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Vaisala HydroMet System MAWS100

Optimized product for analog and serial sensors. Sensor

hydro-meteorological measurements, statistical calculations,
monitoring data logging on a compact flash card
and versatile data transmissions
MAWS100 is a compact system for
are performed according to a user-
hydro-meteorological monitoring
configured setup made with the user
when a small number of sensors and
friendly Vaisala Setup Software Lizard.
limited number of telemetry options
Vaisala Real-time Display Software
are required. It is especially designed
YourVIEW is included for viewing real-
for unmanned operations at remote
time data as required.
sites requiring high reliability and low
power consumption. MAWS100 uses Field-proven reliability of MAWS100
a field proven and highly accurate enclosures feature IP66 (NEMA4X)
Vaisala data logger technology with protection. In MAWS100 all sensors
advanced software. MAWS100 is and telemetry devices are connected
well suited for the Vaisala Weather to the system using high quality
Transmitter WXT510, and for cellular polyurethane cables with IP68
telemetry. connectors allowing quick and trouble
free installation.
Ease of use and
maintenance Power supply options Expandability
The system architecture is designed MAWS100 has a low power MAWS100 is expandable with Digital
to support a broad range of consumption, e.g., the average power I/O Unit QMI118 which adds 8 digital
consumption is only 10 mA when outputs and 8 digital inputs for
measuring with five basic sensors. sensor interfacing, power optimizing,
Features In many cases a solar panel with a and unmanned control functions
Compact, robust and easy-to- back-up battery of 5 Ah is enough for based on user defined requirements.
use automatic weather station powering a MAWS100 system.
for basic meteorological and A mains (AC) power supply is Innovative in installation
hydrological monitoring optional to power extended systems and maintenance
Easy and economical to install, with frequently sending (powered) MAWS100 can be equipped with
maintain and upgrade telemetry devices. innovative installation aids that
Field-proven reliability and
Advanced telemetry
significantly lower installation and
accuracy in harsh environments maintenance costs. With the Vaisala
The system provides interfaces Tiltable Masts with heights of 6 and
Low power consumption for
with almost any type of telemetry, 10 meters one maintenance person
extended remote operations
terminal, displays as well as smart can effortlessly and safely tilt the
Telemetry options include
sensors. With optional plug-in mast. The steel screw foundation is
built-in TCP/IP connectivity,
GSM/GPRS, PSTN and serial modules the number of serial ports an efficient, ready-to-use foundation
connections can be enhanced from 2 up to 8 ports, for installing short masts (2, 3, and
enabling multiple RS-232, RS-485 and 4 m), stands, guy wire anchors and
Extensive calculation and data
SDI-12 connections. MAWS100 can be other installation hardware normally
logging capacity
connected directly to a LAN network requiring laborious concrete
Market leading technology using Ethernet Communication foundations.
that has been deployed
Module DSE101 offering a 10/100Base-T
in thousands of systems
Ethernet. Other options for telemetry
include GSM/GPRS, PSTN, and serial
Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost connections.
Technical data
General Standard sensor options **)
Data Collection Platform Vaisala Data Logger QML201A Weather transmitter WXT510
with Vaisala Setup Software Lizard Wind speed & direction WM30, WA15, WA25, WINDSONIC,
Temperature WMT50, WS425
Operating *) -50 ... +60 C (-58 ... 140 F) Atmospheric pressure PMT16A, PTB220
Storage -50... +70 C (-58 ... 158 F) Air temperature, relative humidity & dew point QMH102
Humidity 0 ... 100 % RH Rain / precipitation QMR102, RG13, RG360,VRG101
EMC Global solar radiation QMS101, SK01-D2, SK08, CMP3, CMP6
In compliance with EN 61326-1 (2001-12) CMP11, CMP21, EQ08, EQ08-S
Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Net solar radiation QMN101
EMC requirements - for use in industrial locations Albedometers QMS101(x2), CMP3(x2), CMA6, CMA11, EQ16
IP rating NEMA-4X / IP-66 UV radiation / PAR CUV4, UVR1-A, UVR1-B, PAR Lite
Materials Stainless steel Sun duration CSD3, SD4
Plastic Ground / water temperature QMT103, QMT107, QMT110
Mast**) Tiltable 2/3/4/6/10 m (6/9/12/24/30 ft) pole mast Soil / fuel moisture EHC20, ML2X, QFM101
Enclosure 400(H) x 100 (W) x 200 (D) mm Evaporation 255 Series
Weight Enclosure approx 10 kg Leaf wetness QLW102
Mast with sensors approx 20... 200 kg Cloud height & sky condition CL31
Maximum wind speed With one set of guy wires 50 m/s (90 kt) Visibility & present weather PWD10/20/12/22, FD12, FD12P, FS11
With two sets of guy wires 75 m/s (130 kt) Snow depth IRU-9429S
Powering **) 90 ... 264 VAC, 45 ... 65 Hz Water level PR-36XW/H, PAA-36XW/H, IRU-9429S,
8 ...14 VDC recommended (30 VDC max.) QHR102, QSE104, 436BD
Solar panel 11 W
Internal battery 5 Ah / 12 V
Battery regulator Charge/recharge control
Standard communication options **)
Wireless communication GSM, GPRS
Temperature compensation
Landline communication RS232, RS485 bus, Fixed line,
Deep discharge protection
Simultaneous inputs from solar and AC power allowed

Data validation, calculations and reports Data display options**)

Data quality control Upper / lower climatological limits Data displays DD50, WD30(TU), WD50, Pocket / Laptop /
Step change validation Tabletop PC
Sensor status indication
Statistical calculations Averaging over user set periods *) for further extended range, please contact Vaisala
Minimum / maximum values **) for other data validation, calculation, report, mast,
Standard deviation solar powering, sensor and communication options,
Cumulative values please contact Vaisala
Other calculations Dew point
Frost point
Gust, Squall, wind chill
Sunshine duration

For more information, visit Ref. B210468EN-D Vaisala 2009

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