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History of Sumilao

The word "SUMILAO" comes from a talandig binokid phrase "Kon Sumilaw Da", which means,
"when lights come again". A story had been told that there lived a man named WALU who
possessed supernatural powers. Many believed that the he lived at Sitio Kilabong, a place near
Palaopao Hill. Time came when seven "baylansa" (spiritual leaders who possessed special
powers)who were living, fabricated degrading stories against Walu. This angered Walu. Standing on
the hill, he shouted at the top of his voice and pointed to the seven men rebuking them for their evil
intention. At this instant, a bright, glaring light emitted from the tip of his pointed finger and the seven
"baylans" were blinded. It was said their eyesights would be restored when the same light will come

Aria of kisolon sumilao

The falls is located along the Sayre Highway and less than a kilometer
distance from the Municipal Hall. Its imposing grandeur can easily be
seen by travelers on motor vehicles. It is approximately 148 feet high.

Known as the longest cave in the first Congressional District of
Bukidnon, Sumalsag Cave is located in Kilabong, Vista Villa, Sumilao,
Bukidnon. It is generally wet or filled with water. The total length of
Sumalsag Cave's three branches is approximately 1,859 meters. Its
wide entrance, boasting of huge stalactites, opens to a spacious
chamber floored with mud. From its mouth, a gigantic column that
dwarfs any person standing near it can be seen. Beyond this chamber
is a bigger chamber, which allegedly used to be a rebel headquarter.
Remnants of the headquarter facilities can still be founc. Stalactites,
stalactites and rimstones can be seen.

Lagundang Cave boasts of its 225 foot entrance, a mini Niagara Falls
and ponds full of crabs and fishes. It is a wonder how crabs and fishes
got into this cave, the only opening of which is a vertical drop. Except
for treasure hunting, there has been no known activities pertaining to
Lagundang Cave. Had the public known of its existence, repelling
enthusiast would be thrilled therein and the fascinating rock formations
inside the cave.
Stretching along the boundary of Sumilao and Manolo Fortich from the
northeast, Palaopao Hill stands 836 fet above sea level. The top was
once covered with virgin forest while the side contain several caves,
rock shelters and limestones overhangs contain wooden coffin and
artifacts which designs are traced back during the metal age. These
places were used as burial ground in the early part of the 19th century.

Mapaso is a binukid term for hot. The spring is located at the
northeast part of Sitio Alas-as, Barangay Licoan, Sumilao, Bukidnon. It
is reachable in two-hour hike through a poisonous ivy trail or cliff
rappeling. As one of the potential tourist spots, the KIN-PAMB
LivelihooD Committee and the Integrated Area Fund approved the
Development Fund of Three Million Pesos for the development of the

Some say, terminals are sources of all kinds of diseases. But it can also be a relief for our
personal necessities especially in season like this-rainy days.

The RTM or rural transit mindanao stop-over for the North bound buses or from
Valencia City and even from Davao City is in Barangay Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon. If
you are new to Bukidnon and you are from other places, at least you have an idea where
to discharge for personal necessities. Kisolon is 30 minute-ride and 30 kilometers from
Malaybalay City.


Palapao hills

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