eric D pony trekking
learn to waterski
E cruise

the words to make phrases.
Complete the sentences. Find the words in
the wordsearch.
1 Mcther a bag
1 Get my jumper frcm my r , ............
2 make b Nature
please. 3 catch c fish
I 2 I can't see anything. Turn cn the t __ 4 ccllect d a barbecue

5 prepare e berries
I 3 We tied the r
4 We didn't get Icst because we had a
arcund the tree.
6 sleeping f a fire

c - with us.
5 I slept in my s - b Read and complete.
6 When we go. camping we sleep in cur t

Dear Bcb,

eR u C K S A C K) B D G
Guess where I am! I'm in the ccuntryside with my
0 C 0 G K D V E U R T
parents. Can ycu believe it?
S K M A T T 0 R C H H

A C P C E R M 0 P E S We came here yesterday and we fcund a Icvely

C K A R N S T P E 0 L
spct fcr cur 1) tent. It's quite cccl cutside,
E P S L T I U E 0 G H
I but we have cur 2) '?~
2-' -" , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sc
S LEE PIN G BAG we're warm at night. The cnly thing is that there is

no. electricity at night - we cnly have a 3) ( ' ~_~-'

Choose the correct response.
- - - - - ! Tcmcrrcw Dad wants to. take us
1 A: Ilcve the ccuntryside!
B: @ Me, tcc! climbing! He wants us to. take cnly cur 4)
b) There's plenty to. eat.

2 A: This fish is delicicus! _ _ _ _ _ and a 5) _ _ _ _ _ and

B: a) Yes and all thanks to. Mcther Nature.
b) Greetings players! explore the mcuntains arcund the area. Wish us
3 A: Let's go. to the mountains.
B: a) That's twenty euros. luck!
b) Let's go!
Gct to. go now. Talk to ycu scon.
4 A: Enjcy YOLlr trip!
B: a) Thanks, we will.
Take care,
b) Try scme!
I Alex

Module 7
--::;- -- - - -- -~, ~ -=="--::':;--- - - - -_.,- - -- -- ~
On a desert island'

k at the pictures and match them with and fill in the gaps with the words
the words below. below from the list:

alone cave peaceful

sank sailor adventure

1 The Titanic was a ship that sank in 1912.
2 Robinson Crusoe was all _ _ _ _ _ on an
island .
1- - 1 3 Ted had a feeling of _ _ _ _ _ _ __ and
excitement as he climbed the mountain.
-1'-'- - . ~
4 Alexander Selkirk was a from
5 We ran into a - - - when the storm started.
6 It's so here. No noise at all!
5 6
Alexander Selkirk is finally back home!
Complete his interview.
a first-aid kit d camp stove
b signal whistle e fishing rod
c shelter f blanket Reporter: Can I ask you some questions?
Alexander: 1) Yes, of course.
Reporter: How long have you been on the island?
Match the words to make phrases. Alexander: 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Reporter: Why were you alone?
1 desert a animals Alexander: 3)
2 sail b island Reporter: Why didn 't you leave with 'Cinque Ports'?
3 a bit c entry Alexander: 4)
4 diary d lonely Reporter: What did you have with you?
5 wild e away Alexander: 5)
Reporter: Where d id you live?
Alexander: 6) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _
se the phrases in Ex. 2 to write sentences
Reporter: Thank you very much and welcom
of your own.
1 Alexander: Thank you .

A Yes, of course.
3 B I first stayed in a cave and then I made a hut.
C Because I thought it was going to sink.
4 D Four years.
E Because no one wanted to stay with me.
5 F My gun , a knife, some books and some slothes.

:~, If I were

':'; '.-

Unscramble the words to form character () Listen to Nick and Patty talking about
qualities. Then, use them to complete the buying a birthday present. For questions 1-4
sentences. tick (.I) the correct answer A, B or C.

Nick wants to buy a
birthday present for
A Peter. D

B Tim. D
C Julie. D
, ;
,. . -, " - . " '." ,. , . . ...
''' ,., ,,, .....

. ..
After the mall, they're
going to a
A bank. D
( erdu )
.,/"0 B museum. D
C restaurant. D
" , ; " . . " >.. . ., , ,"

1 Hairdressers need to be sociable and friendly.

I 2 Mike is very . He doesn't feel
comfortable when he' s with people he doesn't Nick wants to try A chicken. D
3 Ted is very because he never
..1"'. B pasta . D-

helps with the chores at home. C fish.

'" . , ,
4 Sue doesn't mind waiting, she's very
. ; i ;

5 Henry never tells lies, he's a very

Read and choose the correct answer.
6 Tony is so . He always says 'please' 1 A: What's the matter?
and 'thank you'. B: ~ I'm really tired .
7 lan is a person. He always shares b) It's delicious!
his lunch with me.
I 2 A: I can 't sleep a t night.
8 Don't be so . It isn't nice.
B: a) What would you do?
b) If I were you, I' d go to bed early.
choose any four words from Ex. 1 and 3 A: Are you OK?
'I make your own sentences. B: a) I'm just thinking of ways to make extra
1 money.
2 b) I think I will.
3 4 A: Thanks for your help .
I 4 B: a) Anytime.
b) Me, too!

Module 7
Writing (An ad for a camp)
Read and complete the text. Use the words below.

summer details diving August o snacks Friday

Do you get bored during the 1) summer holidays?

Come and join us for a summer of fun!
You don't have to go far.
We're in the Lake District.
The camp is for children 9- 14 years of age
We ' re open from 20th July - 21 st 2) _ _ _ __
Monday - 3) 9am-6pm
Camp activities include:
Swimming, 4) , water safety lessons, junior lifeguard lessons,
free playtime in water park and pools .
Lunch and 5) included.
For more 6) ,

Read the text again and answer the magine you work for a summer camp.
questions. Answer the following questions.
1 What kind of text is it? 1 What's the name of the camp?
A letter B ad C email
2 Where is it?
2 What is the purpose of the text?
A to advertise a summer camp
3 Who is it for?
B to organise a summer event
C to bring children together
4 When is it open?
3 Who is the camp for?
A children aged 9- 14 5 Which activities can you do there?
B children aged 8- 10
C children aged 8- 14 6 What's their email address?
4 Which of the following activities is NOT mentioned
in the text?
an ad for the local newspaper. Use
the ad in Ex. 1 as a model and your
answers from Ex. 3.

Module 7

.~. . ;.. .

*: .

Grammar (Some - any - every - no and Complete the dialogue. Use some, any or no.
their compounds)
,1" J "';:;_ i I;U r N$t ..... 17. ~l, "". j Y' ,,'1' P t q ._ ~p *""-
Angela: Hi, Dylan. How was camping?
some, any, and no are used with uncountable nouns \,
and plural countable nouns. Dylan: It was great. We did 1) some really cool
There is some food in the fridge. things.
Are there any strawberries left? Angela: Did you see 2) wild animals?
There is no honey in the jar.
Dylan: Yes, we did. We saw 3) bears .
every is used with singular countable nouns. There were 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ foxes, too.
Every pupil in the class has passed the exam.
Angela: Did you take 5) photos of the
Interrogative Negative
Positive foxes?
People ,somebody/ . anybody/ nobody/ ! Dylan: No, there was 6) time because
someone, anyone no one, they ran away, But I took 7) _ _ _ __
eVerybOdY/ I not anybody photos of a mother bear with her babies,
everyone I
Angela: Can I see them?
Things Isomethin g , anything nothing,
Dylan: Yes, sure. Here they are.
everything not anything
Places somewhere, anywhere nowhere, I
everywhere not anywhere

to :, 'w, ,.-.

Circle the correct word.

