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Summit Agri-Business Enterprise Software for Agri-Business Management

Feed & Grain | Agronomy | Seed | Ag Retail & Farm Store | C-Store | Energy | Cooperative

Centralize Business Management in One Solution

Automate Tax Reporting Including Fuel Taxes
Take Control of Your Credit Management
Leverage Customer Data to Create New Opportunities
Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Traceability
Bruce Ringrose, CEO
Thank you for your interest in Summits Agri-Business Solution. We congratulate you on uncovering the most

complete, flexible, and feature-rich software product on the market.

For over 25 years, Summit Software has been leading the industry in providing a comprehensive solution to

managing grain elevators, agri-businesses, and cooperative operations.

How do we do this? Well, our motto is simple. We win when you win. We have implemented a customer-

centric model where your needs come first. Your growth, your profitability, and your return on investment

matter to us.

Size and Location

Beyond our own expertise, our product is infused with the expertise and industry foresight gleaned from over
Headquartered in
Fort Wayne, IN
25 years of helping customers solve their organizational pain points. As the industry and you continue to

Offices in Moorestown, evolve and require additional automation, Summit will remain committed to being in step with you.
NJ; and Marietta, GA;
and Bangalore, India

Over 140 Coworkers As proof of this commitment, we have developed a User Group Program. This program offers customers

375 customers in over updates, upgrades, phone support, online support manuals, online customer panel, discounted training,
10 countries
and an annual educational event. This program has met with great success among our customers evidenced
Over 25 years
by an over 95 percent enrollment rate.
experience in the
software industry

Financial Stability We believe we can drive profitability, improve efficiencies, streamline processes, and eliminate errors and
Owned by The Harris
Group, a privately owned waste in your organization. So, we invite you to take a look, explore a little further, and then give us a call.
and held company
Your business is unique to your organization. Before any solution can be proposed, we need to understand
Debt free, profitable,
and no external funding you, your organization, and your vision for the future. So, give us a call toll free at 800.433.5724 to get a

clearer picture of how an enterprise software solution can benefit your organization.


Bruce Ringrose, CEO


Get a centralized look at your Create and store special Simplify feed recipe Gain control of deliveries;
inventory. formulas, blends, and recipes. management. avoid making deliveries at odd
Implement credit management Track applicator licenses and Stay on top of your production hours due to run-outs.
tools to solve credit issues and limit application history to ensure schedule and anticipate Track tank activity and history
bad debts. compliance. production material by serial number.
Protect your organization with Quickly assess break-even requirements. Accurately account for cost and
Summits fraud and audit points to make money-saving Meet lot tracking requirements. margins of blended products.
controls. adjustments. Manage both grain position and Save time with integrated tax
Automate tracking of employee Save time with Summit grain bank in REAL-TIME. reporting.
time and payroll information. Tonnage Tax Reporting. Simplify grain audits with Live Eliminate re-entry of tickets in
Increase sales by targeting Easily keep tabs on work order DPR and AAWCO EDI. main office saving one hour
customer purchasing trends. status. Interface directly with your plant per driver with in-truck billing.
mix system.


Scan your way into increased Dashboard Evolved: See Save on costly technical Consolidate and leverage all
efficiencies. direction, not just location. resources. organizational data.
Centrally manage all pricing. Quickly access profit-driving Easily convert data from your Track both dollars and units in GL.
ONE CLICK to all customer information. current system to Summit. Ensure control over AP and cash.
information including billing Reduce the time you spend Secure financial data across Save time and money with
and past purchase information. reviewing statistics and your organization. Positive Pay and ACH.
Save time by interfacing to increase the time you spend Leverage the speed Allow your customers to access
vendor pricing. improving them. and slimmer hardware their accounts online 24/7.
Conduct inventory at any time Measure results to determine requirements of Thin-Client Save time when calculating
during the month to quickly if you are meeting your goals. Technology. refund checks and preparing
root out problems. Integrate all operational Do not miss a backup, putting IRS documentation with
Run c-stores with industry- systems. your company at risk. Patronage.
leading technology. Go green with Summit.
The success of your organization is directly tied to how INVENTORY Management
Are you confident your margins are staying in line with your costs?
well you are able to manage your inventory, customers,
Do you have a good handle on your inventory, including committed
and employees. The larger the organization, the more and on-order? Summit provides you with the means to quickly and
accurately account for costs and inventory items in REAL-TIME.
complicated this becomes. Thats why Summit provides
With Summit, you get a centralized look at your inventory. Zoom
you with tools to streamline daily processes and reports into detail by company, profit center, location, product, and class of
product. Easily account for inventory transfers between locations.
to quickly zero in on areas needing attention. Summit Control margins across your organization with cost-based pricing that
can be applied to a large number of items at once.
consolidates and tracks all your business information
Inventory Reports
in one place, allowing you to focus less on tracking and
Inventory Audit Report: Use this report to track and audit daily
processes to ensure accurate inventory counts and no missed tickets.
more on making money.
This report allows you to take a look at all your inventory or narrow
it down if a problem is occurring in a particular warehouse or with
a particular product or class of product. Quickly identify problems
before they get bigger.

Stock Status Report: See the current value of the inventory items such
as on-hand, cost, and committed and purchase orders at a glance.
Exclude items that you do not want counted. The Stock Status report
provides an accurate snapshot of your current inventory and is the tool
for inventory month-end valuation.

Risk Analysis Report: Uncover the price you need to sell all remaining
quantities in order to break even. This report is key in helping to
optimize pricing, especially during times of volatile cost fluctuation.

Inventory Inquiry: With Inventory Inquiry, attain information about

item quantity, price, and/or cost. The quantity option allows you to
see, by location, how much of an item you have on-hand, on-order,
and committed. The price option shows, by location, the price for all
sales levels as well as the last sale date. The cost option displays, by
location, the last sale date, retail price, the last purchase date, and
the standard, average, and last cost of the item. All options allow you
to drill down to more detail.

