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Service Road, Bournemouth BH4 9BT.
in the production of this report.
No taxpayers’ money has been used
European Union Budget Controlling foreign visitors Taking two million people out of
Conor challenged the Prime Minister access to NHS services Income Tax
to make it clear to other European In congratulating the Health Conor questioned Treasury Ministers
countries that increases in the Secretarty on introducing controls on on how many people would be taken
European Union budget would be immigrants’ ability to access NHS out of paying Income Tax altogether
utterly unacceptable to the British services, Conor pointed out that the following the government’s increase

people and called for a reduction in overwhelming majority of Britons in personal tax allowances. As of
Britain’s contribution to the EU who travel abroad put in place April 2013, the figure stands at a
Conor regularly speaks in the finances. provisions to protect themselves if staggering two million people.
Chamber of the House of they fall ill and that local people
Commons, questioning Alder Hills Remploy would be appalled to learn that we Freedom of the press
Ministers on matters of local Following the closure of the Remploy previously did not expect the same of Conor directly challenged the Prime
and national importance, as factory at Alder Hills, Conor raised foreign visitors to the UK. Minister to ensure leglislation
well as contributing to debates with Ministers the efforts of Giles following the Leveson enquiry
on proposed new laws. Verdon and his team at that factory Northern Ireland restored a robust confidence in the
to put together a community interest Following disorder in Northern the cornerstone of a free society - a
Here are a selection of the company. In particular he raised Ireland, Conor spoke of a profound free press.
topics Conor has raised in the concerns about Remploy’s central sense of alienation among residents
House of Commons over the office not answering phone calls or in the Sandy Row and Shore Road
Please visit
past twelve months. providing information and challenged areas of Belfast. He challenged the to see
the Minister to meet with Secretary of State to urge politicians more of Conor’s appearances
representatives from Remploy in in Northern Ireland to get into those in the House of Commons
Poole to resolve the central issues. communities and listen.

From last April, 24 million were in 2010 . In addition, 2.2

people started paying up to million of Britain's lowest-paid

£600 less income tax than they workers will not pay income tax
had to in 2010. at all. This means more money
stays in the pockets of those who
" This is because Conservatives need it most. Next year, you will
Would you be interested in attending an open house have increased personal income be able to keep even more of the
meeting in your road to put your questions and ideas tax allowances for three money you work for. From April
directly to me? Conor Burns MP is have a say over who consecutive years. The personal 2014, you won't have to pay
❑ YES ❑ NO
backing Conservative governs us. income tax allowance is the income tax on the first £10,000
TELL CONOR plans to hold a
Do you support my campaign to stop the proposed Navitus Bay wind farm amount of money you can earn you earn. This means even more
off the Bournemouth coast? If ‘yes’, would you be willing to host such an open meeting referendum on Britain’s Commenting, Conor said: tax-free. As of 6 April, you will not lower-paid workers will keep
in your home for you and your neighbours? membership of the “The last time Britain had pay any income tax on the first what they earn and 24 million
❑ YES ❑ NO European Union. a say over Europe was in £9,440 you earn. Because of people will pay £700 less
Do you support the Conservatives’ commitment to a referendum on Britain’s the 1970s. Local people this, 24 million people are paying income tax than in 2010.
membership of the European Union? So that I have a representative sample of replies, please
indicate how you usually vote:
Conor has spoken out are fed up with being up to £600 less tax than they
❑ YES ❑ NO ❑ DON’T KNOW and voted for a Bill that dictated to by Brussels - it
would bring forward such is high time we had our
Do you support the Government’s welfare reforms, ensuring no one on benefits can ❑ UKIP ❑ GREEN ❑ OTHER: ________________________
take home more money than the average income for a working family?
a referendum so the say and I will be voting for
British people can finally us to leave the EU.”
Please use the space below to let me know any
other local concerns or ideas you have: Address:
Telephone: Email:
HOW TO 1 01202 534888 3
Postcode: CONTACT Post: In person:
2 Conor Burns MP 4 Call 01202 534888 to
Tel: CONOR House of Commons book an appointment at
London SW1A 0AA Conor’s help and advice
Email: BURNS MP surgery.
Please return by FREEPOST, to:
FREEPOST RRZT-ZCKB-AZEH, 135 Hankinson Road, Bournemouth, BH9 1HR Keep up to date with Conor Burns Follow Conor Burns MP on Twitter:
This is a freepost address, but using a stamp will help save us money. MP and sign up for his regular news
Data Protection Act: the answers to these questions will be stored on a computer for the sole use of the Conservative Party. Your telephone number and email address may be used for further surveys and at election times. If you do not want your data to be stored in this way, please tick here: q
email at
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Annual Report 2012/13

