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Has only one member - one director

Modes for Formation of a Company:


By physical submission of documents at any of our regional

Company Registration Offices


Using online e-services portal

Procedure for Formation of a company:

Company incorporation is a two-step procedure i.e.

1. Company name reservation

2. Registration of company

Step 1: Company Name Reservation:

Before applying for name reservation, please check the name first at the following link to
make sure that it does not closely resemble and/or be identical with the name of any
existing company. Further, the proposed name should also not be inappropriate and

Company Name Search Link:

1. Apply Offline:
Make an application in the name of Additional/ Joint/ Assistant Registrar of
Companies for name Reservation
Generate Challan of PKR 500/- from SECP website
Submit fee in designated branches of MCB/ UBL
Application along with Original fee challan to be submitted in Company
Registration Office
Fee for submission under Fast Track is Rs. 1500/- offline

2. Apply using Online/ eservices Module:

Log on to eServices portal ( )

Enter data in the online form
Submit the process.
Take Print out of the Fee Challan of PKR 200/- and deposit in the selected
branch of MCB bank
*Important Information regarding name reservation:
While applying for company name reservation, please write the name of company to
be applied on the following format on the basis of type of the company:

For private limited company (multi-member) ---------- XYZ (Pvt.) Limited

For private limited company (single-member) ---------- XYZ (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
For public limited company -------------------------------- XYZ Limited
For Association (Not for Profit Organization) ----------- XYZ

Name is initially reserved for a period of 90 days.

A guide with name of Availability of Name is available on our website where you
can get detailed information about the prohibited names or names allowed with
certain conditions
Normal response time for name reservation is next day of submission of application.
Fast Track Mode (FTRS) is also available for name reservation in which response time
is 4 working hours.
Application fee for fast track is Rs. 700 for online and Rs. 1500 for offline
List of Sensitive/prohibited words can be checked form following link:

Step 2: Registration of Company:

1. Apply Offline:

Following is the requirement of incorporating/registering different type of companies via

offline module:

a. Form-1: Declaration of Applicant for incorporation

b. Form-21: Notice of situation of registered office or any change therein
c. Form-29: (Two copies signed in original) Particulars of directors and officers,
including the chief executive, managing agent, secretary, chief accountant,
auditors and legal advisers, or of any change therein
d. Form-S1: Notice of nomination of nominee director by single member of a single
member company
e. 4 copies *Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association duly signed in
original by all the subscribers/shareholders
*Sample Memorandum and Articles of Association can be downloaded from (provide link)
f. Copy of Name Availability letter
g. Copies of CNICs of all subscribers/directors/witnesses
h. Notarized Power of Attorney (in offline)
i. Fee Challan (Please refer to Sixth Schedule and/or online fee calculator for fee
calculation available on our website (Provide the link)

2. Apply Online:
Procedure for online registration of company is given below:

a. Log on to eServices portal ( )

b. Enter data in the online form
c. Attached requisite documents in PDF format
(4 Documents are required to be attached which include Memorandum,
Articles, Name Reservation Letter, CNIC/Passport Copies)
d. Digitally Sign the documents
e. Submit the process.
f. Take Print out of the Fee Challan and deposit in the selected branch of MCB

*Important Information for Online Incorporation

Digital signatures are required for online submission of documents

Digital Signatures can be obtained through NIFT, an organization outsourced for this

Cost of each digital signature is Rs. 1500

How to Apply for Digital Signatures

Download the Digital Signature Certificate Request Form or visiting any of the NIFT
Offices listed at the NIFT website (

Follow the instructions printed on the form (listed on page 2 of the form)

Fill out the form and submit the form along with all the required supporting
documents including Cash/Pay Order/Demand Draft by visiting NIFT Office.