Physical Inventory
Summit makes it easier than ever to conduct physical inventories!
Conduct physical inventories at any time during the month, saving time
at month-end by identifying and resolving problems sooner. If you only

3 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

need a physical inventory count for one warehouse or one item/product Increasing Sales
class, Summit allows you to select inventory for those specific physical Identify and target potential
inventory counts. Summit is designed to freeze or cut-off quantities sales with Summit. Summit
to the on-hand quantity for each item to be inventoried for increased gives you the ability to leverage
accuracy. This eliminates the need for you to shut down your entire customer information: what
business to conduct inventory. customers are spending on what
Summit allows you to report on this data. Quickly identify and target items, and what actions to take with
trouble spots. Uncover and act on trends before they become problems. this data. With Summit you manage
sales people and customers more closely,
so you can spot up or down sales trends
Customer Management quickly. Summit sales reports equip you with easier ways
Credit Management to upsell and cross-sell existing customers and prospects. Have you ever
Are you losing a considerable amount of time and money tracking down lost sales to a customer only to find out about it weeks or months later?
past due and delinquent accounts? Summit offers a powerful and Close this information gap with a missing-in-action report of your top 25,
flexible array of tools to help you streamline this process. Summits credit 50, or 100 customers to see if current sales are keeping up with historic
management gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to approach numbers. See who is increasing or decreasing their amount of business
credit, how credit decisions are made, and at what level. Perhaps you with you. Additionally, Summit helps you to identify which items are selling
want one credit manager making all the decisions or perhaps several and which are simply collecting dust. This allows you to make better
designated staff. With Summit, you can set it up the way you want. See purchasing and sales decisions.
the chart below for a list of some of our popular credit management tools.
Contact Point CRM Give your customers the ability to access their accounts online 24/7.
Its 1:37 PM. Do you know where your sales force is? Do you know who Improve customer service while reducing the time you spend on the
they contacted yesterday or last week or who they plan to follow up on phone. Summit eCommerce is secure, robust, and accessible through your
next week? What did they talk about and what prices did they quote? website in real-time.
How many customer contacts were made last month as compared to last
year? Summit Contact Point gives the manager a valuable tool to monitor Employee Management
the sales process. Track set prospect goals and allow your sales team Fraud & Audit Controls
to use it as well to keep their daily activities organized. Do away with No business wants to suffer financial losses because they didnt
hand written daily call reports. Dont miss the all-important follow-up implement strong fraud protection strategies. Is your organization
call. Get it in the system so everyone can access valuable customer and protected? Your company performs cash reconciliation, writes checks,
prospect information. and facilitates ACH payments and/or commercial cards for customers and
employees, so you rely on system fraud and audit controls for protection.
With Summit you can systematically compare checks presented for
Implement credit limits and credit stop days to control payment to your issued-check files to detect serial numbers, ticket
past due and bad debt accounts.
numbers and dollar amounts that dont match. Summit allows you to
ONE-CLICK access to all customer data from anywhere in identify payee names that have been altered and captures the user
the system.
and date on all transactions. With Summit you can import transactions
Print credit letters directly from the system.
instantly from your bank for reconciliation. Audit file history so you can
Consolidate card transactions. track the who-when-where-and-why in changes to or deletions of sales
Mail, fax, or email invoices and statements. tickets. Summit helps implement routine monitoring of cash by allowing
you to apply daily cash balances to deposits and reconciliation to your
Aged trial balance by location.
daily cash sales. Now you can accurately and routinely track sale tickets,
Offer online account access to customers with Summit
eCommerce. missing ticket numbers, and all physical variances in inventory. If you
suspect shortages you can spot check quickly.
Record all information related to accounts and manage
call backs in Summit Contact Point.
Payroll & Time Entry
Lock-out cards either by card or en masse.
Summit offers integrated payroll and time entry. In Summit, full-time and
Receive payments through EFT.
seasonal employee hours are tracked and then sent to the home office for
Setup budget accounts. payroll processing. Summit Payroll helps you maintain employee payroll
Print aged receivable reports and resolve late payment information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll
issues quickly. checks. Eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time
And more . . . preparing taxes.

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 4
Be confident you have what it takes to meet customers FERTILIZER & CHEMICALS
Formulation and Blending
needs at margins you can afford. Streamline daily
Summit allows you to create and store special formulas, blends,
tasks including managing formulas, creating blends, and recipes. By automating this process you can speed up
production time, prevent errors associated with incorrect blends
applying fertilizer & chemicals, and keeping tabs on and applications, and ensure you have the right inventory on hand
to meet customer demand.
inventory levels. Summit allows you to know your costs,
Summit allows you to store and track soil analyses related to
assess your risk, and quickly calculate customer pricing. specific customers, specific fields, or wider data such as regional
soil samples and generic formulas created for floor stock. Formulas
Whether agronomy accounts for a large or small part of can then be used to generate work orders and batch worksheets
used for production, application, and billing.
your business, Summit helps you make sure it is well
Have you ever applied the wrong chemicals to a field, or constantly
worry that it could happen? Rest assured, when creating work
orders/batch worksheets, Summit employs a set of warning
messages to help avoid these costly mistakes.

Do you use a plant mix system to automate your fertilizer and

chemical mixes? Dont lose efficiencies due to a lack of integration
between your plant system and your software. Summit has a library
of prebuilt interfaces to plant mix systems. And, if you use a system
we do not currently interface to, no worries! We have a long history
of developing interfaces to meet customer needs.

Application & Delivery

Summit stores and tracks applicator licenses, ensuring compliance
and auditability of all fertilizer and chemical applications. Summit
work orders include all delivery and application information
necessary for an applicator to do their job. Upon completion of a
work order, applicators are given the ability to store information
such as start and stop times, wind direction speed, soil conditions,
temperature and more. This information ensures regulatory
compliance, traceability, and improved customer service.

Customer Management
Summit has developed a set of tools designed not only to meet
customer expectations, but also to exceed them. Track customer,
farm, field, application, and billing history efficiently and accurately.
Leverage this information to better understand a customers
situation and to better anticipate their needs.

