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Wales faces grave
risks as we head
into this election.
Our economy, our communities and even our very
identity as a nation is under threat from the cruel
and reckless Tories. Labour is weak and divided
and are unable to offer opposition to the Tories.
Plaid Cymru stands ready to defend Wales. Every
Plaid Cymru MP elected will go to Westminster to do
their utmost for their country, their people and their


Now is the time After June 8th the Tories will be handed a blank
cheque that they will use to rob Wales of millions of
to defy the old and pounds. Jobs will be jeopardised, our tourism and
farming industries plunged into uncertainty and our
out of touch parties.
public services targeted. Labour is broken, too weak
To show that we and too divided to stop them. They have abandoned
ship and are now fighting over who gets the life rafts.
believe in Wales.
It remains our ambition for Wales to become an
To defend Wales. independent nation, standing on its own two feet.
To vote for Wales. But this election is about an immediate threat to our
nation, our economy and our people.
To vote for
Plaid Cymru.

2Promoted by: Plaid Cymru, Ty Gwynfor, Llys Anson, Cardiff, CF10 4AL.
This Action Plan is a response to the crisis the Labour and the Tories in Westminster dont care
Tories are creating and the inability of Labour about or understand our valleys, our coastal
to stop it. Our full range of policies from the communities, our cities, our farms or our rural
2015 and 2016 elections retain a relevance and villages. Plaid Cymru is the party of Wales, the
pertinence, but the policies and principles of party of the people of Wales, the only party that
this Action Plan address the immediate threats truly represents Wales.
we face.
People in Wales are facing a tidal wave of attacks
Without a strong team of Plaid Cymru MPs, the from the Conservatives. We can no longer hide
Tory Party in Westminster will have a free hand to behind the crumbling wall of Labour.
put Welsh peoples futures at risk. That is why the
Now is the time to defy the old and out of
election in Wales is a straight fight between Plaid
touch parties. To show that we believe in
and the Tories. Plaid Cymru will defend Wales
Wales. To defend Wales. To vote for Wales.
against the Tory attacks. Plaid Cymru is the only
To vote for Plaid Cymru.
party that will prioritise Welsh jobs.

It is time to show the London parties that Wales For Wales

has a voice. That we choose a better way, a
new way, not driven by fear and hatred. We will
Leanne Wood
defend people against any kind of intolerance
Leader of Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales
or scapegoating. We will secure a fair and
prosperous country for our young people and
future generations based on fairness and equal

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 3

Our promise
to you.

An old belief to fight for something,

we need to get this new ball rolling
God knows wont cut it any longer
WE, the people, must be stronger.

Sin Tomos Owen

Plaid Cymru will:
Defend our nation, by
Protecting our countrys economy, identity and
our Assembly from a Conservative power grab

Defend our economy, by

Demanding that every single penny we lose
from Europe is replaced by Westminster

Defend our people, by

Funding new Welsh hospitals, railways, roads,
schools and affordable homes with our multi-
billion pound investment programme

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You have a choice
of two futures.
Make your choice
count it will matter
more now than
ever before.

A vote for the status quo: A vote for Plaid Cymru:

A silenced Wales A STRONGER WALES P12


A starved Welsh NHS and an

unfit social care system A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER WALES P20

Continued preying on
the most vulnerable CARING FOR THOSE IN NEED P24

Jeopardising our childrens future GIVING EVERY CHILD A CHANCE P28

An isolated nation CONNECTING WALES P32

Communities under siege PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES P36

An unsustainable environment PUTTING ENERGY INTO OUR P40


A neglected rural Wales CHAMPIONING RURAL LIFE P44

Living in England's shadow WALES ON THE GLOBAL STAGE P48

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Plaid Cymru
In 2016, Plaid Cymru MPs asked more
questions and made more speeches than the

is the hardest Labour, Tory and Lib Dem MPs representing

constituencies in Wales.

working party
in Parliament

Welsh interests
Wales is under attack. The Tory
Government is hell-bent on taking us along
a treacherous path where all economic
ties with our closest trading partners are
severed. Labour are too busy squabbling
amongst themselves to stand up for Wales.
Wales needs Plaid Cymru MPs to fight
for Welsh interests and to protect our

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 9

Defending Welsh Where we are: Where we are:
interests Wales is becoming a Our vital economic ties
forgotten nation, destined with our closest trading
to be no more than a partners are being severed.
minor English region. Jobs are disappearing,
Our interests ignored at wages are falling, prices
every step of the Brexit are going up.

Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru's answer:
answer: Plaid Cymru will ensure
Elect Plaid Cymru MPs that Wales can continue
to stand up for our to buy and sell to
nation and to give Wales Europe without any
a strong voice during costly barriers.
this crucial time.
Where we can be:
Where we can be: 200,000 jobs that rely on
A Wales where our our trade with Europe
interests are defended being protected.
at all times and Welsh
interests are put at
the heart of Brexit

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Wales is at threat of losing Europeans who have A debilitating trade deal
the 680 million a year made their lives in Wales with the EU where Wales's
it currently receives in face being deported. This interests are last on the
funding from the EU. will destroy families and agenda. Businesses
friendships, and put public moving from Wales and
services at risk. jobs at risk.
Plaid Cymru's
We will secure the Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's
money promised to answer: answer:
Wales by the Leave Plaid Cymru will We will fight to get the
campaign. We will not guarantee the rights of best possible Brexit deal
accept a penny less. all Europeans currently for Welsh industry and
living and working in agriculture.
Where we can be:
Investing in our local Where we can be:
communities to give the Where we can be: Welsh interests at the heart
people of Wales every A welcoming society, that of Brexit negotiations,
chance to succeed. recognises the contribution with Welsh industry and
that hard-working agriculture protected.
Europeans have made to
our public services.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 11

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
We already punch well above our weight in
representing Wales in Westminster.
Jonathan Edwards was the only Welsh
MP on the influential Brexit Select
Committee and Liz Saville Roberts
has championed the issues that
matter to the people of Wales on
the Welsh Affairs Committee
since she was elected.

A stronger
The people of Wales have consistently
voted for a National Assembly for Wales.
The Tory Government in Westminsters
attempt to subvert the will of the Welsh
people by undermining it will not be
Our message to Westminster is simple
Hands off our Assembly.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 13

A stronger Where we are: Where we are:
Wales Facing a power grab from The most underpowered
Westminster, who want Parliament in all of the
to disregard the interests UK. Wales at the whim
of the Welsh people and of a Tory government
undermine our control of determined to slash taxes
our public services. for the rich and let the
poorest bear the burden.

Plaid Cymru's
answer: Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru will bring
We will give the
forward a new law to
National Assembly
protect our nations
for Wales the powers
sovereignty and
it needs to properly
represent the people
who elect it.
Where we can be:
Decisions about Wales
Where we can be:
being made in Wales,
A truly representative Welsh
where the will of the Welsh
Parliament that reflects the
people cannot be ignored.
people of Wales.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
A Wales starved of the A voting system rigged to Debilitating free trade deals
funds it needs to progress benefit the powerful. with a Trump-led United
as a nation, sinking deeper States where standards
into poverty as a result of are compromised,
Brexit. Plaid Cymru's agriculture suffers and our
answer: health service is at risk of
We want to grant privatisation.
Plaid Cymru's
answer: 16 and 17 year olds
the right to vote and
We will demand fair reform the voting
Plaid Cymru's
funding for Wales system so that it is
by pushing for a more representative. Wales must have
new independent an equal say when
Commission to decisions are made
oversee an agreed way Where we can be: which have major
of redistributing funds A democracy where young implications for
across the UK, based people are not silenced devolved functions.
on a needs-based and each vote counts. All future free trade
formula. deals, for instance,
must be endorsed by
the National Assembly
Where we can be: for Wales.
Fair funding for Wales
which will protect it from
the economic uncertainty Where we can be:
to come. Public services free from
the threat of privatisation
by big international

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 15

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
Instead of bowing down to the Tories,
Jonathan Edwards led a grass-roots
campaign demanding 4 billion
for transport in Wales following
the decision to go ahead with
the England-only HS2. We will
continue to oppose the Tories
plans to waste 5 billion on
renovating the Houses of
Parliament and 400 million
on Buckingham Palace, so
that we can invest in the
people of Wales rather
than the establishment.

