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Art 11/12
Expressive Hand Drawings
(2 Project Options)

Expressive hand drawings

Expressive contour hand drawings

You will design a work of art that is focused on line. You will create an original
Expressive Contour drawing of your hands. The finished project will involve the use
of pattern, balance, movement and unity to make a dynamic piece of art.
Drawing Pencils
White Drawing Paper
Black Sharpie
Fine Point Markers
Heavy Weight Construction Paper
White Glue
Colored Pencils
* You could even do sign language hand gestures. For the background we will
discuss balance, space, unity. You can work from your own hand or a photograph.
You can Google, expressive hand gestures
CLOSURE (summary, wrap-up, set for next lesson). Students will fill out Self-
Examples of the Project Options:
1. Contour Hand Drawings (Intermediate)
Step One: You will draw your hands 5 different times in 5 different expressive
positions. The drawings should be roughly the same size as your own hand. Think about hand
position and make it interesting!

Hand and eye communication is very important

Draw what you see
Remember to include line quality!

Step Two: You will rub and transfer their contour drawings of hands onto colored
paper. You should not use simple, flat hand gestures They need to be EXPRESSIVE.

Go back with your pencil and add more details if needed

Trace your pencil lines using a black fine tipped Sharpie
Carefully cut-out hands
Erase any pencil smudges - Set hands aside
Outline the contours of the hand using black marker and cut out each hand.

Step Three:
Design an interesting pattern for the background. This will be drawn on white paper.
* Remember to draw a 1 in. (2.5 cm) border

Try using directional lines OR Make patterns out of simple shapes

OR Have the lines/shapes overlap
Think about balance in your composition do you want it to be symmetrical,
asymmetrical, or radial?
Thank about how will your hands be positioned on the background?
You will begin coloring in your background using colored pencils
Pick colors that go well with your hand color
Remember to blend and overlay colored pencils to get bold colors.
Position hands in desired places. Choose one hand that you would like to have pop-
out from paper to create the illusion of movement.

Glue to the back of hand - one at the top and one at the bottom

Continue gluing rest of hands down onto finished background.

2. Shaded Expressive Hand Drawing (Advanced) -

For this project, you will make a plan in your sketchbook first. Then, you will draw
straight onto the paper.

This example has a point of interest and a light

background colour

This example does not have a background colour, but the

drawings are advanced with shading and contrast