Provide customers with estimates based on system data, and turn

5 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

those estimates into orders when theyre ready to commit. Accommodate
Summit has teamed up with
splits and other billing options. And, with Summit ecommerce, give your
Farm PlanTM to provide an
customers the ability to access their accounts online 24/7.
interface allowing merchants
to pre-authorize Farm PlanTM
customers and send invoices to
Fertilizer and chemicals often have to be contracted in advance. Combined
Farm PlanTM with a few clicks of
with market volatility, this situation can create a lot of headaches when it
a mouse. Farm PlanTM improves
comes to inventory management and margin control.
your A/R by providing your customers with credit and getting you out
of the lending business. For more information about Farm PlanTM,
For this reason, all inventory data (including on-hand and committed) is
managed in real-time which greatly reduces your risk of shortages and
overstocks. Additionally, Summit helps you anticipate future inventory
requirements based on historical and contracted data. Inbound Chemical Rebate Report: Do you need to track and report
information on sales to chemical companies and government
Summit also has a set of pricing and reporting tools that help ensure agencies? Use this report to speed up the process and make sure you
your prices are staying in line with your costs. Value inventory based on are not missing opportunities to reclaim dollars.
weighted average cost. Set prices to cost + amount or percent. With
Summit, these tools and more are available at your fingertips. Tax Reporting
Do you currently spend hours filing tonnage taxes manually? Summits
Management Reports Tonnage Tax Report offers tremendous labor savings for fertilizer
As an agronomy manager, you need a quick understanding of where your and chemical operations. This report details the information needed
organization is at any point in time. Thats why Summit provides you with to file in single or multiple counties/states. Rest assured you are in
tools to quickly gauge whats going on and where your attention is needed. compliance with hazardous chemical reporting laws with Summit.

Risk Analysis Report: Remaining profitable during market volatility requires Summits tax reporting does not end with tonnage tax. Summit can
keeping close tabs on margins. Summit helps analyze your costs, inventory quickly and easily account for all your sales, inbound, outbound, and
counts, and margins to uncover your break-even points for each product or prepaid taxes.
class of product.
Review Work Order Status: Keep an eye on your production. Quickly see a
For more advanced agronomy tools such as field planning and in-field
list of all outstanding work orders. If you would like to maintain/change a
application handhelds, Summit has developed interfaces to Agworks,
work order, you can do so with a click of the button. You can view all work
AgroGuidetm and other leading agronomy packages. Summit and
orders or have them filtered out by customer, location, date, or status: open,
these companies are regularly in communication thanks to a large
estimate, hold, ready to apply, or closed.
shared customer base ensuring continual tight integration. For more
information about Agworks, visit them online at
Restricted Chemicals Report: Make sure youre in compliance with state
For more information about AgroGuidetm, visit
and federal regulations. This report creates a list of customers who have
purchased restricted chemicals. The report includes invoice number, date,
quantity, price, applicators license number and EPA number (if applicable).
If you clean seeds as part of your agri-business, Summit has a solution
AGRONOMY LABOR SAVINGS for you. Summit allows you to leverage the strength of its inventory
system, in addition to seed specific functions such as work order
Agronomy Managers Mixers, Applicators, & Seed
creation, lot tracking, tag printing, and seed tax reporting. For more in-
More timely and accurate reporting. Save time with all mixing orders, depth information on Summit Seed, contact a sales rep for a demo.
identifying applicators, when product
Cross reference and sync your is applied and to what field.
information in Summit to additional
agronomy software Manage efficiently by running
comparison reports on field AGRIMINE
Easily run comparison reports to application histories on what formulas
know what formula guides are more are more effective than others. AgriMine reduces the amount of time and paperwork required to report
effective than others. sales information to chemical and seed companies that is required for
Purchase and sell more efficiently
Act on customer needs by tracking by printing reports listing seed marketing (rebate) programs and/or technology compliance. Summit
soil, nutrient, or product trends. production work orders so you can
sync your calendar. has created an interface to AgriMines secure website, eliminating the
ONE CLICK to customer balances need for retailers to fill out forms, provide data on spreadsheets, or
and information. Manage work orders easily in their
varied stages of completion. re-enter information into websites. For more information on AgriMine,
visit their website at

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 6
Are you struggling to meet lot tracking requirements? FEED
Summit helps you speed up feed production and invoicing through
Are you confident your margins are staying in line automation.

with your costs? Do you have a good handle on your

inventory including committed and on-order inventory? Summit allows you to create and store recipes within the system.
These recipes not only include inventory items but grain bank and
Summit provides you with the means to quickly track mixing charges as well. Recipes can be applied to more than one
customer, saving you time in setting up and amending recipes.
customers, recipes, mixes, taxes, inventory items, lots, What if a customer wants a small change in a particular order? No
problem. When creating an order, you can override any information
grain positions and grain bank all with one simple, easy- while maintaining the integrity of the original recipe. Do you have
proprietary recipes? Protect those with Summits ability to reduce
to-use system. recipes on an invoice to a single line item. Do you manufacture
medicated feeds? Summit stores medication tags and automatically
prints them when needed. In short, you can count on Summit to give
you the tools you need to simplify your feed recipe management.

Summit also improves your feed manufacturing process. Create mix
sheets and send them directly to the plant to avoid double entry,
errors, and lost tickets. When a work order has been completed,
it can then be turned into an invoice for quick and accurate billing.
This step also adjusts inventory and grain bank, reducing risk of
shortages and overstock and for accurate customer reporting.

How much do I have on hand and where is it? How much do I need?
How much is on order? How much of my inventory is committed?
With the ability to enter orders directly into the system, Summit
offers clear, concise, and easy-to-use answers to these and similar
questions in REAL-TIME. Properly tracking and accounting for
inventory items has never been simpler.

Summit offers an extensive library of built-in reports as well as a

set of tools for custom reporting. Two of the most heavily used
reports by feed manufacturers are the Production Scheduling Report
and the Material Requirements Reports. These reports give you a
glimpse into your future production requirements to help you avoid
delays and shortages.