1 Have you got some/any photos of your trip to

I London?
2 Bill hasn 't sent some/any emails yet.
3 We looked at some/any dresses, but we didn 't
like some/any.
4 I'd like some/any strawberries for breakfast,
5 They haven't brought some/any ropes with them.
6 Have you got some/any water? I'm thirsty.

the correct word.

the sentences with some, any, no
I and every. 1 Let's watch a DVD. There's anything/nothing on TV.
2 Everyone/Everything loves chocolate.
1 There 's some cake on the table . 3 I can 't find my glasses! I've looked anywhere/
2 There is milk in the carton. It's empty. everywhere for them.
3 We should protect animal in the 4 I think there 's someone/everyone at the door.
forest. 5 Would no one/anyone like another piece of
4 Is there _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pizza left?
6 I'm really sorry, but there 's something/nothing I
5 Jerry goes swimming _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ day. can do to help.
6 Let's collect berries.

Module 7
Correct the mistakes. sentences. Use the second conditional.
1 Would you like something coffee? 1 I am lonely and I haven 't got a pet.
Would you like some coffee? If I had a pet, I wouldn 't be lonely.
2 I haven 't got no money. 2 Henry doesn 't study, so he often fails his tests.

3 Anyone is coming to the party tonight. 3 Julie doesn't have enough money, so she can't
buy a car.
4 Don 't tell no one my secret.
4 Sam doesn 't have free time, so he can't go to
5 I want to go nowhere in the countryside this the gym.
5 Laura hasn't got a car, so she can't drive to work.

Grammar (Second
Conditional) 6 Brian hasn 't got a computer, so he can't send
! emails .
! (hypothesis) (result)
if + past simple would + bare
! infinitive
Second i
I conditional I lf I had a dog, I would take it for a
Use the prompts below to make true
sentences about yourself. Use the second
I Unreal (present- I walk. (untrue in the present)
future) I lf I were you, I would see a doctor. I conditional.
, I (advice)

We use the second conditional to talk about imaginary

find a puppy
situations in the present or future; to give advice. meet my favourite singer
go to Rome
When the if-clause comes before the main clause , have more free time
the two clauses are separated w ith a c omma .
If I were rich , I'd buy a yacht.
win a lot of money
We would be on the beach if we were in Mexico! lose my mobile phone
\...'-_.________________El_._ ._._"_I... =- rr_"_lie_._;_
; ._ _ , ___ travel to America
buy a car
Complete the sentences.
1 If I were you, I would ask (ask) for help.
2 If I (know) how to get there,
I would drive myself. 1 If I found a puppy, I would take it home with me.
3 If I (be) you , I would study 2
these maps carefully. 3
4 If he (can) speak French ,
they would get on so well.
S If the weather were better, we
(go) to the beach. 6
6 If I won the lottery, I (buy) 7
my parents a new house. 8
7 If we (be) in London , we
would be at the U2 concert.
8 If they (have) enough money,
they would go on holiday to Spain.

Module 7

'.,'. Grammar Foeu:;


Imagine the following situations. Make , choose and complete.

sentences about yourself.
How would you feel if you '"
fell off a chair?
met your favourite singer?
won the lottery?
got an A in your
.. .. some
English exam?
swam with
dolphins? ..
were alone on a
desert island?
On 5th December 1660, 1) a ship sank near Dover,
, England. There weren't 2) survivors.
1 If I fell off a chair I would feel very embarrassed.
Only one man, His name was Hugh Williams,
On 5th December 1767,3) ship sank
in the same area, 4) people lost
4 their lives (about 127), The only survivor was Hugh

5 Williams,
6 On 8th August 1820, a boat sank 5) the
river Thames, How 6) survivors? Only
one: Hugh Williams.

On lOth July 1940, a British fishing boat sank - only

10 Give advice. Use the phrases below. two men 7) , one man and his
nephew - they were both called Hugh Williams,
go to bed give them a call take an umbrella If your name 8) _ _ _ _ _ _ Hugh Williams, how
find a part-time job buy a new one would you feel?

1 I'm very tired.

If I were you, I'd go to bed.
1 a an the
2 I haven't got enough money.
2 some none many
3 a another the
3 I don 't know where my best friend is.
4 A lot of Someone A little
5 at on beside
4 This blouse has got a hole in it.
6 many any much

7 would survive survived survive
5 It's raining .
8 IS will be was

Modu1e 7
12 Complete the sentences. Are you a survivor? Do the quiz and find out!

Camping is a lot of fun, but you need to know how to keep yourself safe!

1 What colour would you wear (you/wear) if you went (go) to the forest?
a green b blue c yellow

2 What two things _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (you/take) with you if you went to the forest?
a a map and a compass
b food and water
c signal whistle and a blanket

3 If you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (spend) the night outside, what's the first thing you would do?
a Start a fire. b Find water.
c Build a shelter.

4 What would you do if you (want) to explore the forest on your own?
a Take enough wood and water for 24 hours.
b Leave a note.
c Tell someone were you're going and when you'll be back .

5 If you (get) lost, what would you do?

a Run back the way you came.
b Climb a hill to get a better view.
c Stay where you are and wait for someone to find you.

6 If you wanted to make a noise to call for help, what (you/do)?

a Shout the word 'help' three times.
b Blow a signal whistle.
c Use a stick to bang on a tree.

7 If you got lost and you (hear) people searching for you, what
would you do?
a Jump up and down and make a lot of noise.
b Hide in the bushes.
c Sit very still.

8 If you (be) very wet and cold , what would you do?
a Stand in the wind so that your clothes would dry.
b Take your wet clothes off and wrap yourself in a blanket.
c Start running to keep you warm.

q 8 D L q 9 :J 9 q Z :J l :S18MSU'rj
- --------.----------------------_.........
. .
'. .' ,

Vocabulary ,..+ ,"" the words to the opposites.

and complete. (16 marks) (4 marks)

0 hardworking a dishonest
1 sociable b impatient
0 2 polite c lazy
3 honest d rude
4 patient e shy
4 I
r uc k s ..Q. c k r __ e Grammar
Read and choose the correct answer.
2 3 (10 marks)

o If you _ _ a car, we would go to the beach.

had B have

1 Are there strawberries in the fridge?

A any B some
- m - S t r
2 Can I have cake, please?
" A any B some
- 4 "=....
7 3 Jenny has got a piano lesson Monday.

A every B any

7 Diane late if she doesn't hurry.

A has been B will be

m t- e I - I - IS
- le 8 If I you, I'd go to the gym more.
A were B am
I, 8 9 They went to the mall but they didn 't buy
A something B anything

10 There's ___________ cold water.

A nothing B no

h f s _ __ 9 r __

Communication Reading & Writing
and fill in. (15 marks) the text and write yes or no. (15 marks)

You look really fed up

What's the matter
I can't afford one Creative!
Anytime ;- Do you love being creative?
Come and join us for a summer of invention!
o A: What's the matter? Each child will learn new things and explore
B: I've put on too much weight. their own talents!
We're not far. Just five minutes from Lake
- 1 A:
-------------------------------- Clearwater.
B: Well, I'm upset because I've had an argument Ages 8-15
with Jenny.
15thJuly - 31't August
2 A: I'd really like a new mobile phone, but Mon - Saturday 9am-5pm
Camp Activities include:
B: Why don't you do some babysitting? music, dance, cooking, science experiments,
nature games and exploring nature.
3 A: Thanks so much for your help.
B: All meals and drinks included.

Please contact:

for more information
? Listening
&) listen and complete the missing
o Camp Creative is a winter camp. no
information. (20 marks) 1 It is far from Lake Clearwater.
2 It's for children under eight.
3 It's open in August.
Finway Sports Club 4
It's open six days a week.
You have to bring your own food.
Come and join our club!

There's a lot to do!

