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Professional development plan:

I have created a professional development plan based on feedback I have received throughout my
part-time and full-time internships. This feedback is from a mixture or people, university
supervisor, mentors, and other visitors that have observed my teaching.
Planning and Preparation:
Transitions and fluidity throughout my instructional activities.
o Feedback I received from my mentor, was that all of my instructional
activities had some transitions and was fluid. After a lesson is planned, I
take a few minutes to work through my transitions to ensure there is fluid
movement throughout my lessons. This is important to ensure you do not
lose students transitioning to a different activity; all activities should link
Enrichment activities/ differentiation
o Feedback I received from a visitor observing my teaching, was to ensure I
am always providing differentiation and enrichment activities. There
should always be an assignment in my back pocked for students who
finish early and need to deepen their learning. On the other end, always
being prepared to separate into smaller groups if students are not
understanding the material.
Time management
o Feedback I received from my university supervisor, is to ensure you are
always watching the clock and planning lessons with time in mind. I am
continually monitoring my pace and making modifications as the day goes
on to ensure my students are meeting the necessary learning objectives in
that time frame.
Classroom environment: In every observation, I have been told that I have a great rapport/
relationship with my students. A teacher to student relationship is something I strive for every
day, and is present in my day to day instruction.
Leaving time for a closing assessment (formative/ summative)
o Feedback from my university supervisor was to make sure you are always
using a closing assessment to monitor where your students are. This can
be a small formative assessment, or a large summative assessment.