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Competitive Examinations conducted by UPSC
Name of Exam Month of Month of Age Limit Qualification Scheme of Examination Marks
Notification ExamCond.
1. National Defence Oct - Nov Apr - May 16 to 19 yrs a) Army - Written Exam (OT)
Academy & Naval & & 12th pass/10+2 pattern Maths 300
Academy Apr - May Sep - Oct b) Air Force & Naval Gen Ability Test 600
(Twice a year) 12thPass/ 10+2 pattern Total 900
(Maths + Physics) SSB Interview 900
or Equiv.
2. Civil Services Nov - Dec For Prel. 21 to 30 yrs Degree of recog. (i) Preliminary 2 papers set in Eng. & Hindi
May University or equiv. Paper I Gen. St. 150
Paper II one of the optional subject(as given in the list) 300
Total 450
(ii) C.S. Main
For Main Paper I One Indian language(select from 18 language list) 300
Oct+Nov. Paper II English 300
Paper III Essay 200
Paper IV & V Gen. Studies (300+300) 600
Paper VI to IX (4 papers)
Any two subjects (each having 2 papers) to
be selected from the prescribed optional
subjects. Each paper 300 Mks (300 x 4) 1200
3. Central Police Forces May Oct 20 to 25 yrs Degree of recog. a)Written Exam:-
(Assistant Commandants) (relax for University Paper I Gen. Ability & Intelligence(OT) 250
Deptt. or equiv. Paper II Essay, Prcis Writing & 150
candidates) Comprehension (Conventional type)
(b) Physical & Medical - Standard Test
Interview for Personality Test 200
(only for qualified candidates)
4. Engineering Services Jan-Feb June-July 21 to 30 yrs Degree in Engg. from Categories of Exam:-
(relax for recog. University or i)Civil Engg. ii)Mech Engg .iii) Elect.Engg. (iv) Electronics & Telecom Engg.
certain categ. equiv. (a) Written Exam:-
incl. Deptl. MSc Degree or Equiv. Paper I(OT) Gen Ab. Test 200
Candidates with Wireless Comm. (Part A Gen.Eng, Part B Gen. Studies)
Electronics, Radio Paper II & III (OT) 400
Phy/Radio Engg. as Civil Engg./ Mech Engg./Elec. Engg/ Electronics
special subs. for certain & Telecom Engg. (200M for each paper)
posts only. Paper IV & V (Conventional Type) 400
Civil Engg./Mech.Engg./Elect. Engg,/Electronics &
Telecomm Engg, (200 M for each paper)
Total 1000
(b) Personality Test 200
(only for qualified candidates)
5. Spl. Class Railway & Feb July 17 to 21 yrs I or IInd Div. (a)Written Exam:
Apprentices (relax. for intermediate or equiv. Paper I- Gen. Ab. Test (Eng,G.K., Psy.) 200
certain categ.) with Maths and one of Paper II Physical Science(Phy&Chem) 200
Phy or Chem. Paper II Maths 200
(b) Personality Test 200
(only for qualified candidates)
6. Combined Defence Aug/Mar Feb/Aug 19-24 IMA IMA & OTA- (a)Written Exam: (OT)
Services 19-22 Naval Degree of a recog. Univ. (i) IMA, Naval & Air force
19-23 Air Naval & Air Force Eng 100
force BSc Degree with Phy. & GK 100
19-25 OTA Maths Elem. Math 100
Total 300
(ii) OTA
Eng. 100
GK 100
Total 200
(b)SSB interviews
OTA 200
7. Indian Forest Service Feb/Mar July 21 to 30 yrs Degree with one of subs (a) Written Exam (Essay Type)
(relax. for as Animal Husbandry and Paper I Gen Eng. 300
certain categ.) Veterinary Sc., Botany, Paper II GK 300
Chem. Geology, Maths, Paper III to VI (200x4) 800
Phy.,Zool.,Stat., Agr., Any 2 subjects from opt. subs. list.
Forestry, Engg. Each subs have two papers with 200M
Total 1400
(b) Interview for Personality Test 300
(only for qualified candidates)
8. Combined Medical Aug Jan Below 32 yrs MBBS Degree (a)Written Exam-(OT)
Services (relax. for Paper I 200
Note:Services/ Posts: SC/ST/OBC) Gen. Medicine (60%)&Surgery (40%)
(i) Asst Div. Medical Officers in
Paper II 200
(ii) Jr. Posts in Indian Ordnance Pediatrics (20%),Gyn.&Obstetrics (40%)
Factories Health Service Preventive, social & Comm. medicine(40%)
(iii) Jr Posts in Central Health Total 400
(iv) Medical Officers in MCD (b)Personality Test 200
(v) Gen. Duty Medical Officers in
9. Indian Economic June Nov 21-30 yrs IES PG Degree in a) Written Exam:-
Service/ Indian Statistical (relax. for Eco./Appl.Eco./ Busi. (i) IES -
Service certain categ) Eco./Econometrics Gen. Eng. 100
ISS PG Degree in Gen. Stud. 100
Stat./Appl. Stat./Math. Gen. Eco. I 200
Stat. Gen. Eco. II 200
Gen. Eco. III 200
Gen. Eco. IV 200
(ii) ISS
Gen. Eng 100
Gen Stud. 100
Stat. I 200
Stat. II 200
Stat. III 200
Stat. IV 200
b) Interview for Personality Test 200
10. Geologist June Nov 21-32 yrs i)PG Degree in a)Written Exam:-
(in 2 categories) (relax. for Geology/Appl. Geology i) Gen. Eng. 100
I) For post of Geological certain categ.) or Marine Geology/ or ii) Geology I 200
Survey of India ii) Dip. of Associateship iii) Geology II 200
II) For post of Central in Appl. Geology/ or iv) Geology III 200
Ground Water Board iii) PG in Mineral v) Hydrogeology 200
exploration/ or Note: For categ. I cand. have to appear in Papers (i) to (iv) above only.
iv) PG Degree in For categ. II they have to appear in Papers (i) to (iii) and (v) above only.
b) Interview for Personality Test 200