Indoor Activities:
cookery classes 0) swimming lessons the notes below and write about a
summer camp. (20 marks)
Outdoor Activities:

football, cricket and 1) ________ Name: Camp Adventure

Location: 10 min from Lake Clearwater
For children: 2) 8 - _ _ _ _ years old Ages: 10-16
Dates: 1sI June ~ 31 st August, seven days a week
Membership fee: 3) _ _ _ _ a month Activities: mountain climbing, camping, trekking,
exploring nature
Opens from: 4) _ _ _ _ am till 10 pm Contact:
Monday to Friday


Module 7
ha, Hawaii!

Complete the sentences below. Choose the correct response.

1 What do you think of my new leather (atrehle) 1 A: It's a bowl made of wood.
boots? B: @ Oh , I see.
b) Oh , no!
2 We use _____ (etmal) to make machines
and tools. 2 A: How can I help?
3 The calabash is a bowl made of _ _ _ _ __ B: a) We really need to celebrate.
(odwo) . b) Well , you can do the cooking.

4 What a lovely jumper you ' re wearing today. Is it 3 A: I'm going to drop this box. Help!
made of (Iwoo)? B: a) Leave it to me.
5 Do you recycle _ _ _ __ (tcaplis) bottles? b) It's a brown box.

6 Tim has just broken his mum 's new _ _ _ __ 4 A: I want to learn the Hula.
(as9Is) vase. B: a) Let me teach you.
b) Aloha , Hawaii!

are they talking about? Read and complete .

gather luau men dancing special held

Hawaiian people 1) together to

celebrate 2) occasions such as
I the birth of a child . These celebrations are usually
3) outside. There's plenty of food
and 4) _ _ _ _ _ . The food is usually prepared
by the 5) . The celebration is called
a 6) _ _ _ _ __

" ,..

food calabash wood serving
This 7) bowl is made from the
8) of a tree. It is used to serve
9) during a traditional Hawaiian
celebration. It's called a 10) _ _ _ _ __

ModuJe 8
'n the phrases. Then use them to label the pictures (A-F).

1 eat a sculpture
2 wear b a street parade
3 watch c fireworks
4 set off d a traditional meal

5 Ice e your face
6 paint f traditional costumes

four phrases and write sentences of your own .

1 3

2 4

and fill in the sentences with the

;lO in: place, sculpture, transform, reindeer,
following phrases. igloos, giant, experience, art.
1 When does the festival take place?
How can I help you
2 It's not a deer, Sam. It's a _ _ _ _ _ __
When is it for
a single or a double room 3 The Inuit used to live in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
let me give you your confirmation number 4 It's the most amazing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
I've ever had!
A: Hello, Ashton Hotel. 1) How can I help you ?
5 This is an amazing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . It shows
B: I' d like to book a room , please. a man carrying a box.
A: Certainly. 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?
6 Patrick's paintings are works of
B: It's for the tenth and eleventh of next month.
A: OK. Would you like 3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? 7 They built some steps. We couldn 't
B: I'd like a double, please. climb them easily.
A: Alright. 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 8 He's very talented. He can _ _ _ _ _ __
It's 2524498. Thank you for choosing Ashton Hotel. a simple house into a palace.
B: Goodbye.

Modme 8

Complete the crossword puzzle. What's the secret word?

- ~.
- -~ -

. ~
- -.
le 0 A T H A N G E R

- -
- --

- ~ ,

CD ,
5 ."

4 -- - -
6 I

,~ T

Secret word:

at the painting. Then read the descriptions and choose the one that matches the painting.

'" Thif> painting if> c.alle.d Sunflowers, It wa5 painte.d bi Vinc.e.nt van
Gogh in 1555. It Waf> give.n to a frie.nd to duorate. hif> be.droom. It
f>howf> be.autiful white. and pink f\owe.rf> in a vaf>e.. It if> now found in
the. National Gial\e.~ in London.
Thif> painting if> c.alle.d Sunflowers. It waf> painte.d bi Vinc.e.nt van
Giogh in 1555. It Waf> give.n to a frie.nd to duo rate. hif> be.ckoom. It
f>howf> be.autiful bright ie.llow f\owe.rf> in a vaf>e.. It if> now found in the.
National Gia\\e.~ in London.
Thif> painting if> c.alle.d Sunflowers. It Waf> painte.d bi Vinc.e.nt van
Giogh in 1555. It waf> give.n to a frie.nd to de.wrate. hif> be.droom. It
f>howf> blue. and purple. f\owe.rf> in a blue. vaf>e.. It if> now found in the.
National Gialle.~ in London.

) listen to a talk about the famous artist Michelangelo.

Mark the sentences C (Correct) or I (Incorrect).

1 Michelangelo was not a sculptor. I

2 He was born in Italy.
3 He started working when he was thirteen.
4 Lorenzo hated Michelangelo 's work.
S He died when he was eighteen.

Module 8
.. .

adventure .;:"...-
Writing (An article about a famous festival in your country)

d the article below and put the verbs into active

or passive vOice.

o The Up Helly Aa is Europe's largest fire festival. It 1) takes

(take) place at the end of every January in the seaside town
of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. The festival
began over a hundred years ago to celebrate the end of the
Christmas season.

The festival only lasts for one day, but it 2) (include)

many fun activities. Preparations begin in early September where Viking costumes 3) _ _ _ _ __
(make) as well as an amazing wooden Viking ship! Over 800 people are dressed as Vikings. The festival
begins with the Vikings carrying fire torches and marching through the streets. They visit different places, sing
songs and dance. After that, the Vikings march to the ship where it is set on fire. Parties 4) _ _ _ _ __
(hold) all through the night and early morning. Another place of interest to visit while you are there is the
Shetland Museum.

@ The Up Helly Aa is an experience not to be forgotten! Come to Shetland this winter and watch Europe's
largest fire festival - you 5) (not/be) sorry!

the article again and answer the an article about the London to
questions. Brighton Veteran Car Run for your school
magazine. Use the notes below and the
1 What kind of festival is it? article in Ex. 1 as a model.
@ fire B dance
2 What time of year does it take place? The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
A summer B winter The longest-running motoring event in the world!
first Sunday in November in Hyde
3 How long does it last? Date & place: Park, London
A one month B one day
cars must be built before 1905 to
4 What are some of the activities? participate
A people sing and dance drivers go 86 kilometres to
B people visit museums Preston Park, Brighton
cars are not allowed to go over
32 kilometres an hour
Match the headings below to the anyone that finishes before 4:30
paragraphs in the article. pm is given a medal
many famous people have
1 description B
taken part
2 feelings and comments
Feelings/ great way to see classic cars from
3 name, date
Comments: around the world

Module 8
Grammar (Present Simple Passive) and complete the sentences. Then
~--------------------------------~ , match the texts to the right country.
We form the present simple passive with the verb to be '!:
(am, is, are) and the past participle of the main verb.

BMWs are made in Germany.

BMWs are not made in England.

Interrogative Are BMWs made in the USA?


ACTIVE Subject Verb Object

Tony designs sculptures.

PASSIVE Subject Verb Agent

Sculptures are designed by Tony. i

Use I
We use the passive voice when we don't know who ~
I- does the action or when the action is more important I
I than the person who did it.

!( Compare the examples: I
I Who painted this room? (active voice)
f \ Who was this room painted by? (passive voice)
l "

, .... ( 4 ' a
11 ' If ='lIiie" SI . , m-

Complete the sentences with the present

simple passive.
1 English is spoken (speak) all over the world. A This country 1) is known (know) for beef, the
2 Breakfast (served) from seven tango and of course football. Diego Maradona is
till ten. from this country. He 2) (admire)
3 The extra room _________ (used) as by football fans all over the world. Which country
an office. is it? _ _ _ _ _ __
4 Different kinds of fruits (sell) B Samba 3) (dance) by everyone in
at the market. this country. They also love football. This country
5 These cars (make) in Japan. 4) (visit) by many tourists during the
6 My favourite TV programme _ _ _ _ _ __ carnival period. Which country is it? _ _ _ __
(show) twice a week.
C Oil and coffee 5) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (produce) in
7 The emails (answer)
this country. This country 6) _ _ _ _ _ _ __
every day.
(also/know) for its exotic fruits. Which country is it?
8 The show (present)
by Mike Smith.

