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Journal Table Three

Name: Mariah Tweed

Important Societal Factors/Significant Course Content
Observations from Field Notes

A)A) Column 1 How do you see Wysocki,and/orNormaGonzalezas
gender scripts (Cite specific youdescribetheethnographictools
author arguments, examples,
and page numbers from the
Sadkers reading!!) and/or
Gender Strategies (Cite specific specificFundsofKnowledge
author arguments, examples, (knowledgebase,skillsets,activities,
and page numbers from the socioculturalexperiences,household
AAUW reading) operating for memberlaborhistories,orsocial
respondents in your Clinical site? networks)thatexistinthehomeand/or
(Cite specific author arguments, communityofthelearnerorsetof
examples, and page numbers learnersyouchosetoworkwithinyour
from the said Gender readings, clinicalsetting;
the Judith Lorber reading, the LikeDr.Wysockiexplainedinhis
Gender Discussion PPT on D2L, EthnographyGuidanceSheet,Istarted
as well as your own myobservationthroughMacro
research/graphic on Gender in
your licensure area). are
On page 184 of the Sadker reading, they
explain that boys are used to being the raceandethnicityinfluencedthe
center of attention at home, and are no students.Onceestablishingthisgeneral
longer the center when they get to understanding,Istartingworking
school. This article also talks about the individuallywithstudents.Iusedthe
influx of women teachers, and the ideaofMicroanalysistoguidemy
resulted feminized boy. This is questions.InoticedhowRaceand
interesting for me to compare to my exceptionalityoverlapped,andIsaw
placement, where there is a male teacher. howtheybothintersectedwithgender.I
Journal Table Three
Name: Mariah Tweed
The male students seem to respect him endedupworkingwithalmostallthe
and behave better than male students I studentsindividually,andIgotagood
have seen with female teachers. senseofhowrace,gender,and
Obviously there are tons of factors to exceptionalitycometogethertocreate
consider while comparing those two thesocialenvironmentofthe
situations, but I do think that having a classroom.
male teacher helped the male students
see value in behaving. In How Girls
Negotiate School, it is discussed how
females might give up their sense of
voice and opinion in order to fit in and
have relationships. Ive noticed this
during my placement, especially in one
young girl I will call Susan. Susan
frequently raises her hand, and is right
most of the time. However, sometimes
she will blurt out the answers, or tell
someone else they are wrong. During
snack time, Ive noticed some of the
students dont want to play with her
anymore. The more this is happening,
the quieter she gets in class.

B) Column 1 How do your

Developmental and/or learning
theorists learned in EDFD
400/401 help you think about why
you see specific gender scripts
(Sadkers reading) and/or gender
strategies (AAUW reading) being
exhibited by the learner or set of
learners you are observing;
Journal Table Three
Name: Mariah Tweed
B.F. Skinners theory of behaviorism
sticks with me as I think of these gender
scripts. When I notice changes like the
one Susan is going through, its easy to
see that the negative reactions from her
peers act as a punishment and make her
not want to continue her outgoing
behavior. On the opposite end, I also see
the praise her teacher gives her for being
so involved and passionate. Using the
behaviorism theory, I can see that the
mixed reactions of positive and negative
must be very conflicting for Susan.