Lot Tracking/Traceability
Good lot tracking procedures are key to meeting regulatory
requirements and quickly rooting out problems in case of an

7 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

emergency. This is especially important with medicated feeds due to
increased governmental regulation. With Summit you can breathe a
sigh of relief knowing that all your information is neatly and accurately
accounted for.

With Summit assign lots to products as you receive them and

specify the lots used when you sell the product. Need to create
lots? No problem. Summit also gives you the ability to assign lots to
formulated feeds as you manufacture them.

Tonnage Tax Reporting

Grain Accounting
Do you currently spend hours filing tonnage taxes manually?
Summits Tonnage Tax Report offers tremendous labor savings for
(back) Summit Scale Ticket Screen; (front) Summit Grain Accounting Screen
feed operations. This report details the information you need to file in
single or multiple counties/states. solution, tracking positions as well as storage charges. Summit
automatically syncs and updates your grain bank, DPR, and contract
Group and Stage Feeding balances when a feed order is created and invoiced. This not only ensures
Be proactive with production agricultural customers that know in you have an accurate view of your grain position, but allows you to know a
advance their feeding plans. Summit allows you to track the cost per customers position as well. When a customer has grain bank or contracts
head and the history pertaining to each stage and to the group as a for ingredients used in recipes, the system will print the relevant balances
whole. The system calculates the feed used for the stage and informs on the invoice.
you when its time to move to the next stage. By automating this
process, you lock in business and ensure inventory is on hand when With Summit Grain you can take advantage of industry leading technology
you need it. Additionally, your customers will enjoy optimum efficiency such as integrated scale ticket, Live DPR, AAWCO EDI, and online account
by getting the right feed to the right group at the right time. inquiry. Ease the burden of regulatory requirements, improve your
customer service, and greatly increase the efficiency in how you manage
Plant Mix Interfaces grain.
Do you use a plant mix system to automate your feed production?
Summit Grain Brochure
Dont lose efficiencies due to a lack of integration between your plant
Do you handle grain for more than just your
system and your software. Summit has a library of prebuilt interfaces
feed operations? No problem. Summit Grain is
to plant mix systems such as Repete, WEM, Sterling, and Kahler. If Summit Grain

designed to manage the full extent of the grain

Enterprise Software for Agri-Commodities

you use a system we do not currently interface to, no worries! We

handling business including merchandising and
have a long history of developing interfaces to meet customer needs.
trading. For more in depth information, please
view, request, or pick up our Summit Grain brochure
SUMMIT GRAIN Risk Management with Live DPR
Real-time Mark to Market Analysis
Multi-Location Inventory Management, Target Pricing & Options
Extensive Grain management: Logistics, Reporting, Storage & Handling
Fully Integrated Scale and Core Financials
One Solution
online at or through a sales
Summit Grain is your grain inventory and grain bank management rep.


Accountants Grain Managers Clerical Staff Feed Managers
Efficient and fast month end close. Easily view target pricing, options No more ticket re-entry! The moment Accurate storage, maintenance,
and hedges with real-time Live DPR. tickets are entered in your system and invoicing of created formulas.
Reduce collections by deducting your DPR and Grain Bank are fully
from settlements. Act on favorable price moves with updated. Better management when you
follow commodity and medicated
Target Pricing reporting basis levels ONE CLICK to customer balances ingredients through your mill.
Eliminate duplicate entries and from quote services. and information.
paperwork errors. Grain bank and contract balances
More timely reporting and accuracy. Improve customer service with automatically updated as feed
Drill down to source transaction customer access to information batches, formulas, recipes, and mix
from the general ledger. Summit scale interface lets you online with Summit eCommerce. sheets are created.
customize your own tickets.
Improve cash flow and credit Eliminate settlement calculation Streamline your batch processing,
errors. be informed when you need to
management with Summit fraud Receive grain faster because move to the next stage, and easily
and audit controls. Summit instantly updates the Easily correct mistakes by undoing track cost per head and history of
grading information, calculates ticket any transaction from tickets and your stage feeding plan.
Complete Audit trail history. discounts and shrink. contracts to checks and settlements.

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 8
Do you spend hours each month digging through mounds ONSITE FUELING
Tank Management
of paperwork, combing through spreadsheets and tables,
Take control of your tanks with Summit. Are you losing tanks? Are
you generating a profit on each tank? Are your competitors filling
and think, Theres got to be a better way? There is. With
your tanks? With Summit, you no longer have to wonder. Summit
Summit you can streamline processes from the moment allows you to track your tanks by serial number. With this level of
detail, you can keep a close eye on how many tanks you have on hand,
you get an order to the moment you file taxes saving days- their customer history, and maintenance schedules. Additionally,
you can tie minimum usage requirements and lease/rent rates to
worth of time and eliminating errors. No longer do you specific tanks and/or customers. Automating billing to ensure you are
generating revenue on every piece of equipment.
need to take multiple steps to generate an invoice, track
Delivery Management
customer pricing in separate spreadsheets, or spend days Not only does Summit help you keep track of your tanks and
customers, it allows you to gain control over your deliveries. Avoid
each month filing taxes. Summit really makes it just that making deliveries at odd hours due to run-outs. Make sure you have
the correct amount of fuel in the trucks to service your routes. Summit
easy. gives you the ability to optimize your routes, drivers, inventory, and
deliveries based on actual customer usage rates. Deliver based on will
call, keep full, degree days, scheduled intervals, and tank monitors.
Track information on tank capacity, reserve, days between deliveries,
last gallons in tank, YTD gallons this season and last season, burn
rates, and delivery dates. Assign tanks to routes, and each day, print
a Fill Report that details which customers to visit and how much fuel
to deliver by route. Tracking information is set up in Summit with each
new customer, but usage history is populated through sales ticket
entry, saving you time and effort.