Welsh jobs
Wales has the lowest wages and weakest
economy of any UK nation. Westminster
has neglected our needs for generations,
making us one of the poorest regions in
Western Europe. Successive Tory and
Labour governments have consistently
prioritised investment in the South East of
England at the expense of Wales.
Plaid Cymru will not tolerate this act of
neglect any longer. Its time to stand up
for Wales.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 17

Protecting Where we are: Where we are:
Welsh jobs Businesses are threatening Far too much public
to move away from Wales money is being spent
in fear of not being able buying goods and
to afford higher costs as a services from non-Welsh
result of leaving the EU. contractors. Huge multi-
national companies are
Plaid Cymru's doing work that could be
answer: done by local companies.

Plaid Cymru will

push for targeted tax Plaid Cymru's
discounts for new and answer:
existing businesses in Plaid Cymru will
Wales as a central part fight to ensure that
of the new UK Regional 4.3 billion in public
Policy. We will demand sector contracts are
that Wales has the spent in Wales and we
power to set its own will introduce a real,
rates of tax including independently verified,
Corporation Tax, Air Living Wage.
Passenger Duty and
VAT. As we leave the
EU the new assisted Where we can be:
areas map must be 50,000 new, well-paid
determined in Wales. jobs from public sector
contracts, each paying a
Where we can be: genuine living wage.
Attracting businesses
to Wales, our economy
thriving and our people
seeing and feeling the
benefits in their pockets.
Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Our public transport Small businesses across The steel industry is a vital
system is not fit for Wales are suffering due to part of the Welsh economy,
purpose. All of this while the recent business rates but is in danger of being
England benefits from revaluation, and town sacrificed by a Thatcherite
next-generation trains centres are becoming government that has no
and high-speed rail links deserted. plans to replace the jobs
costing 56 billion. lost.

Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru's answer: Plaid Cymru's
answer: Plaid Cymru will put answer:
We will introduce a an end to the unfair We will demand
7.5 billion investment business rates system, stringent anti-
programme to fund by moving towards a dumping measures,
vital infrastructure turnover-based system. previously blocked by
projects throughout We will ensure there the UK Government,
Wales. We will press is a properly funded and put in place a
for our fair share of UK Welsh Development comprehensive plan
infrastructure spend. Bank to invest in Welsh to ensure the future of
businesses. We will also the steel industry.
ensure that you can
Where we can be: always have access to a
Upgraded rail and road local bank by opening a Where we can be:
links, 10,000 extra publicly-owned bank. Jobs saved and a real
affordable homes, and new
future for the Welsh steel
schools and hospitals.
Where we can be: industry.
Small businesses in our
town centres thriving
giving a new lease of life to
Welsh high streets.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 19

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
In the National Assembly, Plaid Cymru
put pressure on the Labour Welsh
Government to introduce a New
Medicines and Treatments Fund, to
make sure everyone has access to
the medicines they need, no matter
where they live in Wales.

A healthier,
happier Wales
Plaid Cymru is the only party you can trust
to deliver a Welsh health service that works.
Where there has been poor management
and underinvestment in the past - by the
Tories in Westminster and by Labour in
Wales - we will fight for a world-class
health service that works.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 21