Module 8
Read and complete the text. Grammar (Past Simple Passive)
We form the past simple passive with the verb to be
in the past (was/were) and the past participle of the
main verb.

The concert was attended by a

Venice in Italy 1) is known Affirmative lot of people.
(know) all over the world for
its carnival. Every year, at Negative The concert was not attended
by a lot of people.
the beginning of spring,
Venice 2) _____ Was the concert attended
_ _ _ _ (visit) by by a lot of people?
thousands of tourists.
Beautiful costumes and ACTIVE Subject Verb Object
masks 3) _________ (make) and Van Gogh painted Sunflowers.

4) (wear) by the people

who take part in the celebrations. Mask makers
PASSIVE Subject Verb Agent
~-------------- (admire) Sunflowers was painted by
and hold a special position in Venice. Venetian masks Van Gogh.
6) (make) of leather or paper
and 7) (decorate) with feathers
or jewellery. The celebrations 8) _______
Fill in: is, are, was or were.
(mainlY/hold) at the Piazza San Marco.
1 The offices are cleaned every day.
2 The building destroyed by an earthquake
questions. Then read the text in Ex. 3
last year.
and answer them.
3 A bazaar _ _ _ organised by our school once
1 What/Venice/know/for? a year.

Question: What is Venice known for? 4 Gina's bedroom - - - decorated yesterday.

Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 5 Audi cars made in Germany.
6 Tom and I invited to a wedding next
2 When/the carnival/hold?
Question: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ week.
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 7 The museum _ _ _ _ built a few years ago.
8 The Eiffel Tower designed by Gustave
3 What/wear/by the people who take part in the Eiffel.
celebrations? 9 Who _ _ _ _ _ the telephone invented by?
Question: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 10 The lost dog found in the park last
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ night.
4 What/masks/made of?
Question: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

5 Where/the celebrations/mainly hold?

Question: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Module 8

Fill in the correct passive tense of the verbs the words in the columns and make
in brackets. sentences
1 A: What a beautiful scarf! B
B: Thanks! It was given (give) to me for my
birthday. The film Avatar paint Paris

2 A: Do you know when the school bazaar is? James

B: I think it (hold) every The Lord of the write Cameron
November. Rings

3 A: Did you go to Ann's party? hundreds of

B: No,we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ The Eiffel Tower people every
(not/invited) . day

The Sistine direct

4 A: That school looks very old. J.R.R Tolkien
B: Yes, it (build) in 1925.
5 A: That coffee table is beautiful! Madonna visit Raphael in 1513
B: Thanks! It (make)
by my grandfather. 1 The film Avatar was directed by James Cameron.

6 A: Why is Timmy crying? 2

B: He __________ (sting) by a bee. 3
7 A: Did you hear what happened to Jason? 4
B: Yes , his bike (steal)
last night. 5

8 A: Did Jeremy find his dog?

B: Yes. It _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (find) the words to write questions and
by his neighbour last week. answers.
1 the 'Mona Usa' /paint? Leonardo da Vinci
Rewrite the sentences into past simple Who was 'Mono Liso' painted by?
passive. It was painted by Leonardo do Vinci.
1 They completed the Empire State Building in 1932. 2 London Bridge/complete? 1209
The Empire State Building was completed in 1932. When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

2 They once used ketchup as medicine in the

United States. 3 the first aeroplane/fly? Orville Wright
Who _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

3 Wilhelm Rontgen won the Nobel Prize for

discovering X-rays. 4 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/write? Mark
Who _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
4 The Wright Brothers called the first aeroplane
Kitty Hawk.
5 the Great Wall of China/build? to protect the
Chinese Empire
5 Baron von Drais made the first bicycle in 1817. Why _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

-- --
ke sentences in the present simple passive or the past simple passive.

1 The island/not visit/many people/in December 6 the building/clean/every day

The island isn't visited by many people in
7 Romeo and Juliet/write/Shakespeare
2 Tom 's book/write/in 2003

8 music/download/from the Internet every day

3 The emails/not sendjyesterday
9 the theatre at Epidaurus/complete/in 4 th century
4 the kitchen/paint/last weekend BCE

10 the birthday cake/make/mum this morning

5 the TV/invent/John Baird

Complete the questions about the Colosseum.

- Name: The

Location' Ro
. me, Italy

Completed: About 70 AD

Made of. stone and

Visited: hundreds
Of peOPle daily

A: Where 1) is the Colosseum located? A: What 3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

B: In Rome, Italy. B: Stone and concrete.
A: When 2) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? A: How many 4) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?
B: In about 70 AD. B: By hundreds of people.



dui or

Vocabulary Grammar
read and complete. (10 marks) the sentences in the passive voice.
(15 marks)

o o They make cheese from milk,

Cheese is made from milk.

1 Marie Curie discovered radium in 1898.

2 Salvador Dali didn't paint the Mono Usa

b at ter y c -- d t a d

3 Venice holds a film festival every yeaL

2 4 Mike Mitchell directed Shrek Forever After.

S Who wrote the Twilight books?

t __ o ____ r c __ c ____ o_


Read and circle. (15 marks)

o A: A single or a double room ?

B: a) I'd like to book a room.
x- __ _ @ A single, p lease.
1 A: When is it for?
B: a) The first of next month,
b) A sing le , p lease,

Read and complete. (15 marks) 2 A: When was the car invented?
B: a) In 1885,
o Most scissors are made of metal (amtel) , b) I bought it last yeaL
1 Put the rubbish in the _ _ _ _ (italpsc) bag.
3 A: Who was Austra lia d iscovered by?
2 Look at this beautiful (salgs) vase, B: a) It's a beautiful country.
b) James Cook.
3 My gloves are made of _ _ _ _ _ _ (owlo).

4 Put on your (raelhte) jacket.

S He took a piece of (owdo)

and made a fire.

I I 15 I

Module 8
-=- ----_.-. ------ ---
~) Listen to a talk about Neil Armstrong and tick (~) the correct box (A, B or C). (15 marks)
0 Neil Armstrong was born on 2 When did he land on the moon?
A 15th August, 1930, D A 16th July D
B 5th August 1940, D B 20th July D
C 5th August, 1930, 0 C 12th July D
1 He decided to become an astronaut in 3 Neil Armstrong was a professor at
A 1962, D A the Kennedy Space Center. D
B 1952, D B The University of Cincinnati. D
C 1961, D C Purdue University, D
Reading & Writing
Read the text and choose the correct at the notes below and write about a
answer. (10 marks) festival in Spain. (15 marks)

Puck Fair takes place every year in August in

Ireland. No one knows for sure when the festival
began, but it is believed to be over four hundred
years old.
The festival lasts for three days and it includes
many fun activities. The people of Killorglin prepare
many different things for the festival. On the first Name: La Tomatina
day, a large goat is decorated with ribbons and it's
called King Puck. The goat is paraded through the Paragraph 1
streets! On the second day, people buy and sell When is it? end of August
animals. On the evening of the third day, King Puck is Where is it? Bunol, Valencia
led out of town with traditional Irish music. There are Paragraph 2
also street musicians and circuses. What takes place during the festival?
Puck Fair is an unforgettable experience! Come to The night before the festival, paella , a
Ireland this summer and watch a traditional Irish traditional dish is prepared. There 's a
festival - you won't be sorry! completion for the best paella ,
o Puck Fair takes place every year, On the morning of the festival,
Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say tomatoes are thrown at people, Big
1 The festival is in the beginning of August, lorries full of tomatoes are driven into
A Right B Wrong C Doesn't say the town, About 150,000 tomatoes are
2 Puck Fair only lasts for one day, used in one hour,
A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say Paragraph 3
3 You can buy an animal at the festival. Feelings, comments
A Right B Wrong C Doesn't say
4 Visitors can watch street musicians,
A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say
5 The Kerry County Museum is open all day,
A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say

1 1 Total 1
100 1

Module 8
at the pictures and match them with Match the words to form phrases.
the words below.
1 haunted a nightmare
2 full b house
3 spooky c down
.... - .-
- 4
d moon
e story

Choose three phrases from Ex. 3 to write

1 2 sentences of your own.