Energy Trac: In-Truck Billing

Imagine if you could take the computer out of the office, bring it on
deliveries to customer sites, and print invoices on the spot. You
could be certain all your contracts, prepaids, special pricing, and tax
exemptions were properly applied. You could avoid dispensing fuel to
overdue accounts. And, you could be certain every gallon and every
dollar was safely accounted for. Imagine doing all that, without re-
entering a single piece of information once you got back to the home
office. Energy Trac does exactly that.

Energy Trac is built around the principle that there should only be one
version of the truth. By not manually re-entering ticket information,
errors such as typing in wrong amounts, applying tickets to the wrong
accounts, and losing tickets in shuffling paperwork are eliminated.
Because pricing, contract, credit limits, and tax information are
automatically taken into account when generating invoices in the truck,
the number of driver pricing errors is greatly reduced.

9 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

Energy Trac also makes it easy to reconcile end-of-day inventory and Summit offers a wide array of reports designed to help you keep tabs
methods of payments. Ensure that youve accounted for all your gallons on your sales staff, customers, products, sales, taxes, and network
sold, and identify problems and take action before they get out of hand. fees. Quickly calculate sales staff commissions. Estimate network fees
The in-truck and home office gains are proven and clear. See the chart to forecast upcoming payments, and ensure youre paying the correct
below for more information. amount. Evaluate customer sales and uncover trends. Discover if youre
losing business to competitors. Evaluate the effectiveness of belonging
LUBRICANTS to a network based on how many customers are making remote/foreign
purchases and foreign sales.
At the heart of Summits inventory solution for lubricant repackaging and
distribution is its ability to properly account for and value item blends. TAX REPORTING
Summit allows you to create and store blending formulas within the
For those calculating taxes outside of their accounting and inventory
system. These formulas not only include raw materials but labor and
management system, Summits incorporated tax reporting system offers
packaging as well, allowing for accurate cost and margin tracking.
the most significant labor savings. Summit can literally do in minutes
what takes days to do by hand.
Combined with Summits robust reporting, the blending formulas ensure
that you know what you have on-hand and what you need to purchase
State and federal tax schedules are stored in the system and exemptions,
to complete an order. Summits Order Inquiry report (in addition to
such as off-road diesel, can be noted by customer by product or class.
operating as an electronic pick ticket detailing what needs to be blended)
Whenever relevant transactions are made, tax information is stored and
identifies what shortages exist among raw materials. Summits Order
tracked through the system in real-time. Inbound taxes, outbound taxes,
Inquiry (query) sorts by item, how much of each item needs to be made.
blending, multi-state taxes, and tax exemptions are all accounted for. If
These reports are key to streamlining your blending processes as well as
you pick up fuel in one state, blend it with another fuel, store it, and sell it
tracking inventory as it moves from raw materials to finished goods.
in another state, Summit can quickly sort out how much tax is owed each
state and if any exemptions can be applied.
Summit integrates with all major card fueling networks and proprietary When it comes time to submit your taxes, Summit prints out all the
card solutions allowing you to track your card, billing, and credit necessary tax documents, and, if your state allows, submits them
management information within a single system. electronically.

Summit tracks and consolidates your accounts receivable making Pricing & CONTRACTS
billing and credit management a breeze. Mail, fax, or email invoices
No longer do you need to look up and calculate customer-specific pricing
on your time line: weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly. Invoices
in separate spreadsheets. Once a customer has been set up, pricing is
consolidate card transactions so you can send out one invoice without
automatically calculated at the time invoices and/or orders are created,
having to re-enter any information into the system. Along with customer
ensuring the margins you desire. This pricing can be overridden when
invoices, print mileage reports; vehicle service reports; and fuel reports
required. Pricing can be based on a myriad of factors. Ask a sales rep for
by card or vehicle including cost per mile, miles per gallon, or total miles
more information.

Contracts give you the ability to lock in business, forecast cash flow, and
As for credit management, printing credit letters directly from the system
unlock new opportunities in markets that demand fixed bids.
will save time and streamline processes. Print aged receivable reports
and resolve customer payment issues before they spin out of control.
Summit tracks prepaid, dollar, booking, and max price contracts. As sales
Lock out cards (either by card or en masse) to prevent delinquent
tickets come in, pricing is calculated based on contract price. Dollar or
accounts from accessing more fuel.
gallon limits are automatically tracked and applied to ensure margins.


Provides for greater revenue and profit. Deliver more fuel with the same number of Save time invoicing and calculating taxes.
(High Return On Investment). trucks.
Eliminate errors associated with handwriting
Improves operational efficiency. Improve accuracy with the elimination of and hand calculations.
double entries.
Higher data accuracy. Save time with end-of-day reconciliation.
Increase daily sales volume 10%-20%.
Better customer service. Allow for more time to sell fuel and service
Force daily fuel reconciliation avoiding costly accounts.
Eliminate re-entry of tickets in the main office mistakes, tight audit trails.
(1 hour per driver/day). Full laptop in-truck makes application easier to
Force daily truck inspections, DOT inspections, use than handheld devices.
Improved cash flow and credit management. BOL, MSDS Sheets.

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 10
Inventory miscounts, shrink, errors in data entry, theft and POINT OF SALE
Take your retail operations to the next level. For businesses that
fraud can quickly eat into your margins. Summit gives you
operate farm stores, hardware stores, and/or TBA outlets, Summit
the ability to instantly check costs and prices to ensure a offers a built-in POS with scanning and signature capture capabilities.
Scanning is widely recognized as the single most cost-effective way
specific or class of product is acceptably margined. As your to improve customer satisfaction while reducing shrink and pricing
errors. Scanning improves inventory tracking, customer wait time,
inventory becomes more accurate, it can be streamlined and frees up employees to do other tasks around the store.