Defending Where we are: Where we are:
Wales Wales has one of the We are facing a social
A healthier, lowest number of doctors care crisis. This is due to
happier Wales per head in Europe, beds
have been cut by 7% and
underinvestment and a
perverse historic divide
waiting times for diagnosis between health and social
and treatment are the care. This has a knock-
worst in the UK. on effect on our GPs and
hospitals with patients not
receiving access to care
Plaid Cymru's support.
Plaid Cymru will train Plaid Cymru's
and recruit an additional answer:
1000 doctors and 5000 We will introduce a
nurses for the Welsh social care rescue plan
NHS in the next decade. which will help people
We will also establish a to live independently
medical school in the and increase the role of
north of Wales. community hospitals.
We will ensure that
Where we can be: health and social care
services are seamlessly
Wales as a global leader
provided. A Plaid Cymru
in healthcare where
you can secure an
carers contract will
appointment, speak to a support those who care
specialist and be treated for others.
quickly, conveniently and
Where we can be:
A Wales which gives the
highest level of service and
care to our most vulnerable
citizens and the people
who look after them.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Avoidable mortality is A Tory government back- Services available for
about 15% higher in Wales tracking on promises made those with mental health
than in England. Too during the referendum issues are poor and people
many people are dying campaign. lack the essential support
prematurely in Wales and that is necessary for their
we need to do much more full participation in society.
to reduce the number of Plaid Cymru's
preventable deaths. answer:
Plaid Cymru's
We will hold the answer:
Plaid Cymru's Leave campaign to
answer: Having already secured
account and push for
an extra 20 million for
We will make it our our share of the 350
mental health treatment
target to save 10,000 million promised to the
as an effective
lives over ten years, NHS after leaving the
opposition party in the
through a range of European Union.
National Assembly, we
measures from public
will continue to call
health actions and
promoting individual Where we can be: for increased funding
Not allowing politicians and improved access
lifestyle changes,
to make false promises to trained counsellors
whilst also ensuring
without being held and therapists in the
earlier diagnosis of
accountable. community.
disease and better
access to life-saving
treatments. Where we can be:
Timely access to good
Where we can be: quality mental health
services, and mental and
A happy and healthier
physical health needs to
Wales where thousands
be treated equally.
of premature deaths are

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 23

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
In Westminster, Plaid Cymru MPs have
consistently campaigned and fought
for pensioners rights, including
fair pensions for women and the
mineworkers pension scheme.
It is only right that the schemes
they have worked hard to pay
into for so many years deliver
for them.

Caring for
those in need
We want to see a Wales where everyone
is treated with dignity and respect and
given the support they need to fully
participate in society.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 25

Defending Where we are: Where we are:
Wales Unscrupulous companies Thousands of people are
conducting benefits living every day in fear of
Caring for capability assessments being evicted or losing the
those in need for profit. little money they need to

Plaid Cymru's
answer: Plaid Cymru's
We want to see powers
over social security We commit to
devolved to Wales. scrapping the
We would use those bedroom tax and we
powers, for example, will continue to fight
to ban private firms the cruel rape clause
from carrying out and the changes to
benefits assessments bereavement support
for profit. payments. We will
support and encourage
disabled people into
Where we can be: employment without
A fairer and more facing threats of
transparent benefits sanctions.
system, minus the profit
Where we can be:
Lifting Wales out of poverty
enabling people to feed
their families and heat their
homes a right everyone
should have.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Hundreds of jobs at Veterans have been The Tories are punishing
threat as the Tory UK forgotten by successive the most vulnerable in
Government centralises governments, with vast society to pay for the
tax offices and closes job numbers continuing to mistakes of politicians and
centres. suffer mental and physical bankers. Since 1994, the
health issues with little Westminster government
access to the services they has siphoned over 3 billion
Plaid Cymru's
require. from the Mineworkers'
Pension Scheme.
We will continue
to oppose the Plaid Cymru's
centralisation of tax answer: Plaid Cymru's
offices in Wales and Our vow to veterans answer:
fight to keep job will mean that they are Plaid Cymru will ensure a
centres open. given the support they Living Pension for all and
deserve and need. We we will fight to guarantee
will make sure veterans the Triple Lock. We will
Where we can be: receive excellent also continue to oppose
Hundreds of jobs kept and health care, including increases in the state
people properly supported mental health care, and pension retirement age.
when searching for good adequate housing. Plaid Cymru calls for an
quality, well-paid work. independent review into
the Mineworkers' Pension
Where we can be: Scheme surplus so that
future sums are more fairly
No veteran to be left
split between scheme
behind and a Wales where members and the UK
Welsh veterans, who Government.
have sacrificed so much,
are shown gratitude and
respect. Where we can be:
An end to pensioner poverty
and a Wales where
everyone can stand on their
own two feet in dignity.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 27

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
Plaid Cymru opposed raising tuition fees
to 9,000 during the Lib Dem Tory
Coalition. We believe that, in principle,
education should be free for all and
we will continue to work towards
this aim. In the National Assembly,
we will oppose any attempts to
re-introduce grammar schools.

