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Vidur Gupta


Period 2

Independent Research G/T

30 April 2017

Data Collection Part 5 Final Analysis

For my research, I conducted secondary research, which composes of research that has been

conducted and composes of summarizing and generalizing other research that has already been produced.

I conducted this research through historical research, and through analyzing past events that have

occurred, and how they relate to society today. I additionally conducted qualitative research to help me

gain insight into my topic and what plans can be put forward to fix a certain problem, specifically my

topic, of cyber hacks. I chose these research types and designs because through looking at the past and

seeing what problems we faced, we can prevent these same problems from occurring and possibly stop

new ones from appearing in the subject of cyber security.

Out of the five data collection options, I believed that the option of Existing Data Analysis was

best for facing and analyzing my research question of What is the most comprehensive and

effective plan that software companies can develop and put in effect to reduce

security breaches in their companies?. I believe this option is the best option for

my research question because through analyzing past data and cyber hacks that

have been conducted. I will be able to prevent future hacks from occurring, and

identify vulnerabilities in the system, which can then be fixed and help face the

problem of security breaches, specifically in software companies. I conducted this

Existing Research through a document analysis, in which I analyzed 10 documents

and determine solutions to seal these vulnerabilities throughout systems in the

Vidur Gupta


Period 2

Independent Research G/T

30 April 2017

My data applies to my thesis because it clearly confronts the question of what plans can be put

forward to reduce security breaches in society, especially for software companies. Additionally, my data

also proves how large of a problem cyber security is, and why it requires attention in society today.

Finally, my data also shows simple solutions for daily citizens and how everyone can lower their risk of

getting hacked. My results for this data show many solution plans and how cyber security can be fixed,

Solutions do not have to be complicated and simple habits, such as creating

secure passwords will greatly help in reducing security breaches throughout

society. In addition to that other solutions, such as keeping your applications

updated will allow new security vulnerabilities to be sealed because

corporations continually put forward updates to seal security issues they

may find.