3 4
hoose the correct response.

1 A: You won 't believe what happened to me!

B: @ Tell us!
b) Oh, no!

2 A: I think I saw a ghost!

B: a) And that's not all!
b) Ooh , spooky!
5 6
3 A: I turned around but no one was there!
a footprints d ghost B: a) That's strange!
b full moon e darkness b) Listen to this!
c nightmare f haunted house 4 A: What did you do?
B: a) I drove away,
b) Guess what I saw !
I in: disappeared, answer, lift, middle,
stare. 5 A: Were you scared?
B: a) And that' s not a ll !
1 I turned around , but the boy had disappeared.
b) No, of course not.
2 Someone's at the door, Could you please
_________________________________ I't?,

3 It's not polite to _________ at people .

4 Would you like me to give you a
----------------------------- home?
5 I found a cute little puppy in the _ _ _ __
_________________________ of the road,

--- ----

:. -

terieSi: > .--..

1 the crossword puzzle.




Choose the correct word. and complete.


1 The~oyag~/ shadow lasted about three hours. shocked tall aliens

2 Agatha Christie was a famous curse / mystery scared fingers police station
3 As Danny was walking to his car, he saw a dark
shadow / mummy behind him. ~l"om OIJt. I
4 Do you believe in the pharaoh / curse of the ~~
s~~~::~'t~:Os~~:I~~:n of .,~
S The ancient treasure / archaeologist was sent
to a museum. 1)
6 The pyramids / mysteries of Egypt are visited by Hopkinsville, USA when they reported they ~
many tourists. had seen some 2) .
7 King Tutankhamun was one of Egypt's youngest According to the Taylor and Sutton families, some
strange visitors appeared outside the Suttons'
curses / pharaohs.
house. The aliens were a metre 3) _ _ _ _ __
with a big head and pointed ears. They had yellow
I in: accident, set off, aboard, nightmare, eyes and long 4) ! Billy Ray Taylor
reach . had seen the aliens outside and had run into the house,
1 Ben was in a car accident last night and he's in 5) to death. For the next few
hospital now. hours, more aliens kept coming up to the house and
2 There were five hundred people _ _ _ __ tried to get in!
the train. The two families escaped in their cars and went
3 I don 't think we'll London before to the 6) .
nine 0 ' clock tonight. These strange creatures became
4 Andy woke up in the middle of the night known as the Hopkinsville
because of a terrible _ _ _ _ _ _ _ he had. Goblins!
S What time did Peter _ _ _ _ _ _ yesterday -

Module 9
the pictures .

fire engine para medic

coast guard firefighter
pOlice officer
( A police officer ) ----==============---)

c ---==============---)
C-=- ---==============--)
D C--=-
E ----==============-)

~. Listen to an Read and complete the sentences .

interview with
a police Which service
officer. What seems to be the problem
Then read
I Could you give me your name and address
sentences an ambulance is on the way
and write
Yes or No. A: Emergency. 1) Which service?

B: Could you please se nd an ambulance?

1 The dog's name is Oscar. Yes
2 Oscar is the police officer's partner. A: 2) _______________________________ ?
3 Oscar caught a thief in the street. B: My grandmother fe ll dow n. She can't move
4 Oscar was given an award.
A: OK. 3) ___ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

B: Yes , my name 's Donna Smith and my address is

atch the phrases to their meanings. 10 Fall Lane . Please he lp !

A: Alright. Don't w orry 4) __________________

1 dial
a when you are
passed onto
2 hang up another speaker
b when you are told
to wait
3 hold the line c call someone on
the phone
4 put through (to d finish the phone
someone else) call suddenly

Module 9
A lesson leamt ~ =---

Writing (A newspaper article)

the dialogue and put the verbs into
the newspaper article below. What is the past perfect or past simple.

' '''d . .
A: 1) Did you hear (hear) what happened
at Dan's school?
B: No, what happened?
- A: There 2) (be) a huge fire!

B: Oh, no! That's awful! Was anyone
A: Fortunately, the fire happened
late at night after everyone
3) (leave) .

A neighbour saw smoke coming
out of one of the windows, so she
An earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter
4) (dial)
scale hit the small town of Clifford last night
999 immediately. The fire brigade
around midnight. The earthquake damaged a
came and put the fire out. There
few homes. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
were no serious damages.
~ Everything was quiet and most people had B: So, everyone in the neighbourhood
already gone to bed. Suddenly, there was a is OK now?
.. loud noise and everything began to shake.
A: Yes, everyone's fine. I'm sure they
',' People woke up screaming and many were
5) (be) very
trying to find a place to hide. A few seconds
frightened last night, though.
later, the shaking stopped.

Families had spent the night camping outside.

There were no serious damages or injuries.
"'hof the following should you include
Everyone was scared, but they all felt happy to
in a newspaper article? Tick (.I).
be alive.
1 when and where the event happened .t
2 what people looked like
3 how people felt
Choose the best headline for the newspaper 4 how many police officers and
article in Ex. 1. paramedics there were

A FANS CELEBRATE the dialogue in Ex. 3 and your answers

CLlFFORD'S SUCCESS from Ex. 4 to write an article for your school
newspaper about the fire at your school.
B Paragraph 1
ROCKS summary (what, where , when, etc)

Paragraph 2
c description and details
Paragraph 3
,..".",.,- ~, ,. ~ '" . .~
- ' , ''''-".>.~... .....
. ., . .. '"'""-~
'",. 1_ . .' . . -'. ' . . . . .. '. ', '
,' " """,*,'
.~ .-
_ ,- .,,_%
$-~ .",-_...
'1"'" .... ""PHi
comments & feelings

Module 9

Grammar (Past Perfect)

Form: had + past participle Use

We use the past perfect for an action that
happened before another action in the past.
Affirmative I/you/ He/She/lt/We/They had worked .
He had finished his homework before his parents
came home.
Negative I/You / He/She/ lt/ We/ They hadn't worked.
Time expressions used with the past perfect:
I Had l/you/he /she/ it/we/they worked?
Interrogative / before, after, already, for, since, just, until, by, by )
Yes, l/you/he/ she/ it/we/they had. thetime , ~c. _
I Short answers No, l/you/ he/ she/ it/we /they hadn't.

ke sentences.

column A with column B to make correct sentences. Then, write the first action for each

1 When they reached the station a Sue had forgotten her birthday.
2 Jenny was sad because b before the fire brigade arrived .
3 They went to the cinema c before we came home from school.
4 The fire had started d the train had already left.
5 Mum had cooked dinner e after they had bought the tickets.

[ 1 [ d [ first action: the train had a lready left [4 [ [ first action: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

[2 [ [ first action: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ [5 [ [ first action: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
[3 [ [ first action:

Module 9
happened first? What happened om invited his friends to his cottage last
second? Write 1 and 2. Then write. week. Look at the things he and his mum did
and didn't do before Tom's friends arrived.
Make sentences using past perfect.