Giving every
child a chance
The Tories are ruthlessly cutting school
funding and Labour is insisting on running
our education system into the ground,
jeopardising our children's future. Plaid
Cymru will ensure that our children are
taught by the best teachers at well funded
schools, so they have the skills they need to
flourish. Plaid Cymru will give every child in
Wales a chance.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 29

Where we are: Where we are:
One in three Welsh Wales has the lowest
Giving every children is being raised in school test results of any
child a chance poverty, with many families UK nation, with a third of
forced to fork out huge teachers planning to leave
amounts of their wages on the profession within three
childcare. years.

Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's

answer: answer:
Plaid Cymru will We will raise education
provide free full-time standards, by pledging
nursery places for all to pay teachers a more
three year olds. This competitive salary and
will form a part of our improving teachers
three point plan for training to allow
tackling child poverty, them to reach higher
which will also include qualifications and
measures to end perform better.
fuel poverty through
reduced household
bills and scrapping the
Where we can be:
bedroom tax. An outstanding education
for every child delivered
by teachers who are
Where we can be: passionate about shaping
Wales as a nation where the next generation.
every child is given every
chance to succeed,
helping families out of

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Wales facing an enormous The Labour Welsh Patchy provision for
and debilitating brain drain, Governments chronic children and adults to learn
with our brightest students under-funding of Welsh and people not
often crossing the border vocational education given sufficient opportunity
and staying in England. in Wales is a matter of to engage in the language.
national shame.

Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's

answer: Plaid Cymru's answer:
We will create an answer:
We will increase the
incentive for those Plaid Cymru will availability of Welsh
students who remain guarantee employment, language education
or return to live education or training from nursery, to further
and work in Wales for any person under-25 and higher education
after graduating, looking for work. To right through to adult
helping to retain ensure we have the learning. We will act to
our brightest young skills necessary to help achieve the steps
people and strengthen prosper, we will also in our Reaching the
our economy. We create a new network Million framework for
will demand that of specialist National the Welsh language.
our universities are Colleges of Vocational
properly funded and Education, for 14+
represented at a UK and post-compulsory Where we can be:
level. education. A world-class education
system that is truly
Where we can be: Where we can be: bilingual, giving everyone
Giving young people the the opportunity to learn
A Wales where there is
very best opportunities to through the medium of
parity of esteem between
thrive and to work here Welsh.
vocational and academic
in Wales to boost our qualifications and people
economy. are equipped with the skills
businesses need.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 31

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
All three MPs have spearheaded local
campaigns in Parliament to increase
mobile phone and broadband
coverage in rural Wales, leading to
huge improvements for residents
and local businesses.

Wales has been left behind. Our transport
system is not fit for purpose and our
links with the rest of the world have been
We cannot afford to be forgotten
anymore. Our communities and country
need connecting. The only way to
ensure this case is made in Westminster
is by electing a strong group of
Plaid Cymru MPs.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 33

Defending Where we are: Where we are:
Years of chronic A media controlled by
Connecting underinvestment has meant London, with Wales and
Wales Welsh roads, railways and its people sidelined and
buses are overcrowded forgotten.
and crumbling. The Labour
Welsh Government is
determined to blow Wales's Plaid Cymru's
borrowing budget on an answer:
M4 relief road that will only
benefit one part of Wales. We will create a
level-playing field
with every other UK
Plaid Cymru's nation and give Wales
answer: the power to decide
Plaid Cymru wants to its own media and
see a real Wales-wide broadcasting policy.
transport system, We will ensure that
including re-opening the S4C receives the
Carmarthen-Aberystwyth funding it needs.
railway, improved
Valleys line services, Where we can be:
improvements to the
A real Welsh media that
A55 and the expansion
represents the people of
of the Traws Cymru bus
Wales and what matters to
network. We will also
ensure that walking and
cycling is integrated with
bus and rail services.

