Frontier Girls

April 2010

AGRICULTURE Alpacas Beekeeping Buffalo Cattle Cotton Cowboys / cowgirls Dairying Donkeys Emus Farm equipment Farm safety Farming Flower gardening Food safety Foods Fruits Gardening Goats Grain Herbs Horses Horticulture Landscaping Llamas Miniature donkeys Miniature horses Nuts Organic foods Ostrich Pigs Poultry Produce Rabbits Rural development Sheep Vegetables Vineyards Weeds Worms ART Applique Art

Band Basket making Beading Book binding Calligraphy Candle making Ceramics Choral music Cinematography Color Crafts Crochet Cross stitch Dance — 30 different types Decoupage Design Drafting Drama Drawing Edible art Egg art Embossing Embroidery Flower arranging Glasswork Graphic design Jewelry making Knitting Latch hooking Leather working Macrame Metal art Miniatures Models Mosaics Music Musical instruments — More than 170 Needlepoint Origami Painting Paper crafts Performance Photography Poetry

Pottery Pressed flowers Puppetry Quilling Quilting Rubber stamping Scrapbooking Sculpture Silk screening Singing Song writing Stenciling Stitchery Storytelling Tie dye Watercolor Weaving Woodworking CHARACTER Attentiveness Bible memory Charity Compassion Confidence Contentment Courage Dependability Determination Diligence Discretion Enthusiasm Etiquette Excellence Fairness Faithfulness Forgiveness Friendship Generosity Gentleness Goodness Helpfulness Honesty Hope Integrity Joy Kindness Leadership Listening Love Modesty Obedience Optimism Patience Patriotism Peace maker Perserverance Resourcefulness

Respectfulness Responsibility Self control Special needs Sportsmanship Take the lead Teamwork Temperance Ten Commandments Tolerance Willingness HEALTH AND FITNESS Aerobics Baseball Basketball Bicycling Community safety Emergency preparedness Fire safety First aid Good grooming Gymnastics Health and fitness Hygiene Ice skating Individual sports — More than 150 Jump rope Kickball Nutrition Personal health Personal journal Public health Roller blading Roller skating Soccer Softball Swimming Table tennis Team sports — More than 60 Volleyball Weight lifting HOME Baking Budgeting Cake decorating Car maintenance Chef Child care Cleaning Conservation Construction Cooking Family Fashion design Finances Food preservation

Foods Garnishes Genealogy Grandparents Home care Home decorating Home health and safety Home nurse Homemaking Hostess Investing Landscaping Letters Organization Pattern making Pets Recycling Scheduling Sewing Soap making Table setting Textiles KNOWLEDGE American history Archaeology Architecture Badge writing Biographies Board games Chess Citizenship Civil war Classical literature Collecting Debate Dolls Economics Elections English Knowledge Entrepreneur Knowledge Government Knowledge Holidays Journalism Knots Korean war Library Man-made wonders — More than 5 My community My country My state My troop Natural wonders — More than 6 Olympics Our flag Outdoor games Public speaking Reading

Sign language Spelling Spies Star Wars Teaching Titanic Typing Vietnam war Writing WWI WWII Zoos OUTDOORS Amphibians Archery Backpacking Backyard camper Birds Boating Camping Canoeing Ecology Fire building Firearms **High Risk** Fishing Flowers Hiking Horse rider Hunting Insects Kayaking Kites Mammals Marine life Mountain biking **High Risk** Muzzle loading **High Risk** Orienteering Outdoor cooking Outdoor life Outdoor safety Plants Pocket knife Rappelling **High Risk** Reptiles Riflery **High Risk** Rock climbing **High Risk** Rocks and minerals Sailing Sharp shooting **High Risk** Skeet shooting **High Risk** Survivor **High Risk** Trees Weather Wild edibles **High Risk** Wild flowers Wildlife Zipline **High Risk**

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Aerospace Anthropology Astronomy Aviation Biology Botany Car racing Cell biology Chemistry Climatology Communications Computers Earth Ecology Electricity Electronics Energy Engineering Entomology Environment Genetics Geology Go carts Hydro energy Internet Machinery Magnetism Mathematics Nuclear energy Paleontology Physics Radio RC vehicles Rocketry Roller coasters Science Science in creation Simple machines Small engine repair Solar energy Thermodynamics Transportation Video games Volcanoes Water Waves Weather Wind energy

WORLD Ancient history Animals of the world Coin collecting Costumes of the world Cultures Explorer Food around the world Foreign language History by country History by state Holidays around the world Map reading Navigation One world Postcards Stamp collecting Transportation Travel US geography Weather around the world World dance World geography World governments World history World landmarks World neighbors World resources

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