to increase cash flow and reduce risk. Quickly access Summits integrated POS unleashes a host of additional benefits
for cooperatives and multi-divisional agri-businesses. Summit
customer data and establish various pricing levels for POS integration allows you to track patronage, apply purchases
to customer invoices, and enforce credit limits on accounts. The
quantity and/or wholesale purchasers. Reward customer result? Better managed customer and member accounts, increased
efficiencies, a reduction in bad debts, and increased customer
loyalty and commit business using volume, contractor,
and contract pricing. With Summit, managing your agri-
business retail operation has never been easier! Have you ever been in the middle of entering something when a
customer approaches the counter needing account information? You
must then exit your current task, go to a customer lookup screen,
and drill down to the relevant information. This small interruption
can add up to a considerable amount of lost time and increased
mistakes. Summit delivers a unique tool to save time, improve your
customer response time, and reduce employee strain due to untimely
interruptions. That tool is Summit ONE CLICK. With ONE CLICK you
can instantly tell your customers the credit on their accounts, amount
due, and complete contract pricing history from ANYWHERE within

This increased functionality also allows for better credit

management. ONE CLICK allows you to track customer accounts and
act accordingly with information on customer account notes, credit
stop days and credit limits. These limits are the same limits applied
across all divisions, stores, and locations.

Summit provides the tools you need to quickly and easily manage
your inventory. Prevent profit loss associated with excessive shrink
and human error. Automate your inventory receiving and tracking
with Summit. Scan in inventory at receipt and compare to quantities
ordered to quickly identify missing, broken, or incorrect products. If
your vendor does not supply shelf tags, Summit gives you the ability

11 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

to print tags directly from the system. This ensures your customers
see correct pricing in addition to facilitating the counting of physical

Summit makes it easier than ever to conduct physical inventories!

Conduct physical inventories at any time during the month, saving
time at month-end by identifying and resolving problems sooner.
Summit allows you to identify intentional and/or unintentional
shrinkage quickly and objectively.

Do you spend hours updating prices and making sure those prices
are correct for volume or contract customers? Summit allows you
to quickly and easily track, import, and change inventory costs and
prices. Summit provides powerful in-system tools to quickly and
easily update both price and cost changes across your organization.
Because retail functions are built directly into Summit, you can take
advantage of Summits ability to price based on volume, contract, and
customer. This enables you to reward customer loyalty and commit Staff
business with discounts. Summit offers integrated payroll and time entry. In Summit, full-time and
seasonal employee hours are tracked and then sent to the home office for
Do your vendors supply you with electronic price lists? Summit offers payroll processing. Summit Payroll helps you maintain employee payroll
vendor interfaces for common agribusiness suppliers such as Orgil, information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll
Bostic, Do it Best and others. Additionally, Summit offers a generic checks. Eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time
price import that allows you to manipulate supplier price sheets and preparing taxes.
import them into your system. This data flows through the system
allowing you to accurately account for inventory levels, sales, and End of Day
profit margins. Summit creates labor savings from improved end-of-day procedures that
reconcile your cash with external transactions, such as credit cards,

MANAGEMENT REPORTING coupons, and store deposits. This information then flows from store to
home office, saving time and eliminating double-entry errors. When it
Summit offers a wide array of reports designed to help you manage
comes time to printing all your deposits, you can run a Summit report
your staff, customers, products, sales, and end of day procedures.
listing all payments on account, other income transactions and cash sales
received. The information listed will include the check or reference number,
Customers & Sales
the customers name and the amount of payment. This report can then
Quickly analyze critical information such as top customers and
be used as your deposit slip for the bank. With Summit, your end of day
products. Identify break-even points. Examine product sales and
processing prints audit report, updates files and creates G/L entries so
uncover which products are making you money and which products
youre not duplicating these tasks in the back office.
are simply collecting dust. Expose which products were sold in
certain periods. Compare this data across other periods, analyzing
trends, and key competitive analysis. Is a product no longer in SUMMIT C-STORE
demand? Are you losing a portion of your business to a competitor? Do you operate convenience stores? If so, use Summit to add thousands of
Are you getting the margins you want from each unit? These dollars to each stores bottom line through centralized pricing, automated
questions and more can be answered within Summit. receiving, and improved inventory management. With Summit C-Store, you
can leverage the same technology used in large c-store chains across the
Inventory U.S. in a single, integrated solution. Do more with
Summit tracks inventory you have on-hand, committed, and on-order, your stores with the industrys ONLY integrated
as well as, reorder points and minimum order quantities. This allows solution for agri-businesses with c-stores.
you to make more informed purchasing and merchandising decisions.
Know with certainty where your inventory levels stand thanks to the For more in-depth information on our Summit
ability to scan product while performing physical inventories. And, C-Store solution, please view, request, or pick up our
easily transfer inventory between retail locations and reallocate Summit C-Store brochure available online at www.
purchases for improved costing and auditing. or through a sales rep.

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 12
Can you quickly see your financial position by location or iGUIDE: DASHBOARD EVOLVED
Most businesses do not follow this simple principle: If we do not
department at a glance? Do you have a good handle on
measure people in respect to their goals, we will not help them
achieve their goals. For some, its just that they simply do not have
whats going on with your business today, year-to-date,
the tools at hand to easily measure progress. With Summit iGuide
and compared to budget? If you do not, our business you can make quick decisions on how to save money in day-to-day
operations. You can track every customer contract and all your
iGuide is exactly what you need. A typical dashboard inventory at-a-glance without adding any unnecessary work. View
business functions, purchase sale summaries, management reports,
tells you how you are running at an instant in time, but financial objectives, and account information via the web; with
Summit iGuide you can securely get balances at your fingertips in a
not where you are going. Summit iGuide tells you where minute. Summit iGuide gives you easy-to-use tools to monitor your
business performance.
you are, where you have been and how close you are to
To ensure that your business provides accurate and measurable
your final destination. results you must set goals and measure them frequently. Summit
iGuide will provide you with the tools to get timely updates on key
performance indicators. In addition to getting results in a real-time
environment, you will also be able to quickly analyze the data with the
graphing and charting functions. In todays environment you need
to be able to review hundreds of performance indicators and quickly
react to the results.