Where we can be:

A Wales with a transport
system fit for the 21st
century so people can travel
in and around Wales easily.
Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Swathes of the country are A tourism industry throttled Wales risks being totally
suffering from broadband by unfair taxes and a unrepresented on the
and mobile not-spots Government that is failing international stage,
making business untenable to promote Wales as a with no Welsh presence
in rural Wales. global tourist destination. in UK embassies to
champion our people and
Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's
answer: answer:
We commit to making Plaid Cymru will
Plaid Cymru's
ultra-fast broadband double the funding for
available to all of Visit Wales and cut Plaid Cymru will
Wales and rolling tourism VAT to put develop a real
out 5G mobile signal Wales ahead in the international policy for
nationwide. international tourism Wales, so that we can
market. restore our position as
a great trading nation.
Where we can be: We will introduce a
Rural communities Where we can be: Welsh Development
connected to the world Making Wales the Agency (WDA) for the
so small businesses can destination of choice for 21st century, tasked
reach their global markets. tourists and businesses with boosting Welsh
across the world. trade.

Where we can be:

Closer economic and
cultural cooperation with
our friends and allies to
makes sure Welsh people,
culture and businesses
are promoted at home and

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 35

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
Liz Saville Roberts brought forward a
law to the stop the intimidation of rape
victims in court. Concessions were
made by the British Government in
light of Plaid Cymru pressure and the
practice will be curtailed.

Plaid Cymru has worked closely

with the Police and Crime
Commissioners in an attempt
to decriminalise cannabis for
medicinal use.

Protecting our
Cuts to frontline policing have left our
communities without the protection they
need. The people of Wales have the right
to a safe society and access to justice
when they need it.
Plaid Cymru will be a voice for victims.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 37

Protecting our Where we are: Where we are:
communities Police budgets have been Victims of crime are often
slashed, putting far fewer sidelined in a justice
officers on the street. system that does too
Welsh forces have been little to protect the most
hit harder than those in the vulnerable.
rest of the UK, due to an
unfair funding formula.
Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru's We will reverse cuts
answer: to legal aid and bring
We will secure an extra forward new laws
25 million for Welsh to protect victims
police forces and we of crimes such as
will guarantee Wales rape and domestic
gets the police force it abuse so that they
needs with decisions can give evidence in
about crime and court without being
justice made in Wales, intimidated.
for Wales.
Where we can be:
Where we can be: Rich or poor, everyone will
Better funded police have access to a justice
services, rooted in our system that gives victims a
communities, focused on fair hearing.
the priorities they need to
keep us safe.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
The governments in Unlike Scotland and Our fundamental human
Westminster and Wales Northern Ireland, Wales rights are at risk, exposing
want to build an enormous doesn't have its own legal the weakest, most
super prison in Port Talbot, system to reflect the needs vulnerable members of our
that will become a dumping of our people. communities.
ground for criminals from
all over the UK.
Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's
answer: answer:
Plaid Cymru's Create a Welsh legal
answer: We will publish a
jurisdiction that human rights charter
Plaid Cymru will block ensures we can create for Wales to defend
the development of a justice system that Welsh people against
the Port Talbot super reflects the needs of the backdrop of a Tory
prison and instead Wales. government intent
provide much-needed on undermining the
prison spaces for Human Rights Act.
women and youth Where we can be:
offenders in Wales. A fair, workable and
effective Welsh legal Where we can be:
system so that the people Legal protection for
Where we can be: of Wales can have the our human rights and
Prisons that meet Wales's certainty they need in the guarantees that whatever
needs and work for law and the access to your race, gender or sexual
offenders who want to justice they deserve. orientation you will be
rehabilitate. treated equally.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 39

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
Plaid Cymru MPs, along with
representatives in the Welsh
Assembly, have spearheaded
campaigns for 100% of our
electricity to be generated by
renewables by 2035.