1 They prepared the food.

prepare the meal
They cleaned the house.
They didn't buy any colas.
1 eat it 2
4 They didn't make 0 coke.
5 They bought some paper
6 They booked 0 clown.

~.~ "'
. . . . =,,-'".' > ,j

By the time Tom's friends arrived:

1 he and his mum had prepared the food.
wash the clothes hang them out to 2

Ben and his family went camping last

buy 0 laptop save enough money weekend. Look at the prompts and write
- ... questions and answers.

write the card take it to the post box

1 lock/house? ./ 4 feed/cot? ./
2 pock/food? ./ 5 send/emails? X
3 wash/car? X
- >

put on his trainers go Jogging
1 Had they locked the house before they left?
Yes, they had.
A After she had prepared the meal, she ate it. 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

Module 9

~f Orammar Foeus

Join the sentences as in the example. Grammar (Revision of tenses), 7

1 We finished our dinner. Then we watched TV. r w~ use present ~imple -for: \
When we had finished our dinner, we watched TV. I daily routines or habits.
2 He did his homework. Then he went to the pork.
I She leaves work at 6:00. (daily routine)
He drives to work. (habit)
When permanent states. They live in New York.
3 Everyone left. Then I cleaned the house. , 'L

When _______________________________ We use the present continuous for:

actions happening now, while we are speaking.
4 She did the ironing. Then she went out.
f She is sending an email now.
When _______________________________
I 5 Chorlie saved money. He bought a new bike.
I actions happening around the moment of speaking.
She is looking for a flat these days.
When _________________________________ I -
We use the past simple for:
an action which happened at a stated time in the
Grammar (Past Simple - Past Perfect)
past. She bought a mobile phone yesterday. (The
/ .' :'~ use the past simple f~~ actions ~hiCh ha~pen~d' time is stated. The action is complete.)
actions which happened immediately one after
immediately one after the other in the past.
They came home and fed the babies. (First they the other in the past. He woke up and got dressed.
I I .. .....
came home and then they fed the babies.)
. . . .
(The actions are complete .)


We use the past perfect for a past action which We use the past continuous for:
happened before another past action. an action which was in progress at a stated time in
Sue had already fed the babies when Ted came I
the past (we do not know when the action started or
~ home. (Sue fed the babies first. Ted came I finished). At five o'clock yesterday, Tim was washing
, ,
) his car. (We do not know when Tim started or finished
washing his car.)
two or more actions that were happening at the
the verbs in brackets into the post perfect same time in the past (simultaneous actions).
or the past simple. Sue was watching TV while Ann was reading a book.

1 After Peter had washed (wash) the cor, he went

IT' "
We use the future simple:
for a walk. for decisions made on the spot.
2 When they _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (go) home, they I'm hungry. I'll make a sandwich.
realised that they hadn't locked the door. to make predictions based on what we believe or
what we imagine. He will become a singer one day.
3 She was scored because she
I with the verbs hope, thin, believe, expect, etc.
_ _ _ _ _ (not/be) on an aeroplane before. .~ I think he will pass his exams.
4 I (not/send) the email
when Tory came. I We use the present perfect for: \

5 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (Cindy /finish) an action that happened at an unstated time in the

past. He has moved to London. (We don't know
the report when her boss came to the office? when.)
6 After Jill (do) the shopping, an action that started in the past and still lasts in
she cooked dinner. the present. I have known her for five years.
7 Brian (arrive) at the I An action which finished recently and whose results
are visible in the present. We have decorated our

8 Tina
school before it started to rain.
(bake) the cake
i bedroom. (We can see it.)
, ,. ; "

before the birthday party. We use the past perfect for:

9 Danny _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (pack) a past action which happened before another past
action. I watched TV after I had done my homework.
his suitcase before he called a taxi.
(I did my homework first.)
10 The children _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (have)
dinner before they went out to play.

Module 9
( Choose the correct answer. plete the short dialogues. Use the right
I I think Sam the competition.
A wins will win C is winning 1 A: What are you watching (watch) on TV?
B: It's an interesting documentary about giraffes.
~ Julie _ _ _ live in England. She lives in Wales.
A doesn 't B didn't C didn't 2 A: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (you/eat)
in fast food restaurants?
Craig football after school today.
B: Not often. Once a month.
A plays B play C is playing
3 A: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___
I dinner when the telephone rang.
(your brother/play) any sports?
A was making B made
B: No. He hates sports.
C have made
4 A: What _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
) George went to Spain a month
(your father/cook)?
A yesterday B ago C now
B: Pasta.
Sally hasn't finished her homework _ _ _ _ .

S A: When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
A yet B just C since
7 After they ___ the film, they turned off the TV. B: An hour ago.
A watched B had watched
6 A: What (you/do)
C watch
at nine last night?
We had already left when Jane _the house. B: Nothing. I was at home.
A called B had called 7 A: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
C was calling
(you/ever/try) bungee jumping?
Lorry _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at the moment. B: No, never.
A read Breads C is reading
) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ you made dinner yet? 8 A: What _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

A Did B Does C Have (you/do) when you grow up?

B: I'd like to be a teacher.

the expressions and the verbs in the list to write sentences.

ago yesterday
after just
never since
last year I haven't read the book yet.
, ' , " n. i,: ::t:::%!"'-:-_

- -fil"Uil:!--;;''.:S:;::-' _

:::aLSilI E :m' ;PlfHfw' Ihl I E'riHe" :'


write meet I
watch eat buy ~
see =
fly always for read

Module 9

duI or 9

and match. (20 marks)


o ghost a 2 treasure 4 haunted house

1 full moon 3 footprints S archaeologist

"le the correct answer. (20 marks)

o Betty listens/is listening to music now. 6 They have been friends for/since many years.
1 We have seen/saw the film last week. 7 What were you doing/had you done at six 0 ' clock
2 Tina had left/has left befare I arrived at home. yesterday?
3 Phil was waiting/waited for the bus when it 8 By the time I went to the cinema, the film was
started snowing. already starting/had already started.
4 They usually are gOing/go to the park at the 9 Listen! Someone sings/is singing!
weekend. 10 Bill watched/was watching N while I was reading

S I'm sure he helps/will help you tomorrow. a magazine.

3 . -. d and match. (15 marks)

o You won't believe what happened to me! a I think someone 's trying to get into my house.
1 What seems to be the problem? b Don 't worry. The police are on their way.
2 That's really strange. c What? Tell us!
3 Please help! d And that's not all!

o c

Module 9
~~ Listen and tick (.I) the correct answer. (15 marks)

o How many people were at the party? 2 What time did the fire brigade arrive?

1 What did Mark dream? 3 Which film are they going to watch?

1 1
15 1
Reading &Writing
the text and choose the correct at the notes below and write a
answer. (l0 marks) newspaper article about a snowstorm.
(20 marks)
" A heavy flood hit the small town of Ashville early
yesterday morning at around five o'clock. The flood Paragraph 1
, 0) caused by heavy rain and it damaged a few
snowstorm/small town/Colby/late last night/
homes. Fortunately, 1) serious injuries were 10 pm
\ reported and only a few people were sent 2) _ __ no serious injuries
Paragraph 2
It was a quiet morning. 3) , it began to rain began/snow heavily
heavily. People woke up and 4) were trying to people couldn't leave homes
find a place to hide. A few hours later, the rain stopped. snow stopped/few hours later
Families had spent the night on the roofs of Paragraph 3
5) houses. There were no serious damages or families trapped inside/homes
injuries. Everyone was scared, but they all felt happy to no serious damages
be alive. everyone scared/lucky to be alive

0 A is @ was C that 1 1 20 1

1 A nothing B not C no
1 Total 1 100
2 A to B for C at 1 1

3 A After B Suddenly C Next

4 A all B many C much
5 A its B theirs C their

1 1
10 1

Module 9
. ..

unwanted est!
, read and write yes or no.