Summit iGuide allows you to select data from any source that is
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Compliant. This means if your
information comes from Summit or any other operational system, you
can quickly and easily get the information you need at ONE CLICK of
a button.

This system is RAD (no, we are not talking surfing) - Rapid Application
Development. Quickly create exception reports and pull data by
deploying iGuide Metrics that get you the information you need. With
an ODBC connection and knowledge of where information is stored,
you can get the reports you need right when you need them.

Reports may show a point in time, but with the graphing features of
our system you can see trends and react quickly. With all the data
available to you, a quick visual representation is necessary to identify
where you need to focus your attention. On average managers now
have less than 20 minutes a day to analyze performance. Data
review is the most important item on your to do list, but the hardest
without a guide. Its easy to get Summit iGuide started. With our
pre-loaded queries and our expert advice, most dashboards are
functional within the first few hours of installation. To hone the
information you are receiving and to make sure you get what you

13 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

want when you want it, you can spend time reviewing industry key
performance indicators or take a quick look at your open contracts.
Rest easy; if a metric is not available, Summit Development will
make it available for you. 120
Inventory Cost & On Hand Monthly Sales By Department
(Number = Location)


Inventory: Last Cost

Get everyone the data relevant to them. Each user can personalize 80
their own iGuide experience and lay out the data that is important 60
to them in the format with which they are comfortable. 40
Monthly Sales By Location 11
Corn: Bushels
Total: 2,356,872

If you are concerned with information getting into the wrong hands, May 2010 June 2010 July 2010 Aug 2010 Sept 2010
Inventory: On Hand
be assured that our database has a 100% guaranteed industry
qualified security model and will allow only the users you choose to
enter the system to view data.

Perform analysis of your key performance indicators with Summit

iGuide. Set your goals and measure your performance, then reset
your goals accordingly and be ready to excel in your business.
Summit iGuide: At-a-glance Inventory and Contract reports for all locations


Grain & Feed:
Grain By Location
Grain By Commodity
Feed Interface
Open Contracts
And More . . .

Restricted Chemicals Report
Detailed Purchase History Summit iGuide: Ag Order List, Sales By Class/Period Comparison, Inventory Cost,
Prepaid Contracts Customer Contract Report
Break Even Analysis
Tax Reporting
Prepaid Payment Status
And More . . .

Fuel Delivery Interface
Sales By Item By Driver
Fuel Tax Forms
Degree Day
Open Order Edit List
And More . . .

Stock Status
Ag Order Edit List
Sales Analysis By Item
Physical Inventory
Purchase Order
Sales And Grain Query
And More . . . Summit iGuide User Setup: Create the metrics YOU need for YOUR business.

Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 14
Summit believes the technology you employ should be SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT
Summit can be deployed over nearly every deployment model
based on your needs, not those of your software vendor.
including a server environment and Software as a Service (SaaS),
allowing you to choose the model that best fits your organizational
Like our software, Summits technology is designed to
needs. We also make every effort to use your existing hardware,
increase your return on investment and drive profit to thereby lowering your up-front costs.

With the SaaS model you can eliminate capital expenditures for
your bottom line. We evaluate hardware cost, reliability,
software and eliminate the hassle of software procurement. Since
and flexibility, as well as business requirements such the software is maintained on our servers, which we regularly
replace and maintain, you will never again need to worry about
as multiple locations, main office responsibilities, capital outlay for hardware.

interfaces, and local infrastructure. The end result This environment works especially well for companies that are in
growth mode, as you can free up capital for other uses.
is technology that works for you: maximizing your
investment while lowering both your risk and cost. Have you ever wished you could do more with your data? After all, it
is your data. Summit makes that possible. The simplest method is
through the Microsoft Excel export available on Summit reports. For
even more flexibility, we offer XDBC. Through XDBC, our ODBC/JDBC
product, you have full read and/or write access to all data stored
within Summit. That data can be pulled from Summit, manipulated
in SQL queries, and even pushed back into Summit in real-time.
Security levels are built into the program ensuring sensitive data is
out of reach for those without clearance.

Summit is continually being chosen to replace competitor systems
because of our innovative approach to integrating and managing
agri-business operations. As a result, Summit has developed a
systematic process of converting data from competitor systems into
Summit. This process employs a system of checks and balances to
ensure that the maximum amount of data with the fewest number
of errors is successfully moved from one system to another. By
offering this service, you save time, money, and minimize risks
associated with switching software.

Security is an important part of your operation. Therefore, Summit
allows you to easily customize menus to determine individual user
access. You can also password protect General Ledger, Payroll,
Accounts Payable and Checkbooks. Virus free operating systems
and software ensure that we can remotely administer your system

15 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

and reduce your in-house IT support costs. Summit Hosted Model
Access your company data securely from
Do you have 100% confidence in your system backups? anywhere with an Internet connection.
Summit offers another level of security behind your on
site backups by offering secure remote backups at our mit
data center.

A rich user experience means fast access to all
information. Thin Client technology is a graphical World Wide Web

solution that separates graphics and mouse controls to

your PC, so the software is only active on your server.
This eliminates the need for multiple servers, and
quickly reads and writes data from PC to server. When
time is money, every second counts. Dont wait on your
At the Store
Your Home
We have invented a cloud at Summit that will allow you
to take advantage of cloud computing and the Internet Your Office

without needing to have the expertise to maintain high

availability, high scalability servers.

Our eCommerce solution is hosted on Summit web

servers and allows your customers access to all their Summit
data at the click of a button without the need for you to Your Company

procure web servers and maintain the expertise to run


In addition to the eCommerce site we offer:

Remote Administration
Online support of server or individual PC
Internet connection with ISP
Manage hardware replacement strategy
Test company setup and management Your Website
Your Customers
Aid in and advise all hardware purchases

Go Green with Summit. Summit is constantly striving to
find new and innovative ways to save you money while
preserving natural resources.