Putting energy
into our
Our environment is being eroded whilst
our natural resources are being used for
the benefit of others. Our energy bills
are needlessly high despite us being an
exporter of electricity and our housing stock
is outdated and inefficient. If we carry on
with business as usual, none of this will
change. Wales needs Plaid Cymru to make
Wales greener.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 41

Where we are: Where we are:
We are far too reliant Electricity bills in Wales are
Putting on fossil fuels, that higher than in any other
energy into are becoming scarcer,
guaranteeing rising energy
part of the UK, despite the
our environment bills for households. fact that we produce more
electricity than we consume.

Plaid Cymru's
answer: Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru will
We will create a Welsh
increase energy
generation from energy company, to
renewables including use profit from Welsh
delivering tidal lagoons resources to cut the
in Swansea Bay, cost of energy for
Cardiff and Colwyn Welsh consumers
Bay. We will establish and shifting to
a national electric decentralised and
vehicle charging distributed networks.
network and will
transfer responsibility
over Welsh energy Where we can be:
generation and natural Lifting the people of Wales
resources to the out of fuel poverty.
National Assembly.

Where we can be:

Wales self-sufficient in
electricity from renewables
and powering ahead
with world-leading tidal
energy technology. Wales
managing its own natural
resources for the benefit of
our people.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Too many Welsh houses Wildlife species in Wales The British government is
are poorly insulated, and are at risk of disappearing, neglecting its international
rely on outdated, expensive with loss of biodiversity duty to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions,
heating systems. a threat to our natural
endangering our childrens
environment. future. As we leave the
EU there is a risk that this
Plaid Cymru's threat will become greater.
answer: Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru will roll answer:
out a nationwide
We will update and
Plaid Cymru's
scheme to make our
consolidate Welsh
housing stock more Plaid Cymru will
wildlife legislation,
energy efficient. introduce a new
creating a new Wildlife
We will secure Climate Change Act,
Act for Wales. We will
compensation for adopting ambitious but
continue to call for the
those who have achievable greenhouse
creation of an Animal
suffered from badly gas and pollution
Abuse Register for
installed, government- reduction targets for
Wales. 2030 and 2050. We will
backed cavity wall
insulation. ensure that we build
upon the standards
Where we can be: set by the EU which
Wales can lead the way in have protected our
Where we can be:
the protection of wildlife environment. We will
Energy efficient homes and biodiversity levels reduce plastic waste
that are cheaper to heat, as key elements of our with a deposit return
and a cleaner, greener environment. scheme.

Where we can be:

An environment where
the air is cleaner and the
climate more sustainable
for our children and our

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 43

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
In the National Assembly for Wales,
Plaid Cymru opposed the
maximum 15% transfer of funds
from Pillar One to Pillar Two
which took over a quarter of a
billion pounds directly out of
Waless rural economy.

rural life
Rural Wales is under serious threat from
the reckless Tories who are determined
to strike irresponsible trade deals with the
United States and New Zealand, hindering
our competitivity. With rural communities
cut off due to poor digital connectivity and
rocketing fuel prices, Wales needs Plaid to
make rural Wales matter.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 45

Championing Where we are: Where we are:
rural life
Our farms are set to lose Irresponsible trade deals
European grants that meaning that Wales will
account for 80% of their be flooded with cheap
income. imported food, harming the
Welsh farm industry and
the rural communities built
Plaid Cymru's around them.
Plaid Cymru will fight
to ensure that every
Plaid Cymru's
penny of European
funding, including We will require the
farming payments, is UK Government to
replaced by the UK seek the endorsement
government. of each UK country
before any trade deal
can be signed, in
Where we can be: order to protect Welsh
Vibrant rural communities farmers.
built around successful
Where we can be:
A domestic food market
full of locally sourced
produce, supporting
Welsh farmers and rural

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
Funding for meat The blighting of our Fluctuating fuel prices are
marketing in Wales is natural landscape hitting peoples pockets,
being diverted across the with unnecessary and with rural areas suffering
border, harming Welsh unwanted pylons. most.

