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Services by Terex Port Solutions

Global support on a local level

A world of support

Terex Port Solutions TPS delivers global support on a local level.

Were committed to keeping your equipment in service to maximize your return on

investment, so whether support comes from your local dealer or direct from the
factory, you can depend on Terex Port Solutions.

Seamless support at 1st and 2nd level


1st level
Local TPS organisation,
Your local contact dealer or representative

2nd level Dsseldorf, Lentigione, Wrzburg,

Factory support Germany Italy Germany

Terex Port Solutions

Factory locations and product ranges

Business group Terex Port Solutions

Legal entities & product ranges

Terex MHPS Terex Noell Mobile Noell Crane Noell Crane Terex Cranes
GmbH, Operations Systems GmbH Systems, Systems France SAS *,
Dsseldorf Italy, Wrzburg Wrzburg (China) Ltd, Montceau-les-
Germany Lentigione Germany Germany Xiamen Mines
Italy China France

Harbour Cranes Reach Stacker Straddle Carrier Services Ship-to-Shore Reach Stacker
Automated Full Container Sprinter Carrier
Stacking Crane Handler Rubber-Tyred
Gantry Crane
Automated Empty Container
Guided Vehicle Handler Rail-Mounted
Gantry Crane
Hopper Fork Lift
Reach Stacker
Empty Container
Handler * Terex Cranes France SAS
is part of the Terex Cranes
Fork Lift Business Segment, but also
manufactures Reach Stackers
for port applications.
Solutions for maritime cargo handling

Services for the entire product lifecycle


Erection and Spare parts

commissioning management

Maintenance contracts Inspection and

and fleet management maintenance

Refurbishment and
Training upgrades

On the safe site from the very start

Erection and Commissioning

Our experience for your safety. Our service team is a competent and experienced
partner for the professional commissioning of your port installations.

Erection according to our Think Safe. Think Terex. initiative

Commissioning of port equipment to meet the needs of your schedule
Inspection and approval by our authorized inspectors

Genuine parts for long service lifes

Parts management
Our genuine spare parts meets the highest quality requirements. Perfectly matched
to fit Terex Port Solutions products they reduce maintenance requirements and
ensure the functional reliability, long service life and continuous availability.

Life cycle supply of spare parts

Comprehensive in-country dealer network for local parts availability
Excellent and reliable logistics for rapid supply worldwide
Replacement solutions for parts no longer manufactured
Various types of parts packages

Smooth and reliable operation

Inspection & maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance is the basis for maximum reliability and
availability of your TPS equipment long term. Extensive trained technicians will
perform inspection and maintenance according to maintenance manuals and local

Prevent unexpected standstills

Maintain premium reliability and availability
Fulfil legal requirements
Preserve the value of you equipment

Keep your leading edge

Refurbishment & upgrade

Our modernization & retrofit solutions enable older machines and installations to be
adapted to meet new technical or economic requirements.

Utilize new technical features Abstract of services:

Replace obsolete components Diesel-powered generator unit upgrade
Adapt your equipment to meet Retrofit of external power supply
changing requirements Control upgrade
Modification of span and lifting height
Incorporate additional functions
Modification of speed and performance data
Refurbishment of operators cabin

Utilize manufacturers expertize

Bringing your equipment back in operation after accidents or serious damages is
essential for your profitable operation. Our experienced experts will support you in
defining required measures and perform necessary repair work.

Short reaction time

Defining of required measures
Performing of necessary repair work
Many years of experience

High level of availability and
long service life

Fleet management
Maintenance and repair for all installed products from a single source not only a
cost-effective solution, but also to ensure that your equipment reliably offers a high
level of availability and long service life.

Maintenance and repairs carried out by

the manufacturer
Highly qualified service technicians
Cost transparency
Predictability over many years
Clear responsibility
Various tiered packages available

Develop your staff through our
training courses

Technical and operator training

With our training courses, we help you to exploit the full potential of your equipment
and boost your productivity.

Modular, hands-on training program

Training adapted according to customers specific needs
Highly qualified instructors and state-of-the-art equipment
Training courses held at our training centers or on-site
Recognized training certificate on successful completion of courses

Operator simulator training On-site training Technical training

Relocation as an all-in-one package

Transport solutions including: Equipment transported

Project planning completely assembled
Transport engineering partly assembled
Dismantling in assembly groups

Your single source for services

We are providing all kind of services for port equipment enabling you staying
focused on your core business.

Welding of cracks in steelworks

Deposition welding and drilling of connection points
Milling of contact surfaces
Replacement of components
Grinding of crane and trolley rails
Survey of crane runways and crane geometry

Your contacts to TPS services

Find you local service contact on: Factory contact: Terex MHPS GmbH Terex Operations Italy s.r.l.
Terex Port Solutions Services
Services Via Cisa Ligure 51/A
Forststrasse 16, 42041 Lentigione di Brescello
General information on TPS Services: 40597 Dsseldorf, Germany (RE), Italy
Phone: +49 211 7102-3481 Phone: +39 0522 967444
Email: Fax: +49 211 7102-3740 Phone: +390522 5881
Email: Fax: +39 0522 680426
Phone: +49 211 7102-3481 Email:
Fax: +49 211 7102-3740

Noell Mobile Systems GmbH Noell Cranes System (China)

Services Limited
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 3 Services
97080 Wrzburg, Germany China Merchants, Zhangzhou
Phone: +49 931 2053-0 Development Zone, Fujian
Fax: +49 931 2053-10 363105, China
Email: Phone: +86 596-6851888
Fax: +86 596-6851889

Noell Crane Systems GmbH Terex Cranes France SAS

Services Z.I. de la Saule
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 3 B.P. 106
97080 Wrzburg, Germany 71304 Montceau-les-Mines
Phone: +49 931 2053-0 Cedex, France
Fax: +49 931 2053-401 T: +33 38567 3800
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