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Start a Chapter

Mission Statement
laExpose seeks to identify, recruit & educate a new generation of talents. Including
gratitude, integrity & community service..
To help members get discovered and meet some of their goals.
To empower others by helping push people up and offer random acts of kindness
& eradicate poverty.
As the President of a local chapter, you will be expected to:
To have a heart for the people and have leadership skills with ethical
Be personable, and enthusiastic with the ability to communicate with
everyone from all walks of life.
Commit to the role of President for one year.

Commit to being a laExpose team player.

Have e-mail capability.

Contact members and visitors with the date and time selected for the
Be sensitive to the concerns of the members.

Facilitate the meetings in such a way that each member/visitor feels welcome
and free to share from her heart.
Forward the contact information of all members and visitors to headquarters
Start and end each meeting on time.

Practice confidentiality with our proprietary ideas, research, business plans

and finances.
A member can have their own chapter in the same city, under direction of
local President. The local branch President becomes a regional President.
laExpose is not an ordinary non-profit platform. We are a service-social
organization. As a ministry, it is our desire to see our meetings structured; however,
a warm, loving, and informal atmosphere for our time together. We want each
individual including all ethnic backgrounds and genders to be able to share personal
goals and how we can help each other become more successful. We do not
When and How to Begin
Be enthusiastic and your excitement will be contagious as you spread the word
about laExpose.
Approach your friends, neighbors, and relatives at church, work or socially to be a
part of our group. If everyone share who we are and what we are doing we will have
a dynamic impact on our community. Each President can set organization fees/dues
according to average income for your area/country. If that is too much to ask you
can host fundraisers so your chapter will have a budget for events. Travel for
President or Founders to represent laExpose to chapters is expected. Local dues set
by chapter due to each economy is different, 25% of dues coming to headquarters
which enables support for the organization. Each President needs to inform
headquarters how they will address dues/fees. Meeting should be monthly or at
least every by monthly. You can use skype, or conference calls for your officers and
meetings for homebound.
Register to become the President of your very own Chapter!
To register and activate a Chapter, you will need to complete Registration online,
then email request to include your city and when you like to
host your first organizational meeting. Once we receive your email you will be
contacted with further details.
Application for Membership

Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
City-State _______________________________________
Phone: _________________________ or_______________
In Case of Emergency Name-Phone:

Your reason for joining:


Your skill and or talent:


Education level:

Profession and or Personal Goal:

How can we help you?

Would you like to volunteer at events? ___________________