Plaid Cymru's Plaid Cymru's

Plaid Cymru's answer: answer:
answer: Plaid Cymru We believe it is
Plaid Cymru will fight will oppose the necessary to introduce
to reform the Red Meat construction and a fuel duty regulator to
Levy so that the 1 use of pylons stop rising fuel costs.
million of lost funding through National
for Hybu Cig Cymru Parks and Areas of
stays within Wales. Outstanding Natural Where we can be:
Beauty, advocating Fair fuel prices for
underground or everyone, including in rural
Where we can be: undersea cabling areas where industry and
Top quality Welsh where possible. residents are more reliant
produce being sold and on fuel-based vehicles.
marketed across the
Where we can be:
world, increasing demand
for Welsh produce and Keeping our world-class
pushing up farmgate countryside clear of
prices. unnecessary pylons so
that future generations can
enjoy it as we do.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 47

Plaid Cymru
is the hardest
working party
in Parliament
Hywel Williams protected Bangor
University international student
Shiromini Satkunarajah from
deportation by securing 171,000
signatures on a petition and
putting pressure on the Home
Office to release her. Plaid
Cymru voted against the
illegal war in Iraq and led
a cross-party campaign
to impeach Tony Blair
for his war crimes.
We also voted against
air strikes in Syria.

On the
global stage
Wales was once a global trading
superpower. We now face a situation
where we are forced to go cap in hand to
a Westminster Government that cosies up
to dictators and attacks our closest allies.
Plaid Cymru wants an outward-looking,
ambitious Wales. By electing Plaid Cymru
MPs, you can make sure Wales's voice is
heard on the global stage.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 49

Where we are: Where we are:
The Tory Prime Minister Both Tories and
On the is willing to do anything Labour want to spend
global stage to appease her new- billions on the renewal
found friend, Donald of an ineffective and
Trump. Unnecessary, unnecessary nuclear
undemocratic and ill- weapons system. Labour
considered military action want to locate it in Wales.
is likely.

Plaid Cymru's
Plaid Cymru's answer:
answer: We are determined
We will oppose military to scrap Trident,
action without UN resisting any attempts
and Parliamentary to relocate it to Wales.
authority. We will instead invest
in home-based troops
and strengthen our
Where we can be: conventional forces.
Wales as part of a global
community where we work
Where we can be:
together to keep each
Basing our regiments
other safe and secure.
at home in Wales with
a properly funded and
looked-after defence force.

Where we are: Where we are: Where we are:
The Tories are not doing This government is The for Wales see
enough to help those in proposing unworkable England mentality is all
need. The UK Government and illogical immigration too familiar on the global
is more interested in selling policies which will hurt stage. Welsh sporting
arms to Saudi Arabia than jobs and wages in Wales. superstars are beginning
taking our fair share of to change this, but more
refugees. needs to be done to put
Plaid Cymru's Wales on the map.
Plaid Cymru's
answer: We will create a Welsh
Migration Advisory
Plaid Cymru's
We will maintain
Service so that we
the 0.7% of GDP
can have a system Plaid Cymru will
commitment on
that suits Wales's demand UK and Welsh
international aid and
needs. Welsh-specific Government support
fight for the Dubs
visas are necessary for Wales hosting
amendment, allowing
to plug skills gaps major events including
vulnerable refugee
and to protect our the Commonwealth
children into the UK,
health service from Games and World
to be upheld.
staff shortages. Expo.
International students
must be taken out of
Where we can be: Where we can be:
net migration targets.
A fairer Wales within a
Making sure that Brand
fairer world where we dont
Wales is recognised on the
turn our back on children Where we can be: global stage with Welsh
in need of our help. A logical immigration policy talent showcased all over
that works for Wales, where the world.
students and job creators
can come, but wages arent
undercut and communities
are protected.

/PlaidCymruWales @Plaid_Cymru 51