1 2 3
It's a CD/DVD drive. yes It's a printer. It's a webcam.

4 5 6
They're speakers. It's a screen. It's a mouse .

the problem with the right part of .,t,..h the words to form phrases.
the computer.

I insert the CD, I press

se three of the nouns/phrases above to
play, but I can't here
make sentences of your own.
I'm sure I've installed it
properly , but I can't see my
"'--//\ friends. I can only hear them,
Choose the correct response.

1 A: I think we scared him away!

"-......,." I move it left and right, up
B: ~ For now at least.
and down, but the cursor
b) Yes we do.
doesn't move at all!
2 A: Your mum asked me to come over.
B: a) She ' s my mum .
1 There's probably something wrong with your b) Really? When?
computer screen.
2 3 A: Thanks for your help.
B: a) That's what friends are for!
b) You ' re crazy!
4 A: Stay away from here!
4 B: a) We won 't let him!
b) You haven 't heard the last of me!

Module 8
. \

me with my eomputer!>...
Find ten words related to computers in the Computer talk! Read and match.
word search puzzle.
11 I IMy computer doesn't start.
L 0 G 0 N)1 0 G 0 P D I2 I IWhy can 't I open this document?
M I N S T A L L P 0
I3 I IShould I type the paragraph again?
I4 I IWhy is my computer slow?
E R V C 0 S P T A W Is I IHow can I install the new programme?
S T D E C 0 P Y S N A Just click on it and it will start automatically.
B Have you tried switching it off and on?
V U Y K I F E P S L C You need to type the password.

o No. Just copy and poste it.
T P I N T J W 0
E You need to upgrade it.
B D 0 0 R W E D 0 A
choose and complete.

R T S V M R V A D P In the 1) past, computer games were very

simple and not very 2) . Today,
A E C P Y E S A V E video and computer games are a lot more fun.
Some of them are really cool and 3) _ _ _ __
them makes you feel like you're in a film!
Computer games also help you 4) _ _ _ __
se the words from Ex. 1 to complete the and do things more quickly and correctly. The
sentences below. reason is because most of them make you think
1 I can 't log on to the Internet.
about how you are going to 5) a
problem. Computer games make hanging out with
2 Harry is going to 0 song for me. your friends fun. You can 6) games,
3 You don't have to type this again. Just copy talk about them and swap ideas.
and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it. Video and computer games are changing
4 You should _ _ _ _ _ _ _ your computer. 7) the time. There is one thing,
It's over eight years old. though, that never changes: computer games will
8) be fun!
S I can 't this page. I think there's
something wrong with the printer.
6 We need to _ _ _ _ _ _ this new program. --. - --
7 Make sure you your document 1 past present future
before you switch off your computer. 2 boring interesting awful
8 This new helps to protect 3 to ploy play playing
computers from bugs. 4 think thinks thinking
S make solve create
9 It's easy to pictures from the Internet.
6 make do play
10 You can't use the computer unless you have a 7 every all some
8 never hardly always

Module 8

.,tl"'h the TV programmes to the pictures.

1 documentary a
2 cartoon
3 soap opera
4 sitcom
5 news
6 reality show
7 sports programme
8 talent show

ble the opinion adjectives and Listen and mark the statements as
complete the sentences. T (true) or F (false).


\ ycsar vimnafrote
1 Ten year olds can join the camp. F
2 Children can learn how to make a
Ideuatcinoa ginntitseer Isyli computer game.
3 Children take part in competitions.
4 The camp is open all year.
1 This sitcom is so f I
5 If you are interested , call Mark Peters.

2 I really enjoy watching documentaries because

they're so e _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Choose the correct response.
3 Are you reading any i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ books?
4 The news is i and you can learn 1 A: Do you fancy watching a documentary?
about what's going on around the world . B: @ Not really.
b) Oh , no!
5 I don't like watching thrillers because they're
too s- - - - - - - - 2 A: Is there anything else on?
B: a) It sounds good.
6 Some people do very s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
b) Well, there's a comedy.
things on talent shows.
3 A: What time is it on?
B: a) 8:30.
b) On Channel 3.

Module 8
Writing (A film review)

d the text and put the paragraphs in Plot
the correct order. The story is about/ begins".
The plot is exciting/ wonderful, etc.
The actors are excellent/convincing, etc.
Don't miss it!
It's a must-see/ a big hit/ action-packed!
IA I I Twilight is a
great film! Don't
miss it! Find examples of useful language in the
text and underline them.
I B I ITwilight is a
fantasy film. It is
based on the the notes and plan below to write a
novel written by film review for your school magazine.
Stephenie Meyer.
It is directed by Film/Type/Oiredor: Enchanted,
Catherine Hardwick. fantasy, Kevin Lima (director)

I c liThe plot is very exciting and the Plot/Characters/Actors:

actors are very convincing. It's about Princess Giselle (Amy Adams)
seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan falls in love with prince Edward

(Kristen Stewart) who moves to a small (James Marsden) in magical

land of Andalasia
town and meets Edward Cullen (Robert
Queen Narissa (Susan
Pattinson) and her life changes
Sarandon) sends Giselle to
~ completely! Bella finds out that Edward is
" modern day New York
a vampire! Then Bella meets James, a bad Giselle meets Robert (Patrick Dempsey)
vampire who wants to attack her. Luckily, He helps her survive in New York
Edward saves Bella and they promise to Giselle waits for someone to rescue her and take
be together forever. her home

Recommendation: Great film for the whole family

.. (1<.. = if: . :::: :--
the text again and answer the
Paragraph 1
Name/type of film , who directed it
1 What is the name of the film?
Paragraph 2
2 What kind of film is it?
Plot, characters, actors
3 Who directed it?
4 What is it about? Paragraph 3
5 Who stars in it? Recommendation

Module 8

;Grammar Foeus

, (Reported Speech - Statements) the conversation and then report
~----------------~----------------~ what Tina and Frank'said.,
Direct Speech Reported Speech ,

. }" . .
"Bob is a computer Julie said that Bob was a
programmer," Julie said. computer programmer.
"He can fix your She said that he could fix
computer, " she said. your computer.
"He likes playing computer She said that he liked I
games," she said. playing computer games.
' ..

Reported Speech is what someone said , but not his/her "
exact words. We don't use quotations.
In reported speech , present becomes past.
. . . . ________"- _'- ---_no______"- ;1 Frank :
Tina :
Are you American?
No. I'm Scottish.
Frank : Really? Where from?
read and make the sentences into Tina: I'm from Edinburgh.
reported speech. Frank: I've never been to Edinburgh. What's it like?
Tina: It's a beautiful city.
I'm from My brother lives I can speak Frank : What can you do there?
Canada. in Australia. five languages. Tina: You can visit Edinburgh Castle. You can go
Frank : Camping? That's great! I love camping! I
think I'll go to Edinburgh.
Tina: You should.

1 Tina said that she was Scottish.

2 Tina said Edinburgh.
3 Tina said city.
I've got a My parents My father works 4 Tina said Castle.

pet parrot. are at home. in a bank. 5 Frank said camping.

3 .- rite the sentences in reported speech.

1 "I like strawberries," Bruce said.

Bruce said that he liked strawberries.
2 "We are at the cafe," John said.

1 He said that he was from Canada. 3 "You can join our team ," they said.
2 She said ____________________________
3 He said ___________________________ 4 "I don't want to play anymore, " Helen said.
4 He said __________________
5 She said 5 "They can't come to Spain with us, " Kelly said.

6 She said

Module 8
the sentences in reported speech.

1 "I want to move house" she said. 5 "They aren't here," he said.
She said she wanted to move house.
2 "I like going to the cinema ," Mary said . 6 "I haven 't got a brother," Mike said .