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newsletter at

Home Secretary
in Bournemouth
Conor is continuing the fight against consultation, Conor is determined to Bournemouth in the last 25 years. ol with
the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park ensure local opposition is heard by the Furthermore, tourism is the most Conor spent an afternoon on patr
tre Rangers in Bou rnem outh,
which will blight the Dorset coastline Secretary of State for Energy, who will significant employer in Bournemouth the Town Cen
es faced
with Eneco planning to build 150 to take the ultimate decision on whether and I am fundamentally against seeing first hand some of the issu Conor welcomed the Home Secreta
240 turbines in Poole Bay, off the the wind farm is built. anything that harms it. We cannot let in the town centre. Rt Hon Theresa May MP - to Bournem
ry - the
Bournemouth coast. this eyesore damage our local this year, where he raised issues
Conor said, “The Navitus proposals economy.” night time anti-social behaviour and
Currently out for yet another round of are the biggest issue facing numbers.

Conor Burns talking to Conor is shown some
Directors at local of the machinery at
employer JP Morgan. Parvalux’s new factory.

BU student
union elections
Let Me Work
Conor signing the Conor visiting Bournemouth University to
Digital Manifesto

Osborne Lodge
encourage students to vote in the
Ellwood MP and elections to the Student Union.
Conor pictured with HRH The Princess
Professor John
Vinney. Royal at Liveability’s Let Me Work
the new
reception in the House of Lords. Conor ‘cutting the ribbon’ to open

Osborne Lodge in Westbourne.

Conor Burns MP believes the best Parvalux’s new factory on the
way to get our economy back on Fleets Industrial Estate, visited the

track is to support local largest local employer, J P Morgan
businesses, who will in turn create and spent time with the franchisee

jobs and growth. of a local Subway store.

Since being elected, Conor has Conor is also backing an ambitious
visited many local businesses, bid to style Bournemouth, Poole
meeting with managers and staff and Christchurch as a “Silicon

10 years of West Howe
Conor with local in order to best understand issues Beach” with a thriving creative and
Subway franchisee
affecting them. For example, most digital economy.

Fair Share funding Acres Road &
and staff.
recently, Conor has opened

Turbary Park Avenue Slades Farm Festival
Conor with HM Lord Lieutenant Mrs

Anthony Pitt-Rivers and local com Conor and Margaret Sunderani of the Acres
t How e gath er to mark ten Conor presenting a prize to one of
figures from Wes Road and Turbary Park Avenue Community the
estate. contestants from the Community
years of Fair Share Funding on the Residents Association present local Games
Relay at the Slades Farm Festival.
campaigner Ray Willis with a certificate of
Over the course of the past year Conor At Talbot Heath School. special recognition for his community work.
has visited many local schools to In Downing Street with pupils
support their work and hear about any from Kingsleigh Primary School.
problems or issues that he can help St Michael’s Primary
resolve. School pupils visit Conor
at Westminster.
During these visits, Conor always
spends as much time as he can with
pupils to talk to them about his work as
Inspecting progress at the his work as an MP and also in answering
St Aldhelm’s building site. their questions. With students at St Peter’s
School Achievement Awards.
Conor has also welcomed a number of
schools to the Houses of Parliament,

Arts University Winton Carnival
where they have enjoyed a tour, the

College Bournemouth Dorset Community
chance to see the House of Commons
in action, as well as time to talk to him

about the burning issues of the day. If you
are a teacher or school governor and Conor Burns with students from
’ Union
would like to arrange a visit for your Conor, pictured with students and Prof. Bournemouth University Students
school to Westminster, please call Stuart Bartholomew on a recent visit to Conor Burns with Dorset Community at the Winton Carnival.
With pupils from Moordown Being interviewed at the Arts University College Bournemouth.
St John’s School Parliament. Conor’s office on 020 7219 7021. Malmesbury Primary School. At Heathlands Primary School. Foundation Chairman Ashley Rowlands.