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atha darajanmantyadhyya||86||

=now [indeclinable]
%''*,=chapter on the peace of the birth
on the new Moon [masculine a stem, singular,

Now the chapter on the peace of the birth on the

new Moon.
123 %6 72:7<
>7 A' C: 7G
maitreya darajtn mtpitrordridrat|
taddoaparihrya nti kuryd vicakaa||1||

123=Maitreya [masculine a stem, singular,

%6=of the births on the New Moon [masculine
a stem, plural, genitive]
72=of the father and mother [masculine
stem, dual, genitive]
7<=shall impoverish [periphrastic future
>7=for the removal of that Doa
[masculine a stem, singular, dative]
A'=peace [masculine i stem, singular,
C: =from which the hindrance [3rd person
pronoun, singular, ablative]
7G=is visible [masculine a stem, singular,
Maitreya, births on a New Moon shall impoverish
the father and mother. It is for the removal of
that Doa from which the hinderance pacification
is visible.
LM N* OM 77Q%
kalaasthpana ktv prathama vidhiprvakam|
udumbaravavatthactn pallavstath||2||

LM=a standing pitcher [neuter a stem,

singular, accusative]
N*=having done [gerund]
OM=firstly [neuter a stem, singular, nominative]
77Q%=according to the rule [indeclinable]
STW*Q6=of a mango tree, Ficus Religiosa
tree, Ficus Indica tree, and Ficus Glomerata tree
[masculine a stem, plural, genitive]
X6=spouts [neuter a stem, plural, accusative]
=then [indeclinable]

According to the rule: firstly having erected a

pitcher then spouts of a mango tree, Ficus
Religiosa tree, Ficus Indica tree, and Ficus
Glomerata tree
7T6 Q7 *L2 77G[
M*7 7G\ ]^_` abc
sanimbn ca mlni tvacastatra vinikipet|
pacaratnni nikipya vastrayugmena veayet||3||

7T6=with Neemb [masculine a stem, plural,

=and [indeclinable]
Q7=roots [neuter a stem, plural, nominative]
*L2=in that place Cassia bark [indeclinable]
77G[=ought to insert [optative mode verb]
M*7=5 precious gems [neuter a stem, plural,
7G\=to be installed [gerundive on a root medial
]^_`=by two pieces of cloth [masculine a stem,
singular, instrumental]
abc=ought to wrap [optative mode verb]

with roots of Neemb, and Cassia bark in that

place one ought to insert. 5 precious gems to be
installed. By two pieces of cloth one ought to
e ^< 7 7h7ijk be spoken in the location of the pitcher, and that
(the pitcher) ought to stand in the south-east
'i m n Lc op
sarve samudra iti c''pohihditrycena ca|
mantrya kalae tacca sthpayed vahnikoake||4||

e=amoung all (those things mentioned above)

[Adjectival pronoun, singular, locative]
^<=sealed [masculine a stem, singular,
7=close quote [indeclinable]
7h7ijk=and by chanting three verses of the
pohih (Rig Veda Book 10, Hymn 9)
[masculine a stem, singular, instrumental]
=and [indeclinable]
'i=to be spoken [gerundive]
m=amoung the pitcher [masculine a stem,
singular, locative]
n=that, and [indeclinable]
Lc=ought to stand [optative mode verb]
op=in the south-east quarter [masculine a
stem, singular, locative]

those things (mentioned above) sealed.

And by chanting three verses of the
pohih (Rig Veda Book 10, Hymn 9) and to
%L rs '<L u
And now thusly the two Deities of the New
O76 L%6 7*M v w6
Moon. The worship statue of Candra and
darasya devayoc'tha candrabhskarayo kramt| Bhskara are produced of tin or silver and
pratim svaraj nitya rjat tmraj produced of copper; respectively.

%L=of the New Moon [masculine a stem,

singular, genitive]
rs=and now of the two Deities [indeclinable]
'<L=Candra and Bhskara [masculine a
stem, dual, genitive]
u=in that order [masculine a stem, singular,
O76=statue [feminine stem, singular,
L%6=made of tin [feminine stem, singular,
7*M=worship [neuter a stem, singular, nominative]
v=made of silver [feminine stem, singular,
w6-produced of copper [feminine stem,
singular, accusative]
\La7 '23 7 sy` to conciliate therefore one ought to conduct
z { M |
pyyasveti mantrea savit pacttameva ca|
upacrai samrdya tato homa samcaret||6||

\La7=pyyasva (by ones own fullness) [close

quote] [indeclinable]
'23=by mantra [masculine a stem, singular,
7=Savit (The Sun) [masculine stem,
singular, nominative]
sy`=that verily thereafter [indeclinable]
=and [indeclinable]
z=by the practices [masculine a stem, plural,
{=to conciliate [gerundive]
=therefore [indeclinable]
M=Homa [masculine a stem, singular,
|=ought to conduct [optative verb]
By the mantra pyyasva (Rig Veda 1.91.17
RV 1.91.16) and verily thereafter (the mantra)
Savit (Rig Veda 10.36.14). With the practices
s }M 7~ u` ^
From that oblation in regular order the wise
* 7j'23 3^s '2
offer fuel and Caru. By devotion a person
samidhaca caru vidvn kramea juhuyd vrat| observing a vow by the Saviti Mantra and
bhakty savitmantrea somo dhenuca mantrata|| according to the mantra Soma Dhenu

s=and the (wood) fuel [masculine a stem,

singular, nominative]
}M=the oblation [masculine a stem, singular,
7~=the wise [perfect participle, masculine,
singular, nominative (17.24b]
u`=by the process [masculine a stem, singular,
^=from which the oblation
=a person observing a vow [masculine in stem,
singular, nominative]
*=by devotion [feminine stem, singular,
7j'23=by Saviti Mantra [masculine a stem,
singular, instrumental]
=Soma [masculine a stem, singular,
3^s=and Dhenu (the Moon) [indeclinable]
'2=according to the mantra [special suffix]
byM 7 b7|
3 C: T*s ^2
aottaraata vpi aviatireva v|
abhieka tath kuryt dampatyoca saputrayo||

byM=108 [neuter a stem, singular,

7=or verily [indeclinable]
b7|=28 just so [indeclinable]
=or [indeclinable]
anointing [masculine a stem, singular,
=thusly [indeclinable]
C:=which is to be done [derived from verb N
which in weak forms turns to C and the suffix
is the parasmaipada potential form]
T*s=and, the husband and wife [masculine i
stem, dual, genitive]
^*=with the off-spring of the two [masculine
stem, dual, genitive]
verily 28 or 108 just so. Thusly, from that
which is to be done anointing of the husband,
wife, and the off-spring of the two.
7M M z N3^s G
c * G3\^
hiraya rajata caiva kadhenuca daki|
brhman bhojayet akty tata By ones ability one ought to bestow to many a
kemamavpnuyt||9|| Brahman offering of gold, silver, and black cow
and ease will be obtained just so.

7M=Hiraya (literally suggests gold or the Sun)

[neuter a stem, singular, nominative]
M=Rajata (literally suggests silver or the Moon)
[neuter a stem, singular, nominative]
z=and just so [indeclinable]
N3^s=and black cow [indeclinable]
G=offering [feminine stem, singular,
=Brahman [masculine a stem, plural,
c=ought to bestow [optative mode verb]
*=by ability [feminine stem, singular,
=therefore [indeclinable]
G3=ease [masculine a stem, singular, accusative]
\^=the future obtainment [verb with 5th
marker ^ in weak forms, and is the
parasmaipada potential form]