3 "We've got a house in the country," they said. 7 "I can come to the cinema ," John said .

4 "I watch TV in the evening," said Sue. 8 "You can borrow my car," Frank said .

did Kelly say? Write the speech Grammar (Reported Commands)

Direct Speech
1 She said that Mike was at school. "Mike, switc h off the computer. "
2 She said that he wrote an article on animals. "Please switch off the c omputer. "
3 She said that he could help me with my Reported Speech
homework. She told Mike to switch off the computer.
4 She said that she could call him. She asked him to switch off the computer.

2) _ _ _ _ _ __
Report the following commands.
1) Mike is at school.
1 "Turn down that music , please! "Jane said to me.
Jane told me to turn down the music.

2 "Take the dog for a walk, please " Ann told Pete .

3 "Drink your milk, please! " Mum told me.

4 "Don't be late tonight," she told me.

5 "Turn off your computer, please!" Dan told Ted .

6 "Stop your car! " The police officer said to the


:-::ir.3) - - -- ---
7 "Please , don't tell anyone! " he said to me.

4) _ _ _ __ _ 8 "Don 't go near the cooker," Mum told us.

Module 8

" .

........ ',' < Grammar Foe":;


Make reported statements or commands. '." . ... :;. " ,., ' -' .

2 "' Pam;,is in New York,

, . . ..... .. j
1 I want to become an astronaut.

4 I swim every day.

5 Stop talking, please.
r6 Take the box to Julie, please.

- ).

1 He said that he wanted to become an astronaut. 4 She said - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2 He said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 5 He asked me
3 She said 6 He asked me

Grammar (Both/Either/Neither)
U,( , . --n;pTj l t ' . ;'1 t, . .. m%" - -,n =0;;11 e'OlUiL U C(i..
10 Look and make sentences. Use both ... and
l both ... and means one and the other. ....
or neither .. . nor.
Both Tim and Bill play football .
either ... or means one or the other.
Either Danny or Sue will call tonight.
I neither ... nor means not one or the other.
Neither Ted nor Phi/likes cricket. They prefer football.

i Note: both is followed by a plural verb. I

Circle the correct item.

1 We'lI~ithey/ neither go to the cinema or drive

to the beach.
2 I looked at two books, but I didn't buy neither /
either of them.
3 I've got two sisters and both / either of them are
older than me.
1 Age: eleven Age: eleven
4 Neither Paul or / nor Brian is in my class,
5 And / Both Tina and Pat have visited Spain. 2 Likes: pasta Likes: pasta
6 Neither / Either Tom nor I like tea. 3 Hates: fish Hates: fish
7 Both Sam and / or Ted live in London, J
4 Can play: football Can play: football
8 Both Judy and Emma is / are Irish.
5 Can't play: ice hockey Can't play: ice hockey
in the gaps with either or neither.

1 1,' 11 get either chocolates or a CD. 1 Both Patrick and Helen are eleven years old.
2 of my parents want to visit Rome. 2
3 Ben nor Kevin has seen this film. 3
4 He will _ _ _ _ _ call or send me an email. 4
5 Pat nor Sue is American. 5

--"- -.--
Rewrite the sentences using both ... and, the verbs in brackets into the correct
neither ... nor or either ... or. form: -ing or to-infinitive.

1 Tim hasn't got a dog. Dan hasn't got one.

Neither Tim nor Dan has got a dog.
2 Mark likes surfing the Net. Lyn likes surfing the From: Kelly
Net, too. To: Jenny
Subject: Hello from Santorini
3 Fran is going to wash the car, or else Bob is.
Hi Jenny!
4 Stan wants to buy a car. Alan wants to buy one, How are you? I just wanted 1) _ _ _ _ _ (tell) you all
too . about my holiday. I'm on an island called Santorini in Greece and
it's amazing! I've made some new friends in our hotel and I love
5 lan doesn 't live in London. Tom doesn't live in 2) (go) to the beach every day with them. You
London. know how much I enjoy 3) (swim)! I'm also
leaming some new water sports. 4) (sail) is
quite fun and I get to be a captain for a while! My new friends want
Grammar (-ing form & to-infinitive) 5) (explore) the rest of the island tomorrow.
They've got scooters so 6) (travel) is quite easy.
I like watching cartoons. Got to go now. I want 7) (buy) a new
I'm interested in playing in a comedy. swimsuit. Are you going to be in London when I get back? I want
Watching documentaries is educational. 8) (tell) you everyth ing!
We use the -ing form:
I Love,
after the verbs (don't) like, love, hate, enjoy , (don't) Kelly
after prepositions.
as subjects.

I want to buy the DVD of a new series on BBC.

We use the to-infinitive after the verb want .

12 Circle the correct answer.

1 Sam loves cartoons.

A watch watching C watches

2 I'm interested in websites.

A designing B design C to design
3 I don't mind talent shows.
A watching B to watch C watch
4 Henry wants _ _ _ a computer programmer.
A to be B to being C being
5 is very good for your health.
A Swim B To swim C Swimming

Module 8
Reading &Writing
the text and choose the correct answer. (15 marks)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is an adventure fantasy film. It is directed by Jon

The plot is very exciting and the actors are excellent. The story is about Balthazar
Blake (Nicolas Cage), a magician in modern-day New York who is trying to protect the
city from his enemy, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Balthazar takes on Dave Stutler (Jay
Baruchel) as his apprentice. Together, they fight to stop Maxim Horvath and the powers
of darkness. The film is action-packed, funny and the special effects are great.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a must-see! It's a great film for all ages. Don't miss it!

o The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a comedy. 2 Balthazar Blake is tall and handsome.

A Right Wrong C Doesn't say A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say
1 The plot is exciting , 3 The film is not for everyone.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say A Right B Wrong C Doesn 't say

at the notes below and write a newspaper article. (15 marks)

Film/Type /Director:
A vatar, science fiction
written and directed by James Cameron

story takes place in the year 2154 on the planet
the Na'vi, 3m tall aliens, live on Pandora
scientists from Earth need a valuable mineral that
is found on Pandora
Pandora's atmosphere is poisonous to humans so
scientists create Na'vi-human bodies
Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) becomes an avatar
and goes to Pandora
He is attacked and a Na 'vi ' s called Neytiri (Zoe
Saldana) rescues Jake and takes him to her home
The Na'vi fight to protect their planet
Action-packed film, very exciting

Great film for the whole family
..*. '..


and write. (10 marks)

documentary the _ _ _ _

--- -- ------ - ---

Grammar Communication
the sentences in Reported Speech. and circle. (15 marks)
(15 marks)
o A: Do you fancy watching a soap opera?
o "This cake tastes delicious," Danny said. B: a) That's strange.
Danny said (that) the cake tasted delicious. @ Not really.
1 ''I'm going to the supermarket." Frank said. 1 A: Is there anything else on?
B: a) There's a sitcom on Channel 3.
2 "Helen is a writer," Sam said . b) You haven 't seen the last of me!
2 A: Let's watch the documentary.
3 "I can help you with your homework," she said . B: a) I hate sports programmes.
b) OK. It sounds good.
4 "He plays football on Mondays," he said .
3 A: Do you want to watch the talent show?
B: a) Do we have to?
5 "Close the window, please, " Pete said to Mary.
b) What are you trying to do?

' ) Listen and complete. (15 marks)
Underline the correct answer. (15 marks)

0 Both Nancy and/nor Julie hate soap operas.

1 I'm interested in write/writing a book. Name: 0) The Office
2 Either/Neither Mum or Dad will pick me up tonight.
Type: 1)
3 I don 't mind to clean/cleaning the house. Time: 2) pm
4 Playing/To play computer games is fun.
Channel: 3)
5 Neither Frank or/nor Ted plays cricket.

1 15 1
15 1

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