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University of Redlands Redlands, CA
Master of Arts in Education: Learning and Teaching Anticipated Graduation December 2017
o Pursuing the Master of Arts degree in Education: Learning and Teaching

University of Redlands Redlands, CA

Master of Music in Music Education December 2016

Boston University Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Music May 2014
o Major: Music, Minor: Cultural Anthropology

CA Single Subject Teaching Credential Music Anticipated Completion: June 2017

Pomona Unified School District Pomona, CA
General Music Intern January 2017- Present
o Teach general music classes at the following elementary schools: Armstrong, Golden
Springs, Cortez, and Westmont.
o Instruct the student body in the elements of music, including: preliminary music theory
concepts, keeping a steady beat, singing songs with appropriate singing form and posture,
and performing on various pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.
o Design appropriately sequenced lesson plans and execute them in the classroom.
o Incorporate appropriate accommodations and adaptations to lessons in order to effectively
engage gifted, special needs, and ELL students in learning.
o Assess student learning through various forms of assessments, including formative and
summative assessments.
o Provide immediate and specific feedback to students.
o Maintain good relations with the office staff, other teachers, students, and parents.

Redlands Community School of Music and Arts Redlands, CA

Private Viola/Violin Teacher June 2015- Present
o Teach private lessons to students of the CSMA.
o Create lesson plans and execute them.
o Organize and schedule practice times and dates.
o Give feedback to students concerning progress and assign practice materials and suggestions
for individual practice.
o Talk about long term and short term goals with students and work with them to achieve
those goals.

Citrus Valley High School Music Department Redlands, CA

Volunteer September 2015- December 2015
o Served as the string orchestra instructional aid by playing with the students during rehearsals
and modeling/demonstrating desired string instrument technique.
o Assisted in conducting rehearsals and coaching sectionals.
o Planned, prepared, and taught lessons to the class.
Garey High School Music Department Pomona, CA
Volunteer September 2008- May 2015
o Performed in concerts when needed.
o Taught music theory and musicianship.
o Demonstrated instrumental techniques.
o Assisted in conducting rehearsals and coaching sectionals.
o Personalized learning experience by facilitating and adapting group lessons for students of
varying instrumental abilities.

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras Boston, MA

Orchestra Manager September 2012- May 2014
o Assisted orchestra conductor with tasks related to running the rehearsal.
o Served as a primary example for children in the orchestra by playing the music along with
them and modeling good posture, form, and technique.
o Lead the orchestra when the conductor needed to step out or when she was absent.
o Tuned the childrens instruments.

Ambrose Elementary School Winchester, MA

Music Intern September 2013- December 2013
o Observed Ms. Petrov teach her general music classes using the Kodaly method.
o Constructed lesson plans and taught songs and games to 3rd grade general music classes.

Roland Hayes School of Music Roxbury, MA

Music Intern January 2013- May 2013
o Observed various teachers in their middle and high school music classes including: music
technology, choir, band, group piano, and group guitar.
o Taught instrumental lessons to individual students, as well as groups.
o Designed and taught a lesson to the choir.
o Created inventory of musical resources including: method books, music scores, and

Thomas A. Edison K8 School Brighton, MA

Music Intern September 2012- December 2012
o Assisted Band Director and General Music Teacher with classroom needs including:
classroom management, warm-ups, and classroom set up and clean up.
o Constructed lesson plans and taught students of grades K-8, and substituted classes when
the teachers were absent.
o Helped with copy making, inventory, and other clerical duties.

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras Boston, MA

Production Assistant September 2010-2012

o Performed various clerical tasks such as musical score copying and binding, database
information entry, filing, making and answering phone calls, and running errands.
o Helped with stage set up and clean up, instrument tuning, attendance, performing customer
service duties, and maintaining good relations with the students and parents of the program.
o Performed in concert with the group to support the viola section and served as an
instructional aid for the students.
City of Pomona Community Services Pomona, CA
Recreational Aid July-August 2010
o Supervised children of the program and made sure that they were in a safe environment.
o Organized and facilitated recreational and community building activities such as arts and
crafts projects, team sports, and games.
o Mediated and helped resolve conflicts between youth.

Claremont Concert Orchestra Claremont, CA
Section Violist January 2017 - Present
o Rehearse, study, and perform orchestral repertoire.

Redlands Symphony Orchestra Redlands, CA

Student Substitute Violist September 2015- April 2016
o Rehearsed and performed in concert with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra.

University of Redlands Symphony Orchestra Redlands, CA

Principle Violist September 2014- April 2016
o Studied orchestra repertoire and performed various concerts each semester.
o Facilitated sectional rehearsals with the viola section.

University of Redlands Chamber Ensemble Redlands, CA

Violist January 2015- April 2015
o Studied and performed chamber repertoire for string trio and string quartet.

Boston University All Campus Orchestra Boston, MA

Principle Violist September 2010- May 2014
o Studied orchestral repertoire.
o Performed two concerts a semester.

Boston University All Campus Chamber Music Boston, MA

Violist January 2014- May 2014
o Studied String Quartet No. 14 in d minor (Death and the Maiden) by Franz Schubert.
o Performed end of semester recital.

Boston University BU On Broadway Boston, MA

Pit Section Violist April 2011
o Performed the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Stephen Sondheim.

Pomona Youth Orchestra Pomona, CA

Section Violist September 2008- 2012
o Performed musical arrangements of popular Latin music.

Redlands YMCA Redlands, CA
Membership Services Assistant May 2015- November 2016
o Provided excellent customer service to all patrons of the YMCA.
o Maintained an organized work space.
o Assisted in teaching and training new membership employees.
o Maintained confidentiality with patron records.
o Maintained good relations with all patrons of the YMCA.
o Made and received phone calls and provided assistance for patrons concerns and questions.

University of Redlands School of Music Graduate Assistantship Redlands, CA

Universtiy Orchestra Assistant September 2014-April 2016
o Assisted orchestra conductor with copying, organizing, and distributing music, as well as
other clerical tasks.

Boston University Housing Office Boston, MA

Office Assistant January 2012- May 2014
o Demonstrated ability to remain calm when working with angry parents and students, and to
resolve problems.
o Provided excellent customer service to all patrons.
o Maintained an organized work space.
o Assisted in teaching new student workers the office processes.
o Maintained confidentiality with student records.

Pomona Youth Orchestra Pomona, CA

Volunteer September 2008- 2012
o Performed in concert with the participants of the program and assisted whoever needed help
with instrument care and technique, rhythms, and fingerings.

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE)


Dr. Eddie Smith

Assistant Dean
University of Redlands, School of Music

Dr. Katherine Hickey

Professor of Music Education
University of Redlands, School of Music

Kira Blumberg
Artist Teacher of Viola
University of Redlands, School of Music