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Dato Wira

2nd Round
THBT foreign labor brings more harm to host country.

Prime minister

1. Introduction

Good morning, honorable judges, faithful Mr/Madam speaker, wise

timekeepers, members of the floorboard, the opposition team, as
well as my fellow teammates that will be supporting me in this
debate today as the government team. Before I go any further, I
must extend my appreciation towards the opposition team, praising
them for being here as antagonist of the motion that have been put
brought forward today.

They say,

Work until expensive becomes cheap. Work until your work

becomes a hobby. Work until your life does not need work

But how could you possibly work? When opportunities are taken
away and local is no longer something we could associate with the
workforce. Instead, the huge majority of labors contributing to a
countrys development nowadays are foreigners.

To say that these foreign workers are useless is quite obviously

injudicious because clearly they have contributed a lot and only
thanking them wouldnt be just. In fact, these foreign workers should
be credited. But one should comprehend the fact that there is much
more complexity when dealing with foreign labor and we, the
government team, are woke with the damages caused by these
foreign workers to a host country.

As Malaysians ourselves, its quite rebarbative when we have to face

these issues relating to foreign labor when it could be easily
conquered if we werent too busy hustling to gain profit all in the
name of skyrocketing Malaysia to be one of the top countries that
exist today.

We, the proposers of this motion, will tackle and elaborate why we
stand firmly with the stance that we set forth, foreign labor brings
more harm to the host country, from a socioeconomic scope as well
as from a political standpoint.
2. Role introduction

Before I move on, I will explain the structure of the Governments


{1st Speaker Role} As the Prime minister, I will be elaborating on

one argument as well as clarifications for certain terms thats
involved in this motion that must addressed.

{2nd Speaker Role} The Deputy Minister set forth two more

{3rd Speaker Role} and finally our whip will be rebutting the
oppositions arguments.

3. Definitions

Now, the term :

I. {Foreign labor} or foreign worker is a person who works in a

country other than the one of which he or she is a citizen (and
in this debate here today, were addressing both legal and
illegal foreign labor).
II. {Harm} is physical, mental injury or moral injury, in other
words, evil r something which is wrong.
III. {Host country} in the context of this debate is the country in
which these foreign labor are situated in.

Id kindly like to explain why With these terms define, I will directly
move into the governments first argument concerning the harms of
foreign labor to the host country.

4. Argument (1)

Foreign labor causes unemployment

Unemployment is a very big issue that needs to be confronted

immediately as it brings devastation. Now, unemployment wouldnt
be such a concern if it wasnt for the fact that the main factor of this
problem is foreign labor. With the mindset of SMEs that do take in
foreign as being profit friendly investment(which frankly speaking, is
not at all) locals are left, not being able to contribute to the
workforce. As a result, more and more cases of unemployment occur
and dont even let me begin on what unemployment could lead to.

But for the sake of this debate, I will do exactly that, to paint an
illustration of how horrid this situation could be and how it all
wouldnt happen if foreign labor werent brought into our workforce
in the first place.

Unemployment is the root of crime and that itself shows how deadly
this issue is. Locals who arent able to find jobs would be driven into
committing crimes most of which involves robbery, all for the sake
of surviving. With the addition of burdening economical situations,
its quite common to see locals falling into this valley of sinful acts.
But are they to be purely blamed for doing so when a huge portion
of them chose that path in the first place is due to the lack of job

Long term unemployment in the other hand would advanced into a

bigger problem. Locals are surely not keen with the fact that their
rights are fading away when companies prioritize foreign labor
because they are allegedly cheaper, this itself will start riots in
which citizens will fight against the denial of them being accepted to
work in the sectors that are being manipulated by foreign labors.

In a long run, unemployment is deemed to cause chaos and

certainly could be overcome if foreign labor werent brought in both
professional and non professional sectors.

5. Conclusion

The bottom line is, lets acknowledge the fact that locals should be
given the opportunity first to fill in the gap that exists today. Let
them contribute to the workforce and let them be the ones working.

To further enhance our stance,

No, there is no shortage of workers, if there is, Id like to see the

unemployment rates at 0 for all the countries in the world.

No, locals are not uninterested in heavy jobs. They only see it as a
job they are not likely to be in as 99% of construction jobs etc. are
taken by foreign worker for example Malaysia, the worlds leading
country in foreign labor intake.

No, local are not skill less, they could have the same qualification or
even better if proper training is being provided.