With Summit, you can now operate your organization

electronically, saving time and paper. View and store
reports, invoices, and statements on your computer;
thereby, reducing your need to print. Also, email invoices VPN Assistance Disaster Recovery Sites
and statements to customers saving printing, postage,
Data interfaces Annual Hardware Review
and envelopes. Import vendor invoices electronically.
Pay and receive payment through EFT/ACH. Hardware Sizing Installation of all Summit Software
OS Support eCommerce Hosting
Find out what customers Systems Administration Remote Administration
are saying about Summit: Hosting if Needed Test Company Setup and Maintenance
Internet Connectivity Support Integration with 3rd Party Vendors
Off-Site Backups End of Month Company Setup
Lets talk. Well prove our exceptional value with a compelling ROI. Call Summit today at 800.433.5724 Enterprise Management Software Solutions | 16
Do you experience inefficiencies and errors because core financials
Central to Summits One Solution model are its Core Financials.
you operate multiple software and hardware systems?
Summit offers a powerful, complete set of financials with the power of
Summit allows you to gauge the success of your entire stand-alone systems, but at a level of integration only products created
by a single developer can achieve. From General Ledger to Accounts
organization with a single, unified system. Whether you Payable, from Payroll to eCommerce, Summit has you covered.

operate a complex cooperative with multiple vendors or General Ledger

Summit General Ledger categorizes and summarizes your accounting
youre an agribusiness with several business models, data by both units and dollars, so you can easily review various expense
or income categories. Compare these categories to budgets or prior
Summit offers a complete and comprehensive solution periods for up to 5 years. This vital management information can be
used to increase the profits of your business by allowing you to spot
to manage your entire organization.
and reinforce income-generating areas, eliminate waste, locate areas
which are over budget, and implement actions for correction. Drill
down to the source transaction in Summit Agri-Business from Summit
GL, eliminating time spent on researching transactions. Eliminate
time-consuming month-end entries by allocating overhead costs to
departments based upon percentages.

Accounts Payable/Bank Account

Summit AP/Bank Account imports electronic vendor invoices and
inventory scans taken at the store. This saves you time, eliminates
duplicate entry, and ensures you only pay for items you actually receive.

Summit also offers EFT/ACH, which allows you to save on checks and
postage, and Positive Pay, which ensures that only the checks you write
get cashed by the bank. Our recurring voucher entry screen allows you
to eliminate manual entries on recurring invoices. Allocate expenses
on the voucher level from an account template, so you dont have to
make time-consuming General Ledger entries. Reduce entry errors by
matching invoices to purchase orders, so you only pay the appropriate

Perform month-end bank reconciliations electronically to clear your

checks and save time.

Payroll and Time Entry

Summit Payroll helps you maintain employee payroll information,
calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll checks.
Eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time gathering
and preparing quarterly and yearly tax information. Summit Time Entry
allows you to track employee hours electronically. Hours are tracked
and then sent to the home office for Payroll processing. Summit Time

17 | Enterprise Management Software Solutions

Entry also eliminates the need for a time clock and subsequent reentering of
information at the home office.

Summit Patronage is a key component to managing cooperatives. Save time
when calculating refund checks and preparing IRS and other government
documentation with Summit Patronage. Track sales volumes on which to
base refunds as well as stock dividends.

Give your customers the ability to access their accounts online 24/7. Improve
customer service while reducing the time you spend on the phone. Summit
eCommerce is secure, robust, and accessible through your website in real-
time. (left) Chad Carlson, VP Corporate Operations; (right) Carl Smith, Senior Controller - Head of IT for
Aurora Cooperative, Aurora, Nebraska; both cross-analyzing data with Summit custom reporting.

Summit GRAIN Carl Smith, Senior Controller - Head of IT for Aurora

Stay ahead of volatile commodity markets and rapidly changing prices with Cooperatives central location in Aurora, Nebraska,
Summit Grain. Automate the tracking of current positions, hedging activities, helps run one of the largest and most respected
futures, options and other non-cash transactions. Mitigate risks associated cooperatives in the country. Aurora has 500+
with government regulations, shrink, and market forces. With Summit, you employees offering agri-business solutions ranging
gain the ability to actively seek out every opportunity, never miss a price from grain and agronomy to retail stores and ethanol
plants. Handling more than 80 million bushels
move, and in turn, operate your grain business at the highest profitability
of grain annually at 43 different locations, Smith
youve ever experienced.
relies on Summit to manage complex operations
Summit C-STORE
Do you operate convenience stores? If so, use Summit to add thousands of The reality is, at the time we were looking, there
dollars to each stores bottom line through centralized pricing, automated was not any one software company that could do
all that we need. Summit stepped up and provided
receiving, and improved inventory management. With Summit C-Store,
additional custom programming that met those
you can leverage the same technology used in large c-store chains across
needs, said Smith.
the U.S. in a single, integrated solution. Do more with your stores with
the industrys ONLY integrated solution for agri-businesses with c-stores. Im particularly impressed with Summits patronage
Summit C-Store manages every aspect of the petroleum retail business module because not many software companies
effectively and efficiently. It centralizes your pricebook and streamlines your handle patronage well.
daily operations. Summit C-Store allows you to maximize your inventory,
merchandising, and pricing to ensure you make more money.

Summit Summit Summit

Grain Agri-Business C-Store

Electronic Card Fueling Energy
Banking Networks Trac
re Financials Vendor
ntry & Pa Rebates
eE yr
m Electronic Tax
a n k Acc


/B Filing


GL & AgriMine
Dashboard 3rd Party
Documents Mix Plants

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Summit gives you the tools you need to be profitable.
Whether you deliver fuel, manage feed & grain operations, handle
agronomy, or operate retail stores, Summits got you covered.

Want more proof? Hear what our customers have to say.

Have more business lines? See our other industry solutions!

Summit Grain Enterprise Software for Agri-Commodities

Risk Management with Live DPR

Real-time Mark to Market Analysis
Multi-Location Inventory Management, Target Pricing & Options
Extensive Grain management: Logistics, Reporting, Storage & Handling
Fully Integrated Scale and Core